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Viral China This Week
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Street fights in Hong Kong
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  • Rio Edits
    Rio Edits 分钟 前

    Even identical twins who share the same dna grow up with different personalities. That is not garlic, but more like a late twin? Name her differently. Or next time adopt from a shelter

  • raksh9
    raksh9 分钟 前

    Political grandstanding that serves the dual purpose of virtue signaling, and distraction from the issues of America. Typical politician. Nothing to see here.

  • ICU Biker
    ICU Biker 分钟 前

    You should sort out your own gun law reform so that kids can go to school safely before you interfere with other countries' internal affairs. Oh sorry, you've been doing that since the 70's and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in other parts of the world. I just remembered.

  • Nattaraki Eighty nine

    Rest in Peace pork you are double murdered in a a brutal way. Don't be surprised people if after eating that pork you will suffer from diarrhea, that's the pork saying I'm feeling pain everywhere.

  • Ronnie Fradejas
    Ronnie Fradejas 2 分钟 前

    The better option is to resign

  • Bob Chen
    Bob Chen 2 分钟 前

    Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to impeach Trump yet want to mess around Hong Kong. She definitely has her priority mix up.

  • Alex Gong
    Alex Gong 4 分钟 前

    freedom USA. gunshot everyday!

  • Bestmark
    Bestmark 7 分钟 前

    DEEP SIGH!!!!!! Such a brilliant young man on the run now who prefers to Damage, Destroy and Dwarfed HK.

  • Emilio Xiaotiti
    Emilio Xiaotiti 8 分钟 前

    You my boy, should be SHOT through the head!

  • MemeCarl
    MemeCarl 9 分钟 前

    When minecraft players take it seriously

  • Zeezee SD
    Zeezee SD 10 分钟 前

    US to look into HK human rights??? Look at your own human rights 1st USA.... Hypocrites

  • Sam Din
    Sam Din 11 分钟 前

    The First victm are who side to usa turmoil background.

  • Esther Sweany
    Esther Sweany 12 分钟 前

    Awwww thank you for loving that beautiful dog!!!!!!

  • 김씨돌
    김씨돌 12 分钟 前

    이뻐! 최고야! 사랑해! 넌 그래! 항상 최고야! 원래 힘 쌔잖아, 힘 내라! 이뻐!

  • ItsDemønic
    ItsDemønic 13 分钟 前

    I thought they were making them using those weird tubes you see on TV

  • Sam Din
    Sam Din 14 分钟 前

    The US strategic War IN economy oppresses started,,,,,,,,

  • Dirty Dubliner
    Dirty Dubliner 15 分钟 前

    If you do not own a dog, you are a SPECIESIST.

  • cRiES iN mOcHi
    cRiES iN mOcHi 16 分钟 前

    1:00 says the girl has kidney disorder but gulps down a bowl of soy sauce, isn't that bad for our kidney?

  • Kenneth Sim
    Kenneth Sim 16 分钟 前

    China currently trying to do damage control.

  • Rock Animations
    Rock Animations 18 分钟 前

    Can someone please tell me why this gained so much attraction? I mean no disrespect but this is some of the easiest stuff you could do as a VFX artist. All you need to do is setup a 3D scene, do some camera tracking in After Effects (and a bit of color correction) and bam, you have your own Minecraft x IRL video. I'm just curious why this is popular when it's already been done many times in the past.

  • Mei Yen Wong
    Mei Yen Wong 19 分钟 前

    The US is already too famous for violating basic human rights. CIA torture techniques are rated to be one of the most vicious, violating human rights in every way...

  • ya Boy Jonez
    ya Boy Jonez 19 分钟 前

    Ok, now I literally have no excuse thanks a lot CNclip 😒

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 20 分钟 前

    These 3 clowns are not even Chinese. You have 1 Vietnamese, 1 Canadian and 1 US. These 3 animals are CIA agents working with foreigners to destroy Hong Kong. In any western countries they would’ve been tried for treason like Snowden and Assange.

  • Lina Xu
    Lina Xu 23 分钟 前

    Give kids disposable wipes, it would be more sanitary

  • Modus Operandi
    Modus Operandi 26 分钟 前

    China is playing the safe route, let them riot and let their economy fall so bad that most of the protesters will migrate, then shanghai will comes in and buy up all their businesses. China doesn't need Hong Kong's GDP to survive but Hong Kong on the other hand needs China to survive.

  • Joker
    Joker 26 分钟 前

    This mans walking to school in freezing weather and I’m over here complaining that it’s a little cold in the morning while I ride the bus, makes me think how many basic necessities I take for granted.

  • ANGELA 123
    ANGELA 123 27 分钟 前


  • Purple Love
    Purple Love 27 分钟 前

    Chinese people at it again

  • yo dasxi
    yo dasxi 28 分钟 前

    Say Brian, when in Amerika remember to stare at the black guys and act like a Hongkonger protester. They like that, you go traitor.

  • 北美英文学院
    北美英文学院 28 分钟 前

    when all want it, this enthusiasm makes me desire it as well.

  • Sin fong Tsang
    Sin fong Tsang 29 分钟 前

    Le patron de human rights c'est Georges soros. Il est juif, pour les bavures en Israël sur les Palestiniens ou les Americains en

  • Thanh Ho
    Thanh Ho 30 分钟 前

    Chinese not ashame in your. Onyry or overseas, the Rhee no line alway fisgting at rhare nor mot to morow

  • george t
    george t 35 分钟 前

    China is so easy to defeat in a war it's not even funny . Block the South China Sea and watch 1.4 billion people starve to death .... Maybe that's why China is so obsessed with plundering resources from 3rd world countries

  • akuzi_Marti
    akuzi_Marti 37 分钟 前

    The haze smoke is in the Philippines... im so sad

    JULIE LOWYC 40 分钟 前

    Hongkong city is the part of China it is the facts no change mean fact fact

  • sulaiman karaye
    sulaiman karaye 41 分钟 前

    Where where you when Indian government doing more than what is there in H K, or are you blind and deep. Shame on you!!!!!!

  • Rob P.R. Cap
    Rob P.R. Cap 42 分钟 前

    Pelosi needs a stronger popular rule within her party before she starts exporting her brand of Democracy.

  • george t
    george t 43 分钟 前

    U know China is in trouble when Democrats and Republicans agree on something

    • AzN SmileyAgain
      AzN SmileyAgain 35 分钟 前

      george t they always agree with each other concerning China and Russia. Double standards

  • Eric p
    Eric p 44 分钟 前

    Better dead then red

  • The Troll
    The Troll 48 分钟 前

    They should arrest all Chinese men for having small willys.

  • Ciao!
    Ciao! 48 分钟 前

    How can it be two systems if China has kidnapped HK citizens and presumably tortured them?

    • AzN SmileyAgain
      AzN SmileyAgain 36 分钟 前

      Ciao! From which twilight zone did you come from???

  • Sharon Trotter
    Sharon Trotter 48 分钟 前

    Woman your crazy and out of this world! You got skills becuz the fruit looks life size until your fingers give the eye something to compare it to, like the 50 lb bag of potatoes!!

  • chengshuai
    chengshuai 50 分钟 前

    make it easier, cut their hands!!! Lol

    JULIE LOWYC 50 分钟 前

    US political Nancy Pelosi better stay away from Hong Kong problem that's not your US problem Peoples in Asian doesn't like US busy body US government mind your own business

  • LighteN Ing
    LighteN Ing 50 分钟 前

    I'm jealous of pandas. All they need to do is eat and play and sleep and people are still like awww, you are cute…Imagine we do the same…

  • Carlos Arroyo
    Carlos Arroyo 53 分钟 前

    Free Hong Kong ✊✊

  • Ayten Özgen
    Ayten Özgen 53 分钟 前

    müslüman ol kızım ahiret sana dar gelmez mwrak etme inşallah nasılsa gitmicekmiydin hepimiz giderken sen kalcan mı?imana gel örnek ol insan kılıklı hayvan dolu dünya biride sen olma ilim ilim bilmektir ilim kendin bilmektir sen kendini bilmezsen bu nice okumaktır der şeyh yunus ks

  • Gaming WithLittle
    Gaming WithLittle 53 分钟 前

    I stand with you, Hong Kong! My peoples will do well and will win this fight!

  • irish sarol
    irish sarol 54 分钟 前

    I remembered one piece arc of arabasta, they said cloud seeding is illegal

  • DokuseiRōzu
    DokuseiRōzu 56 分钟 前

    But the real garlic is his real soul is in cat heaven...they may look the same but not the same cat...

  • oli wales
    oli wales 57 分钟 前

    made in china

  • The Oasis
    The Oasis 57 分钟 前

    Ironically this will cost more to both China and U.S. than if the CCP had the bill withdrawn in the first place.

  • bob dusing
    bob dusing 58 分钟 前

    I love hong kong and the people.

  • Cédrik Thibert
    Cédrik Thibert 58 分钟 前

    Oh and America doesn't want a Chinese refugee crisis like Obama's Syrian fiasco. You think Syria refugee crisis was bad? How bad do you think this will be with a country of 1.4B people? So pass the bill and get Xi Jinping out before he destroys China and the whole planet!

  • LighteN Ing
    LighteN Ing 59 分钟 前


  • Mark Cam
    Mark Cam 59 分钟 前

    Trump you are 100% guilty ….

  • Mark Cam
    Mark Cam 小时 前

    Mr Dictator may I beg to ask you a question ….

  • Ayano let's play
    Ayano let's play 小时 前

    🙋🏻‍♀️how loves his are work!?

  • Spybro Boi 776
    Spybro Boi 776 小时 前

    Er Bao looks more like Jake the dog from Adventure Time

  • sasuke dad
    sasuke dad 小时 前


  • koochie koochie koo dem cheeks

    1:13 *megamind*

  • Marivic Epiz
    Marivic Epiz 小时 前

    Bakit kasi sa china ka nkikipagusap😂😂

  • benana
    benana 小时 前

    Cut the baby in half...

  • Hinata
    Hinata 小时 前

    Go home USA 🇺🇸 go build your Great Wall 👍🏻🤣

  • Albert Loh
    Albert Loh 小时 前

    US can help many many more just by taking these 3 idiots away. Pls leave Hong Kong alone. Live and let live.

  • Kenny Longacre
    Kenny Longacre 小时 前

    That mustache is on point 👌

  • Ever Dyne
    Ever Dyne 小时 前

    Okay.. now I feel anxious in my limbs😝😝

  • Yiyi Lu
    Yiyi Lu 小时 前

    The government and protesters are all sick people. The real freedom goes with respect others. To protesters, Please go to China mainland to protests, if you are really fighting for the future.

  • Sushi Jam
    Sushi Jam 小时 前

    Well, we should support DEMOCRACY in US, fund investigations and protection to victims against gun violence and racism. A Harvard student was recently denied entry to the US just because his Lebanon friends posted stuffs on social media that is not aligned to the US. !

  • Shepha372
    Shepha372 小时 前

    It's temporary economic pain to prevent a long term problem. The tourists will be back and they will be back en mass force.

  • Cédrik Thibert
    Cédrik Thibert 小时 前

    Just ignore anti-Democracy Wu Mao (50 cent paid hate trolls).

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos?

    This woman has Aaaaa loooottt of free time...

  • Mary Kathleen Sapp
    Mary Kathleen Sapp 小时 前

    Poor Queen... a young, beautiful, talented woman as a consort puts her in the back seat!

  • Yudee Saetang
    Yudee Saetang 小时 前

    It somehow looks like special kind of protein-produced soybeans. This material has been very popular for a decade in Thailand since some people and vegetarians can't eat any type of meat. Hence, one agricultural food-processor created it for the sake of that reason.

  • bowoR
    bowoR 小时 前

    Mengalah saja

  • Cariad Osborne
    Cariad Osborne 小时 前

    Her voice is lovely 😮😘😁

  • substring zero
    substring zero 小时 前

    2:18 Perhaps you are comparing the little bit of freedom Hongkongers have to the lack of freedom the mainlanders have? LOL

  • D a s i j u n n
    D a s i j u n n 小时 前

    Rock Paper Scissors. You win you get your kids back...I win, I get to eat them...

  • substring zero
    substring zero 小时 前

    China needs to honor your promise you made on the Sino-British Agreement. Autonomy means AUTONOMY!!!!

  • Chinggis Han
    Chinggis Han 小时 前

    Must of have to lay a big one if he needed all that paper

  • just me
    just me 小时 前

    Dog and cat eating creeps.

    • LaosBuffalo
      LaosBuffalo 56 分钟 前

      So did the Donna the eat human

  • tashi sherpa
    tashi sherpa 小时 前

    How tf did he even got the post of president? President that couldn’t respond question handling country. 😂😂😂 Guess anyone can be President of U.S. When he got cornered he’s like ‘Your rude, how can you say that, let me run the country’ thats all he had for defense lol.

  • ys w
    ys w 小时 前

    Just because you are “young” doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the law. Plus, Brian, you aren’t a kid. You look old enough to know there are consequences to actions.

  • ys w
    ys w 小时 前

    As long as his body is unharmed, I can break into his house and smash everything. Great! Let’s look up his house and protest “peacefully”.

  • Davide Pan
    Davide Pan 小时 前

    risk to lose everything to get nothing

  • Davide Pan
    Davide Pan 小时 前

    hk people are using the word freedom to destroy themself and their city

  • Soon Ng
    Soon Ng 小时 前

    In this world nothing is free. If you break something you will have paid for it soon or later Brian Leung back at U of Washington.

  • bose johnson
    bose johnson 小时 前

    Wonderful! ! He is quite talented..sad though that it took an accident to discover about rising above seemingly crippling circumstances. .keep your head up!!

  • mindyourbusiness
    mindyourbusiness 小时 前

    China pronounced itself on Kashmir. It does "interfere" - so shut up and wait for your turn. The US has every right to revoke the preferential treatment to HK.

  • Ahki Hiro
    Ahki Hiro 小时 前

    Rudeness overloaded

  • 김다인
    김다인 小时 前

    It seems like there are too many Chinese in the comment section. I thought youtube was blocked in China? For those people talking about Afghanistan, please explain Tiananmen incident and cultural revolution to me please. THANK YOU

    • Louis Chau
      Louis Chau 18 分钟 前

      Don’t need to answer your question . We left during the 1967 riots where the British colonial crushed the riots and 50 people were dead . It seems like everyone talk about Tiananmen Square and cultural revolution How many people die during the civil war ? NO COUNTRY IS CLEAN

    • 김다인
      김다인 小时 前

      @Weiwei 96 If you answer my question first I will answer yours.

    • Weiwei 96
      Weiwei 96 小时 前

      then tell me about the slavary, wars and all interferes made by the us.

  • keo keo
    keo keo 小时 前

    Nancy stay out of Hong Kong, not ALL HK people want this BS. FIX the US first and impeach Trump.

    • WTR陳宗德
      WTR陳宗德 20 分钟 前

      LOL whats there to impeach? Typical delusional NPC.

  • Tinh To
    Tinh To 小时 前

    There is nothing the US or UK can do to help these terrorists and criminals. It is none of their business!

  • Irfanbahar
    Irfanbahar 小时 前

    Girls, dont do this! It will eventually ruin your hair. Trust me.

  • Calisthenicsnoob
    Calisthenicsnoob 小时 前

    Protestors: we respect the rules of law, we fight for HK future. While destroying everything. Yes a dystopic future

  • Chen Jiahui
    Chen Jiahui 小时 前


  • F SL
    F SL 小时 前

    Imitation pork can mean chicken being made to taste like pork. Should have called it vegetarian pork to mean that no meat is used.

  • Chen Jiahui
    Chen Jiahui 小时 前


  • Play Games
    Play Games 小时 前

    in game, refinery is the source of saudi economy, destroy it is necessary to finish the game

  • سالم القحطاني

    No no trm sing alan freegod