Protesters and police fight at Sha Tin MTR station, after day of protests in Hong Kong

  • 添加 2019年09月 8日
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    Police became trapped after a fight broke out between them and protesters in Sha Tin MTR station. This incident followed an arrest in the station where the officers had used pepper spray on the crowd on the evening of September 7. It was the worst incident of violence as anti-government demonstrations entered their 14th consecutive weekend.
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  • 冷孩
    冷孩 6 小时 前


  • C CHAN channel. ちゃんチャンネル

    I like subscribe after comments and like, hot news

    BOBABOBA BOBA 11 小时 前

    Police think that they can do whatever they want in Hong Kong

  • buddy man
    buddy man 15 小时 前

    HK police is too lame

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th 18 小时 前

    So it's true this is how the resident evil umbrella corporations began it's a world zombie apocalypse.

  • Hiroshi Yamashita

    CARRIE LAM I believe everyone who watched this video will curse her for her incompetency.

  • Ainz sv
    Ainz sv 天 前


  • Lawrence Chew
    Lawrence Chew 天 前

    If violence and riots by protestors can solve land and housing shortages, stagnant or low wages and all other forms of social inequalities, etc, it would be welcome the world over.

  • Zaruba Just
    Zaruba Just 天 前

    Dead Hong Kong

  • 许志祥
    许志祥 2 天 前


  • 许志祥
    许志祥 2 天 前


  • jk ha
    jk ha 2 天 前


  • eu amo deus NOVA JERUSALÉM


  • 刘向榮
    刘向榮 2 天 前


  • 刘向榮
    刘向榮 2 天 前


  • Spas Tic
    Spas Tic 2 天 前

    I want to see what happens when they butter the floor, would make this far more entertaining.

  • Thomas Li
    Thomas Li 2 天 前

    Need to arrest those fake reporters

  • NameNotAvailable _
    NameNotAvailable _ 3 天 前

    I know I'm not the only one who laughed at 3:41

  • Maneihi Lalramneihhluni

    In US blah3 this ain't the us so shut up

  • 膽紫龍
    膽紫龍 3 天 前


  • kapok388
    kapok388 3 天 前


  • Dung Le
    Dung Le 3 天 前 +2

    I'm from Vietnam
    I VERY SUPPORT FOR YOUNG HONG KONG, I really admire you. Hope you will achieve the desired success. I hope my country will learn a lot from this demonstration of you ...

  • Beng Teck John Lau
    Beng Teck John Lau 3 天 前


  • akie rahim
    akie rahim 3 天 前

    Now all of u can imagine,how the palestanians live...haleluya hong kongers..

  • dark lord
    dark lord 3 天 前

    its a revolution looka at these stormtroopers

  • 人生短暫
    人生短暫 3 天 前


  • sophie sha
    sophie sha 3 天 前

    They are not protesters . They are terrorosts.If this In our USA police will shoot and they are already dead bodys.

  • Luke Wu
    Luke Wu 3 天 前

    Everyone can buy a yellow vest and walk on the street saying that I am a journalist... don’t attract me. Then help protesters

  • lili lin
    lili lin 3 天 前


  • Rishi
    Rishi 4 天 前 +3

    Why doesn't china just have a democracy?

  • patrick L
    patrick L 4 天 前


  • Kig Wona
    Kig Wona 4 天 前 +1


  • 某茶
    某茶 4 天 前

    黃花崗烈士們表示: ......


  • Night Lock
    Night Lock 4 天 前

    If only their allowed to use deadly force against those idiots.

  • Chan Vong
    Chan Vong 4 天 前

    看到義士救人真齊心 佩服

  • pen di
    pen di 4 天 前

    how come? terrible police..

  • June Kee Ong
    June Kee Ong 4 天 前 +1

    I feel so sad for these policemen and their families. Please stop hitting these policemen. Most of them are innocence and just following the order. THEY HAVE THEIR FAMILIES TO PROTECT AND TAKE CARE TOO!

  • Ucp D3100
    Ucp D3100 4 天 前

    Its quite simple actually, if hk leader see this comment, just retrieve the bill, let the situation calm, after sometime catch the protestor leader 1 by 1 by using the law.. They must have done 1 or 2 wrongdoing at least. Do it smoothly over a year... After a year and half bring back the bill, this time without the leader they will be taking quite sometime to get people together, this time use police to catch the small group, by using tv as propaganda, lebel the group as terrorist or gangster. Dont lebel them as protestor. Pay some money to bloggers to floof the internet with negative comment toward the group.

  • Peter McLauchlan
    Peter McLauchlan 4 天 前 +1

    😍JESUS 》 Is COMING ✔😍

  • G J
    G J 4 天 前 +1

    Hong Kong should ban the use of face masks without a note from a doctor under the pretext of criminal intent.

  • Peter McLauchlan
    Peter McLauchlan 4 天 前 +1

    Bring back 😍 Happy✔ 🤗 BRITISH GOVT. 🤗Management ✔... 😂 FREE✔ of 》》》 👹 C.C.P. 😈 influence 😊 Thanks .

  • Peter McLauchlan
    Peter McLauchlan 4 天 前 +1

    😭 DIS FUNCTION 🤔 = C.C.P.😈

  • Oversong Name
    Oversong Name 4 天 前

    It’s honestly heartbreaking to see my home and birthplace destroying itself like this to ruins while I’m studying abroad and will have to eventually return to whats leftof it

    • Oversong Name
      Oversong Name 4 天 前

      And I can’t help feeling guilty but also helpless to stop this chaos

  • Lina Hu
    Lina Hu 4 天 前 +4


  • kerayzey
    kerayzey 4 天 前 +13

    Meanwhile, the politicians are having nice dinner, in comfort. Probably having a laugh seeing this video. People have always forgotten on who their real enemies are.

  • Pro & Contra Deutschland

    Man, the first thing that comes to mind when one sees today's Hong Kong: Back to british administration!!! G O D S A V E T H E Q U E E N!!!!

    A little experiment: Can we provoke the internet warriors of the CCP to write as many comments as possible under this clip? Doesn't matter if their comments are negative. It's the sheer number of comments that decides how well this clip gets promoted in CNclip's search results and they don't understand that. Let them be the tool to spread the truth they try to attack. 😄🤣😂😆 If you see a positive clip about the Hong Kong protesters that gets attacked by angry pro-Beijing commentators please post something that makes them comment even more! This strategy is called the "trigger-trap" and they fall for it every time. Thank you, folks.

  • Hubert
    Hubert 4 天 前


  • D M
    D M 4 天 前 +2

    Enjoy the chaos everyone, you will be suffered for what you all have done today.

    ESPOSITO John 4 天 前

    when are you covering the rapes and bodies found in the harbors?

  • mvp123 noob
    mvp123 noob 4 天 前

    The mainland chinese comments is so cringgyyyy af,i guess theyre outof dogs to eat ,

  • Anson Ty
    Anson Ty 4 天 前


  • jon jon
    jon jon 4 天 前

    Malah ribut,bukanya pada dagang.

  • Le Dinh Dong
    Le Dinh Dong 4 天 前

    I hate bad police.

  • P O
    P O 4 天 前


  • Jj Wang
    Jj Wang 4 天 前 +5

    SCMP repporters never have come to US. They don't know how US police force treat riot.

    • Jj Wang
      Jj Wang 3 天 前

      @GuizhongLin88 In US, they will be shot for sure.

    • GuizhongLin88
      GuizhongLin88 3 天 前 +1

      Oh yeah. An umbrella is basically a blunt instrument. The Molotov cocktails alone would ensure those who threw it and all those affiliated with them would be locked up for decades doing hard labor in prisons where seeing those young faces like theirs guarantees they're gonna be picking up the soap in the showers everyday.

    • wowzer
      wowzer 3 天 前

      US riot police are subduing idiot youth who dont know what they're "protesting". At least those in Hong Kong have a reason.

  • 陈焱
    陈焱 4 天 前


  • Steven toho
    Steven toho 5 天 前 +8

    Hong Kong no more protestors, they are violently & brutally attack, no mercy at all. Hong Kong government should stop the terrorisim ASAP.

    • Homer Likes This Joke
      Homer Likes This Joke 天 前

      Violence is the protest. Do know at least one peaceful protest that had a results?

  • a l
    a l 5 天 前

    So bitter....

  • 阿達
    阿達 5 天 前


  • QI QI
    QI QI 5 天 前 +3