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  • FBI
    FBI 33 秒 前

    How to ruin your childhood Step 1: watch this video

  • NATRIX Show
    NATRIX Show 43 秒 前

    MattPatt your gonna be turned into a Donkey if you dont quit uncovering Disney's Secrets

  • FBI
    FBI 分钟 前

    How about the potion that made shrek HUMAN but donkey a horse? Why is that?

  • IrviRodri
    IrviRodri 分钟 前

    This could make a great spinoff film. Let's say donkey remembers everything but only vaguely. And one day Pinocchio appears as a real boy and tells them all his story and what he went through on Pleasure Island. Then donkey remembers everything. And the movie will be about donkey and Puss in Boots and the dragon and Shrek shutting down Pleasure Island and rescuing all the children that are still there. "But that's just a suggestion, A Film Suggestion!!"

  • Churro Science
    Churro Science 2 分钟 前

    What happened with HiImmarymary part 2?

  • CrazyJayBe
    CrazyJayBe 2 分钟 前

    1:55 ....oh no no no no no! I didn't go anywhere. I completely agree that Star Wars prequels ruin everything.

  • Second UNIT
    Second UNIT 3 分钟 前

    Hey! You recommended a channel Im already subscribed to!

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 3 分钟 前

    I applaud the pure effort put into these videos omg

  • UniverseSlayer
    UniverseSlayer 3 分钟 前

    Sh#t, why did I watch this?!!!

    BLAKK SHEEP 4 分钟 前

    Good theory BUT... wouldn't you think instead of turning into a steed, he would have turned back into a human as he desired after drinking the potion with Shrek? Shrek went from being an ogre to a human. Why would Donkey not turn into a human as well seeing as that was his initial form? And he seemed extremely ecstatic to be a horse when on the other hand Shrek got to be a human. No questions or complaints from Donkey at all. And why not use his real name instead of just "Donkey"?

  • Turgut Nasibli
    Turgut Nasibli 4 分钟 前

    There’s donkey in Bremen Musicians

  • die pessimistin
    die pessimistin 5 分钟 前

    So. I have one question: If already the swamp contains the deadly stuff, why is the fish living at all? Why is it dykng from the fart but not from the swamp itself?

  • Angel Ma
    Angel Ma 5 分钟 前

    Its main boi Mr SHARK TALE EXPERT

  • Proxxpizzaxx it
    Proxxpizzaxx it 5 分钟 前

    Nah he’s still a donkey for me

  • Geometry Dash Arcticat

    Saitama vs Nokia 3310 There’s no way Saitama would win.

  • sinister steve
    sinister steve 6 分钟 前

    Schaffrillas is awesome. Been watching him for a time now. ^-^ awesome that he got a shout out.

  • nadine sansoni
    nadine sansoni 6 分钟 前

    What happened to marymary?

  • IncognitoMode123
    IncognitoMode123 6 分钟 前

    this got real fucking dark

  • son of gaming
    son of gaming 6 分钟 前

    Nice Theory, I love it BUTT: the twist at the end about him not saving the kids is not really solid. Assume he did tell somebody about it: Conclusion The Park is shut down, Pinochio will never be turned into a half donkey or even leave Gipetto. He has no chance to learn from his mistakes and stays a puppet untill Gipetto is sick of him and gives him away to Farquad. Therefor Pinochios beeing a puppet does in no way relate to the question if donkey ratted on them or not...

  • Cregga Sporrowcliff Half-orc

    1:38 "...Pinocchio, donkey,..." You put the explanation right there. He's one of the transformed children from Pinocchio grown up.

  • Sebastian T
    Sebastian T 7 分钟 前

    Dark side ray I called it

  • iwatch videos
    iwatch videos 7 分钟 前

    We have Shrek 5's idea here. Make this happen Dreamworlds. Shrek 5: Burning the Pleasure Islan

  • Gabriel Fox
    Gabriel Fox 7 分钟 前

    Did anyone else at 5:58-6:00 see that gold thing in Donkeys mouth. Anyone know what that is?

  • kevins content corner
    kevins content corner 8 分钟 前

    This deserves more dislikes

  • k botuyan
    k botuyan 9 分钟 前

    What about that part when Donkey and Puss swap bodies and Donkey says “I haven’t had a trip like that since college?” Wouldn’t that mean that he attended college since we seem to be taking every statement Donkey says seriously? Just a thought.

  • Гadiation
    Гadiation 9 分钟 前

    In a nutshell: Donkey not donkey.

  • Jennifer Griel
    Jennifer Griel 9 分钟 前

    I’m surprised that opening gag wasn’t actually in a Shrek movie.

  • Uncut news
    Uncut news 9 分钟 前

  • Orchid-Tea-Party
    Orchid-Tea-Party 10 分钟 前

    Well don’t forget when Donkey first showed up he was being sold. So maybe he did tell someone but they betrayed him and tried to sell him off. Also if he was a kid, kids get traumatized and will avoid what caused it so Donkey isn’t a bad character he just can’t face where he came from... after all he still doesn’t like talking about it

  • Matthee Kissinger
    Matthee Kissinger 10 分钟 前

    I watched all of david firths wotk not just salad fingers.

  • Mark Ahlquist
    Mark Ahlquist 10 分钟 前

    So, in that first fairy tale, the kid was born with a little donkey outfit on? And Mom didn't notice? And then it grew with him? This is gonna stress me out.

  • Brigid sey
    Brigid sey 11 分钟 前

    Carrie was bullied and her mom was evil so i think thats how she was physic

  • Hexss
    Hexss 11 分钟 前


  • Matthew Keen
    Matthew Keen 11 分钟 前


  • Caitlynn Smith
    Caitlynn Smith 11 分钟 前

    Bold of you to assume Donkey didn't shut down Pleasure Island. You said yourself that Pinocchio never reached Pleasure Island himself in the Shrek universe; maybe that's because Donkey already got it shut down?

  • MoonShadow Hill
    MoonShadow Hill 12 分钟 前

    Hey, Mat, the trailer of Bendy and the ink machine the dark revival is out. (Like so mat can see)

  • Railroad,Preserver,2000

    Where's the shrek jazz from

  • Vicente Helianthus
    Vicente Helianthus 12 分钟 前

    'There's blood on donkey's hands' yeah, big nope, I feel like that's gonna escalate into twitter drama

  • hmm hmm
    hmm hmm 12 分钟 前

    there is one story you forgot about donkey's the talking donkey in the bible the donkey said why are you beating me

  • Matthee Kissinger
    Matthee Kissinger 13 分钟 前

    YEAH SALAD FINGERS! I love David firth mind.

  • Karlo Spoljaric
    Karlo Spoljaric 13 分钟 前

    Welp this was epiiiiiiiiiic

  • Дмитрий Киселёв


  • Whomever
    Whomever 14 分钟 前

    When Donkey didn't want to talk to get sold may have been a small hint that he's been to pleasure island, because those who could talk were thrown back in.

  • Joe D. Ramirez
    Joe D. Ramirez 15 分钟 前

    In shrek 2, donkey turns into a horse after drinking the happily ever after lotion. If he were originally a human, he would have turned into a human.

  • Bahar 1182
    Bahar 1182 16 分钟 前

    I actually knew about the donkey story But they just told me he became human after getting married and finding happiness

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya 17 分钟 前

    Plenty of victims keep quiet and thus allow the ones who victimized them to continue victimizing others. Sad reality. There would be a lot less misery if victims were brave enough to stand up and pushed for it to stop. So I can't be too critical of Donkey for keeping his mouth shut. Prolly still afraid that he'd be caught and shipped off to the salt mines.

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 17 分钟 前

    Then why did he turn into a steed in Shrek 2?

  • die pessimistin
    die pessimistin 18 分钟 前

    Don't be too mean to Donkey. He's probably traumatized and clearly doesn't want to talk abou the island and his transformation. Plus he is probably repressing (I hope google translate gave me the right word) his memories of these events.

  • Safeeya Malik
    Safeeya Malik 18 分钟 前

    this gave me 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘴......... 𝐀ภ𝕐𝕆𝐍乇 乇Ⓛѕᵉ?

  • Matthee Kissinger
    Matthee Kissinger 19 分钟 前

    That dockey was so super annoying. Id believe it .

  • Austin Allmond
    Austin Allmond 19 分钟 前

    Donkey is actually Kit Ramsey "Would you like to go to pleasure island?" "Yeah, I guess so, yeah *snort*"

  • steg
    steg 19 分钟 前

    I think I might have a minor version of that laughing thing to be honest

  • Maryam Nejad
    Maryam Nejad 20 分钟 前

    Do a theory about who sterling archer's father really is.

  • Дмитрий Киселёв

    I only recently realized why the villain is called Lord Farquaad... try saying it quickly -_-

  • Andrew Schort
    Andrew Schort 22 分钟 前

    Ok. But that STILL doesn't explain the dragon.....

  • anthony culhane
    anthony culhane 23 分钟 前

    Wow that was wow

  • SerunaXI
    SerunaXI 24 分钟 前

    It's quite possible that Donkey is so traumatized that he would prefer to avoid the topic all together and has no idea or means of how to fix it. He may not even remember where Pleasure Island is. Oh, sure, he has a dragon, but a dragon can only do so much.

  • BETO
    BETO 24 分钟 前

    lmao! kermit...

  • yeet hitter
    yeet hitter 24 分钟 前

    Love my puff daddy schafrillas. Appreciate the shoutout.

  • Douglas Phillips
    Douglas Phillips 25 分钟 前

    Is it the Pinocchio from the Disney movie? In the book, he becomes a puppet again after being a donkey. So the Donkey could have been with Pinocchio at the time between being a donkey and a boy.

  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green 25 分钟 前

    What even MATPAT

  • Melody Quill
    Melody Quill 25 分钟 前

    Plz do a thoery on “Miraculous ladybug and cat noir “ 😽🐞😽🐞😽🐞😽🐞

  • Blinx the Red one
    Blinx the Red one 25 分钟 前

    Let's also keep in mind that Donkey fakes being unable to talk in the first Shrek movie... so he absolutely could have done the same thing to get off the island.

  • Magnus Bech Rasmussen
    Magnus Bech Rasmussen 26 分钟 前

    When i saw the titler i already New the answer because me and My friends talket about it and how it is so messed up

  • Hannah
    Hannah 26 分钟 前

    I mean, great theory, not so great victim blaming

  • Loco Gio Motocroz
    Loco Gio Motocroz 26 分钟 前

    The way he could have escaped the island could have been by faking that he could no longer talk, and that's why he was sold to an old lady without the bad guys knowing he could talk, the old lady then found out he could and then tried to sell him as a fairy tale creature.

  • dennismaryanski
    dennismaryanski 27 分钟 前

    Jared Leto: You don’t want no beeeef? Little Girl: I SMELL LIKE BEEEEEEEEEEEF IM CRYING

  • The Real Ocean Man
    The Real Ocean Man 27 分钟 前


  • johny felloukas
    johny felloukas 28 分钟 前

    First maby donkey was sold but people didn't knew that he was talking still and maby he was sold to that grandma on the first movie🤔

    CIRCLE OF 4TRESS 28 分钟 前

    Greetings from channel - CIRCLE OF 4TRESS.

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms 29 分钟 前

    Why did the incels reply immediately?

  • mollemannen
    mollemannen 29 分钟 前

    and did he find a time machine?

  • dabbing sans
    dabbing sans 30 分钟 前

    I wanna die because of the intro

  • DrRoadrunner
    DrRoadrunner 30 分钟 前

    4:00 wait, so...the donkey was a furry?

  • Eric Pauley
    Eric Pauley 31 分钟 前

    Is going full donkey the same as going full retard?

  • gamer master lol
    gamer master lol 31 分钟 前

    Are titans in wals that is my theori film theory idk i whach iz whan i can and yea

  • Riiozi
    Riiozi 31 分钟 前

    Can't believe he put kermit the frog in a seseme street reference

  • CrystalMaiden 77
    CrystalMaiden 77 32 分钟 前

    Or maybe he DID tell everyone about Pleasure Island offscreen, and THAT'S why Pinnochio never got to become human, those chains of events never happened. That makes more sense...

  • Emma W
    Emma W 32 分钟 前

    I've been watching Shaffrillas for a while before this video came out, it makes me really happy that they got a shout-out because it truly is a fun channel to watch ^_^

  • balavardhan
    balavardhan 32 分钟 前

    the square cube law dude. the thing you disussed about ant-man!!!

  • Donald Payne
    Donald Payne 32 分钟 前

    Well l would agree with you. To bad this film is not shown today, maybe young ones heading in wrong direction would think about what they are doing.🤔. This will show my age, when someone talks about a talking donkey, my mind pictures Frances the Talking Donkey. Silly but fun to watch movies.

  • مريم مريم
    مريم مريم 32 分钟 前

    اوكو عرب هون

  • Pride2TheGames
    Pride2TheGames 33 分钟 前

    Someone finally got it huh ;)

  • That Smart Cookie
    That Smart Cookie 33 分钟 前

    It's possible he tried to tell but no one listened. Because you know the lady has him muzzled and complains about him constantly talking.

  • Brian McClellan
    Brian McClellan 33 分钟 前

    a shrek movie where shrek and Donkey travel to pleasure island to free the other kids would be an awesome movie.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 34 分钟 前

    First: I’ve always believed Donkey was meant to be the talking donkey the Saul was riding when he was converted on the Damascus road, in the Bible. I might have been wrong but that was always my theory. Second: I agree with MatPat here about Donkey ignoring his past and not trying to help others, by the end of the second movie he is best friends with a princess and her family, where the father/king was also a cursed animal/human hybrid. If Donkey really did have any thought or concerns for all those young boys being transformed into donkeys on pleasure island, he should have said something to the King, it was his duty as someone with high connections to do something. Sure he certainly may have had PTSD, but with any form of grief counseling or PTSD counseling, the most successful people first deal with acceptance then they do their best to help others. Just look at Military Veterans like Chris Kyle. After years and years of being free from that situation and having a happy life with a happy family, he should have done something, Plainly put Donkey was being selfish by not helping others. Also this is just a theory about make believe movie about fairytale creatures, so why does it matter?

  • Vesrian ves
    Vesrian ves 34 分钟 前

    I'm sorry, but I have to say shame on you Mat. This theory was mind blowing up until you started blaming Donkey and whilst this feels like a minor thing, you have to realize that a portion of your audience might also be a survivor of deep, dangerous trauma -- rape victims, victims of severe abuse, victims of witnessing horrific blame Donkey into being a "Bad boy" because he said nothing, if your theory is true, is kinda an ass move on your end. Especially since you're an influencer and a lot of those audience members might look to you for comfort and you're here blaming victims. Honestly, shame on you Mat. Truly. Folks that have suffered outstanding trauma have this thing called PTSD along with Flash Bulb memories. A lot of times they do stay quiet about it not because they don't want to help others, but because the memories are debilitating to recall because they'll end up literally reliving it like it's happening. It's a very serious issue. This rings even harder because we ALREADY KNOW Disney and Pixar already touch on dark adult topics in the background, such a Rape with Maleficient. You already went through this in a theory. Pleasure Island was already super dark as a child, in an Adult setting, it also lingers in themes of Child Trafficking, Child Molestation, Child Pornography even (Adult "caretakers" taking care of Young Boys on PLEASURE ISLAND, and selling them off VOICELESS and stripped naked??) like we understand wholly what themes that whole sequence was trying to put through. You victim blaming donkey, if your theory is true, is borderline equivalent to blaming a child being trafficked or blaming a child pornography victim for being a victim. It's NOT a light topic at all. This theory was truly mind blowing and spectacular, and I'm usually a chill person, people do stupid things on the internet and you can't be offended about everything. Calling a victim a bad person though is definitely shameful. ESPECIALLY when the theory revolves around SUCH dark themes-- Come on Mat, I've been a long time fan of yours now but this is a bit low for you :/

  • jesse russell
    jesse russell 34 分钟 前

    1)Head into farthest corner with the weakest tribute 2)Wait until theres 2 people left 3)Kill Weakest tribute,(if not already a freand) 4)Head to center of the Map 5)Set up several traps that will incapasitate your enemy 6)lure target into trap 7)Kill with somthing long and sharp 8)Get several musce implants 9)never admit anything you did

  • Thegreatkazein
    Thegreatkazein 35 分钟 前

    Nice intro lol

  • The Shadow Prince
    The Shadow Prince 37 分钟 前

    I feel as if I've seen this theory before...

  • Vvvg Vghh
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  • Thambatshira Mavhola
    Thambatshira Mavhola 37 分钟 前

    I heard that an hour ago

  • galaxy 12345678910
    galaxy 12345678910 37 分钟 前


  • Jimferno 63
    Jimferno 63 37 分钟 前

    2:05 i'd rather skip on that one😂 you do know what tossing a salad means?

  • Kuhle Lokho
    Kuhle Lokho 38 分钟 前

    OMG 14 minutes it's over the ten minute mark XD

  • millgiass
    millgiass 38 分钟 前

    I am 1:51 into the video, and my answer is "The Holy Bible." It's a pretty famous fantasy novel if you haven't heard of it.

  • Okaira Eg Culuk
    Okaira Eg Culuk 39 分钟 前

    wasn't Donkey come from pinochio tale?

  • Интересное рядом视频.html зарядка для попы🤣

  • lucymoore
    lucymoore 40 分钟 前

    Then why is he called Donkey?

  • Jeffrey Bower
    Jeffrey Bower 40 分钟 前

    all lies!! so what!! it makes the movies more fun!!