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  • You guys already know how I feel about brows, and the products that go behind perfecting them. You guys know it’s an art form in itself for me lol. So let me say, these products are key. Kat did THAT with this collection. I haven’t stopped using these products since I got them. It’s been a minute since I’ve made a brow video, and instead of just one brow style I partnered with KVD to show you guys THREE - My top three styles!! I hope you guys love them.

    I USE Medium Brown
    I USE Medium Brown and Dark Brown
    I USE Medium Brown
    Main Cam (CANON 5DIV):
    Steady Cam (DJI MOBILE):
    Drone Shots (DJI MAVIC):
    DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by Kat Von D Beauty. The description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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  • Bakerdeb Bikerdeb
    Bakerdeb Bikerdeb 9 天 前

    I agree, yes she’s the brow Queen!

  • Esegbuyota Ovedje
    Esegbuyota Ovedje 18 天 前

    The video I never knew I needed 😢

  • Beauty @ any age
    Beauty @ any age 个月 前

    Absolutely amazing !!!

  • Kate Willson
    Kate Willson 个月 前

    I wanna be your best friend

  • Lily Ayala
    Lily Ayala 个月 前

    I love this tutorial. Thank you beautiful 😘

  • ed d
    ed d 个月 前

    I love all three brow styles. You are magnificent 😁😍

  • MrsH
    MrsH 2 个月 前

    SOS!! I NEED help from the Brow Queen. These are so GOOD!!!!

  • Zahra P
    Zahra P 3 个月 前

    First and second one:X

  • StelinaJaffee
    StelinaJaffee 3 个月 前

    Some nice hacks you got over there. I liked your full glam brow, trying to recreate it, I have fuller brows so I am trying not to look like a clown lool

  • amosquito amosquite
    amosquito amosquite 3 个月 前

    love how detailed you are explaining your steps!! how long does it take you to do each of these brows?

  • Rita Campbell
    Rita Campbell 4 个月 前

    U are always my brow goals.... I never get it quite right 😫

  • Chona Doplito
    Chona Doplito 4 个月 前

    All love it 😚😚😚

  • Elsa Bonjour
    Elsa Bonjour 4 个月 前

    "I still love you!" LOL

  • Annalisa Nunez
    Annalisa Nunez 5 个月 前

    You are the brow master. I always feel like my brows suck after watching you lol!!!

  • Belinda Flores
    Belinda Flores 5 个月 前

    So benefit or kvd eyebrow products?😕

  • Finicia Murray Compton
    Finicia Murray Compton 5 个月 前

    Love the bold brow.

  • Jade Brooks
    Jade Brooks 6 个月 前


  • Sorryseemstobe thehardestword

    Love everything about this video except the skin filter...

  • jeonluminous
    jeonluminous 6 个月 前 +3

    your's are definitely twins HOWEVER mine are in what u call a family feud.

  • Kim Sheward
    Kim Sheward 7 个月 前

    Your brows are great. Mine grow downward right after the front, then what? Fantastic video thx for the links

  • china estrada
    china estrada 7 个月 前

    u are the best much a cha

  • Jacqueline Davie
    Jacqueline Davie 7 个月 前

    I’ve never seen you before and this was the first video of yours I’ve watched.
    I absolutely love you!!!
    You’re gorgeous and I am so jelly of you😍

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie 7 个月 前

    Soap good trick

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie 7 个月 前

    I can do that with my nyx

  • SuperDeluxeEdition
    SuperDeluxeEdition 7 个月 前

    Dang! Gotta try it. Thank you! Awesome video👍🏻

  • Benita Crook
    Benita Crook 8 个月 前

    Love all of them! I will do the natural look though. Im 59 and have never done anything with my brows. Your video makes it look easy. Thank you for posting it. You are beautiful by the way❤ Reminds me of my daughter Mandi.

  • Sara Boström
    Sara Boström 8 个月 前

    You do your damn brows better than anyone 👌🏻 goals!

  • Parul Yadav
    Parul Yadav 8 个月 前

    I love ur cuteness

  • Nesrine Labiadh
    Nesrine Labiadh 8 个月 前

    Bravo Desi. you make the difference

  • Claudia Abadia
    Claudia Abadia 8 个月 前

    What do you do if the hair grows downward?... I had my brows microblade., I wish I never done it... I wish I had seen you video..

  • Yfka Besas
    Yfka Besas 8 个月 前

    That is really one good bushy brow DAMN 😍

  • Ally lumabao
    Ally lumabao 8 个月 前 +1

    Your the best.

  • Stormy Girl
    Stormy Girl 8 个月 前

    You are so beautiful. I WISH I could do my brows like any of those. You make it look so easy.
    I’m grey headed. I need charcoal grey color for my brows.

  • Isis Baasha
    Isis Baasha 8 个月 前

    My favorite brow was the bushy brow 😍

  • Melissa Hunt
    Melissa Hunt 8 个月 前

    Love you and number two!

  • Awaken dabeast
    Awaken dabeast 8 个月 前

    U Can Make Ur eyebrows look So Beautiful 😍 , I Love It , I need to get those products , like Asp Lol I am New to Ur Chanel , Loving It 😍🤗💕💄

  • Moneypenny
    Moneypenny 8 个月 前

    Nice brows, but fyi, it's bolder, straighter, cleaner - not more bold, more straight, more clean.

  • Jennifer Moreno
    Jennifer Moreno 9 个月 前

    I love it!! I really wish I could do this.. Like yours I have very thin eyebrows😂

  • Anna Coronado
    Anna Coronado 9 个月 前

    Love them all but first would be my go to fav ❤️🦋

  • Debra Daien
    Debra Daien 9 个月 前

    Loved your shared some amazing tips.... Your eyebrow transformations are equally amazing! Thank you.

  • April Fontana
    April Fontana 9 个月 前

    What do you think of everybody doing micro blading?

  • Tina Fox
    Tina Fox 9 个月 前

    It’s all about that bushy brow! Yes, yes it is💋My favorite for sure!

  • Sonam Sherpa
    Sonam Sherpa 9 个月 前

    The bushy brow looks the most natural. The glam brow looks easiest and quickest to make because you only use the liner and I am used to using a pencil liner which I prefer. I am definitely going to try this pencil liner. Thank you so much for revealing it to me! However, the ultra glam brow looks fabulous as well. I might try that for a special occasion! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  • Patti Easton
    Patti Easton 9 个月 前

    Damn you are great at brows!

  • Kobie’s Adventures
    Kobie’s Adventures 9 个月 前

    My favorite brow for me would be the quick on the go brow, and my favorite for you would be the bushy brow. You’re such an expert at brows it’s amazing!

  • Josiane Rocha Stocco de Oliveira

    O primeiro, com lápis fino, ficou o mais natural e mais bonito!

  • Ida Milas Bilić
    Ida Milas Bilić 9 个月 前 +1

    Bushy brow👍🏼

  • Ida Milas Bilić
    Ida Milas Bilić 9 个月 前 +1

    The best brow tutorial so far

  • Marilyn De Vera-Panganiban

    I love them all ♡♡♡

  • mary elam
    mary elam 10 个月 前

    U need to film closer. Hard to see

  • Cristina Georgiana
    Cristina Georgiana 10 个月 前

    You are the best ❤

  • Brandy Abdelaziz
    Brandy Abdelaziz 10 个月 前

    Desi, you are the queen of brows! So honestly what will make my brows grow? There’s so much stuff out there and I want to try something that will work and make my sparse areas grow back.

  • Kyla Butler
    Kyla Butler 10 个月 前 +1

    WOW, this is the BEST Brow video EVER! Love your videos!!!!!

  • Veronica Escobar
    Veronica Escobar 11 个月 前

    Can u make a video of ur dead heart items for your eyebrows?

  • Amy Kimball
    Amy Kimball 11 个月 前

    I LOVED the bushy brow style!!! It totally fits my everyday life!! Thanks for all your videos!! Love and blessings. Xo ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  • Destiny Santana
    Destiny Santana 11 个月 前

    Desi, what advice do you have for us ladies who don’t have thick brows like you, and have very thin brows. (I have hardly any hair) Filling them in seems so hard

  • maria jose guzman
    maria jose guzman 11 个月 前

    Desi speak spanish?

  • Kristina Enriquez
    Kristina Enriquez 11 个月 前

    What contacts do you use ? So natural looking ! Gorg!

  • Lydia Bandoh
    Lydia Bandoh 11 个月 前

    You look like you could be Selenis Leyva's daughter in this video dksksksk you probably hear that a lot. So pretty and the bushy brow is my fave!!!!! I wish my eyebrow hairs weren't curly cause it's so difficult to follow anyone's techniques

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 11 个月 前

    Just wondering if you have thought of microblading your brows? Also your thoughts on microblading would be great :-).

  • hajime oikawa
    hajime oikawa 11 个月 前

    can a clear brow gel be used as alternative to the soap??

  • Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores 11 个月 前

    Desi....I've struggled so long with doing my eyebrows. I would always look at insta and utube wishing I could make them look as beautiful as you Beauty queens do but time after time I've failed...until this video you dropped. Because of you and this video I FINALLY did it. It finally clicked and omg it made such a huge difference. My husband was even impressed. 😭 and Hands down🙌🏻 Kat von D brow pencil works Miricles!!! It's definitely a must have for beginners. Thanks again Desi!!! 😘

  • iciejava
    iciejava 11 个月 前

    Awsome video.

  • Stephanie Gunnison

    I love them all but choosing between one and two is difficult lol three is stunning too but I’m feeling the natural/bushy looking ones a lot more recently I’ve been trying not to mess with mine much besides my unibrow lol can’t be having that but I think I may seriously need to pick up this eyebrow pencil I really love the shape of it it’s unique and looks like it can do exactly what I need just working on a few sparse areas

  • Karen Bloom
    Karen Bloom 年 前

    I am so glad I found your videos! Finally, a decent tutorial on eyebrows. I am sick and tired of all of those painted on and harsh looking brows.
    Thank you.

  • Tigerflower
    Tigerflower 年 前

    Liked this tutorial...I just purchased KVD's new eyebrow products, the #75 brush (Yes it is shaped like a cute little foot), it's firmer at the base & flexible at the tips.
    I bought the Light brown in the powder & medium brown in the precision pencil. No brow pomade since I own a cosmetic case full of ABH, MAC, Benefit, etc. & I'm not too proficient at applying. The Sephora employee started with brushing with a spoolie, then using the pencil to outline & map out the brow, filling in sparse areas. She went over this with the brow powder in light brown and a clear gel to set...Awesome look. I try to go 2 shades lighter to lift my eye shape and structure...I'm going to try that brow tip with soap..

  • crstl89
    crstl89 年 前

    This was a good video Desi. I naturally have thick dark coarse hairy brows but there are some Sparse areas for sure. I love my bushy brows but sometimes those hairs just won’t stay put. Definitely trying brow #2.

  • Sonia Siddiqi
    Sonia Siddiqi 年 前

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  • Liliana Rodriguez

    Just ordered all the Kat Von D brow stuff. My fav brow was the first natural and the last one. Beautiful!!!

  • mclain sarah
    mclain sarah 年 前

    This is exactly what I need to step up my brow game seriously. I’ve watched this video at least 4 different times. Had to try out all my options you know 😩

  • The-Foodie-Dudies

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  • Samantha March
    Samantha March 年 前 +1

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    Also, does the soap ever degrade or break down the brow product?

  • Mata Burgs
    Mata Burgs 年 前


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    Yadira Marin 年 前

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  • Elizabeth Dawson

    I absolutely love the song in the background of your video, I listen to it when I am working out! Great job with the brows, definitely a needed video! Thank you :)

  • Kiera Jo
    Kiera Jo 年 前

    Girl, you are a BROW QUEEN. I especially love your technique for the soap/bushy brows. You are so good at making it look realistic. I have never tried a pomade, but you're making me want to! (I typically use the really tiny brow pencils to fill in mine.)

  • heidip613
    heidip613 年 前

    Pick your favorite brow 😳???? WHAT that’s like picking a favorite child! .........nope I love them all equally.....maybe

  • ChocolatePumpkinCurlyGirl

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  • LearningToBeMyself

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  • Fransella Blasco

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  • Deanna Sanchez
    Deanna Sanchez 年 前

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    adriana ortega 年 前

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    Natasha Meadows 年 前

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    Teresa Crespo 年 前

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  • Ryankatie Brown
    Ryankatie Brown 年 前

    I have such a hard time picking the right color for my brows! I have dark eyebrows if I get a dark pencil it looks way too dark and lighter looks obvious I’m filling in!! Loved this video!

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    I swear Desi changed my brow game! I used to have dark and boxed shaped like brows. But after watching Desis other brow tutorial, I looked like a different person. In a good way 😂. Brow queen, thank you so very much! ❤️ 🤗

  • Pandora Estrada
    Pandora Estrada 年 前

    do you have a video on how to grow your brows?

    • Desi Perkins
      Desi Perkins  年 前

      Pandora Estrada Not really my hair growth has improved but I think it’s because mostly from change of diet. I’m been eating a lot cleaner. Drinking more water, eating way more greens. I know castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil help with hair growth if you put it on your brows.

  • Vicky Young
    Vicky Young 年 前

    Love the bushy brow so I'm saving this video for future uses...thanks :-)

  • Jessica Rolewicz

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    Jasmine Perez 年 前

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  • veronica mejia
    veronica mejia 年 前

    I have very oily skin and work in an office. I don’t want to wear dramatic eyebrows to work but I have to use a brow pomade because it seems like it’s the only thing that lasts all day. What’s a good waterproof product (pencil or powder) or technique that I can use to get a natural look like your first quick out-the-door look but will last all day?

  • Roxanne Teran
    Roxanne Teran 年 前

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