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The Review | GRF vs G2
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  • Michael Tavares
    Michael Tavares 2 分钟 前

    I just want all of them to win :( Huni, Rekkless, uzi.. I dont want them to be sad 😂😭

  • Kenneth Carge
    Kenneth Carge 4 分钟 前

    All the highlights shown for SKT, RNG and FNC are their plays against CG lol

  • Lol Mobile Community
    Lol Mobile Community 4 分钟 前

    Spoiler alter: CG and Fnatic will eliminated. Skt and rng will stand.

  • Thomas Hendry
    Thomas Hendry 5 分钟 前

    So many negative comments, geez. I actually enjoy this type of chill content; it's something different from the usual style of analysis. Keep up the good work guys.

  • The Eastbrook
    The Eastbrook 6 分钟 前

    Clutch: "I'm just SO happy to be here :)" Fnatic: "Dis so hard :(" RNG: "Yep" SKT: "So ez"

  • Théo Couet
    Théo Couet 7 分钟 前

    The traduction of Karsa will be doing alone?? Come on, this is not professional

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 11 分钟 前

    Is the pianist Jay Chou?

  • 殺雞屠夫
    殺雞屠夫 12 分钟 前

    I think both of them didn't expect that after six years since S3 worlds they are still the top tier of pro players and keep playing against each other again and again at worlds ...

  • John Ken
    John Ken 12 分钟 前

    SKT the true raid boss of Worlds 2019

  • ad toxic
    ad toxic 12 分钟 前

    Clutch gonna win vs rng I can feel it.

  • Shadows
    Shadows 12 分钟 前

    Came here to laugh at this lol

  • falco830
    falco830 16 分钟 前

    Groups Stages: This shouldn’t be that hard... Faker: OMOI WA MOUU SHINDERUUU... Groups Stages: NANI!!????? Uzi/Goku: KAAAMEEEHAAAMMEEEHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Faker/Jiren: *blinks*

  • Games YES
    Games YES 18 分钟 前

    For anyone who doesnt know

  • Fruit Samurai
    Fruit Samurai 23 分钟 前

    Did you know why faker is silent *HE'S PLAYING SOLOQ DURING INTERVIEW*

  • Maxim Vauterin
    Maxim Vauterin 26 分钟 前

    My man Bwipo looking like the homeless dude from around the corner

  • Khé video clip
    Khé video clip 27 分钟 前


  • mDiii Kun
    mDiii Kun 27 分钟 前

    hope they give rekkles real AD now

  • Codename: Zero
    Codename: Zero 29 分钟 前

    "The best team in the world, doesn't complain about a hard group, because they're what makes the group hard."

  • shun駿
    shun駿 38 分钟 前

    SKT 6-1 RNG 5-2 FNC 2-4 CG 0-6 Rip the west 😭

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 39 分钟 前

    Its a good thing being in a multi language country ahahha, i knew what they were saying xD

  • light up
    light up 45 分钟 前

    Just want to mention that, every team in group C all got some rivalry with g2

  • FantasyPunch
    FantasyPunch 45 分钟 前

    Honestly start putting my boy rekkless on some adc please....

    • StarClay666
      StarClay666 36 分钟 前

      If you just saw their scrims...

  • Martin Dimov
    Martin Dimov 48 分钟 前

    if Rekkles pick adc there is a chance...

  • Cig An
    Cig An 48 分钟 前

    CG will probably go clutch and finish that 0-6 record.

  • Material Burst
    Material Burst 51 分钟 前

    1:40 AYAYA

  • Bamboozle
    Bamboozle 55 分钟 前

    Griffin crushing G2 2 times clinically murdered With their own composition Tie breaker

  • thetattooedyoshi
    thetattooedyoshi 57 分钟 前

    For my Pick'Ems sake I really hope SKT drop a game either to FNC or lose to RNG twice (assuming they lose one and need to tiebreak). But also so that there's a higher chance of the KR teams eliminating each other early. I hate to say it but I don't think the gap is closed.

  • LearnToStrafe
    LearnToStrafe 58 分钟 前

    FNC ain’t making it out. Rekless is again just going to playing mages. He’s been one tricking Veigar the entire day yesterday and Morgana the day before that.

    • Karlos1003
      Karlos1003 7 分钟 前

      StarClay666 ward

    • Maroš Vrabel
      Maroš Vrabel 13 分钟 前

      it’s not his fault but joey’s

    • Tahir Mustapha
      Tahir Mustapha 24 分钟 前

      @StarClay666 I'll come back to this comment later LOL

    • Burai
      Burai 25 分钟 前

      @Nico Lingga but he has a needlessly large rod

    • Nico Lingga
      Nico Lingga 27 分钟 前

      Garen is not mage

  • ikmal daniel
    ikmal daniel 小时 前

    When I look at SKT scheduled match today... It's going to be hard for them because after they have match with CG... They only rest one time then need to fight two straight match against Fanatic and RNG..... If they lose one match, I understand them because it was really hard to handle that kind of match and withstand against strong team at the same time... Hope SKT win it all

    • John K.
      John K. 21 秒 前

      yeah I agree. I think its unfair. They should have breaks sincce they finished first in week 1.

  • Alexander cross
    Alexander cross 小时 前

    The sequel and final part of Uzi vs faker for League's GoaT title

  • Samuel Boniel
    Samuel Boniel 小时 前

    Only LCK have successfully 6-0 in worlds group stage: Longzhu, SSW and SKT. 2/3 of the teams have won Worlds. If SKT have done it again in this "hardest group of death" we might able to see 4 time world champions(Faker & Kkoma).

  • Bell Cranel
    Bell Cranel 小时 前

    bye bye FNC hahaha

  • Benjamin 008
    Benjamin 008 小时 前

    Just put The clip when Faker made "shhh" and that's sum up this group C / Group Of Death

  • Sinisa Crevar
    Sinisa Crevar 小时 前

    Cut mustache bwipo

  • Dr. Thrax
    Dr. Thrax 小时 前

    Let's Go NA: Let's Go Home.

  • Sleepless Music
    Sleepless Music 小时 前

    Let's all enjoy great matches at world's. 😁

  • 니딛ᄒᄌᄇ지ᅳ그스븍ᄃᄀ디신ᄃᄉ

    Again 2015 Faker is back, God is back and LCK only kill god. Right. Lck is back

  • Hong Ik Choi
    Hong Ik Choi 小时 前

    No, hard feelings but some of the casters must know the game more in-depth to make valid points. Like for instance, Xayah bought QSS earlier because of the number of point-and-click CC SKT has. Xayah is a champion that's mid-to-short range, without any active mobility skills. Her ULT has a very long CD in the earlier levels, and she needs to (theoretically) use it to dodge Gragas Ult or Thresh Q (ranged CC used for initiation) in team fights. That's the reason that UZI bought QSS early Also, CLID's stealing of the third flame dragon was a game-tilting moment. (By the way, CLID must have been beautifully positioned in terms of vision. In other words, he wasn't seen by RNG but was near enough for a sudden steal.) 3 to 0 stacks of flame dragon is so different from 2 to 1 and 2 to 0, which is the reason that SKT conceded the second flame dragon without contesting.

    • Hong Ik Choi
      Hong Ik Choi 55 分钟 前

      Also, the reason that SKT forced fights around 30-40 minutes mark is because RNG's defense against split push (the win condition of SKT) was so immaculate most of the times. However, RNG's composition, grows stronger in full-fledged brawls, so much so to the point that post 40 minutes mark, SKT can't win in straight up 5 vs. 5. Nonetheless, it's not like SKT didn't forsee this happening. They did. Which is why, they decided to play the macro game, while avoiding team fights as much as possible throughout the entire game. There are so many things the casters miss out on and I can't list them all. So, I'll leave with few final thoughts. Mordekaiser pick was meant as "my jungler isn't coming top lane." The champion is used mostly for three reasons: 1) It nullifies 2vs1 tower dive threats (his ult singles out the opponent), 2) dishes out good AP damage in sustained fights, even in the late games and 3) does ok against Renekton. SKT's bottom was much weaker composition-wise. They did fairly well despite the adversities. (Though, I'd agree to an argument that they could have played better.)

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 小时 前

    SKT T1 plays speak for itself. SKTWIN ! T1 WIN❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • SniperLyfe Parry
    SniperLyfe Parry 小时 前

    His name is Tarzan lol what do you expect 😂👍🏻

  • Dio
    Dio 小时 前

    "The greatest team doesn't complain about the hardest group because they're the ones who make it hard" -Jatt And so SKT marched onward. Step by step silently.

  • Criley
    Criley 小时 前

    Clutch out of groups let’s go

  • Woelke
    Woelke 小时 前

    you can pretty much ignore the first 6 hours of this, every early game is super one sided an boring

  • Hüseyin Atar
    Hüseyin Atar 小时 前

    Fnatic RIP dont deserve it its not urf its not allstar its WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP wake up FNC!!!!

  • AIIenito / / Can
    AIIenito / / Can 小时 前

    1:53 KAPTAAN!

  • 소로
    소로 小时 前

    There is no T1 players' interview

    • John Ken
      John Ken 23 分钟 前

      But doesn't that speak for itself? It's like people talking about the final boss

  • Scarmion6
    Scarmion6 小时 前

    The real question is will rekless cry again today or not

    • Tyraeus El
      Tyraeus El 28 分钟 前

      Look at 'em feeling self righteous and acting like crying is a weakness 😂

    • 수진
      수진 30 分钟 前

      StarClay666 salty eu fan lmao

    • StarClay666
      StarClay666 42 分钟 前

      Question is, will Faker cry or not today?

  • Adam Aulia Mahalli
    Adam Aulia Mahalli 小时 前

    Faker: *stays silent* Casters: The Greatest, God Faker.

  • 傷風駱駝Yo
    傷風駱駝Yo 小时 前


  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle 小时 前

    Koreans don't have a meta, they ARE the meta.

  • Big Green
    Big Green 小时 前

    형 나 죽어

  • Rob Y.
    Rob Y. 小时 前

    Eliminate the EU trash maggots!

  • Dr ThugLife
    Dr ThugLife 小时 前

    SKT and FNC , redeem yourselves

  • John Paul Lorenzo
    John Paul Lorenzo 小时 前

    FNC: Interview RNG: Interview CG: Interview SKT: Silence, montage, plays. 🤫🤫🤫

    • Benjamin 008
      Benjamin 008 小时 前

      Man if only they put the clip when faker go "shhh" this teaser would be perfect teaser for group C

  • sheikh mansur
    sheikh mansur 小时 前

    How many teams r left in a group in the end? ?

    • Steven Haam
      Steven Haam 小时 前

      sheikh mansur two. First and second seed move on to the knockout stage.

  • 程俊玮
    程俊玮 小时 前


  • blitz44able
    blitz44able 小时 前

    I wasn't able to watch the tournament breakdown. How many team/s will get out of this bracket? Just one or two?

  • Harrison Kleinpeter

    Fakers got all the eyes on him and he doesn’t even have to say a word. His plays on the rift do the talking for him.

    • Not Headhunterx1
      Not Headhunterx1 7 分钟 前

      @Game world Iron brain

    • vic novicio
      vic novicio 10 分钟 前

      @Game world iron logic spotted

    • 百合歓迎会
      百合歓迎会 43 分钟 前

      @Game world That wasn't the point of SKT's composition though. RNG's comp was a team fight comp while SKT's was a split push comp. Of course, SKT wouldn't be able to win team fights. Especially against Uzi's Xayah.

  • Random Funny Moments

    Goodbye cg

  • 24680 beimo
    24680 beimo 小时 前

    To be honest I think SKT may lose to FNC or RNG it is hard to get 6-0 and even SKT may not get out of group if they lose both FNC and RNG so this group is surly fun to watch

    • The answer
      The answer 35 分钟 前

      For SKT not make it out of ths group they should go 0-4.. if that happen I accept to give you 50 $

    • John Robert Miranda
      John Robert Miranda 56 分钟 前

      Thats joke??

    • jon merle
      jon merle 小时 前

      SKT will give one win against CG 🤣

    • Willy Rincon
      Willy Rincon 小时 前

      It's hard to get 6-0?, For the SKT of now?, Bro, watch them do it. I'll come back in a few hours.

  • Chris Evonie Estrella

    The team that will get out of group C will win the worlds 2019.

    • Tyraeus El
      Tyraeus El 29 分钟 前

      @Hammeraffe Jo final since they will be placed on different sides on the bracket

    • Hammeraffe Jo
      Hammeraffe Jo 44 分钟 前

      @Chris Evonie Estrella Btw skt and rng meet in final again or half final?

    • Chris Evonie Estrella
      Chris Evonie Estrella 51 分钟 前

      @Hammeraffe Jo thats what im saying who ever win worlds will surely from group c

    • David Nguyen
      David Nguyen 52 分钟 前

      @Hammeraffe Jo then it's decided, they both go to the finals

    • Hammeraffe Jo
      Hammeraffe Jo 小时 前

      But two teams get out lol

  • Narayanan Raman
    Narayanan Raman 小时 前

    Its already done. SKT RNG get out of groups. CG goes 0-6.

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 小时 前

    Rendom: Griffin: *gets stomped by G2* Tarzan: "We thought they would be stronger" Yikes *THIS AGED VERY WELL*

  • Freed X
    Freed X 小时 前

    It's like clutch was put in there to get practiced on lul

  • 치치카
    치치카 2 小时 前

    🇰🇷티원 이기자 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lina
    Lina 2 小时 前


  • Christian Belarmino
    Christian Belarmino 2 小时 前


  • Bretthart Aquino
    Bretthart Aquino 2 小时 前

    It's time to edit the comments

  • bsd. dhnbcvsdhdjhvccd
    bsd. dhnbcvsdhdjhvccd 2 小时 前

    bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo bwipo

  • Emiii Li
    Emiii Li 2 小时 前

    The group tease we have all been waiting for

  • Riva Julio
    Riva Julio 2 小时 前

    group of death cheer up T1

    JAMAL The HOT 2 小时 前

    Soooooo excited

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 2 小时 前

    When G2 takes the stage they are the villains. When GRF take on them they get Murdered.

  • Maddo Scientisto
    Maddo Scientisto 2 小时 前

    I really want FNC to make it out of groups but at the same time I can't really see it happening. It's just what Jatt said, the best team's doesn't really care about things like "groups of death" cuz they are the ones that makes those groups the "death ones". So If u are going to the group with the mentality of "facing a big wall that it's almost impossible to climb, and at the same time you think of urself as the champ, as the favorites of the whole tournament, a team with the eyes on the finals, then the reallity will really hurt you. Upsets may happen, but they really need to lvl up, both CG and FNC

  • Giancarlo Agnoletto
    Giancarlo Agnoletto 2 小时 前

    >google >“Is Bwipo homeless?” >search

    • Material Burst
      Material Burst 50 分钟 前

      Written as Bwipo but pronounced as YIPO tho.

    • Baguett e
      Baguett e 小时 前

      He’s coming back with the stache that got Fnc to finals last year 😎

    • sheikh mansur
      sheikh mansur 小时 前


    • Lee Won
      Lee Won 小时 前

      He does kinda look like Ralph from Wreck it Ralph

  • Marco Chan
    Marco Chan 2 小时 前

    0:40 My teacher when shes teaching the class a boring lesson

    • John K.
      John K. 分钟 前

      I don't get it but let us give you a random upvote.

  • Shinki Plays
    Shinki Plays 2 小时 前

    This aged well because of tarzan. Jankos just got outclassed hard.

    RS4COOL 2 小时 前

    Bwipo the inter speaking lmfao !

    • StarClay666
      StarClay666 38 分钟 前

      As if he's had a chance to prove himself. He has been put on shen multiple times.

  • Clau Calvo
    Clau Calvo 2 小时 前

    Karsa is so cute, wtf

    • Oli
      Oli 小时 前


  • Kenneth Lozada
    Kenneth Lozada 2 小时 前

    Can't wait to SKT 6-0 and also Clutch to 0-6

  • Gio Navarro
    Gio Navarro 2 小时 前

    CG got manhandled last game against SKT, and they want to go 3-0 hahaha O M E G A L U L

    • Ari Wells
      Ari Wells 小时 前

      They're staying positive and good on them for it. Rather their attitude than yours.

    FREEDOM 2 小时 前

    Why they didnt interview any skt members?

      FREEDOM 2 小时 前

      @Shane Jacob True

    • Shane Jacob
      Shane Jacob 2 小时 前

      Because SKT doesn't need any interviews. Name speaks for itself since everyone mentioned them

    • S S
      S S 2 小时 前

      Faker : ssshhhh

  • 송의정
    송의정 2 小时 前

    The group of Death SKT = Death The group of SKT

  • Tung Kwok Leung
    Tung Kwok Leung 2 小时 前

    Your King Faker is Back!

  • Lewd Spica
    Lewd Spica 2 小时 前


  • mehmet sürmeli
    mehmet sürmeli 2 小时 前

    The best team in the world doesn't complain about hard groups because they are what makes the group hard :)

  • rozalie
    rozalie 2 小时 前

    Let’s GO SKT

  • Woken Çrøw
    Woken Çrøw 2 小时 前

    If FNC beat SKT and RNG, they secure the second place but if they beat RNG only, they will force into a tiebreaker and beat RNG again.

    • hyh 0000000
      hyh 0000000 2 分钟 前

      Woken Çrøw I thought JT and SPLYCE will never beat FPX too, before it happened 😂 everything is possible. Just pray hard for our favourite team

    • Woken Çrøw
      Woken Çrøw 34 分钟 前

      Kqro GT they trolling bro they not taking seriously

    • Woken Çrøw
      Woken Çrøw 35 分钟 前

      hyh 0000000 that will never happen

    • Kqro GT
      Kqro GT 57 分钟 前

      FNC Can't get a single game against SKT and RNG eu fans make me laugh OMEGALUL

  • LK Stonesteady
    LK Stonesteady 2 小时 前

    If a group is too hard it's because you're the weaklink.

  • This Jones YC
    This Jones YC 2 小时 前


  • X_Elucidator_X
    X_Elucidator_X 2 小时 前

    Any Team that gets put where SKT is at, U know you are already in the Group Of Death. If RNG Chokes maybe maybe FNC might be 2nd seed, as for CG Good Luck Speed running Mt SKT/RNG/FNC Everest

  • Rekaf Lee
    Rekaf Lee 2 小时 前

    Hello ... I'm back

  • Junior Ayerdis
    Junior Ayerdis 2 小时 前

    Goooo Fnatic

  • Amazing Atallia
    Amazing Atallia 2 小时 前

    It would be great to see SKT dynasty again. I want to see more of their legacy.

  • VillianBehindGlasses a

    Faker doesn't talk. Faker only kills

  • G2 are so OVERRATED
    G2 are so OVERRATED 2 小时 前

    "The best team in the world doesn't complain about hard groups because they're what makes the group harder" Jatt - 2019

    • WIZ*ONCE
      WIZ*ONCE 分钟 前

      Nice username

    • Not Headhunterx1
      Not Headhunterx1 5 分钟 前

      I watched Khan's interview and post game rng vs clutch and jatt WAS quoting khan

    • HawkEye
      HawkEye 小时 前

      Baguett e lol

    • nickstah
      nickstah 小时 前

      mighty kuriboh ohhh ok thanks

  • Rajveer singh
    Rajveer singh 2 小时 前

    Please cg beat skt I will punch my monitor in celebration.

  • EYES火眼金睛
    EYES火眼金睛 2 小时 前

    I really want RNG to win a lot tomorrow PLEASE

    • hyh 0000000
      hyh 0000000 小时 前

      Lămâie So “SKT playing so bad” is the excuse that you gave SKT for a close game. LOLLL.

    • Lămâie
      Lămâie 2 小时 前

      @Asahd Khaled Executive Producer SKT played their comp so bad for first half , forcing plays and Uzi xame online after 3/4

    • Asahd Khaled Executive Producer
      Asahd Khaled Executive Producer 2 小时 前

      It's possble. Their first match was really close.

  • Gamber63
    Gamber63 2 小时 前

    This group got alot of highs n' lows, we dunno what's gonna happen until last now

    • Gamber63
      Gamber63 小时 前

      Maybe u should go watch group B matches, those r boring actually

    • EvolvedOne
      EvolvedOne 小时 前

      Huh ??? I think you've been watching different group

  • Blind Eyes
    Blind Eyes 2 小时 前

    Why interview Skt players when the name alone speak for itself.

    • Uchihara 06
      Uchihara 06 48 分钟 前

      I love ur sentence man hahaha