Shane Dawson Follows My Makeup Routine!

  • 添加 2019年03月15日
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评论 • 14 042

  • Buttered Crossant
    Buttered Crossant 34 分钟 前

    I’m a guy Morgan

  • Naturally Simple
    Naturally Simple 52 分钟 前

    Shane just working away, all Mr. Expert and Moragan just talking no care of the

  • EDMeadArt
    EDMeadArt 3 小时 前

    lmao i love him

  • Karin B
    Karin B 4 小时 前

    Im still surprised that Morgan and Adam arent dating

  • Laryssa's Life
    Laryssa's Life 8 小时 前

    QUEENS!! love yous both, actually everyone in the room. And Garett ofcourse xx

  • Lillian Blythe
    Lillian Blythe 13 小时 前 +1

    “Oh my god it’s wrinkly too.......... YUCK!” Rylan😂😂 you have to love the squad♥️💕

  • Erin Proaño
    Erin Proaño 21 小时 前

    morgan's eyelashes are everything

  • Lupita Valdez
    Lupita Valdez 天 前

    “Jeffree’s boyfriend does things for him”

  • Becky R
    Becky R 天 前

    Omg, Shane did so good! He looked amazing. Damn, his contour and eyeshadow skills are a 10.

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 天 前

    It’s so sad that you don’t go out if your makeup doesn’t turn out well. You should feel free to go out without makeup. Your natural self is beautiful.

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 天 前

    Y’all sound like me when I’m high

  • Amber Danielle
    Amber Danielle 天 前

    I wish Morgan was gay cause she’s so beautiful and has such terrible luck with guys. They just don’t see how amazing she actually is. Bless her.

  • Isa Rossi
    Isa Rossi 天 前

    Shane: a queen with makeup and only has been doing it 2ish months
    Morgan: horrible and has been doing makeup for years

  • stuck in multi-fandom hell

    I have the same necklines but I looked into it and for the most part, it's genetic it made me feel a bit better so I hope it makes you feel better Morgan

  • Austin Gerber
    Austin Gerber 天 前

    Awww Morgan is really pretty

  • Matija Molnar
    Matija Molnar 天 前

    16:03 - 16:19 Morgan is my spirit animal!!!

  • 4Theloveofsimmer

    Ouch Ryland I have PCOS which causes facial hair I do my best to keep it all plucked but still it's my insecurity

  • Daisy
    Daisy 天 前 +1

    It's not suffering when it's "just you" omg! You're great, fren. :)

  • Caleigh Tilson
    Caleigh Tilson 天 前

    Some of us cant help our womanstache Ryland

  • Clarissa Quinlan
    Clarissa Quinlan 2 天 前

    You are beautiful Morgan!
    I love this bunch they are awesome ❤️

  • Zeke Harris
    Zeke Harris 2 天 前

    Shane is aggressively beating his face the whole video and i'm here for it!

  • Brooklyn hall
    Brooklyn hall 2 天 前 +1

    "We all say JEFFREY or we wont survive the night!!!" --Shane dawson

  • Brooklyn hall
    Brooklyn hall 2 天 前

    Morgan: That can be good for you
    Ryland: Thats what im saying.....*underbreath* Morgan

  • Mjggg '
    Mjggg ' 2 天 前

    Morgan stop being so negative about yourself. Its annoyiiiing asf! You are beautiful

  • Karla Davila
    Karla Davila 2 天 前 +4

    Ryland: “I won’t date you.”
    Shane: “But you’re gay soooo...”

  • Lemme See that Dabrussy

    Morgan you are actually gorgeous without make up wtf

  • Moggy Gacha
    Moggy Gacha 2 天 前

    Omg😂😂 the advertising that came up for me was shein and then you were talking about a nother online shoppinh

  • It’s Just Chloe
    It’s Just Chloe 2 天 前

    who else ships Morgan and Andrew

  • Grant Ryder
    Grant Ryder 3 天 前

    26:34 la roux has entered the chat

  • Brittany Myers
    Brittany Myers 3 天 前 +2

    The amount of shape tape Shane put on omg lol that stuff is so full coverage lmao

  • Jesseniaa Official
    Jesseniaa Official 3 天 前 +5

    Shane: ryland can you get me my mirror I brought, jeffree's boyfriend does everything for him😭😭😭

  • Mark S. Roop
    Mark S. Roop 3 天 前

    Let’s be really honest. Morgan has a beautiful face. She jokes about herself, but in reality she is more beautiful than she realizes.

  • April
    April 3 天 前

    PLEASE! I need a wigless palette thx

  • Sydney Fox
    Sydney Fox 3 天 前 +3

    Sometimes neck rings are from Thyroid issues.

  • Lew Green
    Lew Green 3 天 前 +3

    Someome tell shane girl balls are OVARIES lmao

  • Jelly Droz
    Jelly Droz 3 天 前

    holy frick i'm in love. you're so pretty!!!!

  • The House Of Jupiter

    You guys should just film your lives every day all day. I'd watch that shit 👍

  • The House Of Jupiter

    I'm sorry but how do rich people suffer....? Come into my world if you want to know real life... 😏

  • Jeana Mariana
    Jeana Mariana 4 天 前

    Shane did good 😍😍

  • Sumer
    Sumer 4 天 前

    Morgan looks so sad in this video Iv never seen her so dull.

  • Xxela16Crafter :D
    Xxela16Crafter :D 4 天 前

    I find it funny they used the closet door as the wall these are smart human and pig

    • Xxela16Crafter :D
      Xxela16Crafter :D 4 天 前

      Is saying pig offensive to Shane if so thennnnnnn no offense

  • Alex Gracer
    Alex Gracer 4 天 前 +1

    Is it weird that this was soooo relaxing to me?

  • Jose Pereira
    Jose Pereira 4 天 前 +1

    1:17-1:30 is moooooooood 😂😂😂😂

  • Monica Cortez
    Monica Cortez 4 天 前 +1

    “Jeffrees boyfriend does things for him”

  • Katiepinks
    Katiepinks 4 天 前

    11:41 _Not till this video_ 😂

  • Poppykitten 0770
    Poppykitten 0770 4 天 前

    Shane legit reminded me of Michael Jackson when he had that foundation on.

    1 like=wanting a vid of him turning into Michael Jackson.

    • JackAttackular
      JackAttackular 3 天 前

      Poppykitten 0770 I was about to like until you did a “1 like = want” thing

  • Heste Hviskeren
    Heste Hviskeren 5 天 前

    ok Ryland is being rude in the end, it feels like he just wants the video to end

  • Itzzz_Jimmy
    Itzzz_Jimmy 5 天 前

    WHO WAS MEAN TO ANDREW!!???? Imma kill a bitch

  • Angel Garza
    Angel Garza 6 天 前

    My turn Shane would you mind doing my makeup? do my makeup please? and little lady would you mind doing my hair, please?

  • Angel Garza
    Angel Garza 6 天 前

    Both of you looks amazing and wow all I can say is wow :)

  • Olivia O’bryant
    Olivia O’bryant 6 天 前

    Lol the pea Gallery

  • Toxical Secret XD
    Toxical Secret XD 6 天 前

    Am I the only one that thinks the makeup and lighting at the beginning makes Shane look like a redhead???

  • Marie Montgomery
    Marie Montgomery 6 天 前

    I love this video! You are so sweet.

  • Claire Hodgkin
    Claire Hodgkin 6 天 前

    Well your not on a movie but your on CNclip!

  • Tori Reid
    Tori Reid 6 天 前

    Morgan is legit SO pretty.

  • dija be
    dija be 6 天 前

    More Shane and Morgan videos!

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy 7 天 前

    That is why I do my eyeliner FIRST, I do water line and then the top lid, I put the foundation/concealer/powder/eyeshadow on and THEN I put the little wing on at the end so then I have something on my eye to trace over ( because I already did part of the eyeliner ) so the wing ends up sort of okay? I dunno it works for me, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

  • Thiccpersephone
    Thiccpersephone 7 天 前 +1

    Morgan you look so fit! You aren’t giving yourself enough credit! You look amazing

  • hanna
    hanna 8 天 前 +3

    god i miss the squad so much
    i need shane's new series like RN pls

  • AubsMP
    AubsMP 8 天 前

    LOVE THIS. The four of them just hanging out and chatting about literal anything and being so real❤️

  • y o u r I m a g i n a t i o n

    Morgan I love you 😂

  • Iram H
    Iram H 9 天 前

    WHO.THE.FUCK.IS.BEING.MEAN.TO.ANDREW i just wanna talk

  • Ella R
    Ella R 9 天 前 +1

    How is Morgan so pretty??

  • Potter Head
    Potter Head 9 天 前

    7:44 tell me that Shane doesn’t look like that bad guy in the Incredibles movie. Shksksks

  • The Queerest Of Potatoes

    No one:

  • Penelope Larson
    Penelope Larson 9 天 前

    Morgan looks STUNNING in the intro🤩

  • Curly Fri
    Curly Fri 9 天 前 +1

    Like if you’re depressed

  • ogga
    ogga 9 天 前

    It’s a good thing ryland is gay because every girl in the world hates him for saying that about body hair 🙄 your covered in hair ryland but no one expects you to shave your whole body everyday... sexism is sadly still thriving

  • the gajuar
    the gajuar 10 天 前 +1

    ryland is literally a sim. he justs sits down and does fucking yoga and excercise like wtf

  • ori
    ori 10 天 前 +1

    8:26 GOT ME LMAOO

  • Kimiski
    Kimiski 10 天 前 +7

    "I'm not gonna date you with a mustache."
    "You're gay."
    xD ROFL

  • Laura
    Laura 10 天 前

    Life hack- convince everyone you’re good at everything you do and ppl will believe

  • HeyAmy
    HeyAmy 10 天 前 +9

    I just realised Andrew is 100% filming Shane for parts of their upcoming series

    • Alanee Shim
      Alanee Shim 8 天 前 +1

      I didn't notice till I read this comment.... :0

  • Char Turtle
    Char Turtle 11 天 前

    No offense but flashback Shane with your foundation like it if you think so too

  • Chloe Deming
    Chloe Deming 11 天 前

    shane's hair @ 26:32 😂😭😭

  • Banana Lynn
    Banana Lynn 11 天 前

    Stop coming after ryland!!!! It’s his opinion so it doesn’t matter what you think

  • Marissa Kelley
    Marissa Kelley 12 天 前

    morgan has such pretty eyelashes

  • Carly l
    Carly l 13 天 前

    I wish there was a list for the makeup she uses

  • Kristi B
    Kristi B 13 天 前

    I love Shane when he forgets the camera is on. I really enjoy him talking calmly, just saying what's up, not shouting everything and jumping around. I enjoy both really, but this more like casual chit chat and I love it.

  • Bri’s Makeup Funhouse

    Morgan does not need fake lashes, she’s got the best lashes!

  • Bri’s Makeup Funhouse

    I have the biggest crush on Andrew but low key want him and Morgan to be together 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂🥰

  • Kayla Dickelman
    Kayla Dickelman 14 天 前

    Flashback Mary who

  • nugget land
    nugget land 15 天 前

    When you breath it is a countdown to your last

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell 15 天 前

    I miss shane :(

  • SimmerAddicted
    SimmerAddicted 15 天 前 +1

    wait if you look at it wierdly it kinda looks like shane is stood up bent over wearing leggings lol

  • William Stephens
    William Stephens 16 天 前

    He's forest Gump
    He got shot in the ass

  • jackie noelle
    jackie noelle 16 天 前 +1

    does anyone else think shane is working on a makeup palette with jeffree star and thats why we're waiting and that's why he's so into makeup lately??????? he was talking about it in the series with jeffree if you all remember. conspiracy theory ok im ready for it i'm living for it

  • Phylly San Antonio
    Phylly San Antonio 18 天 前

    I'm HAppy!!! great video. made my morning. XXX00000!!!!

  • Ella Elliott
    Ella Elliott 18 天 前

    I love watching you guys because it distracts me from the bad stuff people call me at school

  • Lord Farquad
    Lord Farquad 18 天 前

    oh my god Robert Pattinson is a vampire not a werewolf

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong 19 天 前

    wait...i havent gotten far at all in the video. but when morgan ask shane if he can see her mustache....didnt they have a barrier setup between them? im confused

  • Beast Mode Z
    Beast Mode Z 19 天 前

    Shane is getting very good at it. 3 years ago taco bell cake now make up. Keep up the good work👍

  • Darian Shimizu
    Darian Shimizu 20 天 前

    this is so entertaining i could watch makeup videos with morgan shane ryland and andrew all day

  • Darian Shimizu
    Darian Shimizu 20 天 前

    Morgan I LOVE your laughhhhh

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 20 天 前

    what is this angle? i feel like im falling. love you though

  • Alistor Banks
    Alistor Banks 20 天 前

    Morgan and Shane, and Ryland, and Andrew are perfect just the way they are. The sooner they realize that the better. 😘😘❤

  • sweetener
    sweetener 21 天 前


  • Amanda Thalia
    Amanda Thalia 22 天 前

    Shane with the eyelash glue is me when I smoke weed 😂

  • Emily Arrojo
    Emily Arrojo 23 天 前

    you all need to do a series in Miami, there's so much to do. also i would love to meet you guys LOL

  • Amber Leitao
    Amber Leitao 26 天 前

    How Morgan stops doing make up at one point and just starts yapping about cartoon characters and Shane just keep Goin… Tap tap tap away LOL… Blend blend blend