Re: Bunny letter opener 兔肉開信機


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  • Fuji whara
    Fuji whara 7 年 前

    ungly cat!

  • MzM5e659
    MzM5e659 9 年 前

    I'm sorry but that cat is just plain ugly.

  • Pui Yuk Lam
    Pui Yuk Lam 9 年 前

    = =
    傻仔.一睇就知果隻係新品種既冇無貓啦- -
    食貓肉邊到係咁架- -

  • FennPanda
    FennPanda 10 年 前



    OMG! Who shaved the cat!

  • Emin Bassavand
    Emin Bassavand 10 年 前

    wow... that thing looks forsaken

  • fifi87820
    fifi87820 10 年 前

    wut the hell is thatttt!

  • sweetandtastyTV
    sweetandtastyTV 10 年 前

    poor kitty ;(

  • Phoebe Saunders
    Phoebe Saunders 10 年 前

    Yeah! That was it! :']

  • Daia Dawn
    Daia Dawn 10 年 前

    Actually, it was Joey who said it XD Yay! Somebody got the reference!
    Monica: Rachel, why is your cat in one of my cooking pots?!
    Rachel: It's not. I'm defrosting a chicken.

  • Phoebe Saunders
    Phoebe Saunders 10 年 前

    yeah... i know what you're talking about.
    When Rachel gets the hairless cat, phoebe say's ''that's not a cat''!!
    I think, it's them two ^_^

  • Roxanna Chavez
    Roxanna Chavez 11 年 前

    LOL Austin Powers! YAY!

  • JeeDee66
    JeeDee66 11 年 前

    so ugly

  • Karol Santiago
    Karol Santiago 11 年 前

    hahahah zomg! i loved ur comment xD

  • Daia Dawn
    Daia Dawn 11 年 前

    It's NOT a CAT!! o_0; (Friends)

  • GroovySphynx
    GroovySphynx  11 年 前

    No that is another type cat. My cats are all Sphynx & registered with TICA & CFA. Cornish Rex is a different breed as is Devon & Russian Blue
    These are Sphynx with papers

  • Dalcor
    Dalcor 11 年 前

    I thought they were called "Rex" or somthing like that O.o

  • Grace R
    Grace R 12 年 前

    shes so beautiful!

  • GroovySphynx
    GroovySphynx  12 年 前

    Yes they are SPHYNX
    Thanks for watching

  • KatziiYataki
    KatziiYataki 12 年 前

    Is that a Sphinx breed cat you have there?

  • bonespirit
    bonespirit 12 年 前

    I love that cat.

    tracyhoss... i loved

  • GroovySphynx
    GroovySphynx  12 年 前

    MY cat with no hair. She was born that way.

  • GroovySphynx
    GroovySphynx  12 年 前

    you do not have mirrors? lol

  • Chaeley
    Chaeley 12 年 前

    ... I'm guessing it's really beautiful on the inside.

  • GroovySphynx
    GroovySphynx  12 年 前

    Sphynx Cat

  • Xtine mills
    Xtine mills 12 年 前

    I think those cats are cool and cute

  • SnowingRoses
    SnowingRoses 12 年 前

    .. is the cat trying to drink the water??
    I thought cats were afraied of water O_O

  • SnowingRoses
    SnowingRoses 12 年 前

    wth? whats wrong with it?

  • ELpedrooo
    ELpedrooo 12 年 前

    wtf? he/she dont eat? :S

    is a cat realy?

  • Sue Pruitt
    Sue Pruitt 12 年 前

    What the heck is that????