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  • FantasticTristansAndWhereToFindThem

    I wonder if they have a permit to sell those pets and im pretty sure they don't tell people the requirments

  • FantasticTristansAndWhereToFindThem

    4:31 I dont rate things (*Meme Review*)

  • Archie
    Archie 13 小时 前 +1

    Oh yea yea

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2 天 前

    Question: Hedgehog Cafe, Japan or this animal cafe in Hungary?

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2 天 前

    Ur eyes actually square me

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2 天 前


  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2 天 前

    I Slav but won?

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay 3 天 前

    The origin of the hat :0

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 3 天 前

    Marzia’s giggle is so cute

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 3 天 前

    The closet

  • Mudblood Muggle
    Mudblood Muggle 3 天 前

    He looks good when they went to the ferris wheel

  • Hans Franz
    Hans Franz 3 天 前

    "'Tis better to have slaved and lost than never to have slaved at all."
    - Vladimir Putin

  • Beth Kerr
    Beth Kerr 4 天 前

    Marzia is so pure it hurts my heart 😭😍 and the love Felix shows towards her is adorable. There's a Felix out there for everyone, don't settle for less. 😍😭❤️

  • Tomato K
    Tomato K 5 天 前

    10:57 🤣🤣

  • ally.
    ally. 5 天 前

    It’s narnia

  • RequiemForABuckeye
    RequiemForABuckeye 5 天 前 +1

    Felix doing the voiceover about his eyes was great

  • Doc Philip
    Doc Philip 5 天 前

    13:17 😄

  • vintage 1
    vintage 1 6 天 前 +1

    Her voice is so cute... why?

  • Grxcie E. Whatley
    Grxcie E. Whatley 6 天 前

    10/10 prefer Felix commentating the shots of scenery over music

  • QuackAttack
    QuackAttack 7 天 前

    Felix I love your vlogs keep going

  • 5. péntek
    5. péntek 7 天 前

    Lájk aki magyar

  • симон
    симон 7 天 前

    why pewds wrote in the description that drone is sick?

  • Evafamia Langstodir

    Slavic Narnia

  • Vann Helsing
    Vann Helsing 9 天 前

    9:11 our lord and savior, maximillianmus everyone. bow down

  • 스커스히비
    스커스히비 9 天 前

    10:58 rip ears

  • Oscar Memo
    Oscar Memo 10 天 前

    so he is basically living his life with luxury while you blindtards follow him and watch this videos, hahaha L.

  • Kâčpêř Ň ØwØ čîěň

    I dont know why but this part feel so akward and cringy

    - "Happy aniversary"
    - "Happy aniversary"
    - "Look how beutiful"
    - "Amazing"
    And emotionless way they said this 😂

  • Domonkos Kiss
    Domonkos Kiss 11 天 前

    Láttalak az utcán felix

  • Janith costa
    Janith costa 11 天 前

    pewds in a shapeshifter

  • Emily Luis
    Emily Luis 12 天 前 +1

    I absolutely love this vlog, it’s chill and I don’t know “normal” like something I would do. Lol I just love it!

  • mustafa Al_ani
    mustafa Al_ani 12 天 前

    Nice background music 😂

  • Eros Ivanov Bakalbashiev

    13:14 animal abuse

  • av8mm
    av8mm 13 天 前

    Her voice is amazing.

  • Jovian Villanueva
    Jovian Villanueva 13 天 前 +2

    6:46 Shut Up! Child!
    What I hear: Grow up 8 year old!

  • victor h
    victor h 13 天 前

    oh my god the french girls at 6:33 ! i can't stop lauthing (i'm french too and i want to work my English so tht's why i think this funny

  • Tomi Boros
    Tomi Boros 13 天 前

    Cső Pewdiepie! Magyar vagyok.(Hi Pewdiepie! I`m from hungary) 😁😁😁

  • Sniffy Ultimate
    Sniffy Ultimate 14 天 前

    We were not celebrating independace, it was the founding of the country.

  • AleJandroLeal3
    AleJandroLeal3 14 天 前


  • Livvy
    Livvy 14 天 前

    I genuinely much prefer his unenthusiastic commentary rather than music

  • Extreem 13
    Extreem 13 14 天 前 +2

    Yeah the taxi drivers in Hungary are pricks and don't care about anyone but themselves. (Obviously there are some that are good)

  • András Palkovics
    András Palkovics 14 天 前

    Next time do a little research be4 you write your title... ff..

  • Gyuszi Kiri
    Gyuszi Kiri 14 天 前

    All the 4.5 million views from Hungary

  • Aron Szabo
    Aron Szabo 14 天 前

    Me from is hungary

  • you'll listen to Socrates

    I hate seeing Felix happy. This is worthless rubbish

    ROBERT VANCE 16 天 前

    Her voice annoys mw

  • Alma Palma
    Alma Palma 16 天 前


  • M.
    M. 16 天 前

    did anyone notice the price is 69

  • Kelvin Marroquin
    Kelvin Marroquin 16 天 前

    *_Oh yeah yeah_*

  • Sharath M
    Sharath M 16 天 前

    Lp style

  • Charlotte Dreemurr
    Charlotte Dreemurr 17 天 前 +1


  • Melody Smith
    Melody Smith 18 天 前

    You went to the pet café near the big market. I was given the hedgehog. He was stressed and tired from lil kids handling him. He crawled under my scarf and slept. He po oped in my bra. And yes, the place stinks.

  • Róbert Virágh
    Róbert Virágh 18 天 前

    Műveletlen, tanulatlan sötét majom.

  • recorder man
    recorder man 18 天 前

    he has legs? this is made by an imposter.. i have been looking at all over felix's old videos trying to find any evidence of legs.. none.

  • sysel 82
    sysel 82 19 天 前

    I think Felix have to visit Prague.

  • RileyUnlimited
    RileyUnlimited 19 天 前 +1


  • Angela Alfonso
    Angela Alfonso 20 天 前

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  • BadChu Kun
    BadChu Kun 20 天 前

    Almost at my birthday im at Agust 25 and i hope you enjoyed my city

  • MG Master
    MG Master 20 天 前

    Literally went from roman baths to a medieval castle to a renesanse looking parlament. History review, everyone!

  • Jan Gabriel Brendhaugen

    pewidipie has feet? exskjuse me!th

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama 20 天 前

    Im going to Budapest this February !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any recommendations for sights to see? Activities?? Tours to book?

  • Csaba Toth
    Csaba Toth 20 天 前

    Very Naaaiiiisss

  • Domokos Pernitz
    Domokos Pernitz 20 天 前

    I live there too

  • Andika Panda
    Andika Panda 21 天 前

    Azta hány híressèg lessz mèg magyar országon?XD

  • arthur posnonsky
    arthur posnonsky 22 天 前

    How can I get the oven ti 425F? I’m hungry.

  • Marika Bognár
    Marika Bognár 22 天 前

    you was in hungary capital

  • Zhander Drake
    Zhander Drake 22 天 前

    You looked like a chameleon in that thumbnail

  • killjoy clique
    killjoy clique 22 天 前

    14:32 pewdiepie t posed

  • killjoy clique
    killjoy clique 22 天 前

    7:37 we got a cameo everybody

  • Brodizzle YT
    Brodizzle YT 23 天 前 +2

    Pewdiepie:i dont rate things
    My mind: *clap clap* mEMe REvieW

  • Chandler Sleziak
    Chandler Sleziak 23 天 前 +1

    What is the scream at 3:35 from? Lol 🤣

  • NoaZGaminG
    NoaZGaminG 23 天 前 +5

    Omfg 😍😍
    You uploaded this like a week before I spent a month there...
    This brings back so much nostalgia, the castle, the bridges, Gelert, the zoo cafeeeee!!! That was the same cat I saw and we held the same ginnue pig for crying out loud XD
    Hope you went to Szentendre tho, that's where I lived mostly whilst working there as a student.
    Would love to visit Budapest and Szentendre tbh again, too beautiful :)

  • Noel Várnagy
    Noel Várnagy 23 天 前 +1


  • Finnieboy HU/NL
    Finnieboy HU/NL 23 天 前 +1

    "I don't rate things"
    "I review things"

  • Finnieboy HU/NL
    Finnieboy HU/NL 23 天 前


  • girl group central
    girl group central 23 天 前 +1


  • hIt oR MiSs
    hIt oR MiSs 23 天 前 +1

    very nice

  • Xxx All the way
    Xxx All the way 24 天 前 +1

    Skratta means laugh

  • Billionaire 17
    Billionaire 17 24 天 前


  • mina
    mina 24 天 前

    is that really her voice???? omg

  • StanLittle
    StanLittle 25 天 前 +2

    "I don't rate things":

  • Nachiketh Hanumante
    Nachiketh Hanumante 25 天 前

    Felix: I don't rate things...

  • Christian Foster
    Christian Foster 26 天 前


  • Alen Pomahač
    Alen Pomahač 27 天 前


  • Balázs Szatmári
    Balázs Szatmári 27 天 前

    Where all the bitches? Its called Deák Ferenc tér at night and Blahalujza tér

  • Mxstical
    Mxstical 28 天 前

    he was so gentle with the chameleon and that made my heart melt because chameleons are really sensitive of humans depending on if they tolerate them or not and he was so aware and gentle. :)

    ARRAKLAN-03 28 天 前 +2

    7:43 that women speaking spanish

  • HelianT
    HelianT 28 天 前

    Happy Aniversery

  • Infantile Kidult
    Infantile Kidult 28 天 前

    What's happened with the girls voice ? She is so sweet ) Is she from a cartoon ?)

  • ryan mcmillan
    ryan mcmillan 28 天 前

    2:44 always sunny in Budapest

  • Witte Rook
    Witte Rook 29 天 前

    Love this video and your GF but WTF is wrong with here voice??

  • Copy N Post
    Copy N Post 29 天 前

    PewDiePie 2018 1.0: I don't rate things
    PewDiePie 2018 2.0: This meme gets 10/10!

  • Zoe Goldberg
    Zoe Goldberg 个月 前 +1

    *very nice*

  • Angel Cieker
    Angel Cieker 个月 前


  • Flow Goi
    Flow Goi 个月 前

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Műanyag Bogrács
    Műanyag Bogrács 个月 前

    Hungarian 9 year olds want you there again!

  • Frank Yu
    Frank Yu 个月 前

    Are all Italian women just like Marzia?

  • Movie trailors
    Movie trailors 个月 前

    motion sickness i got from watching this video omg ,,, felix i love u but plz change camera

  • Jean-Michau Michou
    Jean-Michau Michou 个月 前 +1

    Not nearly slav enough.