10 of The World's Tiniest Gadgets That Actually Work!


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  • silly me
    silly me 19 小时 前

    I like for liz.. wait who's liz? lol

  • Kismet Games
    Kismet Games 天 前

    you know you probably could build a combined cooler/food warmer if you insulated the top storage from the bottom storage and put the heat dispersing coils into the warming unit, but it wouldn't be a ton of heat.

  • UD - EliteGamer13564

    Don't Press 'Read More'

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  • Daniel Brysen Allen


  • -Cameron-
    -Cameron- 天 前

    I HATE IT!

  • BIG L903
    BIG L903 天 前

    The dude on the right looks like he's wearing women's jeans

  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight 天 前 +1

    Brink duuude I played that bad game design is an understatement

  • l Bayliss
    l Bayliss 2 天 前

    I just cracked my ipad

  • monster sloth
    monster sloth 2 天 前

    #LIKEFORLIZ (I feel like I Missed spelled her name.)

  • Idk anymore
    Idk anymore 2 天 前

    I’m putting my whole heart into this comment. This got me wondering but, I wonder what happened to the old Matthias? What happened to the Matthias that used to make videos at home, made videos with other CNcliprs, did challenges, made song covers, and wasn’t called DOPE or NOPE? I really miss the old Matthias. 😢🤧

  • Demonic Zombie
    Demonic Zombie 2 天 前

    Arowhead water turns into a different thing

  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 3 天 前

    Where is the #LateSquad at?! ;p

  • TIAN
    TIAN 3 天 前

    I wont watch this anymore unless you started leaving links to sites where you got it from.

  • william welch
    william welch 3 天 前

    you for got to press the buton ps i press bell

  • Cheap Art
    Cheap Art 3 天 前

    M-Tan. I ship it.

  • raoulsghouls
    raoulsghouls 4 天 前

    did a 13 year old girl on meth edit the video?

  • Sir Erik
    Sir Erik 4 天 前

    The thumbnail is cancer

  • udeni pereira
    udeni pereira 4 天 前

    why did you grow a beard

  • Futuristic Sauce
    Futuristic Sauce 5 天 前

    Who plays Fortnite I’m a pro

  • MirandaEarthCaller
    MirandaEarthCaller 5 天 前

    Fortnite? Where is that? Show me the games!

  • AussiePillow1
    AussiePillow1 5 天 前

    Mount Franklin is the best water

  • SergeantBud Z
    SergeantBud Z 5 天 前

    all teh fancy editing to cover how awkward and le boring it tiz ooo me gawsh :3 jk fam lmao

  • the.epic.tikki !!!
    the.epic.tikki !!! 6 天 前

    What is teteis

  • Catfish Charlie
    Catfish Charlie 7 天 前

    When he Sade bug was I the only one who saw an ant crawl up his wall

  • Non' AchYourbusiness

    You're all just prostitutes for a few dollars. You are caricatures who flail and scream amidst quick cuts and non-stop audio-visual so that all the attention span-lacking 12-year-old fans you have get their fix of own brand of low-effort fart-humor level entertainment. No one who looks these videos gains anything, it's the opposite. You could do better but settle for the low hanging fruit of pandering to the kid drinking energy drinks, screaming in the bus about fortnite and huffing and puffing running up ten stairs on their way to watch these intellectual voids you call content in his room

  • That Christan Gamer


  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia 7 天 前

    That’s why you get less likes

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia 7 天 前

    The quality when down a lot

  • Thomas Agee
    Thomas Agee 8 天 前

    does anyone else think the intro and set all look like it was ripped right out of the high school from Saved By The Bell

  • Noah Andino
    Noah Andino 8 天 前


  • Lola Irwin
    Lola Irwin 8 天 前

    3 million views and only 91 thousand likes ⁉️

  • max ee
    max ee 8 天 前


  • Ovi H
    Ovi H 8 天 前

    Talk less...

  • Reiley Park
    Reiley Park 8 天 前


  • Paul Raymond
    Paul Raymond 9 天 前

    My boy Tanner reppin Movements!!!

  • Simonio8
    Simonio8 9 天 前

    I lost 10 IQ points watching this

  • Obese European
    Obese European 9 天 前

    What has this company become.

  • Snas Skelefu
    Snas Skelefu 9 天 前

    yall lost me with all that churro talk

  • SNYPExuS
    SNYPExuS 9 天 前

    Movements shirt!

  • Elizabeth Kass
    Elizabeth Kass 9 天 前

    Hey Matthias, did Amanda play the Wallet game?

  • Destroyer806
    Destroyer806 9 天 前

    Why does every single thumbnail on every single one of his videos show him with a surprised face holding something? Especially when you see the videos at the right and its just full of his faces.

  • S Marti
    S Marti 9 天 前

    can someone please fix the underwear on the supreme bunny please! i cant concentrate on watching the video because of it

  • M E L L O
    M E L L O 9 天 前 +7

    I miss the old format 😢😢😭😭
    I want only Matthais

  • Pica Delphon
    Pica Delphon 9 天 前

    Wow How much weed these 3 Have to smoke to make this Video..

  • Joe Stodgell
    Joe Stodgell 9 天 前

    Arrowhead is trashhhh

  • Jacob Storm
    Jacob Storm 10 天 前

    I think you guys missed something important about the gps thing. Its a locator like in case you get lost people can find you or you could hide it in something like a bicycle in case it gets stolen. Thats why it connects to your phone

  • Ovel Johnson
    Ovel Johnson 10 天 前

    The hacker is hacking your channel and deleting vids on your channel I got this from Chad wild clay

  • Hoonigan Shady
    Hoonigan Shady 10 天 前

    13:50 age restriction please.. 😏

  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT 10 天 前

    If you could go ahead and talk one at a time that'd be great

  • restcure
    restcure 10 天 前

    Weird Scions

  • maureen meyer
    maureen meyer 10 天 前

    actually u can get an Apple watch for 1$ of wish

  • Officially AmGram
    Officially AmGram 10 天 前


  • Railer Presents
    Railer Presents 11 天 前

    Dasani GET REKT

  • Aj Passini
    Aj Passini 11 天 前

    12:06 when someone tries to eat your fries or food

  • Matty Morris
    Matty Morris 11 天 前

    and thats how babys are made

  • Trick Pop-Gota
    Trick Pop-Gota 11 天 前

    Who came here for the thumbnail?

  • DJ K
    DJ K 11 天 前

    The Tetris Microcard was dope until I saw the $60 price tag. F that, an Odroid Go is less than 40

  • Dariy’s vlogs
    Dariy’s vlogs 11 天 前

    everyone came for the thumbnail

  • aysath salma
    aysath salma 11 天 前

    Hey u guys send the anti spy camera to Chad wild clay

  • Michael Nix
    Michael Nix 11 天 前

    17:58 Michael: "...but just the fact that it's cars..."
    More proof that Michael is legit, on-the-scale retarded. Very sad that they continue to exploit this man's mental disabilities for comedic purposes. He doesn't know any better.

  • Susan Grant
    Susan Grant 11 天 前

    I think fiji water

  • Gregory Betances
    Gregory Betances 11 天 前

    I liked. Mostly for Liz lol

  • Kate Albertyn
    Kate Albertyn 11 天 前


  • g kay
    g kay 12 天 前


  • Jaden Gonzalez
    Jaden Gonzalez 12 天 前

    Arrowhead is one of the healthiest waters you can get

  • YouTube4 Life
    YouTube4 Life 12 天 前

    This content is trash now

  • YouTube4 Life
    YouTube4 Life 12 天 前

    You actually suck

  • Garth Lottering
    Garth Lottering 12 天 前

    Didn't like it

  • Cristian Mora
    Cristian Mora 12 天 前

    Water is water bother waters keep u hydrated

  • Brandi Mackey
    Brandi Mackey 13 天 前

    Aquafina has saltwater which makes you more thirsty

  • jonathan livers
    jonathan livers 13 天 前

    Painful to watch.

  • FredFaz67 YOUTUBE
    FredFaz67 YOUTUBE 13 天 前

    2 modes: On/Off

    *you don’t say*

  • Harris Amin
    Harris Amin 13 天 前

    R.I.P Mathhaias

  • D.J. Stewart
    D.J. Stewart 13 天 前

    "Why does this come with extra dime bags?" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • LOBE
    LOBE 13 天 前


  • Roman Cournane
    Roman Cournane 13 天 前

    Tap water is best

  • jim Tom
    jim Tom 13 天 前

    New format SUCKS

  • land of Lincoln
    land of Lincoln 13 天 前

    Can you guys just shut the F up and just show us the gadgets this video could have been ten minutes long the other ten is all b.s. You guys are not funny

  • l'umanità fa schifo

    Barbas barbas barbas everywhere sucks

  • Aresens Vlogs
    Aresens Vlogs 13 天 前


    I AM NOVA 13 天 前


  • Veight Rwd88
    Veight Rwd88 14 天 前

    Way too much goofing around and not really reviewing the product. Video was a let down

  • boody man
    boody man 14 天 前


  • Mihai At3ka
    Mihai At3ka 14 天 前

    Who you callin sucka? Sucka?

  • Anon Majorro danny was here

    Liked for Liz

  • King Kemani
    King Kemani 15 天 前

    This got a lot of views cause it said fortnite or your a fan

  • Gaming Exploder
    Gaming Exploder 15 天 前

    Please do more tiny things

  • Andrew Weaver
    Andrew Weaver 15 天 前

    Arrowhead/ice mountain, is the best

  • jeff miller
    jeff miller 15 天 前

    You have a dope or nope channel with 5 million subs? Where have i been?

  • Braylinn Maki
    Braylinn Maki 15 天 前

    At 14:56 I died laughing

    MOTORRIDER :D 15 天 前

    Music at 5:30?

  • AC stopmotion
    AC stopmotion 15 天 前

    Who was that guy in the thumbnail

  • RyanGotzMoney
    RyanGotzMoney 15 天 前


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  • Stanus
    Stanus 15 天 前

    What a banch of fagette

  • Kalel McDonald
    Kalel McDonald 15 天 前

    4:53 if you were paying attention, you'd know

  • De JaVoo91
    De JaVoo91 15 天 前

    Soo which one of them is a couple is the the two dudes on the sofa or the one throwing candy in the other ones mouth?

  • excited box
    excited box 15 天 前

    The tracker is to track other people not to find your way around. You leave it in someones car or put it on your kids backpack to see where they go.

  • bob george
    bob george 15 天 前

    this is 20 minutes of them fukin around and very little on gadgets

  • Susan Ragan
    Susan Ragan 16 天 前

    Like for Liz

  • Preston Gravy
    Preston Gravy 16 天 前

    L i k e f o r l I z z .