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    Clinique - Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation + Concealer
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    NARS - NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette
    MAC - Soft Ochre
    Buxom Eyeshadow - Room Service
    LANCÔME - Monsieur Big Mascara
    Laura Mercier - Translucent Loose Setting Powder
    Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Powder
    MAC - Melba Blush
    Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner - Glamrock
    Too Faced - Chocolate Honey
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    NEW vLog Camera (SONY A7SII):
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    Tutorial DSLR (Cannon 5DIII):
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  • Jordan Michaels
    Jordan Michaels 9 个月 前

    I loved this video, you’re always so informative on products and how to apply them 💕

  • yourstrulyy Lana

    You're so beautiful Desi 😭❤️

  • Michele Miguel
    Michele Miguel 年 前

    Stumbled on this video and girl! You are so precise and so talented when you apply your make up!! Love the tips!! Pls do more tutorials!!!

  • Lilia Beltran
    Lilia Beltran 年 前

    Lisa Eldrige is an original G! Love her and love you too tambien! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Mel Tuoma
    Mel Tuoma 年 前

    Love you Desi! I learn so much from you, great tips in this vid xx

  • MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez

    I love Lisa too!!

  • Taylor Fashionista

    your videos are breathtaking, I'm here for it 💁💁 love ya girl xoxo 😘😘

  • Stephanie estrella

    you have been giving me life with all these looks i love emmmmm!

  • Tiana
    Tiana 年 前

    So I've been crazy busy with work and haven't been able to watch you tube video. For the last few days, I've been binge watching videos and today I've been watching your last few posts. I just wanted to say, every time I watch you, I learn something new. I know you said if you weren't a makeup artist, you would be a teacher and I could totally see that. I'm a teacher btw. I have hooded eyes, so I'm always looking for tips cause eye shadow can be very tricky. Just wanted to share my appreciation.

  • Sheabearbeauty
    Sheabearbeauty 年 前

    Why are you so damn gorgeous!!!!!

  • Keila Barba Leon

    Amo que seas tan perfeccionista!

  • Paolo Chizzolini

    Reaallyyy Hot Girls =>

  • TruthOrClaire
    TruthOrClaire 年 前

    That seafoam green is such a pretty color!

  • Danielle Goldstein

    Literally one of my favorite looks you've done!!!!

  • Beatriz Hernandez

    i lovee this look 😍

  • Elly Luquen
    Elly Luquen 年 前

    Beautiful look! Loved it! Xoxo :)

  • Chanique BrooksLive

    I love your makeup tutorials ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Lydia Neely
    Lydia Neely 年 前

    What age is she ????

  • Maya Montri
    Maya Montri 年 前


  • Nandni Bhasin
    Nandni Bhasin 年 前

    what's the song she's singing at the end?

  • Jody Richards
    Jody Richards 年 前

    does anyone know where the flat concealer brush is from? for some reason ive been semi struggling with doing cut-creases, and this brush makes it look so much easier!!

  • LindasPerspective

    love the eye colors!!! gorgeous! But why do you look like you're struggling to keep your eyes open post application? 😥

  • Katya Naomi
    Katya Naomi 年 前

    Uh i see 👀😍

  • Clarissa Arreola

    Just waiting for that make tut with you and your Tia!! That would be fire! 🔥

  • Nic stadler
    Nic stadler 年 前

    just started a makeup channel! i kinda suck but check it out

  • Justine Kaesler
    Justine Kaesler 年 前

    Love how this look came out! I feel like buxom shadows are so underrated! xo.

  • candecaputto
    candecaputto 年 前

    absolutely stunning!!

  • Beautyncurlss
    Beautyncurlss 年 前


  • Erika Barajas
    Erika Barajas 年 前

    I need to see this prom picture!!! 😩 now you got my thinking 🤔🤔🤔

  • Samantha March
    Samantha March 年 前

    I am currently obsessed with seafoam green!

  • Barbara Jewell
    Barbara Jewell 年 前

    I'm loving this look!!! The green is so fabulous!!!

  • Soumaya B.
    Soumaya B. 年 前

    As always beautiful you, beautiful makeup. I love that green eyeshadow😍

  • Janell Garcia
    Janell Garcia 年 前


  • SolelyVanessa
    SolelyVanessa 年 前

    The eyes are amazing!

  • Avelynda Ruelas
    Avelynda Ruelas 年 前

    Love this look! ❤️

  • Bryan Gaviola
    Bryan Gaviola 年 前

    Love it 👍🏼

  • Kitzia Chavez
    Kitzia Chavez 年 前


  • Gandhijis
    Gandhijis 年 前

    Crying bc I actually have the main eyeshadow needed to do the look. I hated my buxom palette but im so happy i kept it!!!!

  • irene Monge
    irene Monge 年 前

    Omg in love with this look 😍😍😍

  • Blanca Kaalekahi

    You give me life!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💁🏽😍😍😍 yaass!!! Bich!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘

  • Farielovedust
    Farielovedust 年 前

    I loved it! going to try recreating the look! 💜

  • Laura Tafolla
    Laura Tafolla 年 前

    I feel like that Chapel show crack head character right now! You got anymore of them tutorials?!
    Please do your latest look the all natural look!

  • Julisa Ibarra
    Julisa Ibarra 年 前

    OMG this is soo bomb!! & I love Clinique!

  • Lexy Ortega
    Lexy Ortega 年 前

    I love the seafoam green color really makes your eyes pop Desi

  • Jen Schrock
    Jen Schrock 年 前

    you are so pretty!

  • Kiara Monreal
    Kiara Monreal 年 前

    You're literally flawless and I swear I wish I could do makeup as amazing as you do😭

  • Meghan Poole
    Meghan Poole 年 前

    1000% requesting a picture of little Desi at prom

  • Foreign Matty
    Foreign Matty 年 前

    Wishing you could do my makeup for prom because your skills are too bomb 😍

  • Aimee Tatum
    Aimee Tatum 年 前

    Obsessed with Lisa Eldridge and this look 😍😍😍

  • Mahshad Afshar
    Mahshad Afshar 年 前

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like jlo? You're so pretty!!!!!

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia 年 前


  • Kaitlyn Babb
    Kaitlyn Babb 年 前

    I went to a Clinique counter for a sample and they looked at me like I was a dumbass ☹️

  • Sheriyan Bradford

    Use my code "MNRWYN" to join Mercari and get $2 off your first purchase of makeup, clothes, and other essentials!!

  • Paola Loeza
    Paola Loeza 年 前

    Can we see a prom photo or a makeup recreation of your prom video plus a prom photo, I wanna see baby Desi!💁❤️

  • Olivia Clement
    Olivia Clement 年 前

    You remind me SO MUCH of Paris on Gilmore girls

  • Shay Lawson
    Shay Lawson 年 前

    Desi! Your natural lashes are really coming in so nice. They were super noticeable and full in this video!

  • Margaret Elizabeth

    You should remake your prom makeup and hair like the how i did my makeup in high school challenge!!!!

  • S. Cardenas
    S. Cardenas 年 前

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  • T Gardner
    T Gardner 年 前

    So so so pretty, Desi! U never cease to amaze me girl! 👏👏💋💖

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    Whitney Edwards 年 前

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    Emily A. 年 前

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  • Danny Manivanh
    Danny Manivanh 年 前 +1

    So excited you were able to meet Lisa Eldridge! That's one of the things on my bucket list lol
    Also Adore that MAC Blusher in Melba. ❤️

  • Jessica Soriano
    Jessica Soriano 年 前

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  • Daisy Torres
    Daisy Torres 年 前

    I want that foundation but every time I got to Sephora they tell me none of them have my shade . I'm probable one or two shades darker than Desi

  • Shauna jones
    Shauna jones 年 前 +1

    "A little elegant, yet (whispers) Bold!" 😅

  • Shauna jones
    Shauna jones 年 前 +1

    You da best 🦋

  • Callum McCarthy
    Callum McCarthy 年 前 +1

    love this!!! boys enjoy makeup too!!

  • kaleidoscopeeyeddoll

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    Lyah Scott 年 前

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  • Team CND
    Team CND 年 前

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  • ABbeautyyy
    ABbeautyyy 年 前

    How gorgeous is this eyelook! That green is beautiful, definitely wanna recreate! xxx

  • jnavarra2011
    jnavarra2011 年 前

    Hey Desi, I've started following you after seeing you on the simplysona page... You're amazing! Can you do another special event (wedding) makeup look for the Australian winter... Thanks so much, Jo... xx

  • Uyanashka
    Uyanashka 年 前 +1

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    Xtina Freeman 年 前

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    JadesandLillies 年 前

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    b a 年 前

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    fiora ne 年 前

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  • Jessie House
    Jessie House 年 前

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    Rebekah Vlogz 年 前

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  • Let's Glow
    Let's Glow 年 前

    Hi everyone, i opened my youtube channel, i don't want to bother but it takes 2min, come and see what i do et don't forget to subscribe if you like (a little tip, it's free😉)
    Salut à toute, je viens d'ouvrir ma chaîne youtube, je ne veux pas vous soûler mais ça prend 2min venez voir un peu ce que je fais et n'hésitez pas à vous abonnez si ça vous plaît (en plus c'est gratuit😉)


    Desi you are so talented! I love watching your tutorials.

  • Amy Naik
    Amy Naik 年 前

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  • Maive
    Maive 年 前

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    Daisha Reed 年 前

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  • DcStyle84
    DcStyle84 年 前

    Hey girl, I know this is irrelevant to your cut crease video, but I have a question about your High Key sunglasses. Are they 100% UV protected and/or polarized? I literally cannot find any information pertaining to that on the Quay site. Please let me know, I would really like to buy a pair for your release on Wednesday!

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    Maria Johnson 年 前

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    Athena Arges 年 前

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    Carryl Edwards 年 前

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