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  • PewDiepie's Tuber Simulator coming out on 29th September for IOS and Android!
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  • 游戏游戏

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  • UnknownUserツ
    UnknownUserツ 4 天 前

    T-Series is trying to be number 1

  • TVR26
    TVR26 13 天 前


    OREO PH 25 天 前

    who still play this game?
    add me and I send you gifts🎁

    comment your ign too so i can add you:)

  • _-*Headphone Gaming*-_

    Justin Y

  • Sealteam Seal4life
    Sealteam Seal4life 2 个月 前 +1

    Who is watching 2018 and is so good at the game

  • Dead Moo5e
    Dead Moo5e 2 个月 前


  • Nguyễn Thành Nam official

    I play hAcK version :V

  • Dawke Dawke
    Dawke Dawke 3 个月 前

    I love this version of pewdiepie ;-;

  • Atomic Sponge
    Atomic Sponge 4 个月 前

    After 15 years, he admitted to be the one who planned the 9/11 attacks

  • Mega Gamer
    Mega Gamer 5 个月 前 +1

    Pocemon go japan fake

  • the gamer
    the gamer 5 个月 前

    Wtf lvl 54 in a few minutes xD

  • LoveGod
    LoveGod 5 个月 前

    Lol I play it on my phone when I'm bored pretty cool!

  • orcawhalecolin
    orcawhalecolin 7 个月 前 +1

    It’s been a year and I still love it

  • SpaceNoob 3000
    SpaceNoob 3000 7 个月 前 +1

    I play this game (It's Lit)

  • Nigar B
    Nigar B 7 个月 前

    i beat you pewdiepie ( in the game )

  • ElTacoLaco
    ElTacoLaco 7 个月 前 +1

    802.43B Views he had at 4:47 woooooooooow

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 7 个月 前

    I can’t wait Bros

  • joseph cuello
    joseph cuello 7 个月 前 +1

    Still playing the game, until today XD

  • GG gunner
    GG gunner 8 个月 前

    Download :)!!!~!~

  • PteRyx IV
    PteRyx IV 8 个月 前

    Zertek ...

  • Tayrøn Scøtt Kənnədy

    Que guapo mijo me saluda a su mami, este juego esta más bueno que el candy crush

    KILLER BOY 8 个月 前

    Bro why you don't send me a gifts my name is NEDxANYxADDxME

  • David Bradbury
    David Bradbury 9 个月 前

    It is da best

  • *Benjie Zuniega 71478*
    *Benjie Zuniega 71478* 9 个月 前

    I uninstall shitty Pokemon. I install epic tuber simulator

  • Magally J
    Magally J 9 个月 前 +1

    I have it right now dud

  • Nancy Carman
    Nancy Carman 10 个月 前 +1

    Best game evers involves PewDiePie

  • Gamer panda Pro
    Gamer panda Pro 10 个月 前

    Can you please make me rainbow my CNclipr name is gamer panda pro

  • Jeni Torres
    Jeni Torres 10 个月 前

    That was my brother

  • Jeni Torres
    Jeni Torres 10 个月 前

    I'm using my mom's account PewDiePie Sucks Sucks

  • Please Subscribe to My New KISS Channel KISSf

    Paul Stanley's song Live to Win was in a PewDiePie video at 1:37. If you saw another comment about it. It was a comment from my old account. I don't like that song but I'm glad it was in this video anyway

  • Anis Alamov
    Anis Alamov 11 个月 前 +1

    *Add me please: PhoenixNumber1*
    Lemme know your name and I’ll add you too. I’ll send gifts everyday. Enjoy :)
    *Like so people can see*

  • The Flaming Studio Director

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    3,Comment Ya Nick Name

  • Haydee Mullins
    Haydee Mullins 11 个月 前

    This thumbnail tho 😍

  • duakhe
    duakhe 年 前

    Add me @scrubdalda! Comment your username so I can add you too!


    I installed the game. try and find my account in the game

  • Chim Chim Mochi
    Chim Chim Mochi 年 前

    i liked when he said * you're going to bet me baby, you're going to bet Poopiepie * like 1: thanks so much
    2: i did not expect that...
    i thought that he was going to say you're never gonna beat me but... 😍😍💙💙

  • Tio Gokü ultimete

    O my eo level 32

  • Sr Vegeta
    Sr Vegeta 年 前

    do anyone want by my friends on pewdiepie tuber simulator? add:AntonyYT76

  • Geisha Lee
    Geisha Lee 年 前

    In Florida its out

  • venegas 612
    venegas 612 年 前

    I have the game

  • darth tater
    darth tater 年 前 +1

    I got the game and I love it!

  • KEENG 96
    KEENG 96 年 前

    Add me IKEENGI

  • [OG] Splitz
    [OG] Splitz 年 前

    Me: Published On September 11

  • _RØFUL_
    _RØFUL_ 年 前

    Best game

  • Knight hunter
    Knight hunter 年 前

    Peediepie and poodiepie

  • The sad cat
    The sad cat 年 前

    The game was so hype at the beginning and everybody was playing it.. i still love the game and play everyday but it’s not the same

  • IPlayer SMB
    IPlayer SMB 年 前 +1

    Best mobile game ever it’s fun and addictive great job

  • Juan David Ruiz Serna

    Hope game does not have a zone restriction

  • Foxy The Never Noticed Fox

    0:20 IT'S CONFIRMED!!!

  • Dabbing Panda
    Dabbing Panda 年 前

    I've played it I love it

  • Albert Robin
    Albert Robin 年 前 +2

    guys whos watching in 2017?? who? im level 75 in PewDiePie simulator omg

    • Shep Animation
      Shep Animation 年 前

      Albert Robin I...I am i am your brother from another mother

  • MirneS
    MirneS 年 前

    Ne igrati te igrice
    Igraj te moju hahaha
    PewDiePie is king9

  • Malupet Na Tae
    Malupet Na Tae 年 前

    your right

  • Ceaveday
    Ceaveday 年 前

    Friend me I'm TuberTanksRcool

  • Ceaveday
    Ceaveday 年 前

    I was with my friends and one said should I get roblox or tuber simulator and I was like tuber simulator
    I have 25,???,??? Subs on tuber simulator

  • 5689 gop
    5689 gop 年 前

    I have over 58 million more than pewds

  • SilverWolf Pan
    SilverWolf Pan 年 前

    My friends told me about this game and I have been playing it for a year and didn't know he made vids about it I love it I spent so much money on it this is a run on sentence I'm done thanks bye

  • SilverWolf Pan
    SilverWolf Pan 年 前

    Anyone else think he looks like a hunter from left for dead?

  • kayxin citro
    kayxin citro 年 前

    poopiepie is cheating using the date changer

  • Brandon Sorge
    Brandon Sorge 年 前 +1

    they can hack ur game with lucky patcher

  • ItZKritical123 - Mobile legends and Arena of valor

    Genuinely an amazing game :)

  • Ameen Tameem
    Ameen Tameem 年 前

    pleas add me 'rieaxtegat

  • Patrick Carleton

    add me please my user name is therealpatpie

  • Konsol Gaming
    Konsol Gaming 年 前

    best game :)

  • Android Modz
    Android Modz 年 前

    Pewdiepie I have your Game And Its Lit or should I say Dopeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • progamer69
    progamer69 年 前

    I made it past pewdiepie in tuber simulator

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 年 前

    I'm right behind you poodiepie on the leader bored

  • Zack attack
    Zack attack 年 前

    friend me on app name:darkstoner

  • Bulagers 101
    Bulagers 101 年 前

    hey pewds i pass you right now at your game!!! 53.12 million

  • Karen Kate Abigania

    I have pewdiepies tuber simulator!

  • LaVidaDeAndres
    LaVidaDeAndres 年 前

    hi mi name in the game is LaVidaDeAndres please be my friend

  • Isaiah Ward
    Isaiah Ward 年 前

    I beat the game

  • sarah goode
    sarah goode 年 前

    Add 4 Add TheDonkeyKongGamer

  • Erotic Cast
    Erotic Cast 年 前

    Been playing this all day

  • Mirror Catz
    Mirror Catz 年 前

    This games is just a copycat of Habbo Hotel. I mean the graphics are the same. Come on PewDiePie you can do better than that. 👎👎👎

  • blacknight
    blacknight 年 前

    im lvl 33 about to be 34

  • The Cashier
    The Cashier 年 前

    Add me: AppleActive

  • CossBoss
    CossBoss 年 前

    lol im still playing

  • Ace_ Venom
    Ace_ Venom 年 前

    I love how the top comment is a comment from when the game didn't come out yet lol

  • FaZe Rain
    FaZe Rain 年 前


  • Heeba
    Heeba 年 前

    add me! my level is 61 so I'll send op gifts! my name is hebadadank
    ill add you back just comment your
    username and ill add you after 24 hours!

  • funquasimodo
    funquasimodo 年 前

    pls add me on PewDiePie tuber simulador My name is resendinho pls add add send me gifs

  • Cøtton Candy
    Cøtton Candy 年 前

    ur game is hacked .__.

  • chrisollis99
    chrisollis99 年 前

    pewdiepie i have beaten you in pewdiepie Tubber simulator

  • matthewdanger 3
    matthewdanger 3 年 前

    So addictive

  • Infiny gamer .0.

    I love the game

  • Alphasser_ G3
    Alphasser_ G3 年 前


  • Jude Puti
    Jude Puti 年 前

    F _ _ _ U!

    LUCKYL 年 前 +1

    I just beat a youtuber

  • ι ζαητ τhιηκ Οf α ηαmε

    Pewdiepie, can u roast rageelixir and its rage nation? Search about him, and pls if ur gonna do a vid on it, all credits to me, pls :) thank you so much I wanna get my nemesis a roast :)))

  • Noobday
    Noobday 年 前

    I love that game is my best game ever I'm addicted to it

  • Adventure Show
    Adventure Show 年 前 +1

    Malcolm will

  • Shuffle gamer -minecraft

    I'm second place pewdiepie

  • Kevin McDermott
    Kevin McDermott 年 前


  • RSN
    RSN 年 前

    i got this on October 20 2016

  • New Channel Go To [GD] MastriX

    he said game will last you six mths on sept 11 it mar 11 when im watching so games expired XD

  • Unknown Hacker
    Unknown Hacker 年 前

    pewdiepie I beat you I have 999.9m sub and views amd 99999998888 bux

    MR VLAD 年 前

    у иииииииииииииии я руский

  • Reversed Songs & Gaming

    pewdiepie that was the best intro in history

  • goteam vlogs
    goteam vlogs 年 前

    how's playing in 2017