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  • Christina Hill
    Christina Hill 20 小时 前

    Why do I love him so much hahaha

  • Rebecca Meyer
    Rebecca Meyer 天 前

    The one where the lady wouldnt give the homeless lady both waters, is cracking me up

  • Sophia Fulton
    Sophia Fulton 天 前

    *extreamly amounts of intellect*

  • Induktio1984
    Induktio1984 天 前

    Plagiarism much?

  • TotoroSenpai Bearxx

    That girl who bought two bottles of water for a homeless person and drank one of them for herself....😑 WHAT THE FUDGE?!

  • vAbdiel
    vAbdiel 2 天 前

    Your the KIM KARDASHIAN of CNclip

  • jack cusack
    jack cusack 2 天 前

    original content at its finest

  • MinMynee
    MinMynee 2 天 前 +1

    May 2018: 62 million
    November 2018: 70 million
    Good 👏🏽job 👏🏽Pew

  • Manus Dexter
    Manus Dexter 2 天 前

    I hate my species.

  • HellspromiseStudios


  • ccrosby cross
    ccrosby cross 2 天 前

    Speak louder bro im in a party, despasito is sounding too damn loud, i kent here you.

  • Ivy On Repeat
    Ivy On Repeat 3 天 前


  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 3 天 前

    2:25 Had to google that shit, i thought it was fake lol

  • Kate Lindsay
    Kate Lindsay 3 天 前

    Weird flex but ok

  • Priscilla Pfusch
    Priscilla Pfusch 4 天 前

    This video killed me, damn hilarious 🤣😂😭

  • Brandie Messersmith

    Ahahahahha while watching I got an ad with "Humble" Playing in the background

  • Priscilla Pfusch
    Priscilla Pfusch 4 天 前

    Trump is the type to always brag yet thinks he's humble 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Priscilla Pfusch
    Priscilla Pfusch 4 天 前

    Trump is the type to always brag yet thinks he's humble 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Alexey Saranchev
    Alexey Saranchev 4 天 前

    To be honest, Felix is indeed very attractive. If I was gay, I'd fapped to meme reviews in unison with his claps.

  • Faith Milne
    Faith Milne 4 天 前

    That outro tho

  • UnconventionalScribbler

    Yes I am super attractive
    Yes I donate to charity weekly
    Yes I have 26 subs
    Yes my dad is rich
    But that doesnt mean anything
    What matters is that the kids in africa get foods 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ramiro Belmares
    Ramiro Belmares 5 天 前

    I wonder if he bought that sweater for this video

  • Dapper Oof
    Dapper Oof 6 天 前

    Can I have that jacket it’s fuzzy lookin

  • Marilou Gagné
    Marilou Gagné 6 天 前

    Is it me or those 3,5 k people keep watching your video and hate ??? ..... ఠ ͟ಠ

  • iam den ise
    iam den ise 6 天 前

    Sexy laugh pweds 5:38

  • Dutmaster
    Dutmaster 6 天 前

    I had to watch this one twice.

  • Luis Donin
    Luis Donin 7 天 前

    goddamn everytime I watch a video I get a headspace ad, and everytime I get more annoyed

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza 7 天 前

    Love u

  • Campbell Sullivan
    Campbell Sullivan 8 天 前 +1

    weird flex but ok..

  • David Ball
    David Ball 8 天 前

    “Having the most views” heh

  • Hologrampizza
    Hologrampizza 9 天 前

    Dragonflies land on me because they like to eat sunscreen.

  • falaflani
    falaflani 9 天 前

    subreddit review

  • Istnet
    Istnet 9 天 前

    so Kj is pronounced as Sh in sweden? Because he pronounces his name a Felix Shellburg

  • Mike Downey
    Mike Downey 10 天 前

    Felix respects Jantelagen.

  • Deshant Devkota
    Deshant Devkota 10 天 前

    Felix is most beautiful boyman And yet so humble!

  • Theo Rodrigues
    Theo Rodrigues 11 天 前

    sit down, be felix

  • NicoM Pictures®
    NicoM Pictures® 11 天 前

    Pewds is so Phumble he doesn't sPend a Phillion moneys on a *PoP Philter.*

  • Kaitlyn O
    Kaitlyn O 11 天 前

    Oh god don't bring onision back into the light.

  • big papa clank
    big papa clank 11 天 前

    At the 0:07 mark he sounds like he is explaining who dio is coild pewds be Dio

  • Kiské EV
    Kiské EV 12 天 前

    i'm not just humble, i'm way more humble than you could ever imagine
    *meanwhile on game grumps*
    guys, i'm so schmumbled right now

  • Megagamerclaire Mgclaire

    That matpat one killed me 😂

  • Mathias Brix Pape
    Mathias Brix Pape 12 天 前

    it sounds like he is saying "and that expires me" :)

  • Morse Code
    Morse Code 12 天 前

    Onision is gonna have a stroke over this

  • KTM Trooper
    KTM Trooper 12 天 前 +3

    I always come back to remind myself to be *_Humble_*

  • Jenn Marie
    Jenn Marie 13 天 前

    This is hilarious!!!! People are funny.

  • Kathy Hildreth
    Kathy Hildreth 13 天 前

    "Mom mom mom who gives a shit " poor little shit I feel for him

  • Ivy Sky
    Ivy Sky 13 天 前

    Love the border choice for your face cam in this

  • Star Filia
    Star Filia 13 天 前

    that sweater is the most comfortable thing ive ever seen

  • Reuben Mordaunt
    Reuben Mordaunt 14 天 前

    My mum asked me while I was watching this, 'is this a christian message? He sounds like a preacher.'

  • Ignacio Moyano
    Ignacio Moyano 15 天 前

    Please do change Onision.

    DUB ZILLA 16 天 前

    Who's this polar bear on screen?

  • Anjellike1
    Anjellike1 16 天 前

    Damn! Greg made the list lol

  • d
    d 16 天 前 +1

    omg... you're not humble at all. unbelievable. you bragged so much in this video, how do you guys not see his unhumbleness

  • Christine Kinzfogl
    Christine Kinzfogl 17 天 前

    do meme review on lady gaga “there could be 100 ppl in the room and 99 don’t believe in you but all you need is one”

  • Abby Trapp
    Abby Trapp 17 天 前

    Literal saint.

    DERP XD 17 天 前

    T-Series : Soon, soon you will notice me senpai...

  • Lil unifox
    Lil unifox 17 天 前

    Dang throwing shade at matpat

  • TheHauntedRaven AJ
    TheHauntedRaven AJ 18 天 前

    You would think with 140 IQ, You could follow basic instructions....

  • alex romero
    alex romero 18 天 前

    Who googled the NRDC?! Lol

  • red lemons
    red lemons 19 天 前 +1

    2:27 who else mistook that phrase for "humble beans"? Just me? okay.

  • De Bot
    De Bot 20 天 前

    Can we please have a pewd and pyro colab

  • xxrosmayxx
    xxrosmayxx 20 天 前

    onision is actually my dad

  • The Pickle Of Destiny

    Bootifull beard! Never shave please

  • Random dude on the internet

    Donald trump and the new pope do have something in common like being satanic pedophiles . However humble is 10
    Times out of the question

  • Ayush
    Ayush 21 天 前

    10:00 is the best part

  • Sherly Allen
    Sherly Allen 22 天 前

    Some of these are too good to not be trolls xD

  • Charly schneider
    Charly schneider 22 天 前

    “I LoVe eXpEnSiVe C A R S”
    *gets a Lincoln add*

  • Josh Pickle
    Josh Pickle 23 天 前 +2

    Jake Paul should call his band 'Mumble Monotone and White Noise.'

  • Sɪʀ. Sᴀʟsᴀ
    Sɪʀ. Sᴀʟsᴀ 23 天 前


  • Marios Magganas
    Marios Magganas 25 天 前

    Does Mat Pat actually have 140 iq

  • Helena M
    Helena M 25 天 前


  • Aquatic Doodles
    Aquatic Doodles 25 天 前

    Why is branded water, a thing? I really don't get it, lmao.

  • Marcus Munn
    Marcus Munn 26 天 前

    100,000 till the take over

  • Valox
    Valox 26 天 前

    3:08 I dunno if that was faked but fuck that mum, I had no idea the woman who gave birth to you could be that horrible whether, as bad as this sounds, an accident, they hate you or not

  • gven
    gven 26 天 前 +7

    Felix is in the spot that most of the other CNcliprs would rip throats to be in, yet he doesn't really care for it. How beautifully ironic

  • Mr. Goldentortle
    Mr. Goldentortle 26 天 前 +2

    Be humble

    Meanwhile at jake Paul’s house

  • Aurora Galore
    Aurora Galore 28 天 前

    I'm dead

  • Wizard Scramble
    Wizard Scramble 28 天 前

    top 1 utuber lauging at other people want to be a utuber.
    this should be enough to warn u that this path u are taking is a trap

  • 43rtfcszd Kanashiro
    43rtfcszd Kanashiro 28 天 前

    Pewdiepie aged like fine wine.

  • Shay Wisdom
    Shay Wisdom 28 天 前

    3.7k+ didn’t understand the satire...

  • Ciuwas
    Ciuwas 29 天 前

    Imagine looking at Pews channel for the first time looking at this thinking he's a total arrogant ass

  • David Smith
    David Smith 29 天 前

    Watch this from the beginning at 0.25 speed.

  • Ben Amidon
    Ben Amidon 个月 前

    Love the quartet or whatever going on in the background for a while
    does anyone know what piece that is?

  • Becca Boo
    Becca Boo 个月 前

    I lost brain cells listening to these people 😩

  • TheGodfather00791
    TheGodfather00791 个月 前

    Феликс сам переводит название видео или это CNclip творит?

  • Aliz D10
    Aliz D10 个月 前

    4:19 nicely done!

  • Ash Hanok
    Ash Hanok 个月 前

    Not bragging or anything but Pewds always favorite my comment whenever I comment on his every video. ☺️☺️☺️

  • Martha Tyler
    Martha Tyler 个月 前

    I feel like we all do this to some degree, by accident or on purpose.

  • Shayan
    Shayan 个月 前

    Felix is a beautiful man

  • Gabrielle Jackson
    Gabrielle Jackson 个月 前

    FELIX, you were on point with this video! PREACH

  • Natalia Natalia
    Natalia Natalia 个月 前 +6

    The one with the water cracked me up!😂😂 Wtf was he thinking! I feel bad about the homeless person that had to "choose" seriously how can you say that AND take the other bottle with you.. WTF. The way Felix said it was very funny..

  • Queen Norrii
    Queen Norrii 个月 前

    you gave me a 2 minute long ad that i cant skip ;-; -_-

  • heartless mohaammed
    heartless mohaammed 个月 前

    That moment when t series didn't exist

  • theehumanshield
    theehumanshield 个月 前 +14

    I know this is an old video and I’ve been watching videos on CNclip since it started, but I just realized that Onision and Shane Dawson are not the same person lol

  • Pini Ponpon
    Pini Ponpon 个月 前

    Dang pewds lookin like an early00's ski advert or Nick Lachet circa 2002 christmas edition

  • Fire Feet
    Fire Feet 个月 前

    MatPat is actually fucking smart

  • TheMangledTriangle
    TheMangledTriangle 个月 前

    Mmmm sarcasm makes me sex

  • Hannah Billingslea
    Hannah Billingslea 个月 前

    I'm a very stable and humble genius