[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ %%(Eung Eung(응응))

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  • [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ %%(Eung Eung(응응))
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    Although eight years has passed since its debut, Apink has positioned itself as one of the top girl groups in Korea. In about six months after fearlessly making a successful change in ‘I’m So Sick’ on July 1, 2018, Apink brings out its 8th mini album ‘PERCENT’. The title track ‘%%’ is a dreamy dance song with the electronic sound, describing a wish to wait for a nice person without compromising loneliness that often comes secretly at night. Particularly, the lyrics express the newly coined internet slang ‘o o (which means I got it in Korean)’ with ‘%%’ to wittily show the will of the speaker.
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  • Taube Sakurai
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  • beast and apink
    beast and apink 天 前 +1

    I love apink forever!!!!!!!

  • gamer katie_ kawaii cutie yt

    Me:Eunji really deserve the chorus
    Fans:yah we know!!😆❤

  • Pearl Corgi
    Pearl Corgi 天 前 +2

    Apink🎵Apink🌠Apink💕The best group💗

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  • sayli jtp
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    200k more..🤩

  • Eunji's eye smile
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    %% ❤

  • 이버찌
    이버찌 天 前

    요즘 에이핑크 싫어요 너무 많은듯ㅠ 1도없어도 뮤비 싫어요 많던데ㅠㅠ

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Lets make 15 M💪

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    14.8 M finally

  • siam fitparyoon
    siam fitparyoon 天 前

    Keep stre@ming

  • Jungkook8JiminsJams

    They need more views tbh. EUNJI MAH QUEEN

  • 후오
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  • Hani Ahn
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    Apink 😍😍😍

  • SugarPebbles28
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  • Nate
    Nate 天 前 +6

    Pandas are all sleeping, this is really like only one era only a little bit better. Give huge support to Apink if you truely wish to see them making comeback twice a year. It’s all about business after all, if they can’t make profit through their comeback how do you expect their company would want to let them have more than one comeback a year. It’s really sad that they’re loosing to a solo artist who hasn’t been in the industry more than 5 years. Do your very best Pandas! Make Apink rise again!

  • Alifa Naura
    Alifa Naura 天 前 +2

    I really love Apink, please give them more support😭❣

  • ابرار الغلا


  • ابرار الغلا

    We can not give Up

  • Apink Chomi
    Apink Chomi 天 前

    What's happening pandas Only One Era is coming back :(

  • Yuditha Purba
    Yuditha Purba 天 前 +2

    I love apink more than my lyfe 😂

  • ginggan fufuangartwong

    Panda fighting go 15M ✌

  • kenny g Rafael
    kenny g Rafael 天 前 +3

    14,800,900 🐼💪👍

  • it's me Abir
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    200k to 15M let's goo 💪

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    Good job

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  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Apink "%%" - 2019-01-18:
    #6 Soribada (+1)
    #7 Bugs (-1)
    #18 Mnet (-1)
    #27 Genie (=)
    #30 Melon (=)
    #31 Naver (+2)

  • ヘーゼル
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  • Sarah
    Sarah 天 前

    Go to 15M

  • nct is a whole mood

    I’m so annoying I keep commenting on their vids but I cant help it #EungEung2ndWin

  • ابرار الغلا

    Keep stream today 15m

  • Sarah
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  • Āron Koichi
    Āron Koichi 天 前

    I like this song so much!

  • SugarPebbles28
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  • Sarah
    Sarah 天 前

    Go go panda

  • nihad 39
    nihad 39 天 前

    14,792,781 ❤❤

  • nenieengel
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    Still loving it❤

  • Akshi Dutta
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    Addicted to this song!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 天 前

    Chorong 💛

  • puppy jin's
    puppy jin's 天 前

    Why we don't get 15M already? Keep streaming Pandas! Don't give up! Fighting!

  • M.A. -
    M.A. - 天 前


  • M.A. -
    M.A. - 天 前

    *NAEUN 💞✊*

  • Nilda Mapalo
    Nilda Mapalo 天 前

    Guys just in case if u cant watch their performance in SBS inkigayo, u need to download first turbo vnp then connect it. It will work. Thats actually what i did. Keep stream their performance in SBS inkigayo! Thats the last chance do we have.

  • SugarPebbles28
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  • Keku
    Keku 天 前 +1

    Pink crush is the better crush

  • Y. W
    Y. W 天 前 +3

    I‘m so disappointed to be honest....I mean I can compromise that we didn‘t win today but Apink was not even nominated😱
    How is that even possible?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 天 前


  • Katrina Olaguer
    Katrina Olaguer 天 前 +2

    The views is not increasing 😔

  • Katrina Olaguer
    Katrina Olaguer 天 前 +4

    Calling out all koreans and international Pandas out there!!! Guys lets continue to stream this MV .... pleassse guys lets do this for APINK! ❤️

  • Sarah
    Sarah 天 前

    Panda go go to 16M today plz 😩😩

  • Ailyn Akmad
    Ailyn Akmad 天 前 +1

    keep str3@ming guy's for 3rd win tomorrow plsss. don't stop str3@ming guys

  • Malinda Subastian
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  • Ra Yun
    Ra Yun 天 前

    15M gooo panda

  • SugarPebbles28
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  • Roger Tan
    Roger Tan 天 前

    Chorong's been gaming too much in her room she's starting to have eyebags. They need to force her to go outside and do some outdoor activities!! LOLz XD

  • Rain Sound
    Rain Sound 天 前 +1

    why do you guys write "str3@m" like this ?

    • Nilda Mapalo
      Nilda Mapalo 天 前

      Bcoz its made the vi3ws freeze or yt delete some vi3ws

  • Vanessa 16
    Vanessa 16 天 前 +3

    Keep Str3@ming Pandas!!!!! ❤

  • Park Hye Jin
    Park Hye Jin 天 前 +6

    Good job Apink coz never let down pandas upon their performance in show music core... Dear pandas, never ever be dissapointed if Apink doesn't winning any music stage or nominated for the 1st place... Sometimes, winning is not everything... Apink is not labelled from "The Big Three"... But still, they can maintain their names in music industry for a very long time.. 9 years old girl group.. Never doubt about their popularity coz I'm starting to know about them on 2017.. There's time where they lose fans and there's time where they gain another "anonymous fans"... Just like me... Keep on our positive thinking on the next stage... Never ever look back.. Tomorrow never dies... Fighting!! Inkigayo fighting!!

    • Park Hye Jin
      Park Hye Jin 天 前

      +Nilda Mapalo right.. 😊😊 Lets do our best... The best thing I can do only streaming their MV.. Buying their albums.. Go to their concert... Nothing much I can do since I'm an international fans... 😅😅.. I bet it wasn't enough compared to other pandas hardwork... I'm truly sorry... 😌😌

    • Nilda Mapalo
      Nilda Mapalo 天 前 +1

      nae but still lets do our best to win our girls since they did their best with this cb so as in return, we must work harder too.

  • jeivi mapalo
    jeivi mapalo 天 前

    Pandasss plsssss wake up

  • Buddies 96
    Buddies 96 天 前

    Can someone update how this song on chart?

  • Laura XD
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  • Eunkook Jeongjung
    Eunkook Jeongjung 天 前 +1

    Views---> slowwwwwwww

  • SugarPebbles28
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    • SugarPebbles28
      SugarPebbles28 天 前 +1

      i will update this every time i watch the MV, please do the same Pandas !! we can keep track of the rise from the last time we've watched the MV, remember the 30 sec break after each str3am is important too... so str3am other Apink MVs or their choreo MV instead of waiting~

  • A M
    A M 天 前 +5

    That red hair girl omg her voice is so unique and beautiful. What’s her name?

    • A M
      A M 天 前

      Thank you so much she’s amazing😍 well all of them are amazing I don’t know how I couldn’t know about them before

    • Another Panda
      Another Panda 天 前 +1

      Park chorong 😍

    • Laura XD
      Laura XD 天 前 +2

      A M - park chorong, apink’s leader. /

  • pink panda
    pink panda 天 前 +3

    Panda, dont giveuppp. We can do better than this.

  • Zaff Amran
    Zaff Amran 天 前 +4

    its a catchy songgg and I alrdy cover this song. Check out my cover too cnclip.net/video/NxzntIb-vEU/视频.html thank you pink panda ❤

  • Anais
    Anais 天 前


  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Please stre@m Apink inkigayo performance💪

  • Apink I'm so sick stream


  • SugarPebbles28
    SugarPebbles28 天 前 +5

    *it's weird how Apink is doing better overall on k-charts now but not on CNclip... what happened to the 13.5M vi3ws we got in just one week?? now we are struggling to even get 2M in a week :/ it's like the str3amers all gave up just as Apink is doing better on k-charts (from #20-23 overall to #15-17), don't give up on Apink just yet !! if they don't do well, they will continue to just have 1 comeback a year :( keep str3aming whenever you can, even after their promotions end tomorrow on Inkigayo~*

    • pink panda
      pink panda 天 前 +2

      So weird tho 😭. The vi*w veryyyy slow.

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    15 M please...

  • pink panda
    pink panda 天 前 +1

    15m we r cominggg

  • pink panda
    pink panda 天 前 +2

    Who win music core?

  • Eunji's eye smile

    Why I can't find their live stage on music core ? please give me the link

  • Nurganym Altayeva

    Go go go

  • Rizki Ramadhan
    Rizki Ramadhan 天 前

    kenapa kalo di MV lama naiknya di dancenya ataupun yang lainnya cepet ?

  • Nida Amelia
    Nida Amelia 天 前 +1

    - Namjoo 2019 -

  • Śôšô køøkïê

    Panda 240k And we Get 15m Let str&5am hard

  • ruth darlen
    ruth darlen 天 前 +1


  • 감마
    감마 天 前

    저 마미손 같은 고무 장갑 너무 싫다 ㅠㅠ

  • 바니공주
    바니공주 天 前

    특히 손나은.스타일이며 비쥬얼이며 대박 레전드급으로 나오네 작정하고 나온듯

  • Rain Sound
    Rain Sound 天 前 +1


    AXIDBOMB 14 天 前 +3

    Omg 😭 this song is so addicting especially the first part ITS sooo catchy 😭🥵

  • paul tuhina
    paul tuhina 天 前 +2

    Everyone must be happy now that Apink lost again..and guess what..it's not even 2nd this time..5th...after all, trophies doesn't matter...i read so many comments about it that Apink don't care about awards...they just want to make us happy..and that means we will stop doing everything to make them win because awards doesn't matter anymore because they are seniors..but no...they do matter.Apink get overwhelmed when they receive one...yes..they want love.. And making them win is one way to show we are still here for them.."it's okay,winning is not everything" is just an excuse that pandas use these days after losing. No, it's not at all okay..we can be a part of humble and warm fandom... No doubt..that's one of the reason I'm a proud Panda... But we should learn how to be a loyal and supportive from other fandoms.I'm sure over half of Pandas around the world... Either support multifandom (I still don't get the concept)..and they just don't bother when Apink need them....other half don't really show themselves up in time of voting or anything required...they just call themselves Panda.if you call me greedy, selfish,discouraging...yes I indeed am..i want Apink to have highest recognition,Most award anybody can ever think of...i want everything good happen with the girls..and I'm just not saying it... I really want it...desperately..

  • jeivi mapalo
    jeivi mapalo 天 前 +3

    Apink are not nominated today huhuhuhu. The last chance do we have is the inkigayo. Pandas pls work harder plssssss. I know there's always a reason why is it happening. Fighting! I still believe in you co-pandas.

    • jeivi mapalo
      jeivi mapalo 天 前

      +pink panda chungha since apink didn't nominated :(

    • pink panda
      pink panda 天 前

      Who win the music core? 😭

  • Rain Sound
    Rain Sound 天 前


  • Rain Sound
    Rain Sound 天 前


  • Eunji's eye smile

    Are they nominate on inkigayo for sure ? or what ?

  • Juliene Millares

    Please Pandas censored the word STR3@M it will freeze the vi3w.

  • Eunji's eye smile

    Apink weren't nominated ? why ?!!

    • Laura XD
      Laura XD 天 前

      pink panda someone in the comments said it was chungha

    • pink panda
      pink panda 天 前

      +pink flower who win music core?

    • pink flower
      pink flower 天 前

      Eunji's eye smile really

  • vanessa abdon
    vanessa abdon 天 前

    Stream stream stream!!! So addicting!

    • Juliene Millares
      Juliene Millares 天 前 +1

      Please censored the word str3am it will freeze the vi3ws.

  • elly daniel
    elly daniel 天 前 +1

    Panda are you gais here.. We need more effort..

    REVELUV X ONCE 天 前 +1

    Str3aaaaaam our girls deserve it please don't give up on them 😭😭

  • Nasrun Sehun
    Nasrun Sehun 天 前 +4

    1.Apink - Eung Eung %%(14 746 865 vi3ws)
    2.iKON - IM OK (12 403 956 vi3ws)
    3.GFRIEND - SUNRISE(11 103 057 vi3ws)
    4.ONEUS - VALKYRIE(2 490 426 vi3ws)
    5.ATEEZ - SAY MY NAME(2 361 990 vi3ws)
    6.VERIVERY - RING RING RING(2 287 148 vi3ws)

  • jungkook insfires me

    This song and concept is so... dreamy. It's hard to describe. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like I'm in a room that is dimly lit, pink, and foggy. It smells either sweet like candy, or floral like roses. It feels like I'm melting into the floor of that room. That probably made no sense, but that's the sort of vibe I'm getting, lol
    also I guess I'm a panda now 🐼

  • i Tsamara
    i Tsamara 天 前

    I'm sorry, did my phone broken? Just 1 vws in 8 minutes? :(

  • i Tsamara
    i Tsamara 天 前

    200vws in 3 minutes

  • i Tsamara
    i Tsamara 天 前

    Why is it still 14m? Did you sleep on them?

    • Juliene Millares
      Juliene Millares 天 前

      🐼🐼🐼 fighting! We can make it 15M today. Just keep str3@ming.🐼

    • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID
      #Apink_PERCENT PandaID 天 前

      Yeeuupp! It means You need to watching this MV more and more. None of Pandas sleep on this~

    • Juliene Millares
      Juliene Millares 天 前

      Lets keep str3@ming. Dont worry we can make it 15M this day if we will help each other to str3@m.