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    Special thank you to Melanie for hooking me up with these natural bomb ass brows 😭🙏🏽 You are so gifted I absolutely love how they turned out and like I said in the video, I would definitely recommend this method based on my experience. You can find Melanie on Instagram @melaniemarriseyebrowstylist. Link below is to her website where you can find out more information about what she does and the products she uses to achieve this finished brow.
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    full eyebrows eyebrow tinting makeup tutorial
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  • Cll Cccc
    Cll Cccc 2 天 前

    I want this in India ?

  • Diana Karoyan
    Diana Karoyan 14 天 前

    What is the australian lady wearing.. smh

  • Diana Karoyan
    Diana Karoyan 14 天 前

    yes usa way to go. Guns guns guns crazy trump. But nooo brow tinting is illegal..

  • Stacie Pompili-Towe
    Stacie Pompili-Towe 23 天 前

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am a stylist and I am definitely looking at offering this to my clients! This is fantastic!!!

  • Dudung En Enday
    Dudung En Enday 23 天 前

    Beautiful! 😍😍😍

  • Scottishroad35 Pinoy
    Scottishroad35 Pinoy 23 天 前

    That’s so pretty! She’s good!

  • Lindsay Tr
    Lindsay Tr 29 天 前

    I had to turn the sound off. lol

  • Melissa Allen
    Melissa Allen ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Does anyone know what tool melanie used to apply the tint? 😁

  • Xidiga
    Xidiga ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Don't Somalis do this traditionally? Women dye their brows then wash off the excess. Guess everyone is not getting a clue. Seems they're the OG of brow game😙👀👏
    Yet another feature for Somalia to go international.
    That along with one shoulder dress (folks call it egyptian), micro braids, incense (Arabia borrowed east Africa's style)eyeliner (ancient north east Africa did it 24/7), coffee, sugar waxing (from Eastern Africa), steam baths, tumeric face masks and lovely frankincense😍. And that's just eastern Africa❣💅

  • Janele Timmons
    Janele Timmons ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    The brow on our right is darker

  • Janell Kelley
    Janell Kelley ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Do you mean brow henna? This looks like a stain

  • lakeshia tyler
    lakeshia tyler ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I got mine done today for the first time and waxed x

  • Margarita MS
    Margarita MS ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    WOW !! so gorg!! I love this nevr heard about tinting

  • RoyeltyMindset
    RoyeltyMindset ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I love that she did research on you before doing your brows! True professional. I booked a tint appt because of this video. Thank you!

  • Monica Navarro
    Monica Navarro ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    So do u need hair there for the tint to work?? Cus I don’t have any.. (I used to have my eyebrows tattooed on)

  • Ben Sadler
    Ben Sadler ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    WTF I need this done

  • Alcira Piche
    Alcira Piche ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    do we need a remover cream once it dry out ? or we just take it off with water or....?

  • Holly Lloyd
    Holly Lloyd ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    :O :o NEEEEEED this!

  • Abrienne Macari
    Abrienne Macari 2 个月 前

    Looking for someone tint mine tbh

  • Abrienne Macari
    Abrienne Macari 2 个月 前

    Is she located in Sydney??

  • Brooke Simon
    Brooke Simon 2 个月 前

    How old do you have to be to get this done?

  • Katherine
    Katherine 2 个月 前

    Omg. Get on with it girl...

  • Janie S.
    Janie S. 2 个月 前

    Microblading is not permanent.
    Love your brows!!!

  • Candy Jimenez
    Candy Jimenez 2 个月 前

    Can anyone tell me if i can do it even do i have a scar on 1 of my eyebrows?

  • Clem1619
    Clem1619 2 个月 前

    The tint is only gonna stay 1 to 2 days on the skin (which is what gives this, neat, pencil like brows), the tint is just meant to stay on the hairs. It is only a good technique if your brows color are drastically different from your hair color and want to match. It is absolutely not an alternative to microblading

  • Melissa Rico
    Melissa Rico 2 个月 前

    Love your skin girl!! 😍

  • Latin Sweety
    Latin Sweety 2 个月 前

    🤔 Left brow was a little darker than the right. If you can live with that then it’s pretty cool but it was driving me crazy. lol

  • Payton Carter
    Payton Carter 2 个月 前

    Got this done at ulta really liked it

  • Madison
    Madison 2 个月 前

    Went to purchase this and it looks like you can't buy it unless you're like a business? Not for personal use? Confused.

  • Ileana Cerpa
    Ileana Cerpa 2 个月 前

    What brand did she use?

  • Siham Abee
    Siham Abee 2 个月 前

    Hi what is the instagram of Melissa please ?

  • This is Us
    This is Us 2 个月 前

    I’m so jealous lol forreal I want !!

  • Fiyahness Santiago
    Fiyahness Santiago 2 个月 前

    I clicked thinking it was a skin regimen

  • kate sand
    kate sand 2 个月 前

    4 to 6 weeks. That will save me time that I lost fill in my brows. I am totally down for this

  • Mariah Giles
    Mariah Giles 2 个月 前

    I loooove that you filmed this! I am always afraid to get stuff like this done because idk what the procedure actually is and I didn’t know you could do this! Thanks for sharing 😍😍😍

  • MICHAEL Bailes
    MICHAEL Bailes 2 个月 前

    Hi can I get Melanie’s name to buy product

  • MICHAEL Bailes
    MICHAEL Bailes 2 个月 前

    What was the girls name from Australia that sells the product

  • Rachael Louise Harvey
    Rachael Louise Harvey 2 个月 前

    Thats gorgeous really natural look 👌

  • Mya v
    Mya v 2 个月 前

    She is not pretty

  • Lisa Gale
    Lisa Gale 3 个月 前


  • Cachi Damore
    Cachi Damore 3 个月 前

    OMG where can i find her?

  • Light House
    Light House 3 个月 前

    Desi you're glowing like light. You're lit ! Love it :)

  • si si
    si si 3 个月 前

    tinter rolling up to your house with her nipples out is NOT COOL, but love the brows.

  • Cardela Cardela
    Cardela Cardela 3 个月 前

    Awesome results.

  • olivia mefi
    olivia mefi 3 个月 前

    Omg this is super duper awesome. Did they last 4-6wks? Kisses from New Zealand x

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana 3 个月 前

    So did it last 4...6 weeks?

  • GGGG1040
    GGGG1040 3 个月 前

    OMG!!!! It looks AMAZING 😉

  • Davenie Simeon
    Davenie Simeon 3 个月 前

    Does it change when u take shower?

  • Maya Kaelei
    Maya Kaelei 3 个月 前

    yo that was crazy wow

  • Natalia R
    Natalia R 3 个月 前

    Omfg they look PERFECT And Natural!! Wow! I'm crying cuz I'm jealous lmao. I just started using castor oil on my brows and watching this on my journey lmao! Do u plan on retinting them?

  • Sammy Smarties
    Sammy Smarties 3 个月 前

    How can getting your eyebrows tinted be banned anywhere? Like how and why 🤣

  • Tarryn Nell
    Tarryn Nell 3 个月 前

    I'm so confused...

  • eryssa lara
    eryssa lara 3 个月 前

    Looks soo good!!

  • Phiomedia Bacott
    Phiomedia Bacott 3 个月 前

    Oh wow gorgeous!!!!!

  • Indii Flores
    Indii Flores 3 个月 前

    What’s the product that she used for the eyebrow tint ?

  • Chloe Whitla
    Chloe Whitla 4 个月 前

    I am get mine done today

  • Paula Strong
    Paula Strong 4 个月 前

    How long does the tinting last?

  • G. E.
    G. E. 4 个月 前

    I noticed she never rinsed the tint, just wiped it. I mean when I dyed my eyebrows with men's beard color I used a moist cotton round to wipe it, and it has lasted for months.

  • Jenna Houston
    Jenna Houston 4 个月 前

    I live in the UK and it is legal ever here and I got mine done yesterday and they are such a good change I got mine done in Benifit

  • Aph M
    Aph M 4 个月 前

    I hate it’s not allowed in CA!

  • carol j
    carol j 4 个月 前

    1 looks darker than the other

  • Brieanna Welch
    Brieanna Welch 4 个月 前

    Ok but where can I find this in Arizona 😍

  • batool altaher
    batool altaher 4 个月 前

    Microblading is semi-permanent not permanent

  • Ummm Hi
    Ummm Hi 4 个月 前

    Haha. How do I get someone to do my brows that perfect

  • s.bialach bialach
    s.bialach bialach 4 个月 前

    WTF in Poland we use kind of henna - tint it's so common like wax moustache or doing nails....
    DIY at home small kit powder + 3% (10vol) cost 1$,
    bigger like Melanie use it's gel + 3%(10vol) kit cost 3$
    and EVERY beauty salon do FULL "eyebrow regulation with tint" for 10$

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 4 个月 前

    Big companies do it here in CA and US. I know a lot...but it's on the DL so they don't get into trouble.

  • Akira Shipp
    Akira Shipp 4 个月 前

    how long did it last?

  • Wełna Wełna
    Wełna Wełna 4 个月 前

    Refecto oil brow tint its my favourite. I don’t lwant to do permanent make up so this is the best way to have beautiful brows

  • JaccWills
    JaccWills 4 个月 前

    I know someone that got microblading and they look good at first but after a while of getting it done (bc you have to do touch ups) they look more drawn on and not as natural as in the beginning. Wouldn’t recommend

  • Paige B
    Paige B 4 个月 前

    As someone who’s only lived in Australia I cannot believe tinting is not done everywhere. Literally have been getting a “brow design” (wax and tint) every month for over 10 years!

  • Azurien Bellatrix
    Azurien Bellatrix 4 个月 前

    so basically, it's hair dye and it lasts on your face for 2 days...

    • Milky xx
      Milky xx 4 个月 前

      more than two days lol

  • Jordenia Siqueira
    Jordenia Siqueira 4 个月 前

    How long does it last?

  • Lotus
    Lotus 4 个月 前

    how long does this last for? :)

  • Lara Stefanovic
    Lara Stefanovic 4 个月 前

    I’ve been doing this at home for YEARS. People, do not pay for this, it is SUPER EASY to do it at home! You just mix hair dye with Hydrogen emulsion (ask your hairdresser for the proportion of hydrogen to dye, this depends on the color of the dye and what shade you want your brows to be), put it on your brows and wait 5 min. Thats it!

  • Ilmymony Jhello
    Ilmymony Jhello 4 个月 前

    Is it painful?

  • Samantha Lynn
    Samantha Lynn 4 个月 前

    Melanie is amazinggggg! I follow her on ig & I wish she was here in the states

  • Reallifestyle123 Be Real
    Reallifestyle123 Be Real 4 个月 前

    Omg. I need this 🙌🏾👸🏽

  • h3artmakeup
    h3artmakeup 4 个月 前

    That dye isnt available to buy unless you are a professional. Is there anywhere you could buy it if you’re not? Also alot of people say they use beard dye...does that tint the skin as well as the hairs?

  • M. Lang
    M. Lang 4 个月 前

    Tint them with henna

  • Lauren's Lip Glossary
    Lauren's Lip Glossary 4 个月 前

    I am obsessed with tinting my brows! I'm an esthetician so I do them myself and it's such a game changer!

  • Beth Life
    Beth Life 4 个月 前

    I’m so confused this isn’t a normal thing in the US I’m from the UK and I literally do this every few weeks at home also look up hd brows they are a thing too! I wouldn’t be able to live without tinting my brows 😂x

  • Nan Persaud
    Nan Persaud 4 个月 前

    Damn i want her to do mine too

  • Alexia Laraine
    Alexia Laraine 5 个月 前

    That came out so good!

  • Mikirlav
    Mikirlav 5 个月 前

    I was so surprised by this vid and the comments and the prices like what on earth 😮 In Finland pretty much EVERY beauty salon and most hair salons do tinting for like.. 17-20 dollars. And you can buy dyes from all cosmetic stores for around 10 dollars and it's enough to dye your brows at home several times. It's easy as hell. I'm baffled.

  • Latesha
    Latesha 5 个月 前

    Really wanted to enjoy the video but.......... between the excessive talking and the echo in the room the video was unbearable to watch

  • Bianca Grier
    Bianca Grier 5 个月 前

    No make up finally !👍🏾 she’s beautiful 😍

  • OhMazin Blaze
    OhMazin Blaze 5 个月 前

    I do eyebrow tining and I have never come across any tint that last 4-6 weeks...plz let me know if anyone has and where can i get it.

  • cinthi001
    cinthi001 5 个月 前

    Been doing this for years people 😜😍

  • Rhiannon
    Rhiannon 5 个月 前

    I am so confused lol, never knew brow tinting was banned in the US. I live in Perth Australia where Melanie Marris first opened & get my eyebrows waxed & tinted there.

  • Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize 5 个月 前

    I'm digging on that black leather jacket!

  • Sam D.
    Sam D. 5 个月 前

    what is the name of that little white plastic brush she uses to apply the product?? I can't find it anywhere!

  • Mina Tinajero
    Mina Tinajero 5 个月 前

    Where did you get your curling iron ?

  • Betsy Ramos
    Betsy Ramos 5 个月 前

    WOW!!!! I must
    get this done ASAP for my vacation. Anyone know of a salon in LA that does it?

  • Jessica  Semrau
    Jessica Semrau 5 个月 前

    What is this tool she is using to apply the product?!?! I need this system for the salon I work at 😍😍😍😍

  • Becca Vlogs
    Becca Vlogs 5 个月 前

    This is a normal thing is Texas so weird. That’s its not it other states

  • Саша Поняша

    OMG in Russia it cost like 5-10 dollars for this thing

  • ItsVahola
    ItsVahola 5 个月 前

    lmao she had me when she said she was all up in that irl's brow...I want to get my eye brows tinted et match my jet balck hair extensions I'm getting..

  • MJ Snuttz
    MJ Snuttz 5 个月 前

    Can you and Katy do a make up tut with eye lash extensions. Please and thank you so much

  • Alejandra Arjona
    Alejandra Arjona 5 个月 前 +1

    Wow it's beautifull

  • Ahniyah Clay
    Ahniyah Clay 5 个月 前

    I’m loving these up close shots lol and your skin is absolutely flawless😍