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  • EloquentTiger
    EloquentTiger 分钟 前

    Why does that dog look so fake? Just get the Jungle Book people on this and give it another 6 months. I'd rather wait than look at a cartoon dog.

  • ketta paiyan sir
    ketta paiyan sir 10 分钟 前

    Pirates of the carribean fans hit like👍

  • Maddie's Hatties
    Maddie's Hatties 22 分钟 前

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  • jimmymushroom
    jimmymushroom 26 分钟 前

    I might have actually wanted to see this if they had used real animals ...

  • 양희정
    양희정 31 分钟 前


  • chhand
    chhand 37 分钟 前

    wasn't this a really dark story?

  • Kookie Dough
    Kookie Dough 44 分钟 前

    Apparently its distributed by Disney and produced by Disney and Blue Sky.... I just did a google so idk if this is true

  • Destined2348
    Destined2348 小时 前

    It’s about time Disney went back to their roots and started adapting work into film instead of only pushing out Marvel and Star Wars.

  • Jesse Kline
    Jesse Kline 小时 前

    Why on earth is jock voiced by a woman? In an obvious way

  • Schltz Sarabia
    Schltz Sarabia 小时 前

    Wait a minute, is this a live-action version of Balto???

  • G Chua
    G Chua 小时 前

    Yes where is Mushu, but more importantly, WHERE IS THE GRANDMA?! She got replaced by a s i s t e r??

  • Single Mom I love playing with myself TUBIO

    Yg pilih allah like yaaa gakmaaksa😦😦😦adtagfiruwlah 💜 💞 💜

  • Ernesto Chacon
    Ernesto Chacon 小时 前

    "Let's get weird" *"BOOM!"*

  • ray dude
    ray dude 小时 前

    Rather than train a dog, an intelligent animal, they would rather have a computerized dog, which is an extreme eye sore. Disney just loves to save money and cut corners, and they're doing both in one with this movie.

  • Mason French
    Mason French 小时 前

    This movie is one of my favorites cause it shows the real reason so many people do Cross Country, it’s the team that you run with that makes every run, easy to painful, worth it all.

  • Julian Robles
    Julian Robles 小时 前


  • courtney parrish
    courtney parrish 2 小时 前

    Hopefully people would watch after Frozen

  • Avery the Cuban-American

    Just checked, it's still rewind time

    POPTART theOG 2 小时 前

    For y’all that don’t know Disney owns blue sky because it is a part of 20th century fox

  • سمر سلمان
    سمر سلمان 2 小时 前


  • kirt rogers
    kirt rogers 2 小时 前

    i was excited to take my kids to go see this, they loved the book, but those cgi dogs look horrible. will probably pass on this. why would you use cgi dogs?

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 2 小时 前

    I thought this was the Fox CNclip account. Still getting used to this whole Disney-Fox merger.

  • Scrat Bolado
    Scrat Bolado 2 小时 前

    Spies In Disguise in the Walt Disney Channel? Cool!

  • Master Builder
    Master Builder 2 小时 前

    Love the Successful Creative, Musical Collaboration, Animation Concept & Animation. Looking 4Ward 2 ChristMas⛥♦️♦️💯🔥🐝🐬💯❤️

  • Elijuh
    Elijuh 2 小时 前

    Hi Disney how’s life? Oh wait..

  • Elijuh
    Elijuh 2 小时 前


  • googamp32
    googamp32 2 小时 前

    This is SO flippin' weird, and and I don't just mean in terms of the movie, itself.

  • Johnathon Barker
    Johnathon Barker 2 小时 前

    The Trailer Version sounded more Exciting.

  • Deshawn Edwards
    Deshawn Edwards 2 小时 前

    Next Disney will buy Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    • Ernesto Chacon
      Ernesto Chacon 小时 前

      Not a chance, I think with the Fix Acquisition I say Disney is perfectly satisfied with the Library of Fox Films and Shows they acquired.

  • LudwigElric118
    LudwigElric118 2 小时 前

    Sees everyone complaining about the CGI dog. Remembers what happens to Buck in the novel. There's probably a reason they couldn't use a real dog.

  • Aleksandr Isaev
    Aleksandr Isaev 2 小时 前

    Please be good

  • Quantum _
    Quantum _ 2 小时 前

    So is this just a Disney movie now

  • Deshawn Edwards
    Deshawn Edwards 2 小时 前

    Welp is official, it a Disney movie.

  • Donia Khaled
    Donia Khaled 2 小时 前


  • Donia Khaled
    Donia Khaled 2 小时 前

    ووووواااااوووو 😍😍😍

  • JT LovesCodeLyoko
    JT LovesCodeLyoko 2 小时 前

    Anderson The best teeth in the game .paak

  • Skull Zone
    Skull Zone 2 小时 前

    Hey uh, wrong studio account

  • Orden del bien
    Orden del bien 2 小时 前


  • Orden del bien
    Orden del bien 2 小时 前

    Subscribe you!❤️🙏

  • AlienZGamer
    AlienZGamer 2 小时 前

    Who’s been a True Fan of Walt Disney Studios before 2019? I’m gifting my next 65 loyal Subscribers🎁

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 2 小时 前

    Disney promoting Blue Sky Studios is so bizzare, I swear.

  • Woody Vlog Plush
    Woody Vlog Plush 2 小时 前

    NO why Disney Own One of The Best Looking Movie of 2019

  • Tianna Carlson
    Tianna Carlson 2 小时 前

    I watched the movie today. Way better than the other liveaction remakes Disney has done. I started crying during the spaghetti scene.

  • James Barrie
    James Barrie 2 小时 前

    CG doesn't look good

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 小时 前

    I’m watching this movie right now It’s so cute

  • Mi_ Seifertt
    Mi_ Seifertt 2 小时 前

    There are no dogs for real anymore.........., it seems so strange to me....

  • Elliott Royce
    Elliott Royce 2 小时 前



    The small town Nagpur is in India🙄🙄

  • R G
    R G 2 小时 前

    Great Family Movie. Anna Kendrick is amazing in it though I wish she sung more cause she has a beautiful voice

  • Sweel Seal
    Sweel Seal 2 小时 前

    I love the original, and I always wondered what a remake would look like, but there have been so many live-action remakes it's losing its allure. Just make something new already!

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 3 小时 前


  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 3 小时 前

    Disney call of wiled dog Han solo

  • Grace Diaz
    Grace Diaz 3 小时 前


  • mikieson
    mikieson 3 小时 前

    i think the best thing you people can do is start b&**!! and complaining about a movie before its even out. You know..cause you can tell so much from this trailer.."rollseyes"

  • angela Lazon
    angela Lazon 3 小时 前

    How fun that was nice of you

  • nighty
    nighty 3 小时 前

    I guess people really want a real dog to get thrown into a frozen lake, get potentially injured in while running and get mauled by a bear. And I thought our world was growing more progressive. I think the CGI’s just fine. Better and much more expressive than the TLK bullshit.

  • Ashley Lynn R
    Ashley Lynn R 3 小时 前

    Cool I think I want to see this

  • L. Lobo
    L. Lobo 3 小时 前

    For a second there I thought it was a Warriors movie

  • Anime_ Chan_T
    Anime_ Chan_T 3 小时 前

    Thought they canceled this cause the actress made a comment bout the Beijing-HK thing

  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen 3 小时 前

    I am really looking forward to this movie. We saw and bought the animated version for kids and grandkids. I think they have captured the beauty of the scenery and have a talented and skilled actress to play Mulan. I think it will be a great live action adaptation.

  • Christopher Grant
    Christopher Grant 3 小时 前

    I understand using a CGI dog for action scenes....but it looks like a real dog was never used.

  • Rob M
    Rob M 4 小时 前

    The difference between this and the animated version is that China has grown as a film market in the past 15 years. The movie has to better represent the folklore of Mulan (no little Eddie Murphy Dragon)

  • Graziele Goes
    Graziele Goes 4 小时 前

    Very Good

  • Felipe Pereira
    Felipe Pereira 4 小时 前

    Cachorro mais falso...

  • yun pat
    yun pat 4 小时 前

    Boring ... it does not look fun as the cartoon version ... and the actress seems only has one face expression in the whole trailer ...

  • AngelLestat2
    AngelLestat2 4 小时 前

    seeing harrison ford so old, makes me realize how old I am.

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 5 小时 前

    Artemis Fowl is a Fail though. You can't just put a Child Actor in an Adult Role and think it works out. There are Limits.

  • Brian Mazellan
    Brian Mazellan 5 小时 前

    1:39 han so, I mean Harrison Ford yelling at fricking chewba... I mean a bear!!!

  • theOneEasyreg
    theOneEasyreg 5 小时 前


  • Freedom 173
    Freedom 173 5 小时 前

    When I first read this book i was like "how cool will it be to see it in movies" and now its out! :D Hopefully whitefang will turn into a movie as well xD

  • Freedom 173
    Freedom 173 5 小时 前


  • Malovane
    Malovane 5 小时 前

    Kinda disappointed about how childlike this seems :/ the book covers many dark themes surrounding animal abuse during the gold rush. I honestly still can’t believe it was marketed to kids: Buck is beaten throughout the book, used in dog fighting, dogs fight and kill each other, and dogs starve to death. The book even ends with Buck becoming essentially a wild and feared animal who kills man in vengeance for what they did to his master. For once I’d love an adaptation that takes this tone.

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 6 小时 前

    Wow. I'm impressed with how obvious the CGI is.

  • Daniel Mokrani
    Daniel Mokrani 6 小时 前

    Buck is a majestic dog, this CGI one doesn't do him any justice. I just hope you don't ruin my favorite book!

  • Ghost
    Ghost 6 小时 前

    Johnny Depp is very cool

  • JackassJunior627
    JackassJunior627 6 小时 前

    This film was amazing. So much unnecessary hate towards it.

  • Ytomany
    Ytomany 7 小时 前

    "The divorce ishnt going my wauy I need money ked disney paid me, oh right where has the rum gone?"

  • marlinfan1995
    marlinfan1995 7 小时 前

    CGI takes me right out of it

  • Nolan Fontaine
    Nolan Fontaine 7 小时 前

    Snow dogs 2 looks awesome

  • Gary Ward
    Gary Ward 7 小时 前

    Why does the dog need to look like a damn cartoon? This isn't call of Scooby Doo!

  • Little by Little
    Little by Little 7 小时 前

    I am so sick n tired of movies with fake computer generated animals in it (especially talking ones that move their mouth). So garbage. Story line may be good but the special effects always ruins it for me.

  • British Blue
    British Blue 7 小时 前

    A CGI dog...? Why not just use a real one?

  • Emily Ljunggren
    Emily Ljunggren 7 小时 前


  • Emmett Jones
    Emmett Jones 8 小时 前

    I’m still waiting for ‘this’ movie, because the one they brought out is not the one boasted of in this trailer, anyone else feel the same?

  • Lauren Jensen
    Lauren Jensen 8 小时 前

    I swear when I read this book in school it was not as cheerful as this, wasn’t Buck a pit fighting dog for a time?

  • Hamletta Heart
    Hamletta Heart 8 小时 前


  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price 8 小时 前

    Lot of thirsty young ladies there wanting that Depp D lol

  • Sjthjs Dread Father
    Sjthjs Dread Father 8 小时 前

    Why CGI?!

  • MN Treasure Hunter
    MN Treasure Hunter 9 小时 前

    I am so excited to see this! Classic Story! Rock On 🤘 Harrison Ford 😀👏👏👏

  • Ernie Hudson
    Ernie Hudson 9 小时 前

    On the one hand CGI means no animal were harmed but on the other hand it looks so fucking fake!

  • ToiletClogger1945
    ToiletClogger1945 9 小时 前

    cgi dog smh

  • Nether Fel
    Nether Fel 9 小时 前

    why this dog is cgi?

  • Banana Fanafoferry
    Banana Fanafoferry 9 小时 前

    Why can’t they use a real dog?

  • Hadrian
    Hadrian 9 小时 前

    What is this,computerised saint Bernard mix,as retarded as wolves from twilight saga .

  • Garr Wheezington
    Garr Wheezington 10 小时 前

    I've officially lost all hope in humanity

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 10 小时 前

    Imagine Old Yeller remake with CG Labrador Retriever or Beethoven remake with a CG Saint Bernard.

  • Seth Draven
    Seth Draven 10 小时 前

    Remember when everyone loved all of the trailers but then all of a sudden hated the movie for the same reason they loved the trailers?

    DENVERTZ007 10 小时 前

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  • ChasDaBomb
    ChasDaBomb 10 小时 前

    Is maleficent a villain or a hero? I don’t have a clue 🤔🤔🤔