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  • FerdyGamezz
    FerdyGamezz 4 小时 前

    This dude really went from woody to buzzy light year

  • kalecedric laderas
    kalecedric laderas 4 小时 前

    Pure talent🤘🔥🔥

  • Waka Chisha
    Waka Chisha 4 小时 前

    I have theory that this video is about pop-ups

  • Anegret Bittermeier
    Anegret Bittermeier 4 小时 前

    Da weiß ich jetzt schon was auf der Wiesn los sein wird 🙈

  • Bashayirullah Noorul Ameen


  • Frieda Allers
    Frieda Allers 4 小时 前


  • Play Video
    Play Video 4 小时 前

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  • angeline ponce de leon

    Diplo always showing up like a wild mushroom

  • zain grl
    zain grl 4 小时 前

    90's kids:were gonna have floating cars in the future😄 2019:DoUbLE aDdS

  • Fake Cizzorz
    Fake Cizzorz 4 小时 前

    Ey lil nas why u look like TSYM_myth lol

  • Andrea Lila
    Andrea Lila 4 小时 前


  • Jose Miguel López
    Jose Miguel López 4 小时 前

    02:45 It's sound PANINI

  • Rsho Gz
    Rsho Gz 4 小时 前


  • Andrea Lila
    Andrea Lila 4 小时 前

    o i

  • Fake Cizzorz
    Fake Cizzorz 4 小时 前

    Michael Jackson: Ey lil nas how did you skip Year? in 3 month

  • Oscar Grotenbreg
    Oscar Grotenbreg 4 小时 前

    iam from in the netherlands

  • Fake Cizzorz
    Fake Cizzorz 4 小时 前

    This guy uses horse to a Robotic body

  • kiss my ass assholes
    kiss my ass assholes 4 小时 前

    Indian panini is still better

  • pandinhas de plantão
    pandinhas de plantão 4 小时 前

    Oie Brasil

  • Septian Eka Saputra
    Septian Eka Saputra 4 小时 前


  • Jargal-erdene Sainjargal

    Lil Nas X: U gay Random kid: no u Lil Nas X: oh

  • ̊* Ashley * ̊
    ̊* Ashley * ̊ 4 小时 前

    It's so sad.. At the end, he showed trees... 💔😢

  • Karan Vlogs
    Karan Vlogs 4 小时 前

    Very good song

  • ScruBy ScruBz
    ScruBy ScruBz 4 小时 前

    1:13 if you saw her moving her mouth she said “what the fudge”

  • Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild

    He Went from the Titanic to Avatar in 4 months.

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 4 小时 前

    Bro that song was lit🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • SKRILLP gaming
    SKRILLP gaming 4 小时 前

    The only thing a pathfinder is good at lmao

  • diopnald prevost
    diopnald prevost 4 小时 前


  • amina_du_93 225
    amina_du_93 225 4 小时 前


  • Amancio Basister
    Amancio Basister 4 小时 前


  • print lock
    print lock 4 小时 前

    Ela sentou e gostou...

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 4 小时 前

    this nigga made a suit of his own skin

  • mhahasm mhahasm
    mhahasm mhahasm 4 小时 前

    Hey, Panini!

  • Mini militia Militia
    Mini militia Militia 4 小时 前

    Why his songs are so short , I always have to press the replay button

  • MarShy MeLlo
    MarShy MeLlo 4 小时 前

    Me: *sees views* Views: *64mil* Me: *hmm.... Yes a stack of panini*

  • Cramous
    Cramous 4 小时 前

    Poor Skai can’t get a break in this vid XD

  • YepImFresh
    YepImFresh 4 小时 前

    You take the moon, and you take the sun.... If you know, you know

  • Mini militia Militia
    Mini militia Militia 5 小时 前

    Did anyone notice tiktok at 0:06

  • Griffin Lol
    Griffin Lol 5 小时 前

    Noooo u deleted sonic sh*t it’s the best song

  • Mari Pandinha 14
    Mari Pandinha 14 5 小时 前

    Panini ヮب눈ತΣ೧

  • Николай Окунев

    Не музыка а кайф

  • Oscar Grotenbreg
    Oscar Grotenbreg 5 小时 前

    jou are pro

  • Ethan Soo
    Ethan Soo 5 小时 前

    Love u lil nas !!!!!

  • KibaMillers
    KibaMillers 5 小时 前

    I don’t know how so many people like this song, this song is fucking trash and annoying as hell

  • Emma Hutton
    Emma Hutton 5 小时 前

    Ah yes, the sandwich song

  • KibaMillers
    KibaMillers 5 小时 前

    Honestly this song isn’t even that good 🙄

  • JJ_Lit_Lad
    JJ_Lit_Lad 5 小时 前

    anyone see that quick 0.5 seconds of tik tok product placement?

  • KDA Playz
    KDA Playz 5 小时 前

    I cant stop watching it!!

  • zark 23
    zark 23 5 小时 前

    Lil Nas X proyect

  • Itz Greeny Auri! Cloverツ

    Lil nas x : has good music me : like my own comment :(

  • choclate thunder
    choclate thunder 5 小时 前

    0:51 epic games please done make this a fucking dance in fortnugget

  • Dong Luo
    Dong Luo 5 小时 前

    Holy this acctually went deeper my guess is that this song is to tell others to keep the world green as the front was all machines and the back was green

  • Grusel Geist
    Grusel Geist 5 小时 前

    dudes rockin the guitar when theres only a banjo lmao

  • The Hacker
    The Hacker 5 小时 前

    Drake:kiki Lil nas X:Panini Kodiac black:zeze Spongbob:FeFe

  • SGT Alpha511
    SGT Alpha511 5 小时 前

    The version about doing anal and sucking peenie is better

  • vers kalipos
    vers kalipos 5 小时 前

    Apex Legend?

  • iggysha
    iggysha 5 小时 前


  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez 5 小时 前

    wowwww what i have tik tok tooo i think lil nas had seen it

  • Jacob Wawrzyniak Jaroszek

    whats up lil nas x new hit its danm good

    TISE TOALEPAI 5 小时 前

    Sub to CNclip hypes

    TISE TOALEPAI 5 小时 前

    Luv Song

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  • kenny bisrette
    kenny bisrette 5 小时 前


  • EntitY42O
    EntitY42O 5 小时 前

    Director: How many times do you want to ride this horse in the video? Lil Nas X: 'Till I can't no more!

  • Daniel gaming
    Daniel gaming 5 小时 前

    creepy boi under yo bed LOL

  • Shada Al - Wakkal
    Shada Al - Wakkal 5 小时 前

    The american version of the song isn't as good as the original one.....

  • bk to
    bk to 5 小时 前

    they must have spent a lot to make this mv fr

  • Kay Creeation
    Kay Creeation 5 小时 前

    *Oops i flip and stand*

  • OOF L Gaming Squad
    OOF L Gaming Squad 5 小时 前


  • Mahesh Panda
    Mahesh Panda 5 小时 前

    I think nas is obsessed with time

  • Nanda Freitas
    Nanda Freitas 5 小时 前

    E ela me chamou e falou que gostou e quer mais um pouco eu falei calma amor espera por favor deixa eu respirar um pouco

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  • Supermickey 505
    Supermickey 505 5 小时 前

    Isn’t that the girl from Jesse

  • templar knight
    templar knight 5 小时 前

    This guy straight up cheated death and time itself by becoming ronin from Titanfall 2 after being zoro from Woody's hometown


    У моей девушке день рождения

  • joshua hunkin
    joshua hunkin 5 小时 前

    Good song it was nice. This I Think this is my new favourite song😁😀

  • ريان قيمز
    ريان قيمز 5 小时 前

    احد يعرف عربي يرد علي

  • Its Loneliness.
    Its Loneliness. 5 小时 前

    He's blow up 'cause OLD TOWN ROAD!

  • Canadian_Kiwi43
    Canadian_Kiwi43 5 小时 前

    The future of stalking

  • Ralph Ganitnit
    Ralph Ganitnit 5 小时 前

    Daytrip took it to 10 (hey) Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny? I It's a dreamy, wished it on a genie I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied Just say to me, what you want from me Just say to me, what you want from me Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny now? Now they need me, number one on streaming Oh yeah, you used to love me So what happened, what's the meaning? I I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand I need a big Benz, not another fan But I still want you as a fan I'ma need to sit down, don't mean to make demands But I need you to Say to me, what you want from me Just say to me, what you want from me Daytrip took it to 10 (hey)

  • Janelle Paronia
    Janelle Paronia 5 小时 前

    Gordon Ramsey said it first in that panini video they made together 😤😤😤

  • min lillie
    min lillie 5 小时 前

    why do I remember seeing this before months back ! I'M FREAKED TF OUT!!!!

  • melvin menice
    melvin menice 5 小时 前

    1:12 she just cursed. I wonder hiw disney feels about that

  • Jez _606
    Jez _606 5 小时 前

    Did he hit the woah at 1:02

  • Sean Gyhm
    Sean Gyhm 5 小时 前

    He frickin did the woah

  • Aj Balingasa
    Aj Balingasa 5 小时 前

    This is song for Blade Runner 2049 : Musical Version

  • Donate_TheRobloxGuy Hi

    The uber driver looks like Brixton from fast and furious 9

  • Aj Balingasa
    Aj Balingasa 5 小时 前

    1899-The Old Town Road Year 2019- Today 2049-This is a Panini

  • Yarik Hinkin
    Yarik Hinkin 5 小时 前

    Cyberpunk 2077

    • Need you now
      Need you now 5 小时 前

      I don't know why but that robot dancing looks amazing

  • Mathias Sawka
    Mathias Sawka 5 小时 前

    You aren't a rapper if you ride dicks XD

    • Need you now
      Need you now 5 小时 前

      watch your language boi oh there is no cursing GRANDMA I FOUND SOMETHING

  • The Skull Wrecker
    The Skull Wrecker 5 小时 前

    2060? I will be famous this day

  • Никита Грушин

    HEY PANINI, ochen kryto blat

  • rolling stone
    rolling stone 5 小时 前

    Damn no comm on Blade Runner?

  • Zsombor Unger
    Zsombor Unger 5 小时 前

    Music in the car:paniny xd

  • SD Bro.
    SD Bro. 5 小时 前

    This song is just great and beutiful

  • Big buddoo Troy
    Big buddoo Troy 5 小时 前

    Lil NAS x biggest hits old town town Panini no cursing yessss

  • Adminofban _TV
    Adminofban _TV 5 小时 前


  • BBC african warrior
    BBC african warrior 5 小时 前

    He’s a time traveler!

  • JesseRBLX
    JesseRBLX 5 小时 前

    as soon as you break up with your girlfriend

  • Владик Пахолкин

    Походу я один здесь русский