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  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 年 前

    I speak greater over you in Jesus Christ name!!

  • Yumi X
    Yumi X 3 年 前

    I wanna see you review color contact lenses, HD1080 quality.

  • NativeRoseGold
    NativeRoseGold 3 年 前

    View my channel as well please! feel free to leave me any questions, concerns, or tips! thanks

  • Cathy Wong
    Cathy Wong 4 年 前

    katy 變左雙眼皮既?

  • YCW Childhood
    YCW Childhood 4 年 前

    Hey^^ You look really cute and your channel has some great videos!! Hehe You got me as a new subscriber~ feel free to check out my channel if you like, I'm hoping to make more improvements^^

  • road ON
    road ON 5 年 前

    Hi Katy! I think your face structure really reminds me of kyary pamyu pamyu! Can you do a makeup video that features one of her crazy and fun style?! Love from England <3 ^_^

  • road ON
    road ON 5 年 前

    I think your face structure really reminds me of kyary pamyu pamyu! Can you do a makeup video that features one of her crazy and fun style?! Love from England <3 ^_^

  • Annie y
    Annie y 5 年 前

    Katy姐 我想问下带24小时你介绍果个contact真系冇问题?

  • wantanmien
    wantanmien 5 年 前

    您好,非常多謝您的訂閱.祝健康 ^^

  • danlinsherry
    danlinsherry 5 年 前


  • joby lam
    joby lam 6 年 前

    好靚啊你^_^ 雖然係單眼皮但係眼睛好大!!!! >_<加油努力創作!

  • yee yin loh
    yee yin loh 6 年 前


  • LittleMissGlamorouSC

    Hey there~ :) Come check out our channel & blog -Sennnaa & Cinn

    ROCKY WONG 7 年 前

    u are so pretty!! I remember u have a son, right? how old is your son now?

  • Kwan Thai
    Kwan Thai 7 年 前

    สวัสดีคะ :)

  • Megan Gilbert
    Megan Gilbert 7 年 前

    omg you are so pretty, i like your make up skills <3

  • Sue-wah Tsang
    Sue-wah Tsang 7 年 前

    you look really good for ur age. I thought ur about the same age as me. (im 23)

  • Vanessa's youtube

    hi!! i would like to ask how you keep your wigs curly and how do you clean them? Thanks!!!!!

  • Ghee Ang
    Ghee Ang 7 年 前

    嗨!我好爱看你的 channel,记得多多多多更新 ^__^

  • Out in Pajamas 睡衣外出

    I love watching your videos! Please make more ^__^

  • Apollo-milkchocolate

    Do u use wondereyelid tape for every look? :O including ur new halloween one? great videos thanks so much!!!

  • Sarah Cao
    Sarah Cao 7 年 前


  • CoolAsianNerdd
    CoolAsianNerdd 7 年 前

    Hey, girll heyy :)

  • CornPoppy010
    CornPoppy010 7 年 前

    amazing channel and amazing blog ^^ greetings from Germany, love your videos :)

  • eva Mar
    eva Mar 7 年 前

    very nice chanel subbed you and love your hair tutorial curls. thanks for shere this with us. if you like check and my chanel hoppe you found it good. kisses and have a nice happy day.(night for me becouse im from greece)

  • CaitlinCooks
    CaitlinCooks 7 年 前

    Hello!!! I love your channel, please sub back if you're a foodie ;-) Xo CaitlinCooks

  • ChoiPipo
    ChoiPipo 7 年 前

    I love your videos, and you're so adorable^.^

  • Zeta Leung
    Zeta Leung 7 年 前

    多謝您一路都分享左甘多o既扮靚心得;0) 我想問您少少問題;因為我本身係面部毛孔比較粗;想收細啲毛孔;-( 加上我係敏感皮膚;經常會紅會痕;又整日出油;化妝又不持久;-( 有冇啲產品好介紹;解決我o既問題呢.? 痳煩哂您了;感謝;-!

  • JolieLQ
    JolieLQ 7 年 前

    化妆技术好棒哦! 化妆技术好棒哦! I subbed! <3 Please come check out my channel! ^__^ Thanks!

  • Aini Eve
    Aini Eve 7 年 前

    Awesome channel and you are so pretty. I'm definitely subscribing. Check out my channel and subscribe if you like ^^


    I like all of your tutorials! Please check out my channel when you have the chance? Thank you!!!

  • TDHAlly
    TDHAlly 7 年 前

    I love your videos! & You are so pretty! I subscribed(:

  • Lynh Lee
    Lynh Lee 7 年 前


  • StrawberryGuitars

    I love so much your videos!! *w* You're so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!! *_________*

  • carol lui
    carol lui 7 年 前

    你好呀~~~i like your channel very much~~~~可以問你一個問題嗎??for daily face washing.....we should use cold water or warm water??=-)

  • Rebecca Young
    Rebecca Young 7 年 前

    謝謝Katy分享的美妝, 超漂亮的唷! (Katy也是^^)

  • Noomhtwe_lao
    Noomhtwe_lao 7 年 前

    what is your hair color .. it looks very Pretty ^^

  • TimeWarpExplorer
    TimeWarpExplorer 7 年 前

    Beauty! TWE

  • Ploytip Asawarachan

    Hey! I subed. please check out my videos for interesting bag reviews. Keep up the good work!

  • linkitty377
    linkitty377 7 年 前

    I am 31

  • linkitty377
    linkitty377 7 年 前


  • Yena Yang
    Yena Yang 7 年 前

    I love your videos!! Can you please please do a skincare routine/ your favorite skin care products and list their names?? Its would be so helpful~~!!! Thanks :)

  • Hydee Adelaide Wong


  • mengm
    mengm 8 年 前

    你30岁???OMG 看起来像不到20!!!

  • yufei yang
    yufei yang 8 年 前


  • ic3cream8
    ic3cream8 8 年 前

    lucky! u met michelle phan! ;P

  • glevix
    glevix 8 年 前

    you are taiwanese,right?

  • Karen Juliette
    Karen Juliette 8 年 前

    Are you the model with Michelle in the video of her presentation on HK?

  • LovelyKimiTV
    LovelyKimiTV 8 年 前

    nice video

  • mrdizzybubbles
    mrdizzybubbles 8 年 前

    Love your videos - I subbed. You are stunning too. I recently started up a channel. I would love your feedback if you get a chance to pop by! :)

  • midali
    midali 8 年 前

    i love ur channel~~~

  • Barry Belcher
    Barry Belcher 8 年 前

    I love your page!

  • Pandora's Palette

    Hi Katy, i love your hair color, could u tell me what color it is? thanks:) CeCe

  • lamma511hk
    lamma511hk 8 年 前

    ab so lut ly beautiful !!!!

  • jasmina560
    jasmina560 8 年 前

    I love your vidoes there so kawaii

  • lovepeaceniuniu
    lovepeaceniuniu 8 年 前


    OBO ZII 8 年 前


  • Beauty By Boola
    Beauty By Boola 8 年 前

    Just subbed :) love your videos!

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee 8 年 前


  • wan ho yi
    wan ho yi 8 年 前

    會唔會教化tareme eyes?

  • glevix
    glevix 8 年 前

    吾介意公開年齡的女美容channel 我都係第一次見,good to be frank~~

  • honey jay
    honey jay 8 年 前

    我都是單眼皮的,>< 我都希望可以係像你1樣美麗哦/////

  • lamma511hk
    lamma511hk 8 年 前

    Very beatiful indeed. I also have mono-lid eyes and I have been struggling with the technique for years ... Thanks for sharing ~~

  • yzt
    yzt 8 年 前

    hi,any new makeup review?luv ur tutorial so much.hope 2 c it^^

  • Kang Liew
    Kang Liew 8 年 前

    your armpit are so clean ,can you wear all time like that .love see your preety hand ,thanks!

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 8 年 前

    u r so pretty and love ur makeup! please do more tutorials. also u have very nice skin :)

  • Love This Life
    Love This Life 9 年 前

    Hi...just stopping by and love ur videos! I have the small eye shape so your tutorials are very helpful! Cheers.

  • Cathy Ng
    Cathy Ng 9 年 前

    你好 我也是單眼皮女生 請問有沒有普通的單眼皮妝 因為我想平時出去化1個比較淡也有精神的妝

  • Keri T
    Keri T 9 年 前

    Yay for monolids!

  • Mai Lia
    Mai Lia 9 年 前

    Hi..I just came across your video using the tape to make ur eyelids bigger...I want to know where I can get some...I live in the united states...

  • Ci Nguyen
    Ci Nguyen 9 年 前

    hi i love your channel!! i was wodering if you use circle lenses and which one you use?

  • YaYaLifestyle
    YaYaLifestyle 9 年 前

    哈囉 我subscribe了 ^^!! 請問你的影片是用哪個軟體 edit 的? 美國買的到嗎?