July 2018 Boxycharm Unboxing | Try On Style

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  • Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
    Here is my Monthly Boxycharm video! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!


    Products In My Box:
    Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel ($42.00)
    Chella Eyebrow Cream in Tantalizing Taupe ($26.00)
    Crown Brushes Eyeshadow Palette ($29.00)
    Wander Beauty Volume & Curl Mascara ($24.00)
    Note Luminous Silk Compact Blusher ($11.99)
    Overall Value: $130

    What I'm Wearing:
    Top: Urban Outfitters
    Earrings: Forever 21
    Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown & some hairspray
    Face: Dior Airflash Foundation in 301, Born this way Multi Use Concealer, Thirve Cosmetics Rhea Bronzer, Becca Sunrise Waves Bronzer, Anastasia Amrezy Highlight

    KL POLISH :) :)



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    MUSIC BY: PremiumBeat.Com

    *What camera do you use?
    Canon 80D
    *What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro
    *Where did you get your vanity?
    Danny actually built it for me

    FTC-This box was sent to me for free by Boxycharm to review on my channel. All opinions are my own. I am always 100% HONEST.
    (MUG is an affiliate link & Morphe code is an affiliate code #kathleenlights
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  • Gracie The Dad
    Gracie The Dad 4 个月 前 +1

    I’m not spansish

  • Dear Loran 💜
    Dear Loran 💜 4 个月 前

    You’re so cute! Love all your accents!!

  • tea
    tea 4 个月 前


  • Mallory Yahne
    Mallory Yahne 8 个月 前

    That dr brant depuff stuff worked dude.

  • CouponingwithMARY
    CouponingwithMARY 8 个月 前

    New subscriber. Also subscribed to Boxcharm today do you think I’ll get the September box and if so how long does it usually take to get in the mail. You motivate me to do the monthly subscription. I hope I love it as much as I loved watching your videos. Thanks!

  • adrienne
    adrienne 9 个月 前 +2

    Idk why you remind me of tinker bell 😂

  • Farah Mansour
    Farah Mansour 9 个月 前

    wtf I didn't get the eyeshadows

  • myluv4 makeup
    myluv4 makeup 9 个月 前

    Hi Kathleen!!😇 I loved my July Boxycharm, I got the exact same box you got!! I've tried the Dr Brandt from another box and I loved it and was so happy to get another one!! I don't have bags or dark circles but I love it under my eyes to smooth things out I love it!!😇 gr8 video and review Kathleen!!😇

  • Sindy  Arceo
    Sindy Arceo 9 个月 前

    So did you end up trying the Dr. Brandt item still?

  • Itzel Avila
    Itzel Avila 9 个月 前

    Need the august one!!

  • valttten
    valttten 9 个月 前

    My box come without the eyeshadow pallet

  • Lizzy's Learning Makeup Tutorial

    Lizbet-KDRKQOYM my boxycharm code💖

  • Amy Dontyouwannaknow
    Amy Dontyouwannaknow 9 个月 前

    So I got the eyeshadow pallet but I have a different shade for the shimmer one you used

  • Samantha March
    Samantha March 9 个月 前

    I don't get Boxycharm but I always enjoy watching you try the items on!

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 9 个月 前

    This was my first box and I wasn't impressed. If the Dr Brandt wasn't pure garbage I would've been happier but none of it excited me. The eyebrow cream is a good formula but the brush is too big for the pot and you can only get it on the tip which is impractical.The palette was warm (shocker!) and I can't stand warm colors on me. I hope August will be better!

  • Jackie Medeiros
    Jackie Medeiros 9 个月 前

    My box didn't have the eye shadow, instead it had a full size bottle of TARTE Ready, Set, Radiant mist.

  • Nick Astraea
    Nick Astraea 9 个月 前

    My box’s have been crappy since the last few months :(

  • Ella Morshead
    Ella Morshead 9 个月 前

    I got everything except the eyeshadow palette. Instead I got a tarte ready set radiant mist

  • Zabeen Chowdhury
    Zabeen Chowdhury 9 个月 前

    Which music did she use while doing the eyes?

  • Maura Elizabeth
    Maura Elizabeth 9 个月 前

    i JUST subscribed to boxycharm and i really hope it was worth it😂

  • Missy Tomajko
    Missy Tomajko 9 个月 前

    My box came with a tarte setting spray instead of the eye shadow pallet and I was so disappointed. I was most excited for the eye shadow 😞

  • Iliana
    Iliana 9 个月 前

    Did the Drbrand product dry out anyone else's undereyes? mine were sooo dry after applying the depuffing gel?! Maybe i put too much idk

  • Emily Talamantes
    Emily Talamantes 9 个月 前

    My box had Tarte setting spray, I almost wish I could of got the pallete instead I like the colors u applied ❤️❤️...love u love this video 😘

  • Ren Roz
    Ren Roz 10 个月 前

    I got the same items except I got the tarte mist. Smells like cucumbers and fresh!! I found someone selling the crown palette and it’s an awesome dupe for UD heat palette 🎨 love your videos Kathleen xoxo 😘

  • Tinamarie ADVM
    Tinamarie ADVM 10 个月 前

    Why do you say ch.. As shhh. It's not boxy SHARM. And it's not PEASH. U also say bawx instead of box. You sound uneducated when you say peash instead of peachhhhh and SHARM instead of CHARM

    • Becca Hochanadel
      Becca Hochanadel 9 个月 前

      She knows how to properly say the words, she does it because it's cute and most of us like it so when she got positive feedback she started doing it more. Most people with a sense of humor mess around with the words they say.

  • Danielle Leyva
    Danielle Leyva 10 个月 前

    Keep doing these

  • Danielle Leyva
    Danielle Leyva 10 个月 前

    She’s so cute

  • Danielle Leyva
    Danielle Leyva 10 个月 前


  • Alyssa Jamerson
    Alyssa Jamerson 10 个月 前

    You thought it would be a pink blush bc you almost always get a blush that’s pretty, but doesn’t flow with your look the way you want! 😂😂😂 but you always make it look good of course! ❤️❤️❤️

  • _TheDuncanClan_
    _TheDuncanClan_ 10 个月 前

    Ugh. I subscribed to boxycharm specifically for the pallets and I didn’t even get one. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this to come in the mail and it didn’t even have the pallet. So annoyed right now.

  • Aqssa Mohammad
    Aqssa Mohammad 10 个月 前

    "the next item... IS an eyeshadow palette!!" could she BE any more like Chandler? hehehe

  • mikosan_
    mikosan_ 10 个月 前

    bummed I didn't get the eyeshadow palette, but I got a Tarte setting spray!

  • Miranda Fitch
    Miranda Fitch 10 个月 前

    The mascara is horrible . It barely gives any effects at all!!!

  • Michelle Davies
    Michelle Davies 10 个月 前

    love it... i got a tarte setting spray instead of the pallet but the blush is my favorite :)

  • Wicked Flame
    Wicked Flame 10 个月 前

    Absolutely love it!

  • Christy Wilson
    Christy Wilson 10 个月 前

    You look GORGEOUS 💜

  • Bitzy
    Bitzy 10 个月 前

    Love that you were so honest...I wasn't really impressed with this months box.

  • LisetteMonsterFreak
    LisetteMonsterFreak 10 个月 前

    I love Boxycharm!
    I did an opening video too

  • Sarahcate Roberson
    Sarahcate Roberson 10 个月 前 +1

    This month was a little disappointing for me, personally, especially after June had that stunning eyeshadow palette.
    My favorite to use from this month's box by far is the blush - it might be too dark for me in the winter, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Giovanna Solano
    Giovanna Solano 10 个月 前

    I was disappointed with my box this month. Ugh guess because it’s my birthday month I had high hopes. I really wanted the tarte setting spray and dr brandt product ☹️.

  • Court Klaasmeyer
    Court Klaasmeyer 10 个月 前

    I didn't get the dr brandt im so salty

    • Becca Hochanadel
      Becca Hochanadel 9 个月 前

      It isn't as amazing as it seems, it makes your undereyes super dry like you applied a bunch of powder

  • Sina
    Sina 10 个月 前

    Video was short but hey the beginning of the video, you said it was super early.. I totally understand.
    Love the comment you made, “I have Caterpillar eyebrows.” Lol.

  • Liz Nice
    Liz Nice 10 个月 前

    Use my link to sign up for Boxycharm and each of us receive a free BUM BUM cream!

  • Stephanie Krasucki
    Stephanie Krasucki 10 个月 前

    Love the look! I got the exact same box and can’t wait to play with it

  • Kimberley Reichelt
    Kimberley Reichelt 10 个月 前

    The Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant skin mist was the other option instead of the palette but you received the palette so I was wondering have you used the skin most before? And what are your thoughts about it?

  • Beth Gramkow
    Beth Gramkow 10 个月 前

    Kathleenlights video was on a boxy charm ad on Facebook. Very strange. Hope she knows about it. I hate to see companies take Beauty influencers at videos and put them in ads without permission.

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 10 个月 前

    Your videos are perfect!

  • brandy branch
    brandy branch 10 个月 前

    Kathleen im startimg a you tube video but i lost all my make up and brushes is there anything youd be willing to get rid of?

  • Emma T. Fink
    Emma T. Fink 10 个月 前

    Whenever I mention Boxycharm or I get my box around my boyfriend, he ALWAYS says "Boxysherm" because of Kathleen! LOL

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      Would love if you checked out my unboxing :)

  • heythisistiana
    heythisistiana 10 个月 前

    this might have been the shortest unboxing video on this channel

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      seems like it! haha. I'd love if you checked out my unboxing :)

  • Knowledgeandbeauty
    Knowledgeandbeauty 10 个月 前 +1

    I love the note blush in combination with the Cover FX enhancer drops in Blossom, Colourpop supershock highlight in showtime, and topped with Wetnwild Blossom Glow on the very high points. It seems like a lot, but it actually creates a really youthful, glowy, summery effect and you can't tell that you layered three highlighters. I made a really nice monotone look with the palette that came in this Boxycharm, that blush/highlight combo, and Vitamin C colourpop blotted lip with Ocean Ave blotted lip in the center.

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      Sounds really pretty! I to did an unboxing :) The blush is super pretty but very pigmented! haha

  • saj
    saj 10 个月 前

    Can you do an updated skincare routine pleaseeeee? Your skin looks amazing 😍

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      I'd love if you checked out my beauty channel :)

  • LittleMiss Peach
    LittleMiss Peach 10 个月 前

    Wish i got the palette instead of the spray 😭

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      I wish i would've gotten the spray! lol

  • Donna Shaelene
    Donna Shaelene 10 个月 前

    Instead of getting the eyeshadow palette I got the Tarte Ready Set Radiant spray. I wasn’t into the box this month and I’m super bummed I didn’t get the eyeshadow palette. 😢

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      I'm bummed i didn't get the spray! I like the palette but i have a lot of palettes just like it

  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 10 个月 前

    Me and You got the Exact Same Exact products!

  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 10 个月 前 +1

    Yes,Me to!I knew when I seen it You would like the blush to,cuz You and I Love Everything the same, no shit,seriously,everything,its crazy!but especially blushes!🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 10 个月 前

    The Mascara looks nice!

  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 10 个月 前

    They have huge pans like Jeffree's older packaging of eyeshadow was!

  • Hola Memes
    Hola Memes 10 个月 前

    “I only have my eyebrows done” *turns her head* sees her contour and highlight 😂 love you tho

  • Jasmine Kay
    Jasmine Kay 10 个月 前

    Who would like to sub to my channel ? I’ll be posting boxy charm too

  • xxPixieChicxx
    xxPixieChicxx 10 个月 前

    I got the same except I got the Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant spray instead of the Crown eyeshadow palette.

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      lucky! I got the eyeshadow palette

  • Lavender He
    Lavender He 10 个月 前

    I have the same products

  • Julie Russell
    Julie Russell 10 个月 前

    The reaction when you open the blush is my favorite part! 😂

    • Brooke Clark
      Brooke Clark 10 个月 前

      i know to cute! the blush is really pretty! I to did an unboxing and try on :)

  • Jamie Levine
    Jamie Levine 10 个月 前

    I did not get that eyeshadow palette!! bummer...i got a blush by the same brand and it is broken...fail!

  • Lori Remington
    Lori Remington 10 个月 前

    I got all the same stuff I'm interested to see how the eye shadows work and I'm most excited for the blush it's such a gorgeous shade!

  • Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain MUA

    I loved my July’s box!! I filmed a look either the crown palette yesterday. So excited to upload Sunday. Your look is so perfect. You’re stunning.

  • Paulina Wojtalewicz
    Paulina Wojtalewicz 10 个月 前 +1

    Are u from Poland???? Or something? Btw. Love yaa ❤

  • Nasrin Ali
    Nasrin Ali 10 个月 前

    your eyebrow looks amazing..how do you do that?? wants to know

  • Jenni Murillo
    Jenni Murillo 10 个月 前

    Hey guys I made a YT channel I hope you guys could check it out & let me know what you think🤔 I might do a giveaway soon😬😬

  • Jenni Murillo
    Jenni Murillo 10 个月 前

    Love you kathleeeeeeennnn

  • Christina Channel
    Christina Channel 10 个月 前

    I got the same thing in mind I love it 😍

  • Hannah Estrada
    Hannah Estrada 10 个月 前

    Can you please do a setting powder video?! I need your opinion on the new hourglass vs Laura mercier vs the glossier one you love. Pleaaasssee

  • Kaylee Wallace
    Kaylee Wallace 10 个月 前


  • autumn nifong
    autumn nifong 10 个月 前

    Kathleen’s boxycharm videos make me wanna cancel my Ipsy subscription and get boxycharm instead 🙃

  • Isabel Hochleutner
    Isabel Hochleutner 10 个月 前

    I would love it if you reviewed the new ABH glosses!! They look super pretty. Love you girl❣❣

  • Brittany Gutermuth
    Brittany Gutermuth 10 个月 前

    We got the same box!

  • ItsDyani
    ItsDyani 10 个月 前

    the eyeshadow makes your eyes looks so GREEN!! Stunningggg

  • Divagirlsd
    Divagirlsd 10 个月 前

    We got the same things. Love your videos.

  • laura romero
    laura romero 10 个月 前

    I like the music

  • Alina Allison
    Alina Allison 10 个月 前

    Can you do a review on the D-Bronzie Sunshine Serum by drunk elephant?! I'm so curious if it's worth buying, but it sounds awesome 😍

  • beansiegrl
    beansiegrl 10 个月 前


  • Lexi J
    Lexi J 10 个月 前

    Can you please do a “favourite drugstore makeup ever” or like an updated ride or die tag

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 10 个月 前

    Hi! Can you please review the bobbi brown longwear foundation!? I love your foundation reviews and have heard great things about this foundation!

  • Kailey M
    Kailey M 10 个月 前

    I got a tarte spray in my box rather than the eye shadow pallet. That was the only difference for me!

  • Kayla Thomas
    Kayla Thomas 10 个月 前

    I got a vitamin c clay mask from Farmacy instead of the Dr. Brandt

  • Jorrel Caluya
    Jorrel Caluya 10 个月 前

    omg you didn’t put lipstick on WHO IS SHE

  • Diane 2003
    Diane 2003 10 个月 前

    I like the mascara! It's a dry formula. Curled my lashes too which are stick straight. Dr Brandt made my eyes burn when I applied it.

  • Claudia Posada
    Claudia Posada 10 个月 前

    we got the exact same thing !

  • melloe
    melloe 10 个月 前

    Who is paying $29 for a Crown eyeshadow palette tho lolol

  • pamperedpolishes
    pamperedpolishes 10 个月 前

    I got a face mask instead of the dr Brandt and I’m super bummed about it 🤣

  • Brisa Flores
    Brisa Flores 10 个月 前

    Instead of the Crown palette I got the Tarte ready set radiant which I'm super happy about!

  • Brighton Gregory
    Brighton Gregory 10 个月 前

    Such a beautiful eye shadow palette and look!!! More looks with it??? I love those colors!!

  • saucy tae
    saucy tae 10 个月 前

    can you do a korean makeup look using korean products thank you love your videos

  • Ranaja Osler
    Ranaja Osler 10 个月 前


  • Missmr
    Missmr 10 个月 前


  • Ella Stone
    Ella Stone 10 个月 前

    You really know how to rock a bun

  • Natalie Barajas
    Natalie Barajas 10 个月 前

    KATHLEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!! Where are you??????? It’s monday.......😞 I miss you.

  • Lizzet Torres
    Lizzet Torres 10 个月 前

    I got an extra item in my box, cover fx custom enhancer drops in color blossom

  • mhoney83
    mhoney83 10 个月 前

    I got the same box but my palette is crooked...so annoying lol

  • Allison Savidge
    Allison Savidge 10 个月 前

    BERXYSHERRRRRM!!! ❤️❤️❤️