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Grid - Before You Buy
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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  • EarlFaulk
    EarlFaulk 2 小时 前

    I got banned for having a german name as my handle in Runescape. Apparently the brits think that Faulk is an attempt to hide the F bomb

  • OmegaGodModeX
    OmegaGodModeX 2 小时 前

    Mega man Legends ;(

  • powerful being
    powerful being 2 小时 前

    Ah dude Devil May Cry 6? Yes PLeaSe.

  • Raul Ramos
    Raul Ramos 2 小时 前

    Wonderful. A brother and sister flirting in 4K. *banjos play in the distance*

  • bluez0rA
    bluez0rA 2 小时 前

    Hope capcom brings breath of fire back! Or atleast a remastered bof3 for switch? :) i would buy that

  • DrakeDracoDragon89
    DrakeDracoDragon89 2 小时 前

    My biggest grievous is one day getting one finding out my bank full of 50 legionaries disappeared because of crappy coding contacting Gearbox and them not doing anything about it.

  • Christopher Wager
    Christopher Wager 2 小时 前

    I cant not resist "single player games are dying, all games shall be online"

  • Logonix
    Logonix 2 小时 前

    Demon Quest please come back

  • Vids Produc
    Vids Produc 2 小时 前

    I wouldnt pay a cent for microtransactions in mobile games, any console/pc games... and then this dude spent 150k on a lame ass transformers game... wtf is wrong with these people !

  • Naweed Shah
    Naweed Shah 2 小时 前

    Parasite was such a trip! Dino crisis please!!!

  • Mackay700
    Mackay700 2 小时 前

    When you said Capcom I instantly thought, Mega Man? MEGA MAN PLEASE

  • TheSargKyle
    TheSargKyle 2 小时 前

    Halo In RTX?

  • Tyler Tesla
    Tyler Tesla 2 小时 前

    I'd love to see a return of Turok!

  • NPC Lives Matter
    NPC Lives Matter 2 小时 前

    OG halo:ce would be great with raytracing

  • PuI2ePLaYaZ
    PuI2ePLaYaZ 2 小时 前

    Ono better be in that capcom... that's for nerfing laura

  • Jesse Dery
    Jesse Dery 2 小时 前

    "Oh, what's this? Cool, it's a unique item. Yes, it is inferior to what I'm currently using in every possible way. No, I'm not going to sell it or drop it. Must hoard it forever..." I'm looking at you, Bethesda.

  • Ogami Birdflu
    Ogami Birdflu 2 小时 前

    Can you stop trying to emulate louis ck all the time? It is really getting to be too annoying to even watch anymore.

  • Håkan Lundin
    Håkan Lundin 2 小时 前

    Portal RTX anyone?

  • Alexander De Borja
    Alexander De Borja 3 小时 前

    Megaman X9?!? Please Capcom..

  • Corey Christensen
    Corey Christensen 3 小时 前

    Literally will never buy a game with an EA emblem

  • Aiden Fredrick
    Aiden Fredrick 3 小时 前

    im sad the new star wars game wont be as fast paced and fun as the force unleashed

  • Colin Daniel
    Colin Daniel 3 小时 前

    Parasite Eve would be amazing and you know it.

  • Linda Madhatter10
    Linda Madhatter10 3 小时 前

    I want to get one thing straight here boi, pc Gamers have their entire Hand to aim. Console players only one thumb and There are ppl playing on xbox/Playstation that have Amazingly precise aim... yee There ain't no disadvantage here

  • Christian Byrd
    Christian Byrd 3 小时 前

    Every game looks better with Unreal.

  • Karl Pedersen
    Karl Pedersen 3 小时 前

    Great video

  • Firepaw YT
    Firepaw YT 3 小时 前

    When I heard Taco Bell Xbox I thought of like a Xbox with a actual taco design on it

  • SpiderFlashGaming
    SpiderFlashGaming 3 小时 前

    Acting like you get hit too when you're character gets hit.

  • CthulhuWorshiper
    CthulhuWorshiper 3 小时 前

    Its probably some bored oil rich Arabic prince, you know those people who can actually flex on most of the 1%, the same kind of dude who were buying those 15k+ super rare cs go skins a few year ago just because they can, he probably thought "eh wonder how much it would cost to get everything, lets see then i'll go fill a Rolls Royce with caviar and blow it up with an rpg", you know your normal 0.01% hobby.

  • Supergold 30
    Supergold 30 3 小时 前

    Ah, yes. I too have big money.

  • Sicnesses23
    Sicnesses23 3 小时 前

    Dont blame EA blame us idiots for buying their games

  • Ol Dusty Trails
    Ol Dusty Trails 3 小时 前

    If I changed my CNclip username, do I have to re-enter into the contest for the Friday Giveaway?

  • chester
    chester 3 小时 前

    The Division, I was super excited then died of boredom after the 2nd day of playing.

  • Le PotatOverlord
    Le PotatOverlord 3 小时 前

    Weak news this week

  • KillTheTank
    KillTheTank 3 小时 前

    Something more meaningful..... Yeah nah. It was meaningful for that person. Doesn't matter if it's a vapoware. I mean in the end, video games aren't really serious business.

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    i love that the old pc games have a mention, i was thinking on getting some in my old PCs.

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    having a free consoole is cool, not for the cost but like it is the coolest gift ever you can get.

  • Tim Yu
    Tim Yu 3 小时 前

    Remember spore?

  • Rosinchenrobi
    Rosinchenrobi 3 小时 前

    I want an OG Devil may cry remake

  • Fic
    Fic 3 小时 前

    10 Best FREE iOS there are some paid games btw

  • Nick Stalf
    Nick Stalf 3 小时 前

    They should have a low priority queue in Gears 5, not a year long ban. I don’t even play gears 5, nor am I a rampant quitter. Just think that’s a bit much

  • Aqua Somnus
    Aqua Somnus 3 小时 前

    People that got banned from Gears 5 aren't allowed to play ranked games, they can still play other modes but not rankeds. Glad they did this, gears 4 was a quit festival and Gears 5 was starting to turn into the same dumpster.

  • Hélio Rodrigues
    Hélio Rodrigues 3 小时 前

    Call of duty its pretty good mobile game and its amazing!!!! I cant believe i am saying that. Its the best FPS for android by far! The game plays like the old Modern Warfare 2! In my personal opinion the last good cod game.

  • PedyRise Clan
    PedyRise Clan 3 小时 前

    I feel like if you dont play on xbox you dont know you can plug in a charger to your controller

  • Daniel Ingram
    Daniel Ingram 3 小时 前

    I'll be doing a chef's kiss on the toilet just for you.

  • Boba The Fact
    Boba The Fact 3 小时 前

    Parasite Eve 1 and 2 are both gems

  • Asianniga
    Asianniga 3 小时 前

    Onimusha!!!! please make more of this.

  • eun toe
    eun toe 3 小时 前

    I know one do a burnout on it and it will do a secret.

  • JohnnnyE
    JohnnnyE 3 小时 前

    "There are people that play that have like children. That child could be falling down the stairs" - Dang I never thought about that being why XxBlaze420xX left mid match.

  • Sebastian Valentin
    Sebastian Valentin 3 小时 前

    As a person with ADHD and asburgers i can relate to this vid

  • Ma Niek
    Ma Niek 3 小时 前

    What about Medal of Honor?

  • blunt_samurai
    blunt_samurai 3 小时 前

    Viewtiful Joe!!!

  • Joaquin Llamazares
    Joaquin Llamazares 3 小时 前

    I hope the Witcher 3 is the next doom, being port on everything.

  • Armando Bolmadir
    Armando Bolmadir 3 小时 前

    Capcom please remake dragons dogma or the sequel!!!?

  • Averagely Trash
    Averagely Trash 3 小时 前

    Ac unity is my fav one

  • I am Winter YT
    I am Winter YT 3 小时 前

    Why mind the criticism in 50yrs or whatever years from now. Wedding is a one time event ( i hope ), so enjoy it for today, not for tomorrow.

  • swantondude3
    swantondude3 3 小时 前

    If someone pays $60 for a video game they should be able to do whatever they want with it no ifs ands or butts about it it’s a video game gears of war people the only reason their games are made are because of people buying them they’re sending bad messages to fans for banning people for absurd amounts of time imo

  • TheGuyNobodyLikes
    TheGuyNobodyLikes 3 小时 前

    Hey, there’s probably little chance you’ll see this, but they’ve updated the game a lot from when it first came out, based mostly off of feedback. They haven’t added any more story content, but they’re saying that they would love to/are planning to add content. I feel it’s different from when it first came out.

  • Otakuoppaiking
    Otakuoppaiking 3 小时 前


  • Chase G3
    Chase G3 3 小时 前

    I don’t know about fallen order I wish for another knight of the old republic offline single player

  • Hercules Li
    Hercules Li 3 小时 前

    Just play it on PC

  • Matthew Lobo
    Matthew Lobo 3 小时 前

    I want Knack 1 & 2 to receive an HD remaster with raytracing.

    OVERLOAD25 3 小时 前

    Never played Dino Crisis but now I kind of want to

  • Chase Carroll
    Chase Carroll 3 小时 前

    Last three characters (Nazeem, Adoring Fan, and Fargoth) are all Bethesda, which goes to show they are indeed the biggest trolls around! 'Cause y'know... It just works! Can't wait to see the troll for ES6!!

  • Gaafdovjun Gaming
    Gaafdovjun Gaming 3 小时 前

    You cant forget if you never knew

  • DarthJarJar83
    DarthJarJar83 3 小时 前

    Honestly shadow of war the loot boxes at first and the fact it was a sequel to one of my fav games just leaves a stale taste in my mouth

    ALIEN SIGNALS 3 小时 前

    Does it play ps2 , ps3, ps4 games.?

  • Holliday
    Holliday 3 小时 前

    I used to be a late night gamer, but I had to this thing called "adulting" and getting a "job". Fucking sucks.

  • Gravity 2152
    Gravity 2152 3 小时 前

    I got all my money, weapons, ammo, houses\basses taken away in gta v for allegedly hacking even though the guy who was hacking was completely different to me, he sent messages in gta saying download some stupid mod menu in my name, and therefore i had lost all of it, 10 billion dollars legitamately made all gone, but it was a good thing because it gave me something to do after finishing the game almost entirely, so i made 100 billion and finished the game legit before i gave up and started playing cod bo3 on pc

  • Chandler C
    Chandler C 3 小时 前

    There is a reason that whenever EA is involved that I wait for reviews first(And I get Skeptic)

  • Robloxguyis12
    Robloxguyis12 3 小时 前


  • Angel Lexington
    Angel Lexington 3 小时 前

    Besides his sexy ass voice, nothing on THE ORDER? .. they really need to make another game for 2019 or 2020. This time they should have where you can select your weapons at any time. Better yet, there should be a wide range of weapons and you should be able to skip the talking points of the game.

  • Hardatak
    Hardatak 3 小时 前

    Warhawk rtx

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed 3 小时 前

    I remember playing the shit out of n64 games. I'm recent times, i do not remember playing the shit out of any modern ps4/Xbox one game... I wonder what it could be? Cha ching, you guessed it

  • Pat Bone
    Pat Bone 3 小时 前

    "Biggest money ever spent" I hope english wasn't your first language.

  • 1Jean K.
    1Jean K. 3 小时 前

    Boycott EA , eveyone.

  • comrade the space pimp

    dude i only spend money on usb butt plugs x im trying to beat the dark souls with it oh yes bb

  • Jesus DAvino
    Jesus DAvino 3 小时 前

    Suspension for 640 days to a possibly rager and quiter. I'm proud of living in this world.

  • DeXITeX
    DeXITeX 3 小时 前

    Am i the only one who thought that a Star Wars themed shadow of Mordor/war like game would bang ? (Old republic era)

  • Kyrrim
    Kyrrim 3 小时 前

    Kotor remaster when?

  • HavocKing Draigo
    HavocKing Draigo 3 小时 前

    LTT Debunked the idea that it's cheaper to game on a pc. For the price of the latest xbox one you'd end up with a cheaper Graphics card, processor and other parts. You'd end up upgrading within the year for more expensive parts to play the latest games

  • Potato Tits
    Potato Tits 3 小时 前

    I feel like it might be golden eye

  • Mshare AL-khuraiji
    Mshare AL-khuraiji 3 小时 前

    2:55 with that amount of money it sounds like he bought the whole studio

  • slayerd357
    slayerd357 3 小时 前

    Rockstar only cares about one thing MONEY. GTA6 will be GTAONLINE2

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny 3 小时 前


  • Falcom Slowswift
    Falcom Slowswift 3 小时 前

    This wouldn't happen but imagine a Legend of Zelda game with RTX

  • Jason Seeley
    Jason Seeley 3 小时 前

    In Pokémon checking every single trashcan

  • ScottStorm
    ScottStorm 3 小时 前

    Someone should pay that guy for the mgs2 intro just for the 8 seconds alone 😱🔥.

  • Original Maddex
    Original Maddex 3 小时 前

    My dad got banned on XBOX360. He called them and a few days later he was unbanned.

  • Dudits Grey
    Dudits Grey 3 小时 前

    MDK redone by rtx would be sweet

  • Charles Sami Amyouni
    Charles Sami Amyouni 4 小时 前

    Skyrim with RTX ON

  • Sean Feeney
    Sean Feeney 4 小时 前

    My only issues are how there's a lot of object phasing and it's slow to render cutcenes almost scene after scene. It's presentation, level design as well as overall variety disappointed me as well.

  • Na.Sodium 1122
    Na.Sodium 1122 4 小时 前

    Anyone else lost it when they saw those roaches?

  • Michael McCandless
    Michael McCandless 4 小时 前

    I bought it because it finally went on sale and went VR. right after I bought it they jacked the price back up. Good game but probably almost worth full price now... almost.

  • h8GWBî
    h8GWBî 4 小时 前

    8:26 I'm not the only one who finds the RTX-off renders more realistic, right?

  • Mlyrin Sauvel
    Mlyrin Sauvel 4 小时 前

    My first thoughts capcom remake were breath of fire 3(or any 1-4), megaman legends... mm yeah, pretty much niche thoughts. An actual new breath of fire game would be great tho.

  • Milk
    Milk 4 小时 前

    Am I the only one who noticed he called Legend of Zelda, Mario?

  • JjanSen
    JjanSen 4 小时 前


  • Dylan Haire
    Dylan Haire 4 小时 前

    i liked in hl2 part2 (or was it 1?) where you are being hounded by a helicopter for a while and you finally end up in an attic made of completely destructable wood and you use the holes it blows out of the roof to fire rockets at it. I also really liked the subway after you blow up the tower cause it was super spooky and cool.

  • gerard garay
    gerard garay 4 小时 前

    Jesus, the reload is real

  • SCSA
    SCSA 4 小时 前

    5 hours in already lost interest...just dont have time for 60-70 hour games anymore i guess.