Harry Styles
Harry Styles
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  • Miranda Rodríguez
    Miranda Rodríguez 5 分钟 前


  • Applehead.
    Applehead. 38 分钟 前

    He’s so innocently talking and expressing his true feelings I could literally watch him talking for hours and days❤️

  • Ana :3
    Ana :3 50 分钟 前

    The voice of Rosalía 😭♥️

  • Alae Marah
    Alae Marah 小时 前

    Lyrics Video : exe.io/0FlNv4

  • Alae Marah
    Alae Marah 小时 前

    Lyrics Video : exe.io/0FlNv4

  • Jacque Young
    Jacque Young 小时 前

    Ok Harry Styles, coming out here with actually super interesting fantasy plot lines. Like where's my full-length novel?

  • sayaka hirose
    sayaka hirose 2 小时 前


  • Laura Mercier
    Laura Mercier 2 小时 前

    I feel like his voice is turning American and It’s really sad

  • 1. Kedi Krallığı
    1. Kedi Krallığı 2 小时 前

    Pllllssssss continueeee

  • i peed
    i peed 2 小时 前

    Setcho goddamm alarms Edit: if you will be able to sleep ofc

  • Rodel Montaño
    Rodel Montaño 2 小时 前

    I need part 2🥀

  • BetterLifeAhead
    BetterLifeAhead 2 小时 前

    I feel like he got cut off at the most interesting/personal moments

  • paige berry
    paige berry 3 小时 前

    Harry when he finds out what ASMR is And also Harry when Louis's in the room and wants to see his nudes Louis: BITCH HARRY: fine hedgehog *makes a whole 37 second clip about his nudes in the album Louis: niceeeee

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 29 分钟 前

      Comfortable silence is so overrated

  • Pankakke
    Pankakke 4 小时 前

    Can't believe that everyone thought this was a new arg. Too bad, I would've been interested.

  • Javier Briceño
    Javier Briceño 5 小时 前

    If I got paid for each and every time the word "like" was said in this interview, I'd have a whole lot of money

  • jasmine
    jasmine 6 小时 前

    the intro voice reminds me of frida kahlos movie <3

  • Reivii
    Reivii 6 小时 前

    damn i was actually fooled into thinking this could be a brand new arg 😂ah well, excited to see how this turns out

  • audrey hope
    audrey hope 6 小时 前

    I’m falling asleep listening to this.. it’s 3AM that’s how peaceful his voice + ocean waves are just wanted to state that

  • Ayla
    Ayla 7 小时 前

    A Kiwi and a Brit in California? Best combo

  • Sofui Lolis
    Sofui Lolis 7 小时 前

    Lo amooooo

  • Nat’s Persona
    Nat’s Persona 9 小时 前

    Any Aquarius here ?♒️

  • Camii Palta
    Camii Palta 9 小时 前

    Love the song, love the story, love de video. A piece of art. HARRY TE AMO

  • Aastha Ghimire
    Aastha Ghimire 9 小时 前

    Damn his voice is really soothing. I want to sleep hearing a lullaby from Hazza ❤️😭😭

  • Bender Mcbenderson
    Bender Mcbenderson 10 小时 前

    What is his accent lmao

  • Peach Soda
    Peach Soda 10 小时 前

    when he said "😔" i felt that

  • Erick Filgueira
    Erick Filgueira 10 小时 前

    Take my money

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 29 分钟 前

      Now I can't show my mom

  • Neve Macnamara
    Neve Macnamara 10 小时 前

    Me: reading the description box looking for Australia Also me: screams fuck yes when it says Australian dates to be announced!

  • vixy me
    vixy me 10 小时 前

    I just realized Eroda is Adore backwards

  • Nathalia giachini cittolin

    Thanks for this ❤

  • Mauro TS
    Mauro TS 10 小时 前

    I hate the way she talks 😓😓

  • coonnii xde
    coonnii xde 11 小时 前


  • S R
    S R 11 小时 前

    please take the camera off the douchey interviewer who keeps interrupting him

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 11 小时 前

    harry: “tHiS iS a FaMiLy sHow” love on tour: pfffffff

  • Edon Rama
    Edon Rama 12 小时 前

    The best song ever!

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 12 小时 前

    Harry saying ex girlfriend is so crazy to me because the last time he's talked about dating was in one direction and so all I can do is associate TEENAGE SMOL BOI him with a girlfriend haha. Like "Harry Styles" and "girlfriend" seem so trivial and teenage to my ears now. And it's also crazy to think that all these dating speculations are probably true and my heart kinda shatters thinking he dated these models and got his heart broken and he's still looking for love. Also also, bc lately I've been imagining him either alone or with guys, so the ex girlfriend part threw me off hahaha.

    • PerryBlavke 00
      PerryBlavke 00 5 小时 前

      Well, he's been single for almost two years now. The "ex gf" chapter that we hear about him only in 2019 is by now quite old. In the meantime I still believe he had/has other partners.. i mean, even occasional partners whom we know nothing. Who knows tho...

  • TonyM
    TonyM 12 小时 前

    What is with men painting their nails? Facepalm!

  • Mulher Do Harry
    Mulher Do Harry 12 小时 前

    My Perfect❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • Rafael Alves
    Rafael Alves 12 小时 前

    this was so good omg

  • paola melo
    paola melo 13 小时 前

    Bien por Rosalía

  • Adriana Loryan
    Adriana Loryan 13 小时 前

    I still have hope he adds Puerto Rico 🇵🇷! 😩❤

  • Ryan Weierman
    Ryan Weierman 14 小时 前

    This is the only long video I can watch completely 😂

  • La Kimberlyts
    La Kimberlyts 14 小时 前

    His smile 😘❤️

  • Joakim Rene' Lindberg
    Joakim Rene' Lindberg 14 小时 前

    Is it any youtube story tellers that has this kind of voice?

  • you know how i am
    you know how i am 15 小时 前


  • Cosmichu
    Cosmichu 15 小时 前

    The interviewer is terrible, always talking over him and speaking out more than harry as if his opinion was important

  • Russo Swit
    Russo Swit 15 小时 前

    I love it. 💕👍😍

  • Jeralyn Kriston
    Jeralyn Kriston 15 小时 前

    Harry, I'm so proud of you. You've grown and matured so much. You are so open and so honest. I would love to be open pals, ( email style lol )

  • imeantloveyou5eva
    imeantloveyou5eva 15 小时 前

    we *STAN* icons who leak their own nudes, twice!!

  • _lotusbloem
    _lotusbloem 15 小时 前

    This voice, i loved 🌻

  • Antonia Conway
    Antonia Conway 16 小时 前

    Ok I’m dead 😍😙💕

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 6 小时 前

      wala ng tinago si harry.❤️❤️

  • sk8 scum
    sk8 scum 16 小时 前

    I heard a raven

  • cristine sarigumba
    cristine sarigumba 16 小时 前

    I love you harry 😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘

  • KlickingKay ASMR
    KlickingKay ASMR 16 小时 前

    Will he have backstage passes??! I wanna meet him....

  • Micaela Olsen
    Micaela Olsen 17 小时 前

    This interview is soul cleansing

  • LeahOnline
    LeahOnline 17 小时 前

    I'd literally love to just sit down with him and just chat

  • Fernanda Garcia
    Fernanda Garcia 17 小时 前

    Why this video of Harry Styles is like a Melanie Martinez video but with a fish?? Crybaby>>>> Fish Boy

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 17 小时 前

    "how naked do you wanna be on this album?" Harry: YES PLEASE

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 11 小时 前

      wala ng tinago si harry.❤️❤️

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 17 小时 前

    God I used to be so fucking obsessed with him as a teenager it was unhealthy

  • morgana grave
    morgana grave 17 小时 前

    This is very strange

    ITZBENIA CODI 18 小时 前

    Rosalia it’s you?

  • LeahOnline
    LeahOnline 18 小时 前

    Has he got a slight American accent now? I can hear the twang

  • KlickingKay ASMR
    KlickingKay ASMR 18 小时 前

    All right, let’s face it: they’re both hot. Zane Lowe looks good in those glasses as well. 😁

  • Entertainment 101
    Entertainment 101 18 小时 前

    Loving the promo for the song

  • Ameena Aboul-ezz
    Ameena Aboul-ezz 18 小时 前

    this is beautiful

  • ashanti briahna
    ashanti briahna 18 小时 前

    I am very proud of him for his growth and for speaking his truth because old Harry was so quiet and afraid to speak up.

  • Maria Tere
    Maria Tere 18 小时 前

    BIG spoiler be like

  • Maria Glushkova
    Maria Glushkova 18 小时 前

    i personally think that leaving 1d made harry so much happier: way more healthy (mentally) and smiling and everything in general. he does whatever the fuck he wants and he’s matured so much throughout all this time. i’m so proud and happy for him and i really hope he stays that way ♥️

  • Claudia Andreson
    Claudia Andreson 18 小时 前

    When I first saw the intro I thought it was a commercial for toothpaste 😂

  • Charli Branson
    Charli Branson 18 小时 前

    Play at 1.25x speed for Harry to talk at a normal pace, play at 0.75x for the interviewer to talk at Harry’s pace

  • Farmer Taehyung
    Farmer Taehyung 18 小时 前

    Harry has accomplished so much, I showed my friend this video who only listens to country music and she absolutely loved it.

  • selin malfoy
    selin malfoy 18 小时 前


    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 6 小时 前

      Harry if he was not a singer is probably a beauty vlogger

  • Otto El Piloto
    Otto El Piloto 18 小时 前

    Like si has venido por la Rosalía

  • Sw
    Sw 18 小时 前

    He’s so sexy

  • Rizo Charlie
    Rizo Charlie 19 小时 前

    Rosalía 💕

  • Madisen Mendoza
    Madisen Mendoza 19 小时 前

    Zane Lowe literally does such a great job with every artist.

  • Joy Robinson
    Joy Robinson 19 小时 前

    What about how his shirt says how many calories is in different foods

  • Colin Craig
    Colin Craig 19 小时 前

    Did he steal that visual from Prince - Lovesexy?

  • Jackie
    Jackie 19 小时 前

    This man is a fashion icon

  • clara vr
    clara vr 20 小时 前


  • joyce silva
    joyce silva 20 小时 前

    Alguém da Paraíba que vai pro Show no Rio ? Eu irei sozinha ...

  • helter skelter
    helter skelter 20 小时 前

    bro you didnt have to do us like that holy fuck

  • Klaudia Zerden
    Klaudia Zerden 20 小时 前

    I could look at his hands for hours. He should start a channel that's just him unboxing things without saying anything.

    • Klaudia Zerden
      Klaudia Zerden 17 小时 前

      @Puppet lover thats just a coincidence. Theres probably no significance to it.

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover 17 小时 前

      Anyone notice the album is released on Taylor’s birthday???

  • devonyé 2.0
    devonyé 2.0 20 小时 前

    never knew i could love someone so much that i've never mer

  • Daniela Gv
    Daniela Gv 20 小时 前


  • Veronica Lovato
    Veronica Lovato 20 小时 前

    You are illegal

  • Shorty
    Shorty 20 小时 前

    No le entiendo a rosalia en español menos en inglés

  • Lady Jugs O Plenty
    Lady Jugs O Plenty 20 小时 前

    Really dislike the narrators voice and accent. No need for it.

  • Alexis Powell
    Alexis Powell 21 小时 前

    and to everyone that didn’t listen to his last album, wtf are you doing cause that album was frickin GREAT

  • Alexis Powell
    Alexis Powell 21 小时 前

    also lowkey want him to react to a wattpad fan fiction about him like after or something just for kicks and giggles cause that shit would be HILARIOUS

  • Alexis Powell
    Alexis Powell 21 小时 前

    when he was talking about the watermelon sugar meaning and he was like “idk is that what it’s about” *smirks* i was like “BOY IF YOU DONT” and then they started talking about him being a sex symbol and i was like 😬😬 whoops.

  • L E
    L E 21 小时 前

    Funny, nice, down to earth guy. Cheers

  • Katty Katt
    Katty Katt 21 小时 前

    Pensee que era un traileer de una película nms que inteligente Harry!!

  • Laurie Tomlinson
    Laurie Tomlinson 21 小时 前

    Je suis 'a seule qui reçoit le clip de mj ?

  • alessia -
    alessia - 21 小时 前

    This is how many times he said " when we were in the band" ⬇️

  • Genius 7ever
    Genius 7ever 21 小时 前

    You make me wanna buy 100 of them

  • Amanda Godfrey
    Amanda Godfrey 22 小时 前

    Honestly love this man beyond words. I will forever love Harry and One Direction.

  • Anna Arribas
    Anna Arribas 22 小时 前

    Rosalia bájale! 💃🏼💃🏼

  • mica
    mica 22 小时 前


  • Emmanuel Villanueva
    Emmanuel Villanueva 22 小时 前

    Odiame mas

  • Joanna
    Joanna 22 小时 前

    How many of your fans do you want to kill? Harry: yes