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I MOVED (again lol)
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we need to talk lol
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i went to tanacon
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thank you
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  • millagreyyvlogss❣️
    millagreyyvlogss❣️ 23 分钟 前

    3:45 replay button

  • MusicLover !!!!
    MusicLover !!!! 27 分钟 前

    6:25 how come i cant get over this and its been so long. Im sorry..

  • the real foxy fan
    the real foxy fan 33 分钟 前

    I've had popin Collin I'm only watching it cause I randomly remembered it

  • Jillian White
    Jillian White 小时 前

    what the fuck is up with the lamp

  • Lolz Moi
    Lolz Moi 小时 前

    Yeah she buys everything ugly, bc everything looks se good on her

  • Lolz Moi
    Lolz Moi 小时 前

    Everything looks so good on Emma wth. I’m sure that if i wore those outfits i would look like a grandma lol Especially with my hipdips :,) does anyone know how to get rid of hipdips tho? i would need that information

  • Aoi Chan
    Aoi Chan 小时 前

    8:54 James: so I cut you off Camera: *falls* James and Emma: *screaming* James : * awkwardly * Hiiii

  • SugaRae Haynes
    SugaRae Haynes 小时 前

    Wait are y'all hiring

  • Walgettlif3
    Walgettlif3 2 小时 前

    Hahahah that *HeY gUyS*

  • jok okrasa
    jok okrasa 2 小时 前

    Emma: I’m just gonna run this turkey under warm water Australia: this is why we’re in drought

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova 2 小时 前


  • Esmeralda Torres
    Esmeralda Torres 2 小时 前

    Also the old Emma would always cuss like that but you know it’s fine it’s OK it’s your life not mine

  • Esmeralda Torres
    Esmeralda Torres 2 小时 前

    I wish she would hang out with the Dolan twins and James

  • Chloe Ghaydaa
    Chloe Ghaydaa 3 小时 前

    i think emma would look good with short hair

  • Lilly Marie
    Lilly Marie 4 小时 前

    The only way I’ll be ok with her moving to NYC is if she takes Olivia and Amanda with her. High key feel like the NY vibe fits them better

  • Giblet Official
    Giblet Official 4 小时 前

    is nobody gonna talk about how she completely skipped the rice lol

  • Madeline Ha
    Madeline Ha 4 小时 前

    Emma playing fortnite: 17 out of 100 kinda good or whateva XD Me looking at my test: 17 out of 100 kinda good or whateva XD

  • Vghtp1234
    Vghtp1234 4 小时 前

    The amount of times Emma moved her hair around in this video is wow

  • malin p
    malin p 4 小时 前

    President outfit lowkey looked like the cureology ads

  • Brock Wagner
    Brock Wagner 4 小时 前

    I honestly lost brain cells from you

  • Sydney Shameless
    Sydney Shameless 5 小时 前

    Is this jojo siwa

  • Roohi Gill
    Roohi Gill 5 小时 前

    moral of the story: she didn't go grocery shopping

  • Ellie Williams
    Ellie Williams 5 小时 前

    i can’t even make fun of her cuz i’m literally in love with baseball boys

  • Destiny Salinas
    Destiny Salinas 5 小时 前

    anyone else thinks she looks like marko terzo?

  • Jenna smith
    Jenna smith 5 小时 前

    Yess i love split pea soo good

  • Erin Casbadillo
    Erin Casbadillo 5 小时 前

    wow this is how she trusted james big time

  • Maimuna Moon
    Maimuna Moon 5 小时 前

    I love ny (i live in queens) but honestly JANRUARY-MARCH are not it bcz one day it snows and the next it’s somehow fucking sunny and that just keeps happening so i mean i always have an extra jacket in my locker for those dayyss

  • Kelsey Mclaughlin
    Kelsey Mclaughlin 6 小时 前

    7:19 hilarious

  • Leslie Walker
    Leslie Walker 6 小时 前

    Someone likes their tummy. If I had it I’d do it too. Maybe. Idk.

  • Catsuki
    Catsuki 6 小时 前

    Emma: "Just my friend coming ovr.." *James Charles shows up. Me: *struggling* Do you know the point im getting at?

  • Marian
    Marian 6 小时 前

    Wat is she talking about its so good

  • Jasmine Elsasser
    Jasmine Elsasser 6 小时 前

    Emma and her mom actually have super similar voices

  • Catsuki
    Catsuki 6 小时 前

    So hard to get out of those foam cubes, I was in gymnastics. I KNOW.. :i

  • Kugar Ho
    Kugar Ho 6 小时 前

    3:31 Slept 8 hours, watched 2 hours worth of movies. 11 hour flight

  • Erica R.
    Erica R. 6 小时 前

    when that iPhone alarm sound went off a few min into the video, my whole body straight up TWITCHED. omG

  • Doodle
    Doodle 6 小时 前

    Who's Watching this while doing a all nighter?

  • Catsuki
    Catsuki 6 小时 前

    "Lets go get some diner food, aHeHE.."

  • blurokoo chupqleu
    blurokoo chupqleu 7 小时 前

    So sad how if she made this video this time last year everyone would be freaking out over Ethma:/ kinda sad how fast times have changed I miss ethma like I was invested in it for months and suddenly when she mentions she likes a skater boy it’s not even Ethan

  • yup
    yup 7 小时 前

    We had Acacia Brinley. Yall have Emma.. Honestly I think we can all agree 2012 tumblr kids were epic.

  • Dylan Sheppard
    Dylan Sheppard 7 小时 前

    I actually find it so cute and hilarious how women LOVE food! LOL

  • Will Skuce
    Will Skuce 7 小时 前

    god i hate women

    • ggffhhss
      ggffhhss 7 小时 前

      @Will Skuce can't hate women without arms

    • Will Skuce
      Will Skuce 7 小时 前

      oops both my arms fell off

    • ggffhhss
      ggffhhss 7 小时 前

      wow this guy hates women

  • nigga eatin beans
    nigga eatin beans 7 小时 前

    Who felt pure pain when she painted those Nike Airforces.

  • Maddie Landgraf
    Maddie Landgraf 7 小时 前

    When I tell you I laughed at her eating the emergen-c 😂💀

  • Jordyn Sire
    Jordyn Sire 7 小时 前

    2:21 graysons face

  • Alyssa ono
    Alyssa ono 7 小时 前

    whenever i watch emma chamberlain, i feel productive and responsible lol

  • Natalie Love
    Natalie Love 7 小时 前

    Omg I go to Purdue! I'm pretty sure they don't sell sweaters like that at the campus store anymore. Wish they did though it looks really cute and super warm.

  • Braeden VanHoogstraat
    Braeden VanHoogstraat 7 小时 前

    boyfriend asmr has me WEAK

  • Madison Choi
    Madison Choi 7 小时 前

    So this is were the vsco girls got their inspiration

  • Molly Rose
    Molly Rose 7 小时 前

    youre fun to watch while high.

  • Agustina.eilish S
    Agustina.eilish S 7 小时 前

    Vine por angie velasco y no entiendo q verga dice pero me gusta ahre

  • Jkis Mybias
    Jkis Mybias 8 小时 前

    i lived in Hamilton and Emma mentioned it!!!!

  • Vivi Nicksic
    Vivi Nicksic 8 小时 前


  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 8 小时 前

    Why the metal in the face?

  • Meg Dorsett
    Meg Dorsett 8 小时 前

    "why does this skirt fit perfectly" dawg because you traced a skirt that you already had? and a simple one at that???

  • Nicole Maligad
    Nicole Maligad 8 小时 前

    am I the only person who is watching this on 2019

  • Millie May
    Millie May 8 小时 前

    No shade but Crying is not a mental breakdown PERIODT im sorry i love Emma tho

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 6 小时 前

      I died at the emergen-c that was so funny

  • Esteara Birama
    Esteara Birama 8 小时 前

    Cut it short

  • XoRuby WhiteXo
    XoRuby WhiteXo 8 小时 前

    She litterlly just grew up and matured y’all pressed for no reason


    Emma chamberlain is like inappropriate joana ceddia

  • Morgan Simmonds
    Morgan Simmonds 9 小时 前

    I wove uuuuu emmaaaaaaa

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 9 小时 前

    nice skin, bro

  • Izzy M.
    Izzy M. 10 小时 前

    When I go to the dollar tree all the time 😂

  • Sidemen 13
    Sidemen 13 10 小时 前

    Avery looks like Brynn from dance moms 😂

  • Tri mon
    Tri mon 10 小时 前

    Who else think Emma is no more interested in CNclip anymore and she makes poor content now

  • Dawn Garcia
    Dawn Garcia 10 小时 前

    3:11 eeeeeeEEEHHHHHHH

  • Lindsay Kikta
    Lindsay Kikta 10 小时 前

    What the heck was james doing toenailed at 14:53

  • manu
    manu 10 小时 前

    im gonna cry-

  • selina _neal
    selina _neal 10 小时 前

    You should come to Hamilton Montana next

  • Rianna Bhat
    Rianna Bhat 10 小时 前

    don't put yourself down. if you have the power to not care about other peoples opinions, have the power to tell yourself you look beautiful no matter what. everyone is unique. everyone is beautiful.

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J 10 小时 前

    I died when she put the emergency c packet in her mouth cause youre supposed to dissolve it😂

  • Meghan Hernandez
    Meghan Hernandez 10 小时 前

    Emma looks like that kid from: A Christmas story lol

  • #12 sakura متنوعه


  • Xxttap
    Xxttap 11 小时 前

    14:54 that was honestly really weird.....

  • Kinali Luciano
    Kinali Luciano 11 小时 前

    I miss old Emma,,But I Stan for new emma😂😫❤️

  • naenae
    naenae 11 小时 前

    “if a guy doesn’t like me for who I am, then 🖕🏼👁👄👁🖕🏼 hit the road bitch” *whatta queen*🥰😌💅🏾

  • Kimberly Navarro
    Kimberly Navarro 11 小时 前

    when she gives us packing advice 🙈

  • Jane Hobby
    Jane Hobby 11 小时 前

    8:50 Shane Dawson is quaking

  • Nicole Maligad
    Nicole Maligad 11 小时 前

    7:10 and 9:27 me trying to dance

  • Maddie VanDu
    Maddie VanDu 11 小时 前


  • Lila Lovos-Burkot
    Lila Lovos-Burkot 11 小时 前

    Declan at 5:48 😂😂

  • remy farrell
    remy farrell 11 小时 前

    u should make a video of u looking for apartments in nyc bc itd be great content and u have to move to nyc bc i don't know why u wouldn't bc it would be best for ur health n growth n ya u really should

    • remy farrell
      remy farrell 11 小时 前

      ny is where its at (says a new yorker but its facts)

  • Teehee_its_ Grabshab
    Teehee_its_ Grabshab 11 小时 前

    Okay here me out but instead of being bored just ✨B A T H E✨

  • Hadarah DeAbreu
    Hadarah DeAbreu 11 小时 前

    why was grayson talking about taking his future daughter/son to the beach on the fourth of july the most adorable shit i’ve ever heard in my life

  • Jkis Mybias
    Jkis Mybias 12 小时 前

    It's actually really pretty❤️pls have sth like this to be a Emma merchant plsss

  • Sapphire's Makeup
    Sapphire's Makeup 12 小时 前

    She likes a guy and he skateboards ETHAN *cough*

  • janae
    janae 12 小时 前

    ím ã bīg fäñ

  • Sapphire's Makeup
    Sapphire's Makeup 12 小时 前

    You and Kiera Bridget should do a collab

  • Merbear Love
    Merbear Love 12 小时 前

    2:22 had me dead😂🤣

  • ni ki
    ni ki 12 小时 前

    I miss the old Emma no doubt , I still watch the old videos but I am also very fond of her now. She has grown and changed for the better. We all grow up.

  • Leda Çatak
    Leda Çatak 12 小时 前

    Hey guys! I recently created a CNclip channel and recently posted a video about mental health awareness. I think it’s super important. If you could show some love by liking this comment to keep it at the top, I would appreciate it beyond my ability to put into words! Thank you all so much in advance and happy holidays!! 💜

  • Jasonna Amsden
    Jasonna Amsden 12 小时 前

    is everyone just ignoring her stranger things sweatshirt

  • Veronica & Azraa
    Veronica & Azraa 12 小时 前

    Emma can literally make any video so fun and interesting omg

  • Itzmarley L
    Itzmarley L 13 小时 前

    Is it just me or did anyone else realize the white thing in her hair at the end😂. Luv ya emma🥰

  • Lisa Litevichh
    Lisa Litevichh 13 小时 前

    i hate cold weather wanna gimme ur house in la when u move 🙏🙏🙏

  • ubh nee owerc
    ubh nee owerc 13 小时 前

    bro... the *straws*

  • Caidence Whitlow
    Caidence Whitlow 13 小时 前

    How Is She Recording This Video??

  • Rinca Edgecomb
    Rinca Edgecomb 13 小时 前


  • Rinca Edgecomb
    Rinca Edgecomb 13 小时 前

    Christmas Eve is my

  • alissa rivera
    alissa rivera 13 小时 前

    I love how the tag is still on that shirt so she can return it after

  • Braeden VanHoogstraat
    Braeden VanHoogstraat 13 小时 前

    I died at the emergen-c that was so funny