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  • junior ubico
    junior ubico 12 分钟 前

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  • lb_ catxhu
    lb_ catxhu 16 分钟 前

    Not this toenail 🙄🙄🙄

  • Nathan Cantu
    Nathan Cantu 17 分钟 前

    I would take you to the movies but they don’t allow outside snacks 😜

  • Zuya Littlecrow
    Zuya Littlecrow 21 分钟 前

    What would this world be with out Darren "big baby" Brand

  • Manuel Montero
    Manuel Montero 25 分钟 前

    I felt bad 😂😂 look at her face 1:40 1:49

  • Ju Da Prinx Beatz.
    Ju Da Prinx Beatz. 35 分钟 前


  • Pauline Langi
    Pauline Langi 36 分钟 前

    your amazing lay lay

  • Victor Gillerson
    Victor Gillerson 37 分钟 前

    Charlie is a straight savage. Nick was like... "Kill my whole fam?"

  • Pure Tre
    Pure Tre 38 分钟 前


  • Pauline Langi
    Pauline Langi 39 分钟 前

    I like you lay lay

  • Fremont District
    Fremont District 46 分钟 前

    Toya is so sexy

  • The mini vlogs
    The mini vlogs 52 分钟 前

    Ok but is no one talking abt snoop Dogg barssss 6:32

  • LGH Highlighters
    LGH Highlighters 52 分钟 前

    Why would you spit on Justina thoooo😭 damn, ungrateful af😂

  • Tink3rbella100
    Tink3rbella100 53 分钟 前

    "it means I failed out of school and I'm not gone try" 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Hernandez
    Alyssa Hernandez 54 分钟 前

    Kevin Hart funny as hell

  • Black discompose
    Black discompose 56 分钟 前

    im here for Emmanuel but who is that vato on 2:37 with the ADIDAS cap cause GODDAMN!

  • Julia Ortiz
    Julia Ortiz 58 分钟 前

    I want Justina back. WTF man this girl wouldn't at least try it and the damn disgusting sounds she makes I mean seriously what the hell is your problem girl. Bring back Justina she was always game for anything.

  • Josiah Cosby
    Josiah Cosby 小时 前

    E man is son funny

  • Felipe Kyo Franca
    Felipe Kyo Franca 小时 前

    Mgk lost a battle to Nick cannon and wanna go for EMINEM? what a Joke 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • joymacL
    joymacL 小时 前

    Whhhhhy... didn't they give you a respectable pancake?


    Wild n out always giving me joy🤣

  • {xXwolfy _savage pupxX}

    Kevin heart is funny "Your lips are chapped, they look like their ass" Me: "dies of laughter"😂😂😂

  • Jaicelle Jane Ferrer

    LOL he stated “UBE” so comment earned ✌️

  • Jaqueline Hernandez

    Didn't Denzel had a song named Zenith xD

  • Olyvia
    Olyvia 小时 前


  • Olyvia
    Olyvia 小时 前

    I’ve watched enough of these that I’m starting to think conceited only cuts the beat because his lines usually drag on longer than 8 counts. 😂

  • foxtuber #1
    foxtuber #1 小时 前


  • MaS with The FactS
    MaS with The FactS 小时 前

    I love this one I watched it like million times is that Rihanna nope but that's her forehead

  • ikejay
    ikejay 小时 前

    Lmao this game was meant for DC lmao

  • Tyler Farmer
    Tyler Farmer 小时 前


    RICHIE & VICKY 小时 前

    85 SOUTH ! #iykyk

  • TheJeenbeen
    TheJeenbeen 小时 前

    I mean everybody on stage deals with getting joked on.. Nick gets it the worst.. She need to woman up

  • TheElementalGod
    TheElementalGod 小时 前

    3:33 they did Don wrong lmao

  • phantom come alive
    phantom come alive 小时 前

    Yo Nick got up so fast to clean her up

  • The Professional
    The Professional 2 小时 前

    So much fucking cringe.

    DRIP 2 SAUCE 2 小时 前

    2:43 best part

  • Uzumaki bashar
    Uzumaki bashar 2 小时 前

    Onb dis fire🤣💥

  • Meleane Ulugia
    Meleane Ulugia 2 小时 前

    1:36 well i mean

  • Une petite Folle cleo
    Une petite Folle cleo 2 小时 前

    He got the rockkkkkkkk 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Meleane Ulugia
    Meleane Ulugia 2 小时 前

    2:13 i dont know what that reaction meant but

  • Nya Patrick
    Nya Patrick 2 小时 前

    No one gonna say anything about 11:14 joke😂😂😂

  • jazlene lopez
    jazlene lopez 2 小时 前

    i'm 2 chainz

  • Cee Gee
    Cee Gee 2 小时 前


  • Ilikefries 77
    Ilikefries 77 2 小时 前

    Dc my favorite bro

  • Swift DG
    Swift DG 2 小时 前

    This show is the best ive went through to watch everything agian so many times Listen to my music at this link cnclip.net/video/ieUCF5QfSOQ/视频.html Would mean i lot to me or just clixk my profile

  • Micah Chilly
    Micah Chilly 2 小时 前

    This slaps harder than my dad.

  • Dreamah Harvey
    Dreamah Harvey 2 小时 前

    I saw DC girlfriend Msjackyoh

  • FreekishPredator Gaming Etc

    What’s this song ?

  • Une petite Folle cleo
    Une petite Folle cleo 2 小时 前

    Emmanuel funny asf 😂😂😭

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 2 小时 前

    DJ DWREK be hating.

  • Ishan Appukuddy
    Ishan Appukuddy 2 小时 前

    diesel went off lmao

  • Jvehyla Murphy
    Jvehyla Murphy 2 小时 前


  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 2 小时 前

    kodie is so sexy i hope she likes girls🤣🤣🤣😂

  • jay_ amvz
    jay_ amvz 3 小时 前


  • Lovely life of Trelynn


  • Bobbie Belser
    Bobbie Belser 3 小时 前

    And I love Mikey Day, he's sexy as hell

  • Bobbie Belser
    Bobbie Belser 3 小时 前

    I love all the white boys on here, they are funny as f***!

  • Bryan Washington
    Bryan Washington 3 小时 前

    Vic Mensa flames Nick easily

  • Asha Adia
    Asha Adia 3 小时 前

    Chico bean funny as hell

  • Racheal Silburn
    Racheal Silburn 3 小时 前

    5:35 Bow wow so lame🙄

  • delia lewis
    delia lewis 3 小时 前

    wait when is he bringing Cardi B or Nicki Minaj

  • Sebastian Mercado
    Sebastian Mercado 3 小时 前

    A better duo hitman holla and conceited

  • phat ho
    phat ho 3 小时 前

    2:00 😂😂 mission failed we'll get them next time

  • Ryan Melean
    Ryan Melean 3 小时 前

    I'm not feeling the white girl.

  • Diyah Ambi
    Diyah Ambi 3 小时 前

    😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭season 4 ❤️😍

  • Cash Cash
    Cash Cash 3 小时 前

    I love you justina💝

  • Racheal Silburn
    Racheal Silburn 3 小时 前

    Kevin Heart is not funny to me. He just loud and extra...do the most to be funny.

  • Adrian Jeff
    Adrian Jeff 3 小时 前

    2:29-2:31 did her earring fall off?

  • Blitz Hurricane
    Blitz Hurricane 3 小时 前

    2:30 DC is like "This nigga took my joke"

  • INTPerspective
    INTPerspective 3 小时 前

    DJ DWrek needed a buzzer for the way he pronounced ambidextrous 😂

  • formula 1460
    formula 1460 3 小时 前

    Question. A marshmello that dont talk won a friggin belt

  • Poetic KC1988
    Poetic KC1988 3 小时 前

    🤣🤣🤣 love him

  • Hoes love lily
    Hoes love lily 3 小时 前

    Can we be honest dc is the best wild n out me never he got everyone dead when he raps 😂💀

  • INTPerspective
    INTPerspective 3 小时 前

    Nick was really distracting me with his off key singing😭😂 he's doing a great job with the show though

  • Atomic 2x
    Atomic 2x 3 小时 前

    A wop a wop a wop wop wop

  • Jeremy Griffin
    Jeremy Griffin 3 小时 前

    Bro honestly y’all are cheating us out of episodes. The season finale?!?!? How Sway, How?!?! I’ve only seen 6 episodes that can’t be right.

  • Stacey Phillips
    Stacey Phillips 4 小时 前

    This was stupid with the spitting water...no maam i couldnt be around that foolishnesss

  • Poetic KC1988
    Poetic KC1988 4 小时 前


  • pink panther
    pink panther 4 小时 前

    DC really isn’t as funny as people say

  • Urban_Goddess
    Urban_Goddess 4 小时 前

    I got nothing to say but 😬😬😬😬

  • Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters 4 小时 前

    Your a visitor relax...lmao

  • Kellyanne Depatie
    Kellyanne Depatie 4 小时 前

    Time to eat some liver,Italian intestines,or basic to bougie balls..Triple B's.

  • dekrome mohamed
    dekrome mohamed 4 小时 前

    0:54 is why I'm here