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  • ugh makes me like actually sick. hate it

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  • jordan mitchell
    jordan mitchell 2 天 前

    Acting skills on point

  • Niyah Blackmon
    Niyah Blackmon 5 天 前 +1

    1:17 4:47

  • The Darkest Rose
    The Darkest Rose 6 天 前

    even Shane laughed his ass off

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips 6 天 前 +1

    When trishas rant is longer then Laura lees apology video.

  • Gacha Cupcake
    Gacha Cupcake 6 天 前

    Laura Leech's sub count is dropping faster than McDonald's Wi-Fi

  • Lolla Orban
    Lolla Orban 6 天 前

    Love your shirt

  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose 6 天 前

    This video has more views than Laura lee has subscribers.

  • Melody Morning Star

    You remind me of my fake ass bitch of a sister lmao chill the fuck out

  • Melody Morning Star

    Trish is a messs

  • candice nicoll
    candice nicoll 8 天 前

    Trishy tea

    RICOLOKO 8 天 前


  • Hit or Miss
    Hit or Miss 9 天 前

    Take her to the ranch

  • random 2
    random 2 10 天 前

    Who here after Trisha’s apology to David and Jason

  • fly away
    fly away 12 天 前 +4

    Trisha is a hypocrite. She has her own bullshit apology video now.

  • MiyahTV
    MiyahTV 13 天 前

    Omg i love you😭💛🤣

  • Chloe Gold
    Chloe Gold 14 天 前

    Yessssss bitch! Tell it how it is.

  • Insanity wolf the pokemon loves Ralsei

    Who the *_fuck_* is Laura Lee

  • perrie roberts
    perrie roberts 15 天 前 +1

    Wow Trisha wants to talk about other people shut. When she has said shit her self. Her apologies ae more bullshit than any. She wants to mock others crying when that's what she does content. Hmmmmm

  • Faye Mateni
    Faye Mateni 15 天 前

    Let’s talk about Veronica wangs apology

  • It’s Natalie’s J

    Yes mam *clap clap* 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Red Lady
    Red Lady 16 天 前

    The tea was scorching and I live for it

  • Isabella Dhalia
    Isabella Dhalia 17 天 前


  • Fox Fluffangel
    Fox Fluffangel 18 天 前 +1

    But dangmattamith says like black and white stuff but he isin't racist but uh lol

  • Terri.K
    Terri.K 18 天 前

    The fact that you use to watch Michelle Phan makes my day cause she was lowkey my dramatic ass childhood lmao

  • Ellie Scoot
    Ellie Scoot 19 天 前

    Bitch I watched this whole video this is *TEA*

  • Ellie Scoot
    Ellie Scoot 19 天 前

    To be honest I’m surprised nobody found those tweets before she even retweeted lmao

  • Lori Disney
    Lori Disney 20 天 前

    Yeahhh !!!! Your so right !!!

  • Jena Carter
    Jena Carter 20 天 前

    My mom was born in 1958 and she knows better and is a better person than Laura Lee, and doesn't say that sh*t. Age has nothing to do with LL's bullshizzzzzz.

  • Youtube Creator
    Youtube Creator 21 天 前

    Well let's not forget about your bullshit apology Trisha.

  • Hailey Breonna
    Hailey Breonna 21 天 前


  • Baaaagels!!!!
    Baaaagels!!!! 21 天 前

    *_F I I I I I I I I I I I I N E_*
    _and I want my pink shirt back_

  • Anna Sofia
    Anna Sofia 22 天 前

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen, Trisha is honestly the most genuine and the most real CNclipr and that’s why I love her

  • Lauren Perdulla
    Lauren Perdulla 22 天 前 +1

    didnt you say the N word multiple times

  • ShpookyBear369
    ShpookyBear369 23 天 前 +1

    Now you have an apology video too.

  • Kairaa Poirier
    Kairaa Poirier 23 天 前

    Laughing so fucking hard

  • Jessa Fortich
    Jessa Fortich 24 天 前 +1

    There should be a compilation of Trish Spilling the Tea Moments😂😂😂

  • Louis Adamson
    Louis Adamson 25 天 前

    You snapped

  • Chris Cool3r than u
    Chris Cool3r than u 25 天 前


  • azzureee h
    azzureee h 25 天 前 +2

    Whos here after trisha now has a bullshit apology video too?

  • Makayla Awesome
    Makayla Awesome 25 天 前

    My great grandma is white and she fucking knows not to be racist. Wtf if you are racist you are racist. If you are really sorry you go out of your way to make it right but her ass just made a video just to get views. 🙁😒😠😤😡🤬. How do you not know it was racist it’s like when you are 🤰you are or you are not. I feel everyone is equal no matter who you are.

  • Makayla Awesome
    Makayla Awesome 25 天 前

    Is this a fake or real account I want to sub to her but you know yeah not tryin to be rude


    I need tea Trish Tuesdays ☕️

  • Pod Tarts
    Pod Tarts 27 天 前

    Her tears didn’t fall

    But her subs did ;)

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  • nadia encore
    nadia encore 28 天 前 +1

    Karma is a b****. Now Trisha is apologizing for her racist comments.

  • Viola Madsen
    Viola Madsen 28 天 前

    Trisha talks so fast I swear I only understand about 80 percent of what she's saying

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    QUEEN 👑

  • Diamond Beach
    Diamond Beach 个月 前

    Yet you made a whole video explaining why you didn’t understand why you couldn’t say nigga or f** since it’s in a song and in a movie💀 and you even said the words countless times in the video

  • Nurse Rachel
    Nurse Rachel 个月 前

    Laura Lee looks like a horse!

  • Tofu HooHoo
    Tofu HooHoo 个月 前 +1

    Her apology is better than pokithrash at least.

  • isla daviies
    isla daviies 个月 前

    ly trish

  • Bree B
    Bree B 个月 前

    Just found this channel. You are darling!

  • Cheryl Baker
    Cheryl Baker 个月 前

    Trisha is so beautiful 😍

  • Kurt
    Kurt 个月 前

    thank u for being honest trish!

  • Jess987517
    Jess987517 个月 前

    Exactly why I don’t watch Laura and manny anymore. I’m not angry, it’s just I don’t have any respect for them anymore.

  • The Tea
    The Tea 个月 前


  • Becca Wright Xo
    Becca Wright Xo 个月 前


  • Gianna Rojas
    Gianna Rojas 个月 前

    Shes over 24 years old. Thats the sad part

  • Cassidy-Claire Wood
    Cassidy-Claire Wood 个月 前


  • Cassidy-Claire Wood
    Cassidy-Claire Wood 个月 前

    The amount of times Trish called Laura a DISGUSTING human being 😂😂

  • julia perry
    julia perry 个月 前

    tell her trish

  • super salty
    super salty 个月 前

    shane. trish. jeffre star are my youtuber that saysfied to watch

  • Ferg
    Ferg 个月 前

    keep making videos.

  • Rosemary Tolbert
    Rosemary Tolbert 个月 前

    What did Laura lee’s tweet say

  • Jennalee Randall
    Jennalee Randall 个月 前

    Trisha you belong here in sa 😂we need people like you here !

  • Jose Jarvez
    Jose Jarvez 个月 前

    hahah lol why dont you fuck anyone except what ever his face is

  • Elaina Baugher
    Elaina Baugher 个月 前

    Although I do completely agree with everything you said about Laura Lee, and her apology was shit, I do think that you can come back from racism, ONLY if you are truly sorry and regretful of it. With Laura Lee's situation, it's pretty hard for her to come back from. But if someone is genuinely regretful and sees what was wrong about their past self, I am totally here for that. Racism isn't something people are inherently born with. It can be changed. You can change your life around and learn how to treat people. If someone is a shitty person, they have the capacity to change that. but you have to own up to what you've done and ACTUALLY change. Which she did not

  • Lauren x
    Lauren x 个月 前

    I'm so happy that you brought up "un-learning" racism. It's a major problem in white culture. Whites (and I am one 100%) seem to think that racism is only hanging black people from trees like the KKK when racism is all the microagressions, stereotypes, etc that have been pumped into us as white children our whole lives. It's disgusting the blindness in the white community. Not owning up to your own hate and ignorance. Anyways, I always enjoy a video from you, Trish.

  • Catherine Howieson
    Catherine Howieson 个月 前

    Make a video about Laura giving away the iPad that you gifted her!

  • Catherine Howieson
    Catherine Howieson 个月 前

    “Mousey girl from southern who knows where “ LITERALLY LAURA LEES DESCRIPTION LMAO

  • Catherine Howieson
    Catherine Howieson 个月 前

    Make tea time with trish a thing PLEASE

  • Catherine Howieson
    Catherine Howieson 个月 前

    I love this so much yasss queen

  • Ur Hater
    Ur Hater 个月 前

    This is the type of videos I can give my full attention too and still do my homework
    Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕✌🏾

  • Liam Pje
    Liam Pje 个月 前

    She got no tears left to cry

  • Long Dick
    Long Dick 个月 前

    Remove that time Laura Lee was loosing 5k subscribers every min lol

  • Rand Alhachami
    Rand Alhachami 个月 前 +1

    ‘I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WOULD HURT ANYONE’ like oh i threw a sledgehammer to your head, but i didn’t shoot you!! like how, if you don’t shut uppppooo

  • Rand Alhachami
    Rand Alhachami 个月 前


  • Anna Boyd
    Anna Boyd 个月 前

    I honestly dont understand why she would put a vid out of the ACE Familys break in. Like did u see how upset they where in the vid?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 个月 前


  • heck
    heck 个月 前

    heck man when I was watching Laura lees i left for a bit and when I came back I thought "this bitch is fake crying"
    I do the same in this video but when I came back I was shaking like I genuinely thought trish was crying.

  • thats the tea sis
    thats the tea sis 个月 前

    **sips tea**

  • Lori Brewster
    Lori Brewster 个月 前

    You are so ugly! I never say stuff like this, but you are so unattractive!

    • Nathaniel P.
      Nathaniel P. 个月 前

      Lori Brewster trisha is much prettier than you. shut the fuck up

    • S last-name
      S last-name 个月 前 +1

      what was the need for you to say that ? does bringing other people down make you feel better ? bless your sad little life x

  • Elaine Engel
    Elaine Engel 个月 前 +1

    You are so freaking cute like can I be you ugh

  • shistar
    shistar 个月 前

    people need to leave her the fuck alone. I know there is so much drama around her but stop bullying her. She’s getting bullied technically. SHES NOT THAT BAD. Yes her scandals and her bullshit apologizing video are pretty bad. But stop calling her *unfunny* and *cringey* because she’s really funny sometimes and her makeup tutorials are great. I learned my makeup skills from her. I have never followed a james charles video or anything because i prefer lauras professionalism and no saying stupid made up words all the time. But i understand she is racist. She obviously is sorry but she’s horrible at showing it. Instead of being professional she fake cried but it’s not “disgusting” she was probably crying because most people do it. I feel so bad for the girl. She made the apology video like right after the drama struck up. She obviously didn’t know what to say. Stop bashing this young tiny girl. She’s not mature but let’s not forget that tana fucked up big time and she’s like the same age as laura. She’s stupid. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. She obviously didn’t include everything in her apology. Leave this girl alone. You can have your own opinion but you creating more drama. Your saying you don’t want to shit on another youtuber but here you are bashing her like crazy. She could’ve definitely done more mature like. “Don’t put that on the internet” really trisha? You are the definition ok *putting it on the internet* trust me i LOVE trisha so much this video just gets me ticked. Laura made a mistake. Stop calling her disgusting stop calling her arrogant. I mean i cant stop you from having your own opinion but stop telling her to not put it on the internet when here you are. mk bye sis

    • S last-name
      S last-name 个月 前

      +shistar oooh shistar snapped

    • shistar
      shistar 个月 前

      Music N Chill did you read it correctly? i have never *FOLLOWED* so that means i have never learned from a makeup tutorial. My name is a joke bc ian says it’s to make fun of james bc he says it so annoyingly

    • S last-name
      S last-name 个月 前 +1

      "I have never followed a James Charles video" YOUR NAME IS LITERALLY SHISTAR

    • S last-name
      S last-name 个月 前 +1

      "I've never followed a James Charles video" YOUR NAME IS LITERALLY SHISHTAR

  • Angelina Colon
    Angelina Colon 个月 前 +1

    Trisha is my new priest... In the name of plastic surgery, drama, and celebrities, amen.

  • Lorelei Hess
    Lorelei Hess 个月 前 +1

    I believed Trishas fake crying more than Laura lees

  • Leslie Carrillo
    Leslie Carrillo 个月 前 +1

    shes gonna regift ur iPad

  • King B
    King B 个月 前 +1

    This is the most iconic CNclip video of 2018

  • Arya Patel
    Arya Patel 个月 前

    Ayyyyy Trish is ma girl 🔝🔝

  • Kenzie Dunnigan
    Kenzie Dunnigan 个月 前


  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 个月 前


  • Savage E.A.
    Savage E.A. 个月 前

    12:13 D I S G U S T I N G

  • itsmeshim
    itsmeshim 个月 前 +1

    the title was all i needed

  • Avery Autumn
    Avery Autumn 个月 前

    Laura Lee? Racist!
    Trisha? Real!
    Racism? Bullsh*t!
    Hotel? Trivago!

  • Noe Montoya
    Noe Montoya 个月 前

    I mean Laura is from Alabama 💀💀

  • Iamarielle
    Iamarielle 个月 前

    We the same age BOO! 😂

  • Izzy Bailey
    Izzy Bailey 个月 前

    Trisha to win a fucking Oscar for that fake crying yes ma’am

  • Anton LaVey
    Anton LaVey 个月 前 +1

    Fuq Laura Lee 🖕🏾

  • Emily Joynes
    Emily Joynes 个月 前

    Can we have lessons on how to fake cry😂

    Coz I believed urs more than hers