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  • Square Dancing made me the man I am today
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  • Shantal Lopez
    Shantal Lopez 54 分钟 前

    Please do the story on when u crapped yourself on your way to work

  • Cody Wolfe
    Cody Wolfe 小时 前

    Ah crap Tyler I'm from Dayton OH and yeah they made us do the square dancing crap too...pretty sure Ohio was just trying to be the Mini Texas

  • _David-Doodles_
    _David-Doodles_ 2 小时 前

    *"The Fitness Gram Pacer Test"...*

  • Broken June
    Broken June 4 小时 前


  • Dick Artist
    Dick Artist 5 小时 前


  • slasher HD
    slasher HD 5 小时 前

    Why do you say alright every time at the start of the video

  • IsaacTheHero 113
    IsaacTheHero 113 6 小时 前

    Sorry i HAD to be dislike number 800

  • The game changer awx
    The game changer awx 6 小时 前

    Member the video saying he made about hate hearing the word alright

  • Phoenix Plays
    Phoenix Plays 7 小时 前 +1

    Like if Tyler should do a collab with Michael if he still keeps in contact with him

  • Mark Sexton
    Mark Sexton 8 小时 前

    These are so funny. I love the newer ones that start with "alright" . Hope you make more soon. Just became a new subscriber

  • Mr. Succ
    Mr. Succ 9 小时 前

    The more you watch it the funnier it gets XD

  • Sonia Rodriguez
    Sonia Rodriguez 9 小时 前

    3:21 1:48

  • Meme God
    Meme God 10 小时 前

    Gym teachers are just janitors that stumble into a new job

  • Galaxy kid Galaxy
    Galaxy kid Galaxy 11 小时 前

    Where backing are ass up😂🤣

  • Sabina Zukanovic
    Sabina Zukanovic 12 小时 前

    Same thing here lol

  • Jørgen Ording
    Jørgen Ording 14 小时 前

    In the begining said you loved gym, but then it seemed as if you didn't like gym. So... wich one is it: like or dislike?

    MVP JORDAN 15 小时 前 +1

    360 Pixels be like

  • Gēmu Kira
    Gēmu Kira 17 小时 前

    Why are your vids not showing up in my recc?

  • Drew Cowan
    Drew Cowan 18 小时 前

    Square dancing isn't a sport

  • Keith O’Donnell
    Keith O’Donnell 19 小时 前

    Yesterday was my birthday

  • Liliana Santamaria

    I saw you post and I was like give me a hell yeah

    Lord SALADINNS 天 前

    Holy shit, this gave me PTSD with this one time in Gym I had to do the pacer test and as a person with difficulty in Athleticism I failed after 14 laps and I got bullied hella lot for the next 4.5 months

  • R7 Detention
    R7 Detention 天 前

    It’s almost orgasmic when he says “alright”

  • Pąřådox S.O.B

    Your almost at one mill subs!!

  • Liam Van Alphen
    Liam Van Alphen 天 前

    I can't watch the video so I'm reading comments and putting it together in my head

  • ghazzter
    ghazzter 天 前

    Yo, why aren't you allowing this to be played on my apple TV's youtube app?

  • It’s ya boi skinny pe*is _

    And why doesn’t brewer make videos

  • It’s ya boi skinny pe*is _

    Is CNclip his only job?

  • Martina Gutierrez

    brewstew do u keep in touch with any of your childhood friends

  • FoxGaming1647
    FoxGaming1647 天 前

    When I was in high school, my gym class teacher does the same thing with the songs, except the songs that the teacher played were Eye of the Tiger, Crazy Train, Billie Jean, and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

  • Stephen _50
    Stephen _50 天 前

    I'm glad I was here since 500k

  • Richard Hofmann
    Richard Hofmann 天 前

    I laughed the whole way though this
    $hit I'm a nerd

  • Up North Outdoors

    That was an awesome video ive followed up on your channel for a while and this is a funny ass video

  • savage byron
    savage byron 天 前

    Why dose he always start with alright lol

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 天 前

    His intros always say Alright

  • T3nMiDGET5711
    T3nMiDGET5711 天 前

    They didn’t even do square dancing in my school and im in Texas

  • iiMintyCookieh Roblox

    Why is you’re hoodie £28.58?

  • Samvee
    Samvee 天 前

    "Ooo! I don't like this shit one bit!"
    I love it when he says that lmfao.

  • iRox Studios
    iRox Studios 天 前

    I had to do square dancing for every week

  • KittAnimation _YT
    KittAnimation _YT 天 前 +1

    What is your outro song I forgot

  • MahoganyZakTHEX
    MahoganyZakTHEX 天 前

    God forgot about the random ass square dance day in gym.

  • xXx kuboxy xXx
    xXx kuboxy xXx 天 前


  • One Salty boi
    One Salty boi 天 前

    I remember hating square dancing in elementary school

  • NeOCrAsh
    NeOCrAsh 天 前


  • Harry Hayes
    Harry Hayes 天 前

    Quick question was Micheals step dad actually abusive?

    TINMAD DOG 天 前

    I enjoy to watch these videos out of the house or town because these videos are meant to be played in 144p

  • Mykal King
    Mykal King 天 前

    Zachary sucks

  • Paul Timmons
    Paul Timmons 天 前

    I luv how ur phone went of around 3:55

  • i love kparser
    i love kparser 天 前

    Yee new stuff an dyes cursive sucks

  • Icecream King
    Icecream King 2 天 前

    This video is cursed it doesn’t load

  • javier gonzalez
    javier gonzalez 2 天 前

    Y E Z

  • Hillbillys Outcast
    Hillbillys Outcast 2 天 前

    Everytime try to watch your videos it just keeps "loading" but then I could click on a different video and it loads instantly

  • Diego Vargas
    Diego Vargas 2 天 前

    2:46 big birtha whooped my dads ass for me lmfao 😂😂🤣

  • kaash elisha
    kaash elisha 2 天 前

    1:58 what's going on here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  • The yeet Channel
    The yeet Channel 2 天 前

    Lucky I only have half an hour

  • Judah williams
    Judah williams 2 天 前 +6

    Roses are red
    My sun burn is too
    Yes I got a like
    Wait why is it blue?

  • 150 Subs with no videos challenge?

    CNclip rewind should start with a big ALRIGHT from brewstew

  • jason mccall
    jason mccall 2 天 前

    Whos school also had everyone play moss when you could

  • Challenger Boys
    Challenger Boys 2 天 前

    I see that you are still drawing like a 4 year old

  • Charlotte Stewart
    Charlotte Stewart 2 天 前


  • Windex
    Windex 2 天 前

    1:06 yo is that ricky from his kindergarten video? Same hairstyle and color and same colored shirt.

  • Legend -Awsome
    Legend -Awsome 2 天 前

    I hate gym because it's shit

  • Joyce Goff
    Joyce Goff 2 天 前

    Make more videos please

  • Sam Kiser
    Sam Kiser 2 天 前

    Grade A under A

  • Pain Prizma
    Pain Prizma 2 天 前

    See a Brewstew Vid
    Me:Back That Thang Up

  • Chasen Casen
    Chasen Casen 2 天 前

    Good defence in hockey..... breaking ppl's bones🤣

  • Ian Truax
    Ian Truax 2 天 前

    Good job bringing the channel back

  • conner hagerman
    conner hagerman 2 天 前

    Bro I started watching you whenever you came out with pet butterfly man I remember when vaccum salesman was new

  • Rxzor
    Rxzor 2 天 前 +1

    Back that ass up cupcake😂

  • Tanner Man
    Tanner Man 2 天 前

    My gym teacher was a retired body builder, every day was fitness day.

  • Kyle Hoffman
    Kyle Hoffman 2 天 前


  • Kyle Hoffman
    Kyle Hoffman 2 天 前


  • StoryChannel
    StoryChannel 2 天 前

    sub to elijahwolfgamming

  • Nba 2k20
    Nba 2k20 2 天 前

    Why do you say all right every video

  • Inferno_boss 547
    Inferno_boss 547 2 天 前

    2:57 zackary id rather stick my dick in a toaster😂😂😂😂😂😂😂