$15 Spaghetti Vs. $143 Spaghetti

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  • "It looks like I just kissed somebody with lipstick!"
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    Walter Manzke
    Avner Lavi
    Michelle Minori

评论 • 11 031

  • Steven Lim
    Steven Lim 10 个月 前 +16568

    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching and supporting us on another Worth It season. We have three announcements that I’m so excited to share with you:
    1. We got renewed for season 5! And are officially taking your suggestions. The best way to share them with us is...
    2. On our new Instagram page! @BuzzFeedWorthIt. Follow us for more food, more behind the scenes, and more Adam.
    3. Finally, we will be launching merch! We probably should’ve started making it four seasons ago but tbh I had no idea the show would last that long 😛. We are in the design stage right now and more details coming soon.
    Have a wonderful week Worth It fam! See ya on next week's episode... 🍟👀

    • Julian Lopez
      Julian Lopez 个月 前

      Its funny how the dishes only get expensive when wht ever your eating has caviar or truffles or gold why dont you guys just go compare the in it's normal form just because a burger has gold and stuff dosent make the burger better or wht ever ur eating that day

    • DJ Music
      DJ Music 4 个月 前

      Steven Lim Hey Steven you should do French fries, ham, lamp chops,turkey, and ribs!!

    • Luis Rojas
      Luis Rojas 5 个月 前

      you guys need to do a chicken wings episode.

    • Mathieu Pilote
      Mathieu Pilote 7 个月 前

      Steven Lim 0

    • Unicorn Magicalness
      Unicorn Magicalness 8 个月 前


  • hnnNnNG
    hnnNnNG 7 小时 前


  • Charl Kenneth Piramide
    Charl Kenneth Piramide 12 小时 前 +1

    $143 spag? More like a pancit from ph

  • Aiden Trxsh
    Aiden Trxsh 22 小时 前 +1

    Basically every $$$ food all you need is a very flavorful food and caviar or truffle or both

  • Ngurah Dwijaksara
    Ngurah Dwijaksara 3 天 前

    Someone toucha my spagett!!

  • Tayler Szarek
    Tayler Szarek 3 天 前

    worth it Ravioli

  • thebacon
    thebacon 5 天 前

    jollibee's dollar spaghetti is personally the superior worth it spaghetti

  • Fallon P.
    Fallon P. 6 天 前

    I thought the last guy owned una taqueria

  • Mirjana Nalbandian
    Mirjana Nalbandian 6 天 前 +4

    There is no good restaurant in Italy that will use packed pasta. All the restaurants with integrity will use fresh made pasta and that tastes amazing

  • Hannah Li
    Hannah Li 8 天 前 +2

    Worth it Salad?

  • Alberto Alperpaşa
    Alberto Alperpaşa 8 天 前 +1

    Andrew looks like Simba from Lion King.

  • EatMyTime Internet
    EatMyTime Internet 9 天 前

    U can get spag in ph for 1 dollar. And its good....

  • Moo moos
    Moo moos 9 天 前 +1

    Damn I’m so hungry

  • Raf Westerbeek
    Raf Westerbeek 10 天 前


  • NatKLr
    NatKLr 10 天 前

    I still prefer nana b's spaghetti

    ROB_BOB_THECORN_COB ; 10 天 前 +1

    Why is everyone guy circumcised in America
    What a waste of penis

  • Sanskar Wagley
    Sanskar Wagley 11 天 前 +1

    oh snap, that's Michelle from Top Chef!

  • Nathan Von holdt
    Nathan Von holdt 12 天 前

    Wtf 14 Dollars for Spaghetti and they say it's cheap

    • No
      No 9 天 前

      San Francisco

  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam 12 天 前

    anyone else think the portion is so small

  • Uma Storm
    Uma Storm 13 天 前


  • Lillian Renee
    Lillian Renee 13 天 前

    did anyone else notice that the last restaurant, republice, (if i spelled that right) was where ATEEZ went when they visited america before their debut??

  • Andry Christ
    Andry Christ 14 天 前

    Why didn't you order 2 spaghet?

  • RayPlays PH
    RayPlays PH 15 天 前

    One plate of spaghetti here cost around 0.50 - 1 dollar

  • RayPlays PH
    RayPlays PH 15 天 前

    Somebody touche my SPAGET!

  • Chonky Cat
    Chonky Cat 15 天 前

    Lobsters do not have bones -.-

  • hajar asri
    hajar asri 16 天 前

    Mostly in this series the cheapest food wins ayy

  • The Gaming Knight
    The Gaming Knight 16 天 前 +4

    Spaghetti: "an american classic"

    Italians: "am i a joke to you??"

  • Nkemdilim Joanna
    Nkemdilim Joanna 17 天 前

    Obviously the first

  • Jybi Nbltn
    Jybi Nbltn 18 天 前 +1

    They do it from scratch but using a machine , and charging people 15$ for a plate of spaghetti . ok

  • RiskxNo Ells
    RiskxNo Ells 19 天 前

    my favorite

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles 20 天 前

    I love champagne with everything 😂

  • tangee o
    tangee o 20 天 前 +6

    Why do I get satisfaction from watching people eat great food?

  • Acalath _NDXD
    Acalath _NDXD 21 天 前

    0:19 Somebodeh toucha my SPAGHET

  • Sanjeevani Banerjee
    Sanjeevani Banerjee 21 天 前

    Andrew likes saying structural integrity.

  • Cam Ling
    Cam Ling 21 天 前

    wtf isn’t she from top chef

  • Prism - Rocket League & More

    When Steven said long spaghetti. I thought he was gonna rap about spaghetti and do a cover of mom spaghetti 😂.

  • Elena Stoffa
    Elena Stoffa 23 天 前

    Do the restaurants contact them and make them taste the food for free or does buzzfeed reach out to the restaurants and pay for the food?

  • Marie Standish
    Marie Standish 24 天 前

    OMG, she's on Top Chef this year...good Luck Michelle She came back and is the final 5

  • IamEggy
    IamEggy 24 天 前 +1

    None of this would compare to THE GREAT PAPURUS’ spaghetti

  • What’s a text
    What’s a text 25 天 前

    Maybe some spaghetti

  • Wilson Lackey
    Wilson Lackey 25 天 前 +7

    “Many people don’t like beets because they’re cooked wrong” lol people don’t like beets because they taste like dirt.

  • Cami Novicio
    Cami Novicio 27 天 前 +1

    the thumbnail be looking like some salsagheti

  • Ogechukwu Nwenyi
    Ogechukwu Nwenyi 27 天 前

    Adam is interesting to me I wash that he would have his own show so that we can see his personality

    • Anthony Leal
      Anthony Leal 24 天 前

      Ogechukwu Nwenyi he sits back there and watches Netflix

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 28 天 前 +1

    Ravioli Ravioli ohhh its spaghetti actually

  • Bridgette De Jesus
    Bridgette De Jesus 29 天 前 +3

    In Philippines, a spaghetti costs $1.
    It's alright.

  • lee-golden-heart
    lee-golden-heart 29 天 前 +4

    I'm gonna say it.

    *SoMeBoDy ToUcHeD mY sPaGeHgT*

  • chigga law
    chigga law 29 天 前

    Who touch my spaghetti

  • huihao zhuang
    huihao zhuang 29 天 前

    somebody toucha ma SPAGHET!!

  • Татьяна Томяк

    Hello from Ukraine!Love your show, you should try “Borsch” as your next featured dish on Worth it!)

  • Nicholas Campitiello
    Nicholas Campitiello 29 天 前 +1

    I’m 90% Italian and I keep hearing these chefs say that an Italian would respect this or this is done just like an Italian chef would like it but to be honest we’re easy we like everything

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 个月 前

    This is probably my favorite episode

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 个月 前

    "How do you know there's enough truffle."
    "When it's black."
    AKA the more money you spend.

  • fantdm hero
    fantdm hero 个月 前

    Finally we see Adam fed after living on scraps for years

  • wyrd dough
    wyrd dough 个月 前 +1

    Somebody toucha my spaghet

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 个月 前

    No, Adam is the sauce that puts it all together.

  • Dusty
    Dusty 个月 前

    I spend $7 on spaghetti somewhere in Newyork (family business) best i ever have

  • Muhammed abraar Sader
    Muhammed abraar Sader 个月 前 +2

    Support pewdiepie

  • Zoe Wenger
    Zoe Wenger 个月 前 +1

    The $15 spaghetti chef is on top chef!!

  • PendingNickname
    PendingNickname 个月 前

    0:03 and this is jack-ass

  • Milo-Sidlo Marcell
    Milo-Sidlo Marcell 个月 前 +2

    Mom's spaghetti. Knees weak arms spaghetti. There's spaghetti on his sweater already.

  • H H
    H H 个月 前 +1

    Palms are sweaty,
    knees weak..

  • 913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    its 3:30 am and im watching these fuckers eat lobstergetti while my shrimp thaws in the sink

  • Nikfang
    Nikfang 个月 前

    First restuarant "we make fresh pasta by hand" hand doesnt touch it till its done...

  • shutupandwatchbitch
    shutupandwatchbitch 个月 前

    you guys have the best job ever

  • red panda
    red panda 个月 前

    7:00 they just complimented packet spaghetti...

  • Tyler Rathbun
    Tyler Rathbun 个月 前

    Italian strawberry

  • Wolf Pack616
    Wolf Pack616 个月 前

    It is a good ep if Andrew like Steven's puns

  • Isabella Kofsky
    Isabella Kofsky 个月 前

    I’m eating strawberries while watching this

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila 个月 前

    $15 is still expensive, here in the Philippines I highly doubt Pinoys would buy at that starting price . a Dollar worth of Jollibee Spaghetti is already great for us.

  • Anaya Lewis
    Anaya Lewis 个月 前 +1

    Why is that first spaghetti still expensive? It’s £6 in the uk at good restaurants

  • Sarah Liao
    Sarah Liao 个月 前

    Basically all the worth it videos
    $=The real actually worth it one
    $$=Has some cocktails or a twist or some more random stuff
    $$$=Has truffle, gold, caviar, raw stuff, usually kind of small, comes in courses...

  • WS99
    WS99 个月 前

    You two should really start getting your own servings. Contrary to what your kindergarten teacher says, sharing sucks!

  • Dustin Salz
    Dustin Salz 个月 前

    I bet all the Germans who watched this video already commented this, but the whole fork and spoon thing is the only way we eat pasta xD at least as far as I know

  • Mr. ruthless
    Mr. ruthless 个月 前

    Popcorn worth it

  • junior D.
    junior D. 个月 前

    i feel that with the amount of truffles that are already going into that pasta dish, you dont really need to shave more on to it. thats more of an excuse to raise the price.

    out of the three i would pick the first one: Barzotto. both that and the porcetto dish looked so good.

  • Twister龍捲風
    Twister龍捲風 个月 前

    somebody touch my spaghetttt !!!!!

  • TM Crystal
    TM Crystal 个月 前 +1

    13:29 Adam just wanted a high five, he feels lonely xD

  • nazar kamaal
    nazar kamaal 个月 前 +1

    hells kitchen fact.. both finalist of season 18 had brunch at republique ( last one).. just sa that yesterday 😎🤘🏻

  • Luke_
    Luke_ 个月 前

    Wouldn’t they singular way to say spaghetti is noodle?..

  • Xizzorzz 2K
    Xizzorzz 2K 个月 前

    Doesn't the last guy own a Mexican Cuisine restaurant aswell

  • Abhinay Thokchom
    Abhinay Thokchom 个月 前

    Dat beet pasta looks disgusting and i m not even Italian

  • Shlanna Seibert
    Shlanna Seibert 个月 前

    Hell yeah slavs

  • Diskd Djdjx
    Diskd Djdjx 个月 前

    I can make a whole pot for $6

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 个月 前 +1

    It’s Michelle Minori from Top Chef season 16! Pasta’s her specialty on the show, no surprise.

  • Jube Jube
    Jube Jube 个月 前 +2


  • Dozann
    Dozann 个月 前

    I find it quite sad and wonderful that America is just a mixed of culture but this is the worst country rascism wise.

  • ann h
    ann h 个月 前

    "Hello, Hello, Hello"
    Me : "HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!!!"

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 个月 前

    If you haven't had spaghetti, sorry
    But your very Unepic

  • asmi sweets
    asmi sweets 个月 前 +1

    Next eating your feed should be Andrew making spaghetti and meatballs

  • Prism
    Prism 个月 前


  • Venetia Astrop
    Venetia Astrop 个月 前

    I can only assume that Americans think 'made my hand' just means it was made in house, but not exclusively by hand


    I want to be like Adam, he doesn't speak but get to eat

  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 个月 前

    Come to Miami !!!!

  • Dimitris Karagiannakis
    Dimitris Karagiannakis 个月 前 +1

    Omg the executive chef from Barzotto is a contestant at Top Chef S16!

  • Thatonekid
    Thatonekid 个月 前

    How can I apply for this job?

  • Sushobhan Zanane
    Sushobhan Zanane 个月 前

    Why call spaghetti "Noodle"? you will be castrated if you call spaghetti "Noodles" in Italy , ignorant Americans


    Okay Americans I have a question is 10 dollars very little money for you guys?🤔🤔🤔

  • Zack 10
    Zack 10 个月 前 +2

    Wheres papyrus at all this

  • Maxitz X
    Maxitz X 个月 前

    Polish dumplings

  • Andrea Knights
    Andrea Knights 个月 前

    somebody tocha my 0:18