SCARE PEWDIEPIE - Level 8 Free Preview

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  • Are you kidding me? Barrels! No one said there would be barrels! [*Shakes fist vigorously in the air] Damn you!
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  • LuC1phAr7
    LuC1phAr7 3 个月 前

    I watched the pirated vfersion! BITCh!

  • AFG Boys
    AFG Boys 年 前

    I have been asking for this opportunity since 2 years please shoutout to my channel i have a poor family left to move with im the only one who have to work and don't go to school😢😢😢 im 16 i have never been at school if you want to know the whole story email me
    First lose your confusion talk to me then give me a shoutout please

  • Kian Kian
    Kian Kian 年 前


  • gamze yıldız
    gamze yıldız 年 前

    why was this on my recommended section I thought this was new :(

  • Nyx Omisha
    Nyx Omisha 年 前

    XD _This is supposed to be a parody of Metal Gear Solid IV right?_

  • Shan Daniel
    Shan Daniel 年 前

    Bring back season2 you CNclip swine

  • Yuмιє ღ
    Yuмιє ღ 2 年 前


  • Shinzangetsu
    Shinzangetsu 2 年 前

    too bad it gets canceled in 2017.

  • Cabage 123
    Cabage 123 2 年 前 +1

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Ammolite Gem
    Ammolite Gem 2 年 前

    I would love to do this one it would feel
    like I'm in far cry 3 since I like to go stealthy 😁

  • PG PG
    PG PG 2 年 前

    Fak forfor kan jeg uke se hele filmen Fak Yu pewDiepie

  • u5v
    u5v 2 年 前 +1

    Can I get 1450 subscribers and 20 likes because my pet cat died? :c please #RIP :c #Maxou

  • RaginPlayer
    RaginPlayer 2 年 前 +1


  • Expand Dong
    Expand Dong 2 年 前

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  • Vianey Delgado
    Vianey Delgado 2 年 前

    Ah y pewds

  • 。ΜοΛωΝ ΛαΒΕ 。

    pew is hacker he has only 3.000.000

  • Стефан Србија


  • izzy woofwoof
    izzy woofwoof 2 年 前

    I wish you could get youtube red in england

  • RaldFranzNacpil
    RaldFranzNacpil 3 年 前

    This one's for Timmy!

  • Kiki Claw
    Kiki Claw 3 年 前

    does anyone know what happened with lvel 7?

  • Dergonu
    Dergonu 3 年 前

    Ooook, "CNclip red is currently not available in Norway."
    Well then, don't say I didn't try ...

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia 3 年 前

    I wanna see it 🙅

  • V1NCE 38
    V1NCE 38 3 年 前

    pauvre merde

  • Kurose Riku
    Kurose Riku 3 年 前

    dont be scared piediepie

  • Ethan Boi
    Ethan Boi 3 年 前

    i think he should do mckamey manor!

  • Ołiviã _xôxô_
    Ołiviã _xôxô_ 3 年 前

    I can't see the full episodes cause I live in UK ;,,,,,,,(

  • Arsyad Aiman
    Arsyad Aiman 3 年 前

    I want this in my country so bad

  • Felix Leruu
    Felix Leruu 3 年 前

    Where can i even watch this?

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated 3 年 前 +1

    In the real video, the best part is 11:29; SO FUNNY!

  • aimfull
    aimfull 3 年 前

    I saw this episode it was dope as fuck

  • David Williams
    David Williams 3 年 前

    this kid Dillon is lying

  • Bizzle
    Bizzle 3 年 前

    This one was the best !!!

  • TechPack4U
    TechPack4U 3 年 前

    how can i watch the full videos?

  • Niels Morsten
    Niels Morsten 3 年 前

    On Red Tube?

  • Davian Durrant
    Davian Durrant 3 年 前

    lol metal gear solid?

  • Davian Durrant
    Davian Durrant 3 年 前

    lol metal gear solid?

  • S H A R K L Y
    S H A R K L Y 3 年 前


  • S H A R K L Y
    S H A R K L Y 3 年 前

    Should of called it "level 8 call of pewdie

    ELVIS D 3 年 前

    youtube red is a moneygrab

  • shivyram
    shivyram 3 年 前

    this definitely was the best one so far. watching level 9 now!

  • ernestodark198
    ernestodark198 3 年 前

    you can just find all of these episodes online for free xD

  • blanka
    blanka 3 年 前

    Damm cool

  • Omer S.
    Omer S. 3 年 前

    This series is gonna get pirated in 3... 2... 1... already downloading lol

  • jack84002
    jack84002 3 年 前

    ha i don't know what to say

  • Paulius P.
    Paulius P. 3 年 前


  • Jasmina Mijuskovic
    Jasmina Mijuskovic 3 年 前

    u can find all these vids on google 4 free

  • Fahad MV
    Fahad MV 3 年 前

    I wanna watch it but says not available *-*

  • wii u gaming
    wii u gaming 3 年 前

    fuck you pewds why dont you make it free

  • Blabbermouth
    Blabbermouth 3 年 前

    Does anyone actually pay for this?

    • Blabbermouth
      Blabbermouth 3 年 前

      +ToxicWolf Alright then, any regrets? Are you getting your money's worth?

  • Carpet Crew
    Carpet Crew 3 年 前

    Please bring in Jacksepticeye!!

  • LittleBoxxx x
    LittleBoxxx x 3 年 前 +1

    Disliked cause of Red CNclip or whatever its called.

  • Ab.AbdrazFilms
    Ab.AbdrazFilms 3 年 前

    How to watch?

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog 3 年 前

    People pay for this amateur shit?

  • Sila K
    Sila K 3 年 前 +2

    watch it for free :

  • Dox Liau
    Dox Liau 3 年 前

    Is that watchdog?

  • Manxy Girl
    Manxy Girl 3 年 前

    except CNclip red isn't available in the isle of Man!!!

  • Don't read my username, it's shit.

    here you guys go:
    Enjoy :D

  • kaldoz pure
    kaldoz pure 3 年 前

    who hates CNclip for making us pay? will ofc me

  • Qube25
    Qube25 3 年 前

    where can we see the full episodes

  • BlazingNarrow
    BlazingNarrow 3 年 前 +1

    Ever heard of pirating?

  • Alex Paul
    Alex Paul 3 年 前

    CNclip red is shit cause who will pay for this shit??? I don't want to it so who else? And I mean it's CNclip I gonna watch another CNclipr if pews will only make yt red shit

    VOLC4NICxSP4RK 3 年 前 +25

    Does my redtube account work with this?

  • Marissa Kelley
    Marissa Kelley 3 年 前

    All these people complaining that they can't get CNclip Red so they can't watch this blah blah, lol you guys know you can watch this for free on other websites right? Try using Zippcast to watch it.

  • Matko bozovski !
    Matko bozovski ! 3 年 前

    youtube red = youtube - you + red = redtube
    youtube red = redtube

  • Sébastien Dechamp
    Sébastien Dechamp 3 年 前


  • Slowtrain to dawn
    Slowtrain to dawn 3 年 前

    Knowing I can never watch a CNclip red video cause I'm from Aus

  • Ahmed6 9Ahmed
    Ahmed6 9Ahmed 3 年 前

    how I can see the video

  • Robin Ljung
    Robin Ljung 3 年 前


  • Beth Machin
    Beth Machin 3 年 前


  • Legendragon
    Legendragon 3 年 前

    I don't see how that's scary.

  • Proken
    Proken 3 年 前

    Call of Pewdie: Black Ops 3

  • Solares
    Solares 3 年 前

    these videos are set up and childish. pewdiepie can not be scared if he knows that he is safe while making these videos

  • Zhddjdj Jdejee
    Zhddjdj Jdejee 3 年 前

    I will always cherish your beardless face but love the new beard pewds

  • Tesco
    Tesco 3 年 前

    How do I watch the full vid

  • Another filthy weeb starting flame wars

    Either you have free one month trial or pay 12.99 for a month.

    CNclip red is so stupid.

  • Who?
    Who? 3 年 前

    call of pewdie? this is metal gear ripoff so i dont get the titel

  • ScorchingPhoenix
    ScorchingPhoenix 3 年 前 +1

    pewds im sorry but that security guy? the one that gave you the whistle? fire him, he didnt come save you when you blew it

  • Paper Please
    Paper Please 3 年 前

    Pewds as snake?

  • TheAliGenius
    TheAliGenius 3 年 前

    I really hope they make it free

  • The Jay Show
    The Jay Show 3 年 前

    I can't watch this because I'm in australia

    • Ye
      Ye 3 年 前

      +JacobVlogs Yes you can

  • Astral
    Astral 3 年 前

    guys, here's advice if you want to watch this show.
    get the 1 month free trial.

  • memelord 04
    memelord 04 3 年 前

    metal gear pewds

  • dark spooderman
    dark spooderman 3 年 前

    why would anyone pay if he can watch it for free on the internet lol

  • Colleen Silva
    Colleen Silva 3 年 前

    That moment you accidently click on the video and reminded that you don't have youtube red and you probably never will

  • Messiejessie18
    Messiejessie18 3 年 前

    seen all episodes for free lol

  • Lightning Guy
    Lightning Guy 3 年 前

    lol i saw all ufll episodes>:]

  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord 3 年 前

    subscribers exchange

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 3 年 前


  • Vinnie Jonny
    Vinnie Jonny 3 年 前


  • ad
    ad 3 年 前

    When's the next episode

  • S w e a t y B o i
    S w e a t y B o i 3 年 前

    #call of poodie* lol

  • Real_Rex
    Real_Rex 3 年 前

    Where, and how can I buy the full episode?

    • Real_Rex
      Real_Rex 3 年 前

      Thanks :D

    • Ye
      Ye 3 年 前

      +Real_Rex aka. Magick Fur

  • Ahmad Adam Rain
    Ahmad Adam Rain 3 年 前

    areyo scare pewds

  • Katarina Tripković


  • Mr SentineL
    Mr SentineL 3 年 前


    JOJO GAMES 3 年 前


  • joshua mong
    joshua mong 3 年 前

    is this pose to be payday?

  • Meltem Gül
    Meltem Gül 3 年 前

    Pls another free episode!:0

  • InHonorofShadow's Trash Can

    This is purely a criticism for the producer. *THE SHOW IS CALLED SCARE PEWDIEPIE* this wasn't scary. doesn't mean it wasn't fun to watch tho

  • GamingAndDreaming
    GamingAndDreaming 3 年 前

    +PewDiePie you were awesome whit the to guns privet pie