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  • noob philosopher
    noob philosopher 6 小时 前

    It's 2 am now, here. I didn't expect I'd come to this video once again. Last year my heart ached to see this but at the same time I'm so proud of you that you've worked so hard and came that far.
    Now I'm here in my dark room, staring at you but my heart ache for you even more because I don't know how you've been. Are you doing okay Hanbin? I find it hard for the last 2 months. But I know you must feel hurt much more than we all. I always say this in every video about you even if you won't see it: whatever it is, there are a lot of people who will support you. Whatever decision you make, if you feel that it's the best, what ever path you choose if you feel happy and serene, we'll support you. Please don't forget to eat. And yoga kinda helps the mind, reduce anxiousness, and ache in the body. I hope you sleep well, even if you're not right now, I hope you'll be eventually.
    You're not alone. You're an amazing person that I fall for your fucking personality and hard work before I even fall for your voice and smile and everything else I cannot mention.
    Be well. You did great. And you still have the opportunity. Even if the world did you wrong lots of times. Conquer the world again and again in a way you most happy.
    I wish you love and happiness, and peace.
    Love, L.

  • Jessica Lerio
    Jessica Lerio 23 天 前

    Kim hanbin and his music is a masterpiece. Our Hanbin is such an inspiration. Let us keep supporting and loving him. ❤️
    Hanbin-ah we will wait no matter how long it takes! We will not give up! We will keep protecting you! ❤️ #BI #WeStandBIyou

  • Sheren Kaur
    Sheren Kaur 24 天 前


  • Tudian Ulfa
    Tudian Ulfa 25 天 前


  • Multi Fandom mom
    Multi Fandom mom 27 天 前

    Hanbin is iKONS LEADER

  • Adisti Paramitha
    Adisti Paramitha 个月 前

    jaketnya Bobby 😍

  • 김tkbyung
    김tkbyung 2 个月 前

    oh i cant see this

  • Im Nobody
    Im Nobody 2 个月 前

    Hanbin 💔💔

  • Etta To
    Etta To 2 个月 前

    Who is here after hanbins incident😭 hanbin is now in han river hope he will get better after the walk❤️

  • Maza Zidan
    Maza Zidan 2 个月 前


  • Hanna
    Hanna 3 个月 前

    Omg I'm getting damn emotional i love hanbin and ikon so much

  • Hanna
    Hanna 4 个月 前

    I love you so so so so so much kim hanbin, you have no idea. Thank you for your hard work remember no matter what happens we will always support you and ikon, we'll wait no matter how long it takes for your solo album, love, we will always wait for you. We stick together like a glue for many many many MORE years to come, ikon ikonics, forever and ever. Don't worry about us. Please always be healthy and happy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • KR IS
    KR IS 5 个月 前

    "We'll always be ourselves and build our own world"

    • KR IS
      KR IS 5 个月 前

      *One of the reasons why I stan*

    • KR IS
      KR IS 5 个月 前

      We'll be taking our own path

    • KR IS
      KR IS 5 个月 前

      Regardless of what others think or what comes in our way

  • Syazwan Gaucho
    Syazwan Gaucho 5 个月 前

    0:36 what the name of instrumen used there

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara 5 个月 前

    dear hanbin, we're so proud of you. don't overwork yourself, get rest, take a breathe, we don't want to lose you... money and success will mean nothing if you're dying, hanbinie...

  • RonRon Aigoo
    RonRon Aigoo 6 个月 前

    Ahh the Mr. Lonely

  • Mark Tsundoku Pasha
    Mark Tsundoku Pasha 6 个月 前

    Just For You’s progression is no joke. 👌

  • Phi chul
    Phi chul 6 个月 前 +1

    just when i thought that i cant love him more... he prove me otherwise. just like he said...regardless of what people think about iKONs music or achievement.. we (iKONICs) will keep going with you guys to built our own world and doesnt need to be like others. whenever iKON got compared with other group and saying how iKON unlike other famous artist... just ignore and lets keep going in your lead leadernim!

  • Suci Nur
    Suci Nur 6 个月 前 +1

    Hanbin always working hard.. fighting hanbin.. i'm always support iKON 💙

  • Shxxbi Kim
    Shxxbi Kim 8 个月 前 +1

    So much respect for this guy😭 Leadernim yooo the best💕

  • Naturalhigh Bounty
    Naturalhigh Bounty 9 个月 前

    Damn this guy is a music genius, that fierce mind, kind hearted, and a brave soul will lead this magnificent Leader in a path that many has been called but only a handful is chosen to become a legend and BI will be one of them!!!

  • Hitz nick
    Hitz nick 9 个月 前 +1

    that canadian singer need to see this lol

  • bubble pang
    bubble pang 10 个月 前

    my boy hanbin i love you

  • Aye Thi Han
    Aye Thi Han 10 个月 前

    He's an inspiration.

  • Buôn Chuối Mèo
    Buôn Chuối Mèo 11 个月 前

    I'm cryingggggg
    B.I ahhh

  • Atria 001
    Atria 001 11 个月 前


  • nana nara
    nana nara 11 个月 前

    I Love u Kim B.I 💗💗

  • zzang gu
    zzang gu 11 个月 前 +1


  • 세영이
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  • big baby
    big baby 年 前


  • big baby
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  • Younggee Kwak
    Younggee Kwak 年 前 +1

    멋진사람 김한빈

  • Lexie Maj
    Lexie Maj 年 前

    Oh I love this talented young man so much. So hardworking. What a great leader. 😍😘😚

  • This is Noona
    This is Noona 年 前 +3

    😍😍😍 I really adore your hardwork Hanbin-ah... You worked really hard from day to night.. 😢😢😢 but don't worry.. You have me and the rest of iKONic around the globe.... Please stay healthy and fighting.. Don't be so down when you are alone... Always remember you deserve this whole freaking world even the world doesn't deserve you.. 😢😢
    I love you so much!!! I'll see you soon Hanbin!!! 😍😍

  • jimin is mylifeu

    Our leader❤ KIM HANBIN ILY

  • Ann
    Ann 年 前

    Why is the caption of english was written in japanese?

  • ku scienna
    ku scienna 年 前

    I hope there is a subtitle 😊

  • Anh Amy
    Anh Amy 年 前


  • Bernadette Bangi

    Is it only me ? Or something error happen. I press cc to get an english translation, instead of english, what i get was japanese translation

  • Elise le Roux
    Elise le Roux 年 前 +1

    When you choose english cc but get japanese instead...whut😂

  • Miinn Suga
    Miinn Suga 年 前

    i love you Hanbin! Ikon Fighting!!💞❤️

  • Han Hae Soo
    Han Hae Soo 年 前

    B.I !!! love you!!!!❤️❤️😘😘

  • Kuzovaj
    Kuzovaj 年 前

    Wait what? eng CC but its chinese lmao wtf

  • jilindipity
    jilindipity 年 前

    why the subs are in japanese?

  • 김가현
    김가현 年 前

    진짜 멋진사람이네요

  • danceᄅ
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  • Ji Eun Baik
    Ji Eun Baik 年 前

    고생 너무 많았어요 ㅠㅠ 김한빈 화이팅!! 사랑합니다❤️

  • Frichie Ramos
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  • opay papoy
    opay papoy 年 前

    Bbiiiiii ❤❤❤❤❤

  • cottanxkendi
    cottanxkendi 年 前 +2

    Wow did you all turn the eng subtitles on? Its written in Japanese? or Chinese? 😣😣

  • iKONic Nina_Ju-ne
    iKONic Nina_Ju-ne 年 前 +1

    Subs please

  • Dara Saguid
    Dara Saguid 年 前 +1

    I'm dead. There's no English sub

  • just soft
    just soft 年 前

    Am I being trolled the English subs are in English.
    Anyway I am so proud of Hanbin everything you've put into your work shows so clearly and it results are amazing

  • Rena Li
    Rena Li 年 前 +2

    English subs turned out to be Japanese?

  • lilfreakmagnae
    lilfreakmagnae 年 前 +1

    me: there's eng sub! omg finally
    also me 1second later: why..... japanese ....

  • Luci Morales
    Luci Morales 年 前


  • LightWeyt
    LightWeyt 年 前 +1

    the english subtiles are in japanese lol.

  • mysticdef
    mysticdef 年 前 +1

    I put English subs but its in Japanese wtf


    Goosebumps,when i heard their latest song in the last part of the video. So proud, ikon.. is the best,.

  • Kkkk k
    Kkkk k 年 前

    Hanbin-ahhh Hwaitingggg!! from philippines we love youuuuu:))))))

  • ms. Rama
    ms. Rama 年 前

    this is not english :)

  • Irish Jane Garcia
    Irish Jane Garcia 年 前 +1

    LOL 😂 The subtitle was English but on the screen its Japanese 😂

  • amor Ty
    amor Ty 年 前

    im proud of you Kim Hanbin,,iluvu😍😍😍

  • Norah Gafo
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  • lil diva
    lil diva 年 前 +2

    Going to caption:
    PLAY the video:

    ME: 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Riri Kim
    Riri Kim 年 前

    Woah~ such a talented young man , I never thought since WIN you could be a great leader , I mean you are , but don't exhaust yourself too much okay?! You did well , from being a hyung , a leader and a friend .. All MY FRIENDS will keep supporting you and the kids😂😍 and ~ we're sooo~~ ready for tomorrow!! Its Showtime!!! Fighting!!!!😊😇

  • Jewelry J
    Jewelry J 年 前

    ขอบคุณที่ทำงานหนักนะ รักคุณ🌈💫🕊💓

  • Coelhinha Lua Hoseok LooNa Stan

    Ikonics brs???

  • kiyowos baaney
    kiyowos baaney 年 前

    ours Hanbin-ah had working hard through past and this time. Pls don't get hurt! iKON fightingg!! 😘😙

  • kiyowos baaney
    kiyowos baaney 年 前

    ours Hanbin-ah had working hard through past and this time. Pls don't get hurt! iKON fightingg!! 😘😙

  • kiyowos baaney
    kiyowos baaney 年 前

    ours Hanbin-ah had working hard through past and this time. Pls don't get hurt! iKON fightingg!! 😘😙

  • sovi navisah
    sovi navisah 年 前

    Where is eng sub?

  • Sheyn B
    Sheyn B 年 前

    Hanbin still doing his best since from the beginning. We love you B. I 😍

  • dahlia
    dahlia 年 前

    It looks like the eng subs are not working for now. You can check the video with eng subs in their Vlive channel instead.