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评论 • 54 089

    MTS BOUR 天 前

    why not buy the fucking building?

  • BleXeo
    BleXeo 天 前

    4:46 yes! It happens to so many and they don't have any money to just move

  • Riley Garrett
    Riley Garrett 天 前

    like pewds

  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 3 天 前

    Dude you can definitely sue him

  • Master Wulfgar
    Master Wulfgar 4 天 前

    this was his first video I ever watched and I couldn't be more grateful

  • Taps Undo
    Taps Undo 5 天 前

    1:34 use subtitles

    SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE 5 天 前

    That chair tho.......

  • Bubba Skywalker
    Bubba Skywalker 6 天 前 +1

    What's that? some prick thinks you're being too loud and gets you kicked out? *poods puts that in his vid*, *other person's life is destroyed because they dare defy the 9 year old army*

  • Whxte Wish
    Whxte Wish 6 天 前

    Bet Marzia was so angry

  • Jordany Montero
    Jordany Montero 7 天 前

    A guess nobody wants the house now lol

  • The Black Plague
    The Black Plague 7 天 前

    21th Good job Editor.

  • IamFasih
    IamFasih 7 天 前 +1


  • Jessica Emily
    Jessica Emily 8 天 前

    Did anyone notice it said "April 21th" instead of "April 21st" 😂

  • Nolan Long
    Nolan Long 8 天 前

    April 21th

  • Dominic Fanara
    Dominic Fanara 9 天 前 +7

    I bet that landlord subscribed to tseries

    BROCK OBAMA 10 天 前

    Just buy a nice house.
    Come on.

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams 10 天 前

    the cameras *W H E R E* still running

  • Anmol Rai
    Anmol Rai 10 天 前

    Meanwhile jp is making bonfires in his pool

  • Forte Piano
    Forte Piano 11 天 前

    "I could buy this house, I don't fuckin need you. Alright?"
    So satisfying. I come back here just to hear that.

  • Jay
    Jay 12 天 前

    PewdiePie can u please sub to pewdiepie so he can reach 70m and beat T-Series

  • james turner
    james turner 12 天 前

    Do a follow-up video go see that a******

  • Muciukas s
    Muciukas s 13 天 前

    Best opening ever

  • Chierkus
    Chierkus 14 天 前 +1

    I hope whoever lives there next is some loud mafia boss.

  • Dan Marl Cadiz
    Dan Marl Cadiz 14 天 前

    The landlord might regret it now.
    Many bro army would love to live there where CNclip superstar lives.
    If PewDiePie still lives there, that building might be always full of tenants and his business might go higher than the roof

  • Ishaq Arif
    Ishaq Arif 14 天 前

    21th April

  • Dylan Barker
    Dylan Barker 16 天 前

    I wish i had fuck you money

  • Frostlike Game
    Frostlike Game 17 天 前 +2

    The landlord's a retard AF.

  • Australian Federal Police

    April 21th

  • Oleg Taganskiy
    Oleg Taganskiy 17 天 前

    водка русский стандарт ЗАЕБИСЬ

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 17 天 前

    u should die.. u r the best piece of shit in the world....

  • シアカオレイザ

    It's how he pronounces Britain.

    • Redo R
      Redo R 15 天 前 +1

      You know Brighton is an actual city in England? No one pronounce Britain "Brighton"

  • Pro Lander
    Pro Lander 17 天 前

    It's unfair Why Jake Paul

  • Shady gamer
    Shady gamer 18 天 前

    And u wanna convince me that Jake and Logan fuckin' Paul are still in there house... THAT'S BULLSHIT!

  • Levo_l 宅男
    Levo_l 宅男 18 天 前

    Well not many people know but pewdiepie is like Michael Jackson hes real big and to be kick out is just a disgrace for him for working so hard and it hurts to see him cried ...

  • Morgan Rodden
    Morgan Rodden 19 天 前


  • Vinny _Vina
    Vinny _Vina 19 天 前

    "Fuck you landlord, I don't need you" HAHAHA I LOVE IT

  • Xenima D
    Xenima D 19 天 前

    His voice is much greater than him in 2018

  • John Gillesania
    John Gillesania 20 天 前

    I could fucking buy this house😂😂😂

  • Mac Olsav
    Mac Olsav 21 天 前 +1

    The landlord can go fuck him/her self

  • Zebbzz CoC
    Zebbzz CoC 21 天 前

    APRIL 21TH?!?!?!

  • RebornIdiot
    RebornIdiot 22 天 前

    a day and two years before x died

  • Georgy Zhukov
    Georgy Zhukov 22 天 前


  • goldilocksphils a
    goldilocksphils a 23 天 前 +1

    Fucking landlord or owner of the place very sad at that moment

    FER VAN 23 天 前 +5

    I know who's the landlord is its t- series

  • Nicole Sot
    Nicole Sot 26 天 前


  • dusky - k
    dusky - k 26 天 前

    He can

  • Allan Rheaume
    Allan Rheaume 26 天 前 +1

    Another one

    Why pewds
    I don’t find this sad I think
    It’s funny

  • Baka Obito
    Baka Obito 28 天 前


  • mr.commando gamer the pro gamer

    Is he living alone

  • mr.commando gamer the pro gamer

    It makes me really sad but he is happy with that 67 million

  • CobaltDistortion
    CobaltDistortion 29 天 前

    Move to da usa best place to be loud as yo want 😋😋😋😅

  • thumb nail
    thumb nail 个月 前 +3

    i hope the landlord watched this and realised who he kicked out

  • Royal Reaper
    Royal Reaper 个月 前

    I can send them this formal noise complaint before kicking them out, BuT aM i GuNnA

  • DaChozenPoww
    DaChozenPoww 个月 前 +3

    *Landlord would cry and suffer when he knew that the man he kicked was the biggest famous youtuber in the world*

  • Zuhayr
    Zuhayr 个月 前

    1:29 April 21th 2016

    • YABOI
      YABOI 26 天 前


    • YABOI
      YABOI 26 天 前

      thank you lol I was looking for this commeny

  • commander gamez
    commander gamez 个月 前

    W8 if pew die pie spreads anti-homaphobe messages why does the media hate him!

    FRAZLES C 个月 前


  • Emi XD
    Emi XD 个月 前

    That neighbour must have a damn sad life

  • Slitter the Dubstep
    Slitter the Dubstep 个月 前

    This video makes me want that 2018 PewDiePie reviews his "older" Videos

  • Mr. Garbyal
    Mr. Garbyal 个月 前

    I am sure the neighbour is a pussy and a hater

  • angie barbaros
    angie barbaros 个月 前

    lol shit, you should see my last few neighbours. Holy shit

  • K-pop is my Bias
    K-pop is my Bias 个月 前

    I'm just?? My neighbors make some noise but we don't complain because they (usually) do it within the hours that it's allowed to make noise. And even if that wasn't the case our peeps would not kick then out?

  • Rain JoLix
    Rain JoLix 个月 前


  • Cristopher Tolkien
    Cristopher Tolkien 个月 前

    I have the same doors as pewdiepie and light switches too!!?!!?

  • Mona Sax
    Mona Sax 个月 前

    The landlord is probably a hater

  • Marfoogle News
    Marfoogle News 个月 前

    You should have said your address when you moved....That guy was an A##hole

  • M1CROPH0N3
    M1CROPH0N3 个月 前

    No Hindi captions

  • JackyGaming YT
    JackyGaming YT 个月 前


  • Dr Log
    Dr Log 个月 前

    And a monitor

  • SilentDeathKiller
    SilentDeathKiller 个月 前

    it telling me the landlord was targeting his money from the first begining and then after he got the moneys all he need to do find a way to kick him out

  • Isya Bella
    Isya Bella 个月 前

    It's landlord's fault that we lose the very cool room! What a douche landlord! Very hot tempered! To call people prick without any reasonable reason!

  • Anmol Deshmukh
    Anmol Deshmukh 个月 前

    I don't think anyone noticed the 21th?

  • Baeleigh Ruder
    Baeleigh Ruder 个月 前

    The real reason he got kicked out is cuz of that weird zipper on his shirt

  • 1million Subcriber
    1million Subcriber 个月 前

    2018 guys hello

  • Competitive Gameplay

    Well, did sound pretty gay

  • Jack
    Jack 个月 前

    April 21th... whooops

  • Brooke Stern
    Brooke Stern 个月 前

    Tell him to get screwed move on NEEEEXT ;)

    JOKE DOG 个月 前

    My Girlfriend is louder if you know what i mean😏

  • Rohith kumar
    Rohith kumar 个月 前 +2

    Where is bonus house?

  • Jake
    Jake 个月 前

    April twenty oneth, 2016 @1:33

  • HerbAndri Music
    HerbAndri Music 个月 前

    April 21th! 😂😂

  • DaManGacha Gamer
    DaManGacha Gamer 个月 前 +1

    *our neigbour try to kicked out in our owned buyed house because we are noisy.*

  • Capri Sun
    Capri Sun 2 个月 前

    This set up was better than the current one...

  • Ojas Singh
    Ojas Singh 2 个月 前

    Well it's everyday bro

  • M1T 45X
    M1T 45X 2 个月 前

    Damn nibba , just buy the damn house.

  • XCMD
    XCMD 2 个月 前

    21th. Okay.

  • Pooh BearVlogs
    Pooh BearVlogs 2 个月 前

    PewDiePie do you love me???

  • amanda chaabani
    amanda chaabani 2 个月 前

    What is that shair*

  • prawny12009
    prawny12009 2 个月 前

    you look like george mcfly in this vid.

  • Bloozal Murphy
    Bloozal Murphy 2 个月 前

    Oh man, remember when youtubers could swear in their videos? I miss it.

  • Kolton Mitchell
    Kolton Mitchell 2 个月 前

    I am confused as to why he is renting in the first place... after 26 you should be paying for your own house.

  • Salar
    Salar 2 个月 前

    U mean Brad right? There is no Micheal

  • Airhersalderaz
    Airhersalderaz 2 个月 前

    Pewdiepie they kicked you out of that place on my Birthday!! WTF?!

  • loki
    loki 2 个月 前 +2

    This is so sad

    _alexa play despacito_

    DR.STRANGE 2 个月 前

    Justin Bieber got kicked out once from his house for over partying
    Neighbors complained lot times

  • Steven Avery
    Steven Avery 2 个月 前 +1

    You should've gotten kicked in the nuts instead! Oh that's right, you actually don't have any to begin with. My bad there bro.

  • BluesXGaming
    BluesXGaming 2 个月 前

    You can live in my house and screen whenever you like.

  • Arga V7v
    Arga V7v 2 个月 前

    Landlord you mess with MAD LAD MAN

  • ʚ Ellis
    ʚ Ellis 2 个月 前

    Bruh wut. 2016 pews look like a whole ass meal over here instead of a swedish yeti. 😂