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    Special thank you to Melanie for hooking me up with these natural bomb ass brows 😭🙏🏽 You are so gifted I absolutely love how they turned out and like I said in the video, I would definitely recommend this method based on my experience. You can find Melanie on Instagram @melaniemarriseyebrowstylist. Link below is to her website where you can find out more information about what she does and the products she uses to achieve this finished brow.
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    full eyebrows eyebrow tinting makeup tutorial
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  • Jess
    Jess 18 小时 前

    Wish I could find someone in NY that does tinting this well!

  • the woods
    the woods 2 天 前


  • Tierra McLellan
    Tierra McLellan 3 天 前

    I need my bald ass brows done now!

  • Carolyn Liaw
    Carolyn Liaw 12 天 前

    Omg it look so good 💯💯💯👑💯👑🔥

  • Anna-Lucia Uremovic
    Anna-Lucia Uremovic 14 天 前 +1

    Wow, I'm Australian and I just learnt that eyebrow tinting is *illegal* in America. I had NO idea that this thing is considered 'dangerous' omg. You can legit walk into a shopping centre and get your eyebrows tinted for like $10 AUD.

  • Irina Sonkina
    Irina Sonkina 18 天 前

    Does waterproof makeup remover affects tint?

  • Clara Ruth Rodriguez Cruz
    Clara Ruth Rodriguez Cruz 21 天 前

    How long really last ???

  • SabbleBubble
    SabbleBubble 25 天 前 +1

    Alright- it’s settled I’m finna go get my eyebrows tinted-

  • Amna Kaiser
    Amna Kaiser 28 天 前

    what brand was the dye tho?

  • CaisieGrei
    CaisieGrei 28 天 前

    brow and eyelash tinting is so common in south africa

  • Bianca Butler
    Bianca Butler ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    What brow tint brand is this?

  • Brittany Jackson
    Brittany Jackson ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I guess I have to go to Australia

  • Tanaya Asay
    Tanaya Asay 2 个月 前

    Omg! I need to do this.

  • liz liz
    liz liz 2 个月 前

    I'm in California and offer it!!!!!!

  • Caitlin Castillo
    Caitlin Castillo 2 个月 前

    I follow her on insta and her videos are amazing!

  • Elizabeth McGreevy
    Elizabeth McGreevy 2 个月 前

    Sweetie, your eyebrows were already full. I don't see much difference.

  • Simply Kemee
    Simply Kemee 2 个月 前

    Why is brow tinting not allowed in certain states

  • yup das me
    yup das me 2 个月 前

    can you use beard dye instead?

  • mari cruz
    mari cruz 2 个月 前

    skin is beautiful
    what is your skin routine

  • Alexis Ortega
    Alexis Ortega 2 个月 前


    FACE CANDY 2 个月 前

    4-6 weeks bahahahaha yeah nah.... I give it 5-7 days!

  • Adela Cepeda
    Adela Cepeda 2 个月 前

    What brand of tint did she use?

  • Iriskenia Fernandez
    Iriskenia Fernandez 2 个月 前

    What’s her name!?!?!?!?$?!?!? Where’s my ticket to Australia!!!!

  • Layla Khan
    Layla Khan 2 个月 前

    Her skin is flawless

  • Carmie Law
    Carmie Law 2 个月 前

    Omg Jump to 3.40 for actual tutorial.

  • Veronica Ortiz
    Veronica Ortiz 2 个月 前

    How selfish of you to live in Australia 😂😂😂😂

  • Juhika Joshi
    Juhika Joshi 2 个月 前

    Thanks for the video. Random question, what hair straightner is that?

  • Bree Kirk
    Bree Kirk 2 个月 前

    So how long does a tint last? I’m about to get mine done next week!

  • coco vie
    coco vie 3 个月 前

    I am from Europe and it sound sooo absurd to me that you are not allowed to tint your brows in certain states!?!?!

  • Jessa Nae
    Jessa Nae 3 个月 前

    *Is that a henna based dye? This is what I've been wanting forever!!! I've gotta find a product I can purchase to do this myself bc I trust me more lol! But also, it's so much insanely cheaper doing this kinda stuff yourself! Btw, I'm a licensed cosmetologist anyways, so coloring is my shii, as well as brow shaping (waxing, tweezing, & brow makeup)!! I'm a freak when it comes to perfect proportions with makeup, and hair as well (you know when an updo thats off balance...either too far back or on top the head, instead of using the crown as the center focal point.... I get very annoyed when professionals don't recognize how much of a difference it makes!!!!)!!! Brows aren't twins, and i get that, but it's important to try balancing them asap, when waxing, or dying them.... also considering that faces aren't perfectly proportionate either, and you can step back and see what adjustments might be needed! Not all professionals take the time, or even have the ability to realize these things, so bc I know how important it is to me as a professional, as well as a HUGE fear of anyone else messing up my shii, I can't do it lol!! My mom was a hair dresser, so all my life, it was either her, or me doing my own hair, so I've saved some cash from that! The money you could spend on some of these things is insane, however.... if the professional knows their stuff, they deserve it 100%!!*

  • love_nyc_
    love_nyc_ 3 个月 前

    I got henna on my eyebrows and it lasted for like 3 days before it started to fade away :O

  • msnahila05
    msnahila05 3 个月 前

    You should have used ‘just for men’ im going to try that ive seen great reshape on youtube

  • Vanessa Ferran
    Vanessa Ferran 3 个月 前

    lol this is SO funny , i just mood from colombia and we have been doing this for years.. well I had never because Im super low maintenance (and lazy) but i tried 2 month and and fell involve

  • Monique Washington
    Monique Washington 3 个月 前

    Great video

  • Vanessa Tanaka
    Vanessa Tanaka 3 个月 前

    Please don’t get Microblading. Always look for artists that has more healed pictures not the after procedure pictures. You have such a nice skin don’t ruin it. I recommend Powder Ombré that only last for 1-2 years and less trauma to the skin. Microblading tend to scar skin. This is my opinion.

  • fluximagery
    fluximagery 3 个月 前

    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤗🤗🤗🙌🏾🤗🙌🏾 amazing!!!!!

  • Monica
    Monica 3 个月 前

    I’m new to this channel and I’m amazed by this woman’s beauty. Her skin is amazingly beautiful

  • Lisa Rogers
    Lisa Rogers 3 个月 前

    That's what's up! I'm down for this

  • amy franco
    amy franco 3 个月 前

    How did you hire her ?

  • amy franco
    amy franco 3 个月 前

    How did you hire her ?

  • Mishalle Roza-Ingram
    Mishalle Roza-Ingram 3 个月 前

    Melanie did a good job! Thanks for the info on brow tinting :) I will definitely try it out after watching your vlog!

  • The Real 1K Chanel
    The Real 1K Chanel 3 个月 前

    Where can I order the products?

  • Betsy beatuy
    Betsy beatuy 3 个月 前

    My eyebrow are horrible at the end points i need this

  • Francheska Fox
    Francheska Fox 3 个月 前

    NOT henna.. just regular tint like hair coloring

  • Julia Baldwin
    Julia Baldwin 4 个月 前

    lol america! eye brow tinting is illegal but guns are readily available...

  • Star Ferg
    Star Ferg 4 个月 前

    one eye look darker

  • nacrin ismael
    nacrin ismael 4 个月 前

    What is the brow tint tool she is using called ?

  • madelyn moore
    madelyn moore 4 个月 前

    She legit looks like a fucking mannequin in the thumbnail what the fuck ?!?!

  • Ysavutha You
    Ysavutha You 4 个月 前

    Omg 😍😍😍

  • Yelena Rivera
    Yelena Rivera 4 个月 前

    I would have liked to seen brow maintenance tips to make it last longer :)

  • Rianne Wijmenga
    Rianne Wijmenga 4 个月 前

    Isn’t this the same thing as henna brows?

  • April Little
    April Little 4 个月 前 +2

    Yup. I do it with hair dye. For YEARS. I normally have kind of thin, blonde brows and now I'm getting some greys! I dye them a neutral brown and it is truly life-changing. SO nice to be able to skip that 5 minute process of filling them in!

  • Selena Bostick
    Selena Bostick 4 个月 前

    Yo she funny asf

  • StarryEid
    StarryEid 4 个月 前

    I have a scar one on of my brows. And not like a ‘cool’ or well placed one lol. Will it look weird on me to have them tinted???

  • carolina
    carolina 4 个月 前

    They came out perfect

  • Beauty Expert
    Beauty Expert 4 个月 前


  • Susy S
    Susy S 4 个月 前

    Wow! Amazing!! I want to live in Australia now!!! 👌🏼

  • Cholita A.
    Cholita A. 4 个月 前 +1

    Why don't you SHUT UP!!

  • tamcar04
    tamcar04 5 个月 前

    I got my eyebrows tinted today and I'm OBSESSED!!! I can't afford microblading and I don't really wanna tattoo but I can DEFINITELY keep up with the tinting touchups!

  • Mia I
    Mia I 5 个月 前

    wow niiiice!

  • Shante Kereopa
    Shante Kereopa 5 个月 前

    Did you say 46 weeks or 4 to 6 weeks??

  • Baby Doll84
    Baby Doll84 5 个月 前

    Fillers! Fillers! Fillers!

  • Jude Maui
    Jude Maui 5 个月 前

    Skin care share please! Beautiful!

  • GtheHustler
    GtheHustler 5 个月 前 +1

    how long did she leave it on before wiping it off?

    • Lady Cab driver
      Lady Cab driver 4 个月 前

      Most likely 10/15 minutes. Any longer they'd be too dark.

  • Calista Deal
    Calista Deal 5 个月 前

    Is it legal in Wisconsin??

  • Raw Cienna
    Raw Cienna 5 个月 前

    This looks better than microblading in my opinion. Even though I’ve seen some people look nice with it, it still looks lol they have caterpillar fuzzy eyebrows and you can tell it’s micro blades. Plus I would be worried about the long term effects it’d have on my skin with aging, but I’m not a professional so I don’t know. I would rather do this!

  • Elli Noir
    Elli Noir 5 个月 前

    I’ll try this at home just ordered the tint 😍

  • Ar K
    Ar K 5 个月 前

    Do you know what product she used

  • Lizeth Pena
    Lizeth Pena 5 个月 前

    I got mine done today, I do have a lot more hair than her, I look like Friday Kahlo :(

  • missjoshlee
    missjoshlee 6 个月 前

    Ij use semi permanent dye once a month its cheaper

  • moon child420
    moon child420 6 个月 前

    Beard dye is really good plus you can save it for later unlike hair dye. Its 15$ for a box but it does the same thing and lasts for amonth unless you use an acne cleanser that bleaches your towels.

  • This Girl
    This Girl 6 个月 前

    Looks amazing

  • D D
    D D 6 个月 前 +1

    Anyone can buy a gun but getting your eyebrows tinted is banned!!! Like really......sorry but the U.S is the most fucked up country on the planet! Lol

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 6 个月 前

    Can you please tell us how do you maintain having such beautiful glowing skin?? 😍😍

  • Cll Cccc
    Cll Cccc 6 个月 前

    I want this in India ?

  • D I A N A
    D I A N A 6 个月 前

    What is the australian lady wearing.. smh

  • D I A N A
    D I A N A 6 个月 前

    yes usa way to go. Guns guns guns crazy trump. But nooo brow tinting is illegal..

  • Stacie Pompili-Towe
    Stacie Pompili-Towe 7 个月 前 +1

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am a stylist and I am definitely looking at offering this to my clients! This is fantastic!!!

  • Dudung En Enday
    Dudung En Enday 7 个月 前

    Beautiful! 😍😍😍

  • Scottishroad35 Pinoy
    Scottishroad35 Pinoy 7 个月 前

    That’s so pretty! She’s good!

  • Lindsay Tr
    Lindsay Tr 7 个月 前

    I had to turn the sound off. lol

  • Melissa Allen
    Melissa Allen 7 个月 前 +1

    Does anyone know what tool melanie used to apply the tint? 😁

    • Lady Cab driver
      Lady Cab driver 4 个月 前

      Its a small thin plastic tool that comes with the tint. Its also used for mixing the tint with the developer. She's a pro at it though because i have to use a brush. Still comes out beautiful. Hope this helps

  • Xidiga
    Xidiga 7 个月 前

    Don't Somalis do this traditionally? Women dye their brows then wash off the excess. Guess everyone is not getting a clue. Seems they're the OG of brow game😙👀👏
    Yet another feature for Somalia to go international.
    That along with one shoulder dress (folks call it egyptian), micro braids, incense (Arabia borrowed east Africa's style)eyeliner (ancient north east Africa did it 24/7), coffee, sugar waxing (from Eastern Africa), steam baths, tumeric face masks and lovely frankincense😍. And that's just eastern Africa❣💅

  • Janele Timmons
    Janele Timmons 7 个月 前

    The brow on our right is darker

    • Lady Cab driver
      Lady Cab driver 4 个月 前

      Yes i saw that too. I was wondering why she didn't mention it. She must have not been bothered by it. That's cool

  • J
    J 7 个月 前

    Do you mean brow henna? This looks like a stain

  • lakeshia tyler
    lakeshia tyler 7 个月 前

    I got mine done today for the first time and waxed x

  • Margarita S.
    Margarita S. 7 个月 前

    WOW !! so gorg!! I love this nevr heard about tinting

  • RoyeltyMindset
    RoyeltyMindset 7 个月 前

    I love that she did research on you before doing your brows! True professional. I booked a tint appt because of this video. Thank you!

  • Monica Navarro
    Monica Navarro 7 个月 前

    So do u need hair there for the tint to work?? Cus I don’t have any.. (I used to have my eyebrows tattooed on)

  • Ben Sadler
    Ben Sadler 8 个月 前

    WTF I need this done

  • Alcira Piche
    Alcira Piche 8 个月 前

    do we need a remover cream once it dry out ? or we just take it off with water or....?

  • Holly Jade
    Holly Jade 8 个月 前

    :O :o NEEEEEED this!

  • Abrienne Macari
    Abrienne Macari 8 个月 前

    Looking for someone tint mine tbh

  • Abrienne Macari
    Abrienne Macari 8 个月 前

    Is she located in Sydney??

  • Brooke Simon
    Brooke Simon 8 个月 前

    How old do you have to be to get this done?

  • Katherine
    Katherine 8 个月 前

    Omg. Get on with it girl...

  • Janie S.
    Janie S. 8 个月 前

    Microblading is not permanent.
    Love your brows!!!

  • Candy Jimenez
    Candy Jimenez 8 个月 前

    Can anyone tell me if i can do it even do i have a scar on 1 of my eyebrows?

  • Clem1619
    Clem1619 8 个月 前

    The tint is only gonna stay 1 to 2 days on the skin (which is what gives this, neat, pencil like brows), the tint is just meant to stay on the hairs. It is only a good technique if your brows color are drastically different from your hair color and want to match. It is absolutely not an alternative to microblading

  • Melissa Rico
    Melissa Rico 8 个月 前

    Love your skin girl!! 😍