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  • Sup dudes and dudettes,
    This is 2 days in my life. I spent a few days in the San Diego area and went snorkeling for the first time in La Jolla. #Vanlife makes traveling so convenient and I fall more and more in love with this lifestyle everyday. Everyday is a new adventure, and I can’t wait to share more of my life with you guys.
    hugs and kisses,
    Jennelle and Alfredo
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  • fordkd1
    fordkd1 10 小时 前

    Van life to rock life, lol, i love it!

  • nicole V
    nicole V 12 小时 前

    And athother questions you should do day in my life but for your snake. Day in my snakes like. I want to how u take care of your snake. Like if u agree

  • nicole V
    nicole V 12 小时 前

    You should show use your snakes cage like if u agree

  • Abigail Alfaro
    Abigail Alfaro 13 小时 前


  • Ella Barberi
    Ella Barberi 13 小时 前

    This is cool

  • ToMMy Vercetti
    ToMMy Vercetti 15 小时 前

    SJW at its best

  • Sir Nathan Store
    Sir Nathan Store 21 小时 前

    I saw her for the very first time about a month ago... not sure how she came up on my screen, anyway, I instantly subscribed because she is so adorable and quirky and made me laugh out loud with her antics😂😂. I’m happy she’s loving her life. I sincerely wish her all the best. She deserves it🤗🤗

  • Diby d00dle
    Diby d00dle 22 小时 前

    Did you go to bed with make up on, or are your lashes naturally that popping?

  • Meja Logård
    Meja Logård 23 小时 前

    Ur so cool😍

  • haleema ahmed
    haleema ahmed 天 前

    እውነት ከአረባገር የሰው ቤት ከመቃጠል ያንቺ ኑሮ ይሻላል
    እስኪ ለኔም መኪና ፈልጉልኝ

  • Ray Chuen
    Ray Chuen 天 前

    Omg she got a hydro flasksksksksksksksk

  • Lucy G
    Lucy G 天 前

    Your van looks so cozy!

  • saydee
    saydee 天 前

    where did you get that açaí bowl

  • Kaka
    Kaka 天 前

    What was a cop doing in your van, did u get a ticket ,why was she so young ,omg😂 im sry i have alot of questions. But I love Jennelle. ( I love your channel your so cool😘. congrats 4 getting so famous, I love you ,your awesome keep doing what you do go girl👌✌🖤)

  • I don't know my name Please don't hate meh

    11:33 NO!!!U do not use plastic it kills the turtles!!

  • I don't know my name Please don't hate meh

    0:38 Omg I got the same rug as u

  • Rae Marzilli
    Rae Marzilli 天 前

    Where/how do you do your laundry?

  • Ayshah Shahzad
    Ayshah Shahzad 天 前

    Do you have family

  • Ayshah Shahzad
    Ayshah Shahzad 天 前

    Why do you live in a van

  • Donna Louise Baza

    Omg you are so brave

  • Cactus Plant
    Cactus Plant 天 前

    Why did I say ouch when the phone fell

  • ZenZed
    ZenZed 2 天 前


  • K_K CisumMusic K_K
    K_K CisumMusic K_K 2 天 前


    *Im a sea lion*

  • Jimmy Natividad
    Jimmy Natividad 2 天 前

    How you still single lol your crazy cutie

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon 2 天 前

    If you have a boyfriend will you sleep at his place. And if yall get married youll have to give up vanlife🥺

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon 2 天 前

    wow so u really out here living life. I goto school,work then back.

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon 2 天 前

    Can you do a video about your surfing💜💗

  • Drunk On BTS
    Drunk On BTS 2 天 前

    You have hella clothes

  • Nutella Twins
    Nutella Twins 2 天 前


  • Nutella Twins
    Nutella Twins 2 天 前

    Whoops it says ho

  • Nutella Twins
    Nutella Twins 2 天 前 +5

    2:47 that’s my moms car! And I paused it and I saw her! Hi omg omg omg

  • addi rob
    addi rob 2 天 前

    Is it more expensive to live in a van? Obviously you don’t have to pay for housing as you double your car as your living space. But what about water, electricity, etc

    • addi rob
      addi rob 天 前

      @Ally bear I guess so! Its really something id consider doing

    • Ally bear
      Ally bear 2 天 前

      It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper, especially in places with crazy high rent. That's why most people do it. To the point where you can take out gym memberships just to have somewhere to shower and still save a bunch of money, and buy water to drink etc etc.

  • Spa in
    Spa in 2 天 前

    She uploads videos after leaving the location

  • bing flosby
    bing flosby 2 天 前

    8 k disliked lol y

  • Ashlee Robinson
    Ashlee Robinson 2 天 前

    to not get an infection you can pee on it

  • Emma Skeens
    Emma Skeens 2 天 前

    Sees (no cliff diving thing or whatever) me

    As a 11 year old
    I have jumped off an 30ft or higher cliff into 40ft deep water
    At Grayson lake (it was da bomb!)

  • Dominic Duran
    Dominic Duran 2 天 前 +1

    This girl knows what's up and shes Soo funny😂☺, love for Alfredo🐍

  • Kiya Lawson
    Kiya Lawson 2 天 前

    How does it feel to live in a van and how is it when you have a snake

  • George Qualls
    George Qualls 2 天 前

    Got my hidroflask sksksksksksksk and I oop

  • Real Cold Cases
    Real Cold Cases 2 天 前

    I know living in a van is obviously more cost effective than an apartment, but you still have to by food and has. Does she have a job? Just curious.

  • Ainsley Martin
    Ainsley Martin 2 天 前

    hello im jennelle and live on a rock with a sea lion and his broskies

  • Teri Pfohl
    Teri Pfohl 2 天 前



    You got subscribers so fast! Of course ! Living in a van must be easy and hard, I like how you got 1.93 million subscribers so fast, I’m not surprise because your videos are AWSOME and have so much in them! They tell about your life and living in a van and in only 6 videos! You are really on the go for yt! Wish you the best !

  • Joanallys Rodriguez

    Those sharks would run away from me

  • Maddison Million
    Maddison Million 2 天 前 +3

    Does she have live another job other than being a youtuber

  • Tracy Agyemang
    Tracy Agyemang 2 天 前

    I really like ur personality and admire how free spirited u are.....I wish I was ur friend though am scared of Alfredo.....lol

  • Kenya Johnson
    Kenya Johnson 3 天 前

    How come you hardly take outfado on your trips

  • sunny -
    sunny - 3 天 前

    She also says “My dudes” just like Joana Ceddia usually says

  • T Br
    T Br 3 天 前

    Please when you get your youtube check please get a safer place to stay im scared for you honestly

  • Jackie Kuleeetz
    Jackie Kuleeetz 3 天 前

    Your amazing woman , I like you Janelle..

  • brown town
    brown town 3 天 前

    Love ur videos, ur very brave, and beautiful, live life the way you want, #vanlife

  • Miyah Sbeiti
    Miyah Sbeiti 3 天 前 +2

    No one: oh look a shark bye 👋
    Eliana: so someone just told me that they saw a shark so imma jump in

  • Nevie Forrestie
    Nevie Forrestie 3 天 前

    What breed is alfredo? And does he bite? Bc I’m thinking of getting a snake and he seems amazing

  • Mariah Henddd
    Mariah Henddd 3 天 前

    Yo the scissors are a human trafficking sign they put an object on your car telling the other ppl u r alone so while your taking it off they will get u pls be safe 😭

  • XxGabbyChans AngelsxX

    This video should have been called “SEA LIONS GANG OPEN ON ME😰😭😂

  • Krystal and Stella
    Krystal and Stella 3 天 前

    Did you see the hydro flask logo on her cup? Also that’s a REALLY cute cup!! Where did you get it???

  • syed raza!
    syed raza! 3 天 前 +17

    How do u make money lol I'm asking bc how do u pay gas and stuff

    • Kashala Quinn
      Kashala Quinn 6 小时 前

      But she mentioned she had a job idk if she still does

    • Kashala Quinn
      Kashala Quinn 6 小时 前

      CNclip should be paying her

  • syed raza!
    syed raza! 3 天 前

    How do u make money lol?

  • im werid
    im werid 3 天 前

    how do i edit your videos in such a small space

  • iiSiara
    iiSiara 3 天 前 +11

    My mom: “if you keep getting grades like that your gonna end up living in a van”