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  • JoynerLucas Junior
    JoynerLucas Junior 6 分钟 前

    This dude have shit on his teeth

  • bjr816
    bjr816 10 分钟 前

    Smino top 3 style inspos for me

  • djjlc
    djjlc 11 分钟 前

    No Levi’s isn’t worth 20,000 just because this idiot tells you lol 😂 grow a pair and tell him straight

  • djjlc
    djjlc 15 分钟 前

    Fuck Virgil!!

  • 3EV Tv
    3EV Tv 18 分钟 前

  • J M
    J M 22 分钟 前


  • Victor Williams
    Victor Williams 25 分钟 前

    Dialogue is one thing action is another. Talk to me when blacks start pooling our money together to recreate BLACK WALL STREET ARCOSS AMERICA! Then what's being talked about here will really matter. Fuck the Democratic & Republicans party they are two wings of the same fucking 🐦 Period!!!!!

  • Twepf
    Twepf 26 分钟 前

    i dont know what he's saying

  • J M
    J M 27 分钟 前


  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why 28 分钟 前

    Nigo's not an OG. He is the culture. One of the founding fathers of street wear. A legend.

  • J M
    J M 36 分钟 前


  • keyman keys
    keyman keys 51 分钟 前

    I may put that on my headstone " These are good wings man " lol

  • J M
    J M 52 分钟 前


  • Ran Kiba
    Ran Kiba 56 分钟 前

    fuck those sneaker shopping, we need this to be an hour long documentary

  • dab savage
    dab savage 小时 前

    Nice collections. Also check out BIG BOY CHENG in Manila

  • Maxenツ
    Maxenツ 小时 前


  • ꧁༺༒TSD_ Ikson༒༻꧂

    Oloff - Faire Stealthy

  • Emmies Blessed
    Emmies Blessed 小时 前

    None of them are him

  • Oliver Yuan
    Oliver Yuan 小时 前

    OG !

  • sean moore
    sean moore 小时 前

    Shit i love being black. Have always thought we were the superior people

  • God 74
    God 74 小时 前

    I wonder if successful music producers get their hands insured

  • kazurun
    kazurun 小时 前


  • Worn out Testicles
    Worn out Testicles 小时 前

    If you don't know Puba, you don't know Hip Hop. I mean, yeah... I did think Biz Markie just walked on stage, but Puba is STILL the man lol!

  • Areeb Btw
    Areeb Btw 小时 前

    If I ever saw a lv traveling pillow thing, I would that niga is broke af

  • Chief Alchemy
    Chief Alchemy 小时 前

    Yall niggas is masons. When da next lodge meeting nigga

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzy 小时 前

    Ak get yourself an apartment near a school, that nigga is not allowed to go near schools

  • Dino Silvani
    Dino Silvani 小时 前

    People are always going to be more critical if you say it is the guy's first performance.. it is no different than any average comedian.. some of those bits he could have taken to different areas and would have been more funny. ..if I was a comedian I wouldn't want to be profiled on a show like this I would do it on my own

  • Awesome Ikutsi
    Awesome Ikutsi 小时 前


  • Jessie
    Jessie 小时 前

    what is the name of the song in the Acid House section?

  • will Boog
    will Boog 小时 前

    I’m not trying here shit from TI first he gangster of the decade then start doing crime stopper commercials GTFoH he a ducking clown .. prolly voted for hillary

  • Victor Mascorro
    Victor Mascorro 2 小时 前

    I know those shoes are expensive but they're ugly AF!!!!

  • Dudley Bonton
    Dudley Bonton 2 小时 前

    Wow great dialogue, "Leader Mike " for the new agenda instead of "killa Mike " .

  • Geno Rhodes
    Geno Rhodes 2 小时 前

    Nicki was on good because it was no match sound as other good female artists appeared she became average

  • Ren
    Ren 2 小时 前

    so materialistic

  • Courtney
    Courtney 2 小时 前

    Wayno sounding so ridiculous. It's hard to hear him keep playing himself episode after episode.

  • Jim Hernandez
    Jim Hernandez 2 小时 前

    ok this one was the best.

  • dean
    dean 2 小时 前

    Pharell punching the air right now.

  • Meghan Harless
    Meghan Harless 2 小时 前

    Those Hallowseve shoes were fire tho

  • charles miro
    charles miro 2 小时 前

    Drake held his era down simply because the competition is weak these past 10 years..jay run had way more better rappers

  • Andre Lim
    Andre Lim 2 小时 前

    Complex come see DJ BIG BOY CHENG IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!!!

  • dtaylo54
    dtaylo54 2 小时 前

    These guys are not helping the black community. They are still trying to hold people back with oppressive democrat ideals. Conservatism is the answer.

    SUKI MALA 2 小时 前

    300k views !? People sleepingggggg .

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown 2 小时 前

    First off he said we have to show these kids how to love and stuff then he need to start with his friends TIP done cheated on Tiny so many dam times but still want folks to accept his behavior as whatever ..

  • Itzahk Pearlman
    Itzahk Pearlman 3 小时 前

    Zion dunks wearing a leather jacket.

  • Isaac Playz
    Isaac Playz 3 小时 前

    Now I wanna see ash barty

  • Matt Ludlam
    Matt Ludlam 3 小时 前

    Does anybody know what model the New Balance are that he's talking about at 13:05?

  • Paolo Avestruz
    Paolo Avestruz 3 小时 前

    Please feature Bigboy Cheng's collection

  • Kareem Frith
    Kareem Frith 3 小时 前

    Fuck Cardi B

  • Torque
    Torque 3 小时 前

    Ha ha ha ha maaa Nigga, I mean Nigo, Nigo.

  • Keiron Beckum
    Keiron Beckum 3 小时 前

    He do speak English just not good I seen it in a Pharrell interview

  • Derrick Neal jr
    Derrick Neal jr 3 小时 前

    Technically offset spent more on shoes then all these guys I've seen

  • sep myfor
    sep myfor 3 小时 前

    Damn now look at this kid

  • Bob The Plumber
    Bob The Plumber 3 小时 前

    Follow The 10 Commandments, We Got Next!

  • Will_Indra
    Will_Indra 3 小时 前

    i collect oxigen.

  • H2King812
    H2King812 3 小时 前

    This should have been a 2 hour documentary to not a 11 minute clip.

  • Monica Briggman
    Monica Briggman 3 小时 前

    Love you Mike!

  • Jennifer Haynes
    Jennifer Haynes 3 小时 前

    Love the second interview.In love with the red room.

  • ProWeAreSo
    ProWeAreSo 3 小时 前

    Wasn't a fan till he mentioned Lloyd Banks, now he has my attention

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88 3 小时 前

    Cam is fucking funny for now reason at all! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • S Sing
    S Sing 3 小时 前

    Good luck achieving moksha

  • C. Watson
    C. Watson 3 小时 前

    You brothers are talking about aggregating resources! ✊🏿

  • spliffninty6
    spliffninty6 3 小时 前

    If only you had Kanye west, pharrel and lupe the rhyming ape on this too, damn.

    SOSA BANDZ 4 小时 前

    He needs a on the rocks episode

  • Bigmeed YT
    Bigmeed YT 4 小时 前

    Never trust a mofo say "nahh fuck that" lmao

  • Theodore Williams
    Theodore Williams 4 小时 前

    I'm 41 and sh!t in the hood been fckd up damn near my whole life. Now-a-days things look better... Less littering... less stray dogs... less bs on the corner. Just being real... we have to stop romanticizing the past and be honest about what it was and what it is.

  • MIKE S
    MIKE S 4 小时 前

    This dude is a mess...

  • rarevfx
    rarevfx 4 小时 前

    wait. The human races are 2,7K now?! Why did i sell them for 300 back then..

  • starbwoi1
    starbwoi1 4 小时 前

    Finally a really debate without emotional females.

  • Joey Levenson
    Joey Levenson 4 小时 前

    Ive never heard him use so much English in an interview!

  • Francielly Dantas
    Francielly Dantas 4 小时 前

    Se mostrandokkkbauge

  • Zarani Go
    Zarani Go 4 小时 前

    My Nigo

  • standupmothafucka
    standupmothafucka 4 小时 前

    wayno the only not famous nigga in complex

  • Esosa Igbinosun
    Esosa Igbinosun 4 小时 前

    Killer Mike and David Banner is a no-brainer

  • eltoro gillz
    eltoro gillz 4 小时 前

    2 years later: I got sexually assaulted by the cashier at the complex store😂😂🤣

  • PuneetamTwenty
    PuneetamTwenty 4 小时 前

    Trippie redd deadass sounds like lil Wayne

  • PureS0u1
    PureS0u1 4 小时 前

    Nigo is a top notch connoisseur

  • Maya gwadamilf
    Maya gwadamilf 5 小时 前

    Best episode ever 🔥💯

    MMCXII 5 小时 前

    What a clown wearing a faze shirt

  • Doctor LT
    Doctor LT 5 小时 前



    I like lil nas x feel to shoes cuz we both dont really care what we wear

  • Martyr of God
    Martyr of God 5 小时 前

    A study of reparations is just that, a study😐that's not a guarantee it's a fuckn study and Bernie Sanders is a sellout😐Yashua aka Jesus called a politician the devil because they will kill you for money💯💯

  • Merlin osh
    Merlin osh 6 小时 前

  • Nick Claro
    Nick Claro 6 小时 前

    i speak for everybody and say we want more NIGO vids, complex!

  • PMontana
    PMontana 6 小时 前视频.html

  • PMontana
    PMontana 6 小时 前视频.html

  • Dion D
    Dion D 6 小时 前

    Fuck 10 minutes make this 1 hour

  • venice Robert's vlogs
    venice Robert's vlogs 6 小时 前

    Dose anyone else remember a video were yeezy busta looked at the same exact shoe on the same exact complex interview and thought they were real

  • kaoutar EL ALLAM
    kaoutar EL ALLAM 6 小时 前

    Stupid people who can believe any lies on screen! Go to hell!

  • ごめんなさい。
    ごめんなさい。 6 小时 前


  • khong cedric
    khong cedric 6 小时 前

    Pump is the type of guy who sits on the table to do his homework on a chair

  • Zylosifyy
    Zylosifyy 6 小时 前

    Joe is smilin

  • Terrance Jones
    Terrance Jones 7 小时 前

    Hash brownies 😲😲😲😂😂😂

  • Rock N’ Roll Jae
    Rock N’ Roll Jae 7 小时 前

    what jeans are those?

  • Kael Solomon
    Kael Solomon 7 小时 前

    I want a part 2

  • oil_kingg
    oil_kingg 7 小时 前

    Repairations are owed #ados. HR40 has been languishing around the House since 1989. That is a damn shame!

  • Wes Sch
    Wes Sch 7 小时 前

    Best one so far. Ask to do another one to c more gems and grails he's got buried away

  • Joel Sc
    Joel Sc 8 小时 前

    Im Hispanic and looking at this not because of the skin color but what has happened to our human race from all nationalties we dealing with so much confusion that we forget we are humans.

  • Duong kuac
    Duong kuac 8 小时 前

    Am A huge fan of shoes but i got less than 5 pairs thu

  • Arya Keshy
    Arya Keshy 8 小时 前

    how can you NOT love this man

  • Nicolas Shepherd
    Nicolas Shepherd 8 小时 前

    I gave Sharpe a like just fa tha shoes he wore 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥