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Game Theory: No More Games
意见 1.8M个月 前
The $1.7 Million Lie
意见 3.4M8 个月 前
They stole $1.7 million
意见 6M8 个月 前
Losing the Battle
意见 13M年 前


  • CC 426
    CC 426 分钟 前

    0:11 predicted the black hole

  • Aurora Amphibolite
    Aurora Amphibolite 分钟 前

    Maybe Nugget could be a possible contender? A bunch of people in the comments are disproving buggs and I mean, the Janitor has his connection with the flask and smoking, I would guess Nugget's mother might have similar habits seeing as she would have to be very young and the Janitor is described as Ugly. So, mental disorders can be caused by drinking during pregnancy...? Maybe that theory only makes sense in my head, but I get the train of thought for you MatPat! Keep the kindergarten theories coming >:D

  • Viper Gaming
    Viper Gaming 3 分钟 前

    hey i had a girlfriend named Elyssa!... waaaait a second...

  • AE Pedrin FF
    AE Pedrin FF 3 分钟 前

    Tem br 🇧🇷 aqui?

  • LeoInfinity Games
    LeoInfinity Games 3 分钟 前

    I still cant tell, is this a creepy pasta coincidentally connected to a real life situation (like the 1st fnaf theory) that happened years ago, or is this still going on and something is gonna happen to paul

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie 4 分钟 前

    What if the most intelligent life we find is Uploaded machine? not AI, uploaded. What would that mean?

  • Vihaan Shah
    Vihaan Shah 7 分钟 前

    Matpat "This game will end in the same place it began" Scott in 2019: TROLOLOLOL!

  • Michal Kokeš
    Michal Kokeš 8 分钟 前

    this theory only works because disney owns evrithing

  • FlyByeChan -
    FlyByeChan - 8 分钟 前


  • Paul Weinbach
    Paul Weinbach 9 分钟 前

    Buggs father died in a dumpster fire

  • Jay 100
    Jay 100 9 分钟 前

    The genius in this video is as good as the genius behind why the video was made. 🤯

  • Ahmed Shaker
    Ahmed Shaker 9 分钟 前

    But in Minecraft.. the sun and moon rotate around the world..

  • stargxzer
    stargxzer 11 分钟 前


  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander 11 分钟 前

    Maybe he meant the mop

  • Dreaming _big
    Dreaming _big 11 分钟 前


  • VundavaWaffles
    VundavaWaffles 12 分钟 前

    i thought this game died 5 years ago, but somehow it still lives on lmao

  • first name last name
    first name last name 14 分钟 前

    Okay so if there was this civilisation how come Steve is just one guy, like wldnt he have come from somewhere, not even necessary parents, hes just there

  • Boi With Luv
    Boi With Luv 17 分钟 前

    *Exotic Butters*

  • CupAce
    CupAce 17 分钟 前


  • ChocoBlob
    ChocoBlob 17 分钟 前

    I though Buggs was just bald. Not literally so we can see the hair roots.

  • S0ggy Spaghett1
    S0ggy Spaghett1 17 分钟 前

    the character's that haven't been uncovered fully yet nugget the janitor polly/penny the weird teacher lady mr doctor long forehead Cindy

  • enderskeleton99 YT
    enderskeleton99 YT 18 分钟 前

    FOOL minecraft cant generate a enderman actully teleporting it would lag and crash the game so shut up k like for real dude they are supposed to teleport but minecraft cant make it look like it YOU FOOL!

  • Midnight The sad bean
    Midnight The sad bean 18 分钟 前

    Not related- They are the same person!

  • TatoTimez
    TatoTimez 19 分钟 前

    Cackles in 2019

  • DaShibe
    DaShibe 19 分钟 前

    Small fonts or absolute pixel

  • Robert R
    Robert R 21 分钟 前

    so me running to the bathroom makes me an ultimate strategist

  • Hana Kkoch꽃
    Hana Kkoch꽃 22 分钟 前

    *I haven’t watched this yet but why do I feel like it’s Buggs?*

  • PowerBrawler2122
    PowerBrawler2122 23 分钟 前

    F f I tried.

    PAULO GAMER 23 分钟 前

    M E M E S

  • The Skinny Asian
    The Skinny Asian 23 分钟 前

    Are you kidding me? 4 years ago!? Man, I remember all of this like it was yesterday

  • Egg Head
    Egg Head 24 分钟 前

    Some of these dances are older than the Fortnite kids

  • Luke Murison-King
    Luke Murison-King 24 分钟 前

    The click is probably a pen the rustleing is paper

  • Wolfe 123
    Wolfe 123 24 分钟 前


  • Sanz
    Sanz 24 分钟 前

    I still dont like the new intro because nothing blends even the music is not made for it

  • P.E.W Police
    P.E.W Police 25 分钟 前

    People: FNAF 6 WAS CANCELLED Matpat:YESSSSSSSSS Soctt: Are you sure about that

  • milan cat
    milan cat 25 分钟 前

    and u know the kid Under the school Bob killed one the one who protects the door he is a secret character (go see on wiki if its on the wiki LOL)

  • Pickleman333
    Pickleman333 26 分钟 前


  • Ruben Jacobs
    Ruben Jacobs 26 分钟 前

    make another plzzz

  • L.D.C Films
    L.D.C Films 26 分钟 前

    hey mat you forgot to mention the fact that in the mobestiary, it states that ¨A group of settlers tried to re-create what they saw in that painting, using four blocks of soul sand, and three skulls of the wither skeleton. They found a terrible success. With a scream and a burst of fumes, a glowing monstrosity appeared before them. All was quiet for a few moments, until it let forth an almighty explosion. And so the battle had begun.¨-(Mobestiary, Alex Wiltshire, page 101.)

  • Wolfe 123
    Wolfe 123 26 分钟 前

    When are we getting marymary part 2

  • DatCameraMON
    DatCameraMON 27 分钟 前

    It is debatable if Petscop has had it's, "finale".

  • Sonneilon6
    Sonneilon6 27 分钟 前

    Premise seems sounds. Scary, not so sure. After Silent Hill, Deep Space, Aliens Trilogy on the Sega Saturn, Enemy Zero ( I think that's the one where you have to detect the monsters by sound) and Britneys Dance Beat, this game doesn't have the scare factor for me. And then there's the Banana Splits movie.

  • ChocoBlob
    ChocoBlob 28 分钟 前

    Yo, updated intro

  • Zorlia
    Zorlia 28 分钟 前

    Nice theory, I liked it. I was wondering if you could do a theory on Jacksepticeye's alter egos. It looks like he'd starting to cook something up with them lately

  • blumen
    blumen 28 分钟 前

    I can listen to Nugget for 24 hours straight.

  • DarkPortal
    DarkPortal 29 分钟 前

    Who else is here to just dislike cringey dumb mat pat

  • SeniorSuiki
    SeniorSuiki 29 分钟 前

    Holy crap this background music is the same used by James A. Janisse (think I got that right) on Kill Counts [ highly recommend watching his stuff ]

  • owl playz
    owl playz 29 分钟 前

    I would be comic sans

  • Nixter Mixter
    Nixter Mixter 30 分钟 前

    1 like=1 video of Diet Coke sponsors MatPat

  • milan cat
    milan cat 30 分钟 前

    didn't say BILLY ?!!

  • Fergus Lord-Wilson
    Fergus Lord-Wilson 31 分钟 前

    Bugs vouse is weird

  • Jay Beech
    Jay Beech 32 分钟 前

    AAAAAAA i have not even got through the whole vid and i already confused!

  • Antoinette S
    Antoinette S 33 分钟 前

    Really tell me more

  • one dose not simply
    one dose not simply 33 分钟 前


  • Charlie Moore
    Charlie Moore 33 分钟 前

    Intro amazing Life 👌 Kindergarten 😱 Janitor 😨

  • Jonathon Shetler
    Jonathon Shetler 35 分钟 前

    The clip board could be showing the "black hole" event.

  • Veblar D. Potato
    Veblar D. Potato 36 分钟 前

    I always thought that Buggs had the generic bully "shaved-head" haircut, which looks gray if the person had black hair. This could work with the janitor having black hair which grayed as he got older...

  • Arsen Asclepius
    Arsen Asclepius 36 分钟 前


  • Reese Medrano
    Reese Medrano 36 分钟 前

    This is the rip off of Dragon Ball Z

  • man loo
    man loo 37 分钟 前

    see the trailer ar game it sounds like the girls form the tape .............. not all are their

  • Mayesha
    Mayesha 37 分钟 前


  • Summer Kuhn
    Summer Kuhn 37 分钟 前

    Everyone else: joking about the outdated and proven-wrong theories Me: watching the entire FNAF theory series not caring because heck this stuff is interesting

  • Julha
    Julha 38 分钟 前


  • BeyondOurEyes
    BeyondOurEyes 39 分钟 前

    Matpat is silly to suggest his videos of calling your video game hero’s evil and Phoenix write breaking the law don’t matter lol. They bring people great joy. That is the most matterful 😇

  • The Barbarian
    The Barbarian 39 分钟 前

    I don't want to pressure you but didn't you want to upload a part 2 to this video (视频.html ) ?

  • Hippos Don’t Bounce
    Hippos Don’t Bounce 39 分钟 前

    Are you gonna make another Hello neighbor theory?

  • Stay Silent
    Stay Silent 39 分钟 前

    Oh, my, gosh!

  • Mayesha
    Mayesha 40 分钟 前


  • rodriartra
    rodriartra 41 分钟 前

    I think that's just an American thing

  • gamer master lol
    gamer master lol 42 分钟 前

    Obožavam te

  • Landon Bevell
    Landon Bevell 42 分钟 前

    I think Golden Freddy Is Fredbear (cuase there yellow and i think if something rots its color gets darkerm plus there obviusly both old animatronics)

  • Gabriel Keegan Stannard


  • lps fıstık tv july
    lps fıstık tv july 42 分钟 前

    But endermen only attack endermites spawened by an enderpearl which is an endermens eye makes sense to me Plus my favourite mobs are endermites and creepers they cute

  • Bendyboy3665
    Bendyboy3665 46 分钟 前

    How are the twisted animatronics the fun times but are also just maniquins?

  • Wabash
    Wabash 47 分钟 前

    The Triple jump calculation is wrong. You are showing that it would be three of the same jump but for the second and third jump in the triple jump event you don’t get a running start. You only have momentum from your previous jump(s) athletes in the triple jump always have their longest jump as their first one because they have a running start but most of that momentum dies out once they hit the ground.

  • Frankie Richards
    Frankie Richards 47 分钟 前

    Inkfree I use it all the time

  • Undertaker
    Undertaker 47 分钟 前

    All you noobs complaining ‘bout sekiro, try a real hard game, known as pong... Online mode

  • LAC Clemont
    LAC Clemont 49 分钟 前

    Old Chateau girl.

  • teletubby po
    teletubby po 50 分钟 前

    i am god, nah but i would like to see the bindig of Isaac and petscop. maybye they have a story somehow in common idk tho.

  • Peko Pekoyama
    Peko Pekoyama 50 分钟 前

    I haven’t played the games myself, and I have a quick question. MatPat said that everyone is in FNAF Help Wanted except for Golden Freddy and Ballora. But what about Old Man Consequences?

  • Christina Bowers
    Christina Bowers 51 分钟 前

    Fortnite is

  • Randy Nelson
    Randy Nelson 52 分钟 前

    Do fortnite black hole event

  • pastel sunflxwer
    pastel sunflxwer 52 分钟 前

    But how can FNAF 1 be after FNAF 2 if there animatronic bodies are there from the first game?

  • Dof dof Noodle
    Dof dof Noodle 53 分钟 前

    Disc is called 69??? Hmm I wonder if Steve and Alex really did do something, interesting...

  • jt 1
    jt 1 53 分钟 前

    longest intro ever

  • ZorkWHouse81
    ZorkWHouse81 53 分钟 前

    Another possibility is that they spend so much time in space in zero G or very low G that the muscles in their normal legs would atrophy to the point that they would become useless - hence the potential solution of replacing them with robotic prosthetics that won't atrophy. Still, this could be so that they can get around on the ground - like you suggested, but perhaps to compensate for this other possible problem, rather than because of the shape of their legs. Not to mention, if they were going to be anatomically correct wouldn't they also need prosthetic hands as well b/c their (upper legs or paws or hands? or not sure what they exactly would be called since they would normally be quadrupeds) don't all contain opposed digits that could be used to hold a flight control stick etc. hmm - this overthinking got really complicated lol. Either way, great video!!

  • LJ DiCarlo
    LJ DiCarlo 53 分钟 前

    No chance that when Scott made FNaF, he was this deep about game lore.

  • pider man
    pider man 54 分钟 前


  • KRASH-BrawlStars
    KRASH-BrawlStars 54 分钟 前

    it's your fault for shooting him

  • Rens- 005
    Rens- 005 54 分钟 前

    Hi mat pat With Mario and Sonic Tokyo 2020 coming up, Would you do a theory on Mario sports or something I don’t know what but I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time So please consider it for a theory Thank you

  • FGV Cosmic
    FGV Cosmic 55 分钟 前

    Ahem....No. Also Apollo Justice already pulled that one, sorry

  • Kyroven
    Kyroven 55 分钟 前


  • Deondre The 8th Hokage
    Deondre The 8th Hokage 55 分钟 前


  • Christa Carter-Williams

    Whyyy the rap Matt why

  • lillylake warriors
    lillylake warriors 56 分钟 前

    They made an hello neighbor: hide and seek game and maybe you can do a theory on that if you haven't yet))

  • Kristina Tamayo
    Kristina Tamayo 57 分钟 前

    Why did you dude at 3 am

  • Allan Anderson Moreira
    Allan Anderson Moreira 58 分钟 前

    What about The Nugget Theorists Channel Mat?! You are losing a great opportunity here man!

  • Agent 7
    Agent 7 58 分钟 前

    Well I dub 10 to the power of 12432 as a MakerPlex

  • GhostPants
    GhostPants 小时 前

    Matt, you may be looking too far into Minecraft

  • Kristina Tamayo
    Kristina Tamayo 小时 前

    I have the same answer