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  • Whatever Duh
    Whatever Duh 46 秒 前

    And heaping cup of mathu anderson

  • Lācītis
    Lācītis 51 秒 前

    Omg i cant wait 💖💖🤭🤭

  • karla marambio
    karla marambio 2 分钟 前

    this guy is really smart i love him

  • S1QuanA
    S1QuanA 2 分钟 前

    Such a legendary human

  • see aunty
    see aunty 3 分钟 前

    Order, simple, easy going and boring but funny to listen to

  • Martin Coronel
    Martin Coronel 8 分钟 前

    That was the last year, "the year of living ambiguously"


    I didn’t understand that

  • billie eilish 1OVER
    billie eilish 1OVER 13 分钟 前

    Who is here after the snippet of the 3rd interview?

  • BlueFox94
    BlueFox94 13 分钟 前

    I like it when the actors just explain most of the phrases rather than having the opposite person embarrassingly try to guess them.

  • lol wut
    lol wut 14 分钟 前

    Kira Yoshikage wants to know your location.

  • Oscar Sandoval
    Oscar Sandoval 17 分钟 前

    “nothing matters unless the cameras are running” 👀 I don’t live for those “mandals” he wears ew

  • cjhan47
    cjhan47 17 分钟 前

    Emma Watson. "The money has to go to planned parenthood." I knew there was a reason I loved her. AWESOME!

  • Morena G.
    Morena G. 18 分钟 前

    I saw nothing! I heard nothing(saves on favorites list)! 😬

  • MrJokasel
    MrJokasel 20 分钟 前

    "And now I can happily say, I DO NOT rob banks no more. Its no longer a part of my life. Well.... unless its my birthday. I might put on my gloves and ill case"

  • Andersson Arte
    Andersson Arte 23 分钟 前

    She looks healthier and happier this time around. I'm not exactly a fan of her music, but I'm happy to see that her state of being has improved.

  • Benin Badyal
    Benin Badyal 23 分钟 前

    what was legless???

  • spolarium
    spolarium 28 分钟 前

    Ariana the only brown-skinned person in the main cast. Oh wait...

  • Peyton Eide
    Peyton Eide 28 分钟 前

    Also I hate TGmaxx

  • Nick Principe
    Nick Principe 29 分钟 前

    That instrumental to bad guy in the background is so good I need a full version pls

  • Baked 2
    Baked 2 29 分钟 前

    She’s one of my favorites! And she needs to come back to American horror story!

  • Emily Guan
    Emily Guan 30 分钟 前

    i hope this tradition doesn’t stop

  • Peyton Eide
    Peyton Eide 30 分钟 前

    I watch the show

  • Peyton Eide
    Peyton Eide 30 分钟 前

    I love them

  • robert towner
    robert towner 31 分钟 前

    fkg legend

  • James Andrews
    James Andrews 33 分钟 前

    Battles Without Honor or Humanity is also a title of a yakuza film series.

  • Kiyah Milner
    Kiyah Milner 34 分钟 前

    I was waiting for this!!!!

  • Hao Trinh
    Hao Trinh 36 分钟 前

    joel edgerton is an australian???

  • me see
    me see 39 分钟 前

    Shelby company ❤

  • Miles Law
    Miles Law 39 分钟 前

    As a non-english speaker, it's much more easier to guess the meaning of the US slangs

  • Mygo Gomy
    Mygo Gomy 42 分钟 前

    I'll be honest. I judged him/her before I even heard words. Big mistake. This person is pretty cool and real

  • Tyler Kegger
    Tyler Kegger 44 分钟 前

    He’s in is 50’s people

    RAN STEP 45 分钟 前

    i still got a lot to learn

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T 46 分钟 前

    I judge these two (or possibly the editor) for neglecting to mention how epic the Battle of the Bastards was in quality. Kit does an amazing job and Miguel made a masterpiece! It really helps us to visually understand how gruesome battle can be.

    • Aa Bb
      Aa Bb 3 分钟 前

      You're right about the epicness of that battle, but that's not what they're here for- they were only meant to discuss the historical accuracy of a few movie battles and the weapons used

  • comfeefort
    comfeefort 48 分钟 前


  • vToxicFlame
    vToxicFlame 48 分钟 前

    OMG just post it already

  • BookBuyingByBudget
    BookBuyingByBudget 48 分钟 前

    "Ignorant people who think they're smart. That's the scariest thing on Earth."

  • Rose williams
    Rose williams 49 分钟 前

    Love that the interviewer at times was just equally charmed at john telling the truth

  • Benin Badyal
    Benin Badyal 51 分钟 前

    Shout out to everyone who learned "duplicitous" just now.

    THE REAL 53 分钟 前

    when will this (thang) move in here 👉🏼⚰️

  • Joseph Manning
    Joseph Manning 55 分钟 前

    *We are asking increasingly personal questions* First Question: what are you most afraid of? Me: ight imma head out

  • Dayu Susani
    Dayu Susani 55 分钟 前

    Great vid! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • puzi
    puzi 58 分钟 前

    If they made a directors commentary edition I’d buy it in a heartbeat this movie had me freaking out in theaters

  • Olivia
    Olivia 58 分钟 前

    i want an hour of this woman talking about every main character

  • Vallin Vallentine
    Vallin Vallentine 59 分钟 前

    Wow....respect. Just respect.

  • SweetSeeBee
    SweetSeeBee 小时 前

    Im silently screaming ajvskavj

  • Kaci Smith
    Kaci Smith 小时 前

    I love that I share the same planet with Ru!

  • Chapter Zero
    Chapter Zero 小时 前

    can't wait for the president break down movie scene

  • Mel
    Mel 小时 前


  • Kristen Gruber
    Kristen Gruber 小时 前

    Ru you are absolutely an amazing teacher. I feel you connecting with me through this video

  • Alan Leslie
    Alan Leslie 小时 前

    You are great, breath take a moment for yourself, life is hard at times but you make people's lives better through your energy on stage and music .Can i prescribe 10 minutes a day for you Yoga martial arts or simply sitting and breathing say nothing or delete in your head and fill your belly with Air you are worth it :)

  • Poncho Cardona
    Poncho Cardona 小时 前


  • Yasmine Who
    Yasmine Who 小时 前

    What a true inspiration

  • Sabriyah Nettles
    Sabriyah Nettles 小时 前

    just 3 friends hanging

  • Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Vivaldi 小时 前

    5:10 A very patient cat 😂

  • ranaldo junior
    ranaldo junior 小时 前

    12 days mourning lmfaooo realx your just another spoiled brat

  • ms ns
    ms ns 小时 前

    why does she look like a mom

  • donttouchmeim steril

    the amount of mutual respect these professionals in their respective fields have for each other is really humbling

  • Uaint Shytho
    Uaint Shytho 小时 前

    whats with Americans and being too lazy to read subtitles? every time

  • IzJusMe
    IzJusMe 小时 前

    You will proabably get stabbed if you use these outside of cambridge

  • Pink Skies
    Pink Skies 小时 前

    I close my eyes and see Bojack.

  • Melchi Zedeq
    Melchi Zedeq 小时 前

    *I literally want to EAT the colors of Joker´s movie.* tasty!

    NAPSB 小时 前

    He didn't talk about californication or the grinder? What a let down

  • •aeshteix•
    •aeshteix• 小时 前

    We miss white hair bills ;(

  • Creepy Crawler
    Creepy Crawler 小时 前

    Check out the 5thAvenue Project here on youtube, it's the vlog of Ru Paul's friend and roomate Nelson Sullivan in the 1980s.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 小时 前

    Isn't it ironic that his last name starts with the word 'law'

  • Top Ten
    Top Ten 小时 前

    This is basically the same video that GQ does. There was one with Action Bronson that had this exact same format.

  • the moose is loose
    the moose is loose 小时 前

    Hopper's daughter theory I actually thought like when I was watching the 1st episode that 11 was hopper's daughter

  • Antonio Brooks
    Antonio Brooks 小时 前

    So I guess the rumors that black Panther was the original best picture winner but voters kept voting until Greenbook got over half the votes

  • Ken C
    Ken C 小时 前

    Gawd I wish she'd stick her hands in my holes

  • Jupiter 135
    Jupiter 135 小时 前

    3:01 all I can hear is the gohst of Duke Ellington

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 小时 前

    they would be a really cute couple. I ship it. 😍

  • Rainbow Colors :3
    Rainbow Colors :3 小时 前

    I can fit a butter knife

  • Bgolden
    Bgolden 小时 前

    CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE chrissy what are u doing

  • sean lee
    sean lee 小时 前

    A first hand look on how to bomb a movie. Thank Liz!

  • Eli B Lolo
    Eli B Lolo 小时 前

    I want another episode of this, but also with a linguist. Language is so often overlooked in historical movies that you have words like divorce, suicide, million, f*ck... in periods of time were they did not exist. It would be nice to watch an expert in the topic say what they think about it and what they find good, just like these two guys. Great chemistry too!

  • Mikasa O
    Mikasa O 小时 前

    Did you know there would be spoilers in this video? SPOILER ALERT

  • Making Gainz
    Making Gainz 小时 前

    She just getting more weird and just being a puppet to destroy youths minds

    • Sadness
      Sadness 小时 前

      Making Gainz nah

  • HazelfromTurkey
    HazelfromTurkey 小时 前

    I think camera should've got closer as they ask the questions it would be better if it got closer before they ask each question

  • ThrillHaus
    ThrillHaus 小时 前

    I love you RuPaul <3

  • Jared Wingate
    Jared Wingate 小时 前

    "she Got His flag" yeah she let it hit the ground.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 小时 前

    i don't buy it. he hurt some people lol

  • DanielReyes Pinos
    DanielReyes Pinos 小时 前

    I only hear the pussycat talking

  • spicy weiner
    spicy weiner 2 小时 前

    Big up all the English and gypsys with snatch, yeah boi

  • Indra Shinaga
    Indra Shinaga 2 小时 前

    Can we expect Wakandan slang next time?

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 2 小时 前

    Robin got you your agent Robin knew you had it

  • Brian Soulard
    Brian Soulard 2 小时 前


  • 40ozmangi
    40ozmangi 2 小时 前

    "you gonna cry? *tosses earth ball* " bahahaha

  • koayogi
    koayogi 2 小时 前

    We’re all one, but you don’t like us. (I agree.)

  • richard parker
    richard parker 2 小时 前

    Chadwick looks diabetic.

  • Jeff Hargrove
    Jeff Hargrove 2 小时 前

    Him: I'm not encouraging this in anyway Me: winks at my phone

  • Roblox Vibes
    Roblox Vibes 2 小时 前


  • Edward George
    Edward George 2 小时 前

    Her Royal Highness is not going to! 🇬🇧💐🇦🇺

  • interprétation interprétation erronée

    Khalifa's response to the love question was deep. Love/loyalty, depends on the person or brain chemistry.

  • Anastasia Smolentseva
    Anastasia Smolentseva 2 小时 前


  • JaycubePlays
    JaycubePlays 2 小时 前

    *20 years later* Same interview, another year. Billie: *dolphin laugh*

  • Camel Cam
    Camel Cam 2 小时 前

    Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa hit or miss I guess they never miss, huh?

  • Brayden Edward's
    Brayden Edward's 2 小时 前

    He’s dead lol

  • Dennis Mathenge
    Dennis Mathenge 2 小时 前

    They should have talked about Hattori Hanzo blade

  • 777superduty
    777superduty 2 小时 前

    Shogun assassin my fave

  • Savannah Gunter
    Savannah Gunter 2 小时 前

    The answer to the monogamous question :,)