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  • Ivonne Rodriguez
    Ivonne Rodriguez 9 个月 前


  • Irina Bustamante
    Irina Bustamante 9 个月 前

    Can anyone recommend a makeup course I could take while in Houston Texans in early Nov, please? 🙏🏼

  • n narayan
    n narayan 10 个月 前

    I 💕 this makeup tut,thankyou Desi 👍🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

  • rita pss
    rita pss å¹´ 前

    Please make a video with tips for eyeliner. Sooo difficult. Help

  • Chloe Halpin
    Chloe Halpin å¹´ 前

    Excuse me but this f*cked me up. Slay.

  • Josebeth Alejandra Risquez Marcano

    I LOVE your video

  • Pamela Anthea Leong
    Pamela Anthea Leong å¹´ 前

    Your skin is so flawless!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

    • Pamela Anthea Leong
      Pamela Anthea Leong å¹´ 前

      Btw, I super love how you explained your eyeshadow look!! So detailed and precise 👌🏼

  • Gess
    Gess å¹´ 前

    love it

  • Camilla Darley
    Camilla Darley 2 å¹´ 前

    A cara da Jennifer Lopeeeezzzz

  • Mercy 1985
    Mercy 1985 2 å¹´ 前

    skin goals 😍

  • julie zetino
    julie zetino 2 å¹´ 前

    Can you do a fun challenge with your husband please

  • Lexie Halle
    Lexie Halle 2 å¹´ 前

    I'm getting some serious J-Lo vibes

  • alibella248
    alibella248 2 å¹´ 前

    Hey Desi, hopefully you see this comment. You mentioned that your bronzer was could you disinfect it?

  • Lisa Palin
    Lisa Palin 2 å¹´ 前

    I have to say this is the prettiest look you've done

  • silver_04
    silver_04 2 å¹´ 前

    Wow beautiful look desi! Also guys how do you keep on top of washing your brushes every day? It takes more than a day for my brushes to completely dry, and I wear makeup pretty much every day...

  • Adriele Santos
    Adriele Santos 2 å¹´ 前

    ficou linda

  • Fumes Grim
    Fumes Grim 2 å¹´ 前

    You don't know what mauve is.

  • janette2009b
    janette2009b 2 å¹´ 前

    i love this look!

  • Angelica Martinez
    Angelica Martinez 2 å¹´ 前

    I'm actually obsessed with this look Des!!! Beautiful job!!

  • Danielle Rangel
    Danielle Rangel 2 å¹´ 前

    I'm loving the lip 😘👌🏼

  • avelina Cepeda
    avelina Cepeda 2 å¹´ 前

    Desi. Love u. What product do u use for baby hairs ??

  • Monica M
    Monica M 2 å¹´ 前

    I'm amazed. BEAUTIFUL.
    xoxoxo from Lima-Perú

  • Tabatha TV
    Tabatha TV 2 å¹´ 前

    Thank you so much for being so descriptive in this video. Even told us how to hold our heads lol I just tried this technique the way you taught it and I love the way it looks ")

  • Tina W.  SZ
    Tina W. SZ 2 å¹´ 前

    LUCKY GIRL, but C T. Kosmetik is way to expensive for us " normal" ladys

  • Dxnny70
    Dxnny70 2 å¹´ 前

    Wow! Love it gal

  • Amanda Wilb88
    Amanda Wilb88 2 å¹´ 前

    I love how well you explain everything. You do great! Wish you luck with the Shorty Awards!

  • Kaitlan Banks
    Kaitlan Banks 2 å¹´ 前

    yasss love this

  • Riley Tafaro
    Riley Tafaro 2 å¹´ 前

    woah this might be my favorite video you've ever posted. This is absolutely stunning !! definitely wanna try this one:)

  • yuka a
    yuka a 2 å¹´ 前

    so beautiful

  • laaaysuh
    laaaysuh 2 å¹´ 前

    I cannot hear anything in this video! Turn it up, Desi!!

  • Amber Brown
    Amber Brown 2 å¹´ 前

    i really dont think there isnt one makeup look youve done that i havent been obsessed with

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 å¹´ 前

    Love how desi be snakelike pronouncing her "ssssSsSs" 😭🐍

  • Emily Stucky
    Emily Stucky 2 å¹´ 前

    i love how Desi's blip colors always blend so perfectly with her skin.

  • Lena Behfus
    Lena Behfus 2 å¹´ 前

    This is one of the most beautiful Makeup Looks I've ever seen. Soooo flawless, such an inspiration.

  • N N
    N N 2 å¹´ 前

    I SWEAR IVE SEEN THIS LOOK LIKE 999 times alrdy from u. Smh

  • Claribel Pineda
    Claribel Pineda 2 å¹´ 前

    You are a thesaurus for beauty terms , I find myself doing that when trying to describe things! i think i got it form you ! haha

  • Lauren Monty
    Lauren Monty 2 å¹´ 前

    trying out these eyeshadows!

  • Adamaris Pagan
    Adamaris Pagan 2 å¹´ 前

    omg i love your makeup, your face is glowing!

  • Alma Romero
    Alma Romero 2 å¹´ 前

    Desi que bella eres! much love girl

  • Lourdes Nicolee
    Lourdes Nicolee 2 å¹´ 前

    Did you get a nose job ?

  • Jasmina Jankovic
    Jasmina Jankovic 2 å¹´ 前

    i like it its pretty!!😊

  • Maha Maven
    Maha Maven 2 å¹´ 前


  • Mahira Mehmood
    Mahira Mehmood 2 å¹´ 前

    love this look Desi👌😍😍😍😍😍

  • Yessy:P
    Yessy:P 2 å¹´ 前

    what is the brush Desi used for applying blush towards the end? please and thank you!

  • albanian_anis
    albanian_anis 2 å¹´ 前

    make up at its finest.

  • Jessica Levitskiy
    Jessica Levitskiy 2 å¹´ 前

    Oh my gosh this is so beautiful!😭❤️ love this color

  • A Vegan Peach Lauren Krysta
    A Vegan Peach Lauren Krysta 2 å¹´ 前

    I have to have this liner ❤🙌🏻

  • Pamela G
    Pamela G 2 å¹´ 前

    You're so gorgeous!😍

  • valerie garza
    valerie garza 2 å¹´ 前

    Love this look!

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 2 å¹´ 前

    Having face surgery's is going to make your face whiter than you would think so before you would know fake face's that is going to get of Surgery's.

  • Olivia Modena
    Olivia Modena 2 å¹´ 前

    Wow I need a dupe bad, for that Marc Jacobs (golden bronze eye liner). I love using browns instead of black and this is more beautiful than a plain matte brown.

  • BeautyByMayaK
    BeautyByMayaK 2 å¹´ 前

    Very Pretty Desi :)
    Great tutorial!

  • Tristynn Hannah
    Tristynn Hannah 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    “Spits like a camel” Girl you had me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • leezuhh27
    leezuhh27 2 å¹´ 前

    What shade do you use in the MAC give me sun? 🤔

  • Anna K
    Anna K 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    boom boom now let me hear you say wayo was my favourite part! :D

  • Lacey Amelia’
    Lacey Amelia’ 2 å¹´ 前

    Yaaaaaiiisssssss. Everything 💕

  • Jen Vechtomov
    Jen Vechtomov 2 å¹´ 前

    Desi! What is the name of the polish on your nails?

  • Sunya Ahmed
    Sunya Ahmed 2 å¹´ 前

    Can you do a video explaining hair extensions? And explain high end and the cheapest you can go without losing quality? Love this look!

  • Elyse Matthews
    Elyse Matthews 2 å¹´ 前

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Look!
    Thanks Girl!

  • Brittan SS
    Brittan SS 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    Lol "natural highlight" right.

  • Jesenia Portillo
    Jesenia Portillo 2 å¹´ 前

    Love the look! does anyone know what Desi's tattoo says? I've been trying to figure it out but I can't haha it's so pretty and feminine but I can't tell what it says

    • Lacey Amelia’
      Lacey Amelia’ 2 å¹´ 前

      Jesenia Portillo It says "create" 💕 she said it in one of her old videos.

  • Kenedy Fish
    Kenedy Fish 2 å¹´ 前

    Bravo ❤

  • Whitney
    Whitney 2 å¹´ 前

    LOVE that liner color!

  • Whitney
    Whitney 2 å¹´ 前

    LOVE that liner color!

  • jill ian
    jill ian 2 å¹´ 前 +1


  • Mike Perez
    Mike Perez 2 å¹´ 前

    You look like you got punched in the eye

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry 2 å¹´ 前

    Lol I love how makeup artists always say "we" instead of "i" haha I feel so special

  • Lesleiy Sandoval
    Lesleiy Sandoval 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    When you said "bring it back" I def started singing "bring it bring it back" 🎉

  • TheClassyPlatform
    TheClassyPlatform 2 å¹´ 前

    So pretty !

  • Rebekah McGuire
    Rebekah McGuire 2 å¹´ 前

    I'm used to my one that spits on me like a camel 😩😩😩😂😂😂🐫🐫🐫 dead

  • jennyjen_jen
    jennyjen_jen 2 å¹´ 前

    This would be cute for Valentine's Day! ❤

  • Emily Freybler
    Emily Freybler 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    love that technique! So weird to see you use mauves.

  • Linda Lopez
    Linda Lopez 2 å¹´ 前

    My face is extremely oily and applying foundation and keeping it on all day is not an easy task even when I use primer and a setting powder. Any advise? Is there a right/wrong way of applying foundation and concealer?

    • Linda Lopez
      Linda Lopez 2 å¹´ 前

      @Haley Perry, thanks for the tip! What moisturizer do you use? I use the Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Gel. Only my T-Zone gets oily and the rest gets super dry.

    • Haley Perry
      Haley Perry 2 å¹´ 前

      Linda Lopez I would focus more on your skincare rather than how to apply your makeup, simply because your skin is most likely oily for a reason! Make sure you moisturize everyday because oily skin is a sign of dehydrated skin. I am super oily and I use an oil as my moisturizer and it works wonders!

  • Rana D
    Rana D 2 å¹´ 前

    Can you make a video where you show all of your make-up? 💞💞

  • Ashley Kahea
    Ashley Kahea 2 å¹´ 前

    What nail color is that love?

  • Adeline Welch
    Adeline Welch 2 å¹´ 前

    YES! I just bought that BB eyeliner and loved it!! I found the wand super easy to work with and loved the formula, too. I always wonder why I don't see more Bobbi Brown on YT?? xx

  • Chelsea Koons
    Chelsea Koons 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    YAASSS!! This has to be my favorite look yet!! Love love love the mauve look and can't wait to try! :)

  • nora nora
    nora nora 2 å¹´ 前


  • lucaswife
    lucaswife 2 å¹´ 前

    awwwyisss, girl.

  • Whoever Itis
    Whoever Itis 2 å¹´ 前

    Love you Desi, xx

  • SolelyVanessa
    SolelyVanessa 2 å¹´ 前

    Killedt it!

  • 000111
    000111 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    new drinking game: take a shot every time desi uses mac soft ocre

  • Camila Toro
    Camila Toro 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    Omg i just love you so much 😂😂😂

  • Trina Kae Renfroe
    Trina Kae Renfroe 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    You are so good! Like I'm so impressed, Desi. I loooove this look 😍🙋🏻

  • D T
    D T 2 å¹´ 前

    Desi, could you do a video where you take a fresh, natural day look and then transition that into a night look!

  • Maya Montri
    Maya Montri 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    beautiful! love it ❤️

  • Nkenna Rose
    Nkenna Rose 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    Pinks + Blush tones look so beautiful on you 😍

  • Alexa Perez
    Alexa Perez 2 å¹´ 前 +1

    Also you look SO MUCH like jlo at the outro 🙀

  • Alexa Perez
    Alexa Perez 2 å¹´ 前

    Ok but why hasn't a "best friend does my makeup" video with Katy been made????? 🤔 THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD DO IT!!!

  • Shelby Mathews
    Shelby Mathews 2 å¹´ 前


  • Shelby Mathews
    Shelby Mathews 2 å¹´ 前

    desi, not extra, never extra

  • アンドレアDrea

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This look!!! Cannot explain how much! You look amazing! And watching your videos is therapeutic!....btw...Are those still your natch nails?

  • Monica M
    Monica M 2 å¹´ 前


  • Wendy Schlegel
    Wendy Schlegel 2 å¹´ 前

    How should eye shadow be applied on lids that are extremely hooded? When my eyes are open, the skin on my lids actually touch my lashes. I don't really have a crease to work with. Any helpful tips?

  • Milleny Rodriguez
    Milleny Rodriguez 2 å¹´ 前

    Please do the best of beauty 2016.

  • Beatriz Garcia
    Beatriz Garcia 2 å¹´ 前

    Does anyone know, when she uses the beauty blender to set the under eyes with powder and to blend in her highlight, is it still damp?

    • Beatriz Garcia
      Beatriz Garcia 2 å¹´ 前

      Thank you!!

    • Haley Perry
      Haley Perry 2 å¹´ 前

      beagarful yes the beauty blender is supposed to be damp at all times when you use it! For liquid or powder/baking :)

  • HR
    HR 2 å¹´ 前


  • Frances Torres
    Frances Torres 2 å¹´ 前

    Do this look using drugstore?

  • Frances Torres
    Frances Torres 2 å¹´ 前

    Seriously my products have legs and walk away I end up buying it again and than it shows up haha

  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez 2 å¹´ 前 +2

    That eyeliner is everything!!!!!! 🖤🖤🖤