Stray Kids "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V

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  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V
    Stray Kids SPECIAL ALBUM "Clé 2 : Yellow Wood"
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  • 이루다
    이루다 13 分钟 前

    came here after seeing this tik tok video:

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 46 分钟 前

    A beautiful fandom, beautiful kings, and a beautiful kingdom!!!

  • MultifandomCrackhead uWu
    MultifandomCrackhead uWu 52 分钟 前

    Still best song concept and idea of 2019

  • Briancy Lalremtluangi

    Let's gooooooooo
    Let's reached 30M before August
    STAY we can do it

  • 2 min
    2 min 小时 前 +2

    This is my first stray kids comeback and now im falling the fandom, the things i love about is that
    1) they make their own music
    2) they have really deep meaning
    3) they aren't always about love
    4) they have amazing choreography, amazing singers and amazing rappers
    P.s i have fallen for felix's deep voice

    • 2 min
      2 min 小时 前

      @MissZakeya oh wow! So cool

    • MissZakeya
      MissZakeya 小时 前 +1

      2 min Yes! I really like them! ☺️ They're so sweet, too! Bangchan answered me on VLIVE one time 😍

  • Elsi Stay
    Elsi Stay 小时 前 +1

    Any stay streaming with me?!
    Lets get 50M!!!

  • Sara Stay
    Sara Stay 小时 前 +1

    GUYS! Nominate our boys here :视频.html
    Write in the comments " I Nominate Yang Jeongin (I.N) of Stray Kids from South Korea for the 100 most handsome faces of 2019!" I used Jeongin as an example.

  • Fatiyatuz Zahro
    Fatiyatuz Zahro 小时 前 +1


  • tea hot
    tea hot 3 小时 前

    the first few seconds looks like they are in scary movie with the background music idk whyyy

  • Helena Gisela
    Helena Gisela 3 小时 前 +3

    30M LET'S GO

  • Tăng Bùi Hà Anh
    Tăng Bùi Hà Anh 3 小时 前 +3

    0:18 Seungmin: I am so excited
    0:19 Huyjin: My baby

  • BSSwagGirl Gamer
    BSSwagGirl Gamer 3 小时 前 +3

    Friend: BTS or GOT7
    Me: Stray Kids

  • kim crisha
    kim crisha 4 小时 前 +5

    Hi im a new sTay and my bias is minho

  • Sri Mutiah
    Sri Mutiah 4 小时 前 +1


    S.Coups SEVENTEEN 4 小时 前

    الاغنيه تفوز💔💔

  • Amanda Amanda
    Amanda Amanda 4 小时 前 +2

    Who's screaming at this MV? Some people say it's Bang Chan but some say it's I.N or both two and the other members? And whose voice in the background? Which says nervousness, insomnia, nausea, agitation and others?

    • Alice Hwang
      Alice Hwang 2 小时 前 +1

      Chan and Jeongin scream at different parts in the song. As dor the background voice listing symptoms, it's a sample! It's not any of the members.

  • Joey Joey
    Joey Joey 5 小时 前 +2

    This is what I call ART made by true Artists!

  • Purple Casia
    Purple Casia 6 小时 前 +3

    *This song represents you on your exams*

  • KuroNewbie
    KuroNewbie 6 小时 前

    Are there straight males here?

  • Hea
    Hea 7 小时 前 +1


  • Ydasbe.
    Ydasbe. 7 小时 前


  • Del
    Del 7 小时 前 +2

    Let's keep up the str3@ming, we're on the road to 30M! Fighting, Stray Kids and STAYs! :D

  • yeonhao
    yeonhao 7 小时 前 +1


  • yeonhao
    yeonhao 7 小时 前 +1

    A BOP

  • yeonhao
    yeonhao 7 小时 前 +2


  • STRAY kids
    STRAY kids 7 小时 前 +3


  • Kim Alice
    Kim Alice 8 小时 前 +3

    My head hurts I'm still stuck here to find our handsome Hyunjin and Jeongin oh wait actually cute Jeongin but he looks cool here 😄😄

  • kpop trash
    kpop trash 8 小时 前 +4

    When i ride my horse, i play some music as we both enjoy that.. let me tell you, every time they screamed in side effects he just stopped and looked at me like ‘sis u okay?’ and its the best thing ever jdnd

  • Kpop is Life
    Kpop is Life 9 小时 前 +4

    Whelp my replay button
    Also GOOD FRIKIN JOB STRAY KIDS MY MOM DOSNT LIKE KPOP ( believe me I tried to change her mind ) AND SHE LOVES THIS SONG

  • Lia.
    Lia. 9 小时 前 +2

    ستريممم قااايززز.

  • Dragon xwarriow
    Dragon xwarriow 9 小时 前 +1


  • 이신영
    이신영 9 小时 前


  • violet ealger
    violet ealger 11 小时 前 +5

    support from my day ♡

  • Pinpapha Sungsitivong
    Pinpapha Sungsitivong 11 小时 前 +5

    This song is good i forgot who is singing at 1:26

    • miru -ne
      miru -ne 6 小时 前 +1

      Its woojin♡ the oldest and the main vocalist

  • Danna butterfly
    Danna butterfly 11 小时 前 +2

    This is ALBUNAZO

  • Zehra Abdullayeva
    Zehra Abdullayeva 12 小时 前 +2

    Let's make this mv 30 mln view

  • Neha Rai
    Neha Rai 12 小时 前 +6

    Out of topic but guys do check out their mama japan performance there are 2 videos pace and district 9 damn it's soo lit I fell in love all over again

  • Anyone Nolza
    Anyone Nolza 13 小时 前 +2

    스트레이 키즈

  • Horen LastTeacher
    Horen LastTeacher 14 小时 前 +2

    20M /

  • Bangtan Jiminie ARMY
    Bangtan Jiminie ARMY 14 小时 前 +3

    I love you Chan

  • Döndü Kılıç
    Döndü Kılıç 15 小时 前 +1

    Stray kids

  • ᅡ묘ᅡ묘
    ᅡ묘ᅡ묘 16 小时 前 +3

    Jyp: how many times to you want to punch in the dance

  • Geovanna e ana e bruna cristina

    msc perfeita.

  • Rey Seen
    Rey Seen 16 小时 前 +5

    Okay, another kpop group to love.

  • Gillian East
    Gillian East 16 小时 前 +4

    Millionth time watching and I just realized there’s two moons in the beginning

  • Diya N
    Diya N 16 小时 前 +5

    1M likes common

  • Abood Abb
    Abood Abb 16 小时 前 +4

    dont like

  • nctiddy
    nctiddy 16 小时 前 +7

    stray kids has such an interesting genre idk what to call it i just know it’s LIT and I stan

  • Stifinho
    Stifinho 17 小时 前 +2

    Some parts of the song sound like Counter Strike coms

  • Julih Maximoff
    Julih Maximoff 17 小时 前 +4

    This is so good WTFFF!

  • aTiny kpop lover
    aTiny kpop lover 17 小时 前 +4

    *My head hurts*
    God I love it when Felix says it

    STAY KIDS 17 小时 前 +8

    go for 30M

  • I’ll sue bighit if they Don’t give Jin more lines

    *how my scoliosis ass looks on the daily*

  • Laielli Morvicc
    Laielli Morvicc 18 小时 前 +3

    Felix Voice:Me: YAAAAS! MY BABY!!
    Christopher Bang Scream: Me: YAAAS! THAT'S MY MAN!!
    My bias ♡♡🔥🔥

    TAEHYUNG'S SERVANT 18 小时 前 +6

    2:25 - 2:39

    Turn on the caption and you'll then understand the *whole* song.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 18 小时 前 +5

    Latinoamérica fans?

  • ILOVE Nintendo
    ILOVE Nintendo 18 小时 前 +4

    Thank you Stray Kids for always working so hard! We love and appreciate every single one of you. Please dont pay attention to trolls, keep being your wonderful selves and we will always support you❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • вlυe вerry
    вlυe вerry 18 小时 前 +3

    this should be a million likes already

  • valen explosiva García
    valen explosiva García 19 小时 前 +3

    Bang chan and hyunjin love

  • Stolenmyheart28
    Stolenmyheart28 19 小时 前 +5

    Please vote for Stray Kids on Idol Pick. Voting reopens at 10am kst July 22. We are against a very popular fandom. If you want more details on how to vote see Stray Kids voting zone on Twitter.

    • Stolenmyheart28
      Stolenmyheart28 19 小时 前

      I meant Stay Voting Zone. I could not edit the above post.

  • Lizkook forever
    Lizkook forever 19 小时 前 +5

    I love you SKZ 😎😎💖💖

  • Just Multifandom
    Just Multifandom 20 小时 前 +1


  • Ulviyya Efendi
    Ulviyya Efendi 20 小时 前 +1

    My migraines basically.

  • Ursinha Games
    Ursinha Games 20 小时 前 +4

    I love this song

  • Swaathi Venkatesan
    Swaathi Venkatesan 20 小时 前 +5

    Ok I'm really really new to the fandom. But my God this is a monster rookie group. Not to mention they have such a heavy hand in the production of their own albums.
    Look I know they have such a distinct sound that it can be easily dismissed by everyone as noise. Damn I have no time in my life to hardcore Stan. But those of you who are please don't let them die out. But like a word of caution. Don't engage with anyone who hates them. Simply ignore. Speaking from experience, engaging with hatred will only bring your downfall.
    Please please never ever let them die out. Damn I'm mighty impressed!
    Also if things go well I want 3RACHA to collab with the BTS rap trio someday.

  • twxski
    twxski 20 小时 前


    SHELLY ШЕЛЕК 20 小时 前 +1


  • Soo Crilhos
    Soo Crilhos 20 小时 前 +1

    Stray Kids version Stranger Things

  • Maxuto\/v
    Maxuto\/v 20 小时 前


  • Celeste Stay
    Celeste Stay 20 小时 前 +1

    who still here?
    me (•∆•)

  • Caroline Slack
    Caroline Slack 20 小时 前 +1

    I'll never be able to get over Felix's voice! Its deeper than my self esteem

  • Chen Kim
    Chen Kim 21 小时 前 +2

    Stay 30m

  • Jade Navarijo
    Jade Navarijo 21 小时 前 +2

    All I have to say is stream side effects

  • shkyaw 123
    shkyaw 123 21 小时 前 +2

    Ok but by now im CONVINCED our fandom colour is yellow/orange bec we shine on them and they shine on us.

  • Susy Piña bardales
    Susy Piña bardales 21 小时 前 +5

    Me gustó mucho!!
    Y en esta canción Félix canta mas(no se si yo solo pienso eso)..

    • Celeste Stay
      Celeste Stay 20 小时 前

      Susy Piña bardales tiene mas lineas en este album yep

  • Maria Salamanca
    Maria Salamanca 22 小时 前 +2

    ¿why are so beutifuls?

  • Bryan A.P
    Bryan A.P 22 小时 前 +1

    So ...where is the reff?

  • Deborah Zhang
    Deborah Zhang 23 小时 前 +2

    felix's deep voice kills me

  • Kcjt.jamie Korea China Japan Thailand

    These people draw me in to these things

  • yoongis shoulders
    yoongis shoulders 23 小时 前 +5

    Has anyone else listened to skz since debut but didn’t officially stan them or learn their names until now? Big oof

  • Alien de Marte
    Alien de Marte 23 小时 前 +1


  • Jennifer Elias
    Jennifer Elias 天 前 +2


  • Bang Chan skz
    Bang Chan skz 天 前 +3

    Stay lets make 30M

  • Bang Chan skz
    Bang Chan skz 天 前 +2

    Chan love you

  • Kimchan•
    Kimchan• 天 前 +2


  • silvana sil
    silvana sil 天 前 +2

    Woh felix

  • Johanes Tedja
    Johanes Tedja 天 前 +3


  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 天 前 +2

    I love seeing Stray kids happy. Remember how happy they were when MIROH hit 30M

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 天 前 +2

    Fighting for 29.3 m today!!!!

  • M T
    M T 天 前 +4

    Stays please help mydays give day6 their first win! Please vote for them on idolchamp if you can!!! There's only 10 minutes left for voting please vote! DO IT FOR SEUNGMINNN

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 天 前 +3

    Lets get 29.3 m today. Fighting

  • bts_army Forever
    bts_army Forever 天 前 +3

    30M to go!! Fighting stays!!!!!!

  • Joseph Toplay
    Joseph Toplay 天 前 +4

    3:10 i love this scream lol

  • Kim TaeHoe
    Kim TaeHoe 天 前 +7

    I love Stray Kids❤️❤️side effects❤️

  • Irene
    Irene 天 前 +3

    *This song makes me want to hit someone who didn't do anything to me*

  • hailey
    hailey 天 前 +1


  • stray kids
    stray kids 天 前 +4

    Hwng Hyunjin ...😊😊😊

  • lmoosh mm
    lmoosh mm 天 前 +3

    Jyp 4ever♥️♥️♥️😉

  • Caroline Slack
    Caroline Slack 天 前 +3

    I loved this song from the first time I heard it.