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  • Owen Hewitt
    Owen Hewitt 19 分钟 前

    Anyone realise it says apirl 21th instead of 21st

  • yeet asian
    yeet asian 6 小时 前

    June 29 is my birthday:,( I’m sorry lol

  • Tali Fazliu
    Tali Fazliu 13 小时 前

    So nobody noticed that pewds wrote april 21th 2016...its 21st

  • H F
    H F 18 小时 前

    Very funny vid



  • Tanner Knight
    Tanner Knight 天 前


  • DizzelDazzel Funny


  • Bobs man Yukn
    Bobs man Yukn 天 前

    But y

  • GangstaCat
    GangstaCat 天 前

    They were kind of rude to the landlord too

  • Digital Soldier XP

    I didn't know this happened

  • Astrix
    Astrix 3 天 前

    That landlord is a tseries spy.

  • SlamaWolfPlays
    SlamaWolfPlays 5 天 前 +1

    You can sleep in my house felix

    REEL SIXX 5 天 前

    fuckin swedes what a bunch of apes

  • 2017
    2017 5 天 前


  • Mondo Goh
    Mondo Goh 6 天 前 +1

    Who else saw it said April 21th

  • Vaqs
    Vaqs 7 天 前

    2019 someone?

  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb 7 天 前 +1

    I died When I thought about this. Pewdiepie off just this video could've bought that building just yo kick that guy out 😂😂😂

  • Andrew William
    Andrew William 7 天 前

    Ah times before the N bomb hit.

  • E Go
    E Go 8 天 前


  • Forte Piano
    Forte Piano 8 天 前 +1

    Content Cop- Landlord from Pewds' old apartment.

  • nick arndt
    nick arndt 8 天 前

    April twentyfirth

  • Glangar
    Glangar 9 天 前

    Wouldn't want to give him business anyway

  • zak_the_ninja_ 12
    zak_the_ninja_ 12 9 天 前


  • Dane
    Dane 9 天 前

    this is one of the reasons why i like to live in a normal house as opposed to an appartment.

  • seantjuco
    seantjuco 10 天 前

    That landlord probably regretted it

  • ken kaneki
    ken kaneki 10 天 前

    Spoilers pews get ready for t series

  • Rori Barretto
    Rori Barretto 10 天 前

    T h a t ‘ s h o w m a f i a w o r k s

  • Kamal Hakim
    Kamal Hakim 10 天 前

    21th huh?.. Interesting XD

  • Nhật Nguyễn
    Nhật Nguyễn 10 天 前

    CRAB MUSIC 🦀🦀🦀

  • Lassi
    Lassi 10 天 前

    Whý is this in my recomended?

  • Festive Yeti
    Festive Yeti 10 天 前

    "0% of players did this"

  • Alex Spartichino
    Alex Spartichino 10 天 前

    Landlord did an oopsie

    AZZA CSB 10 天 前


  • M B
    M B 11 天 前 +2

    Pewdiepie is rich and famous and he can't buy a house in Brighton. Can anyone buy a house in Brighton?

  • Sasha Grape
    Sasha Grape 11 天 前

    Hey landlord, if you are reading this. Can you kick T series out of youtube the way you kicked pewds out of your house

  • Uncouth
    Uncouth 11 天 前 +1

    It was at around this time I started watching Pewds. Haven't been disappointed since!

  • takenotes b
    takenotes b 11 天 前

    Anyone else look this up after the xqc vid?😂

  • Broken Inhaler
    Broken Inhaler 11 天 前

    3:09 top 10 anime mic drops in history

  • Scissoroar Scissoroar

    He better hope his landlord isn't hoogsraten!

  • Fabian Mango
    Fabian Mango 11 天 前


  • Bea Waver
    Bea Waver 11 天 前 +1

    I could buy your fucking house... when you see some Donald Trump in Pewdipie... in a good way.

  • Bea Waver
    Bea Waver 11 天 前 +1

    Now, that's England, some troglodyte comes and calls you a faggot out of the blue, you mop the floor with his sorry ass, from your door all the way to Brighton's peers because he freckly deserves it, but you go to jail.
    So you have to let people call you a faggot, whether you are gay or not it's besides the point it's the spirit that counts.
    In the good old day, I would see that guy tomorrow at 6, and we would sort each other's out.
    Doesn't have to be last blood, but a good ass whopping does create a better culture...
    I would have banged the door in his sorry face, several times!
    Pewdipie can be noisy, fair enough, but you ought to attend the matter with some decorum, you mam didn't teach you, I shall do!.

  • A W
    A W 11 天 前

    You can afford to get a house! Prob a mansion why would you want to rent!

  • Der Eidgenosse
    Der Eidgenosse 11 天 前

    lol he could buy the fucking neighbourhood...

  • Bookie Anderson
    Bookie Anderson 12 天 前

    A millionaire renting... youtuber money management 101.

  • Nicholas Albro
    Nicholas Albro 12 天 前

    The landlord did an oopsie

  • Charax Official
    Charax Official 12 天 前

    *why was there a mafia city boss ad*

  • Jorge Torres
    Jorge Torres 12 天 前


  • Aaron Hattendorf
    Aaron Hattendorf 12 天 前

    April 21th

  • Nick TeeV
    Nick TeeV 12 天 前 +1

    landlord made a big oopsie

  • TheGreenTaco999
    TheGreenTaco999 12 天 前

    Why are there so many sjws wanting to hurt this landlord? Fighting for social justice is not something you should be spending your time on,

  • Blinded Blade
    Blinded Blade 12 天 前

    Wow I literally cant believe that pewds said the 21th and not the 21st. Its so sad when your favourite youtuber get something basic wrong

    • Henry K
      Henry K 11 天 前

      Alexa play big chungus mode by the notorius big chungus

  • Sheep Derp
    Sheep Derp 13 天 前 +1

    Fuck the landlord!

  • ThE grEAT
    ThE grEAT 13 天 前

    Watching in 2019? :D

  • FArts
    FArts 13 天 前

    at least he didn't end up moving near a bridge..... ay lmao

  • Man in the Mask
    Man in the Mask 13 天 前

    Ahh the dark ages

  • Supreme Leader Smeagol

    2019 anyone?

  • Justin Y's Stand
    Justin Y's Stand 13 天 前 +1

    PewDiePie got a kick out of this

  • Anyways Is Work
    Anyways Is Work 13 天 前 +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Cort Vermin
    Cort Vermin 13 天 前

    well since you got the camera footage, i hope you sued this homophobic piece of shit

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird 13 天 前

    Clearly he didnt get kicked out because of the Noise but because the homophobic little piece of shit landlord thought they were having gay Sex, lol

  • zephyrTV
    zephyrTV 14 天 前

    landlord is faggot

  • The Red Baron
    The Red Baron 14 天 前

    1:28 "April Twenty Firth"

  • Dekozolavo
    Dekozolavo 14 天 前

    Wait, brighton? He lives really close to SovietWomble then wtffff

  • amsyar noob
    amsyar noob 14 天 前


  • hien long doan
    hien long doan 14 天 前

    Wander if the landlord got this video.That bitch will rethink

  • ScorchedShadow
    ScorchedShadow 14 天 前 +1

    Landlord, makes an oopsie! Kicks out millionaire!
    *roll pew news intro*

  • Jarell Hamilton
    Jarell Hamilton 14 天 前

    dang this was back when pewdiepie wasnt a christian youtube channel

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 14 天 前

    shame cause i really liked this set

  • Luka Machavariani
    Luka Machavariani 14 天 前


  • aida haile
    aida haile 14 天 前 +20

    *The landlord did an oopsie*

  • Raze Playz
    Raze Playz 14 天 前


  • Rob Late
    Rob Late 14 天 前

    Pewds needs to realise there's a difference between soundproofing a room and giving the room acoustic treatment 😂

  • Mārcis Juberts
    Mārcis Juberts 14 天 前

    damn it's been 2.5 years

  • PROz Toxicity
    PROz Toxicity 14 天 前 +1

    Why am I barely seeing this?? Why is it barely in my suggested.. it’s 2019 and this was three years ago ._.

  • jerald pacaldo
    jerald pacaldo 15 天 前

    the dark ages

  • Alex_Hoff
    Alex_Hoff 15 天 前

    1:30 excuse me 21th i think you mean 21st

  • Mopi big boy
    Mopi big boy 15 天 前

    This was the start of the Dark Age

  • YourAverageYeeteor
    YourAverageYeeteor 15 天 前 +1

    *_You should know what your landlord looks like_*

  • Desert Ranger 08
    Desert Ranger 08 15 天 前

    April 21-th 2016

  • Gaming Power
    Gaming Power 15 天 前


  • EarthShake Spear
    EarthShake Spear 16 天 前 +3

    I miss the swearing pewdiepie. It makes him real asf.

  • ayush jha
    ayush jha 16 天 前

    where is marzia

  • Capucha Colorada
    Capucha Colorada 16 天 前

    Landlord did an oopsie

  • Wingmar
    Wingmar 16 天 前

    What happend to Michael? :c

  • Hosein Ostadzadeh
    Hosein Ostadzadeh 16 天 前

    You noise you lose

  • KingFahad 2003
    KingFahad 2003 16 天 前


  • Lux Arcadia
    Lux Arcadia 17 天 前 +3


  • RedPlaysXD
    RedPlaysXD 17 天 前

    Its about the noise oh ok......

  • Matt Tech Nerd
    Matt Tech Nerd 17 天 前


  • Sci-FiGamer
    Sci-FiGamer 17 天 前

    My god, neighbiurs in other countries are mean.

  • Papa Clean
    Papa Clean 17 天 前 +1

    The landlord is with the mafia

    And thats how mafia works

  • Darthwing Xodius
    Darthwing Xodius 17 天 前

    Why did pewds not muffle the sound in a nice room for his content?

  • Jakecraft_J_25 AKA JakeTheSnake

    1:31 April *21th* 2016.

  • TheLionLiar
    TheLionLiar 17 天 前 +5


  • Pessmistic Minimalistic

    Pew news...
    Landlord did an oopsie.

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn 17 天 前

    Landlord - "I gotta bet all these possible homosexuals for my rent money, whaaaahhh! PewDiePie - "Turns on pc, turns on cam, talks, is a millionaire" ;p

  • me-me lourd
    me-me lourd 17 天 前 +1

    closed caption at 4:35 that says "landlord, FUCK YOU, alright?"

  • M L
    M L 17 天 前

    "We got one complain and then we get kicked out"
    That's how mafia works.

  • TomDaBoss 28
    TomDaBoss 28 17 天 前

    April twenty-oneth