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    NARS - Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
    Maybelline New York - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
    SHADE: 228
    LANCÔME - Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation
    SHADE: 410W
    L'Oréal - Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation
    SHADE: 107
    Lancome - Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick
    SHADE: 435
    MARC JACOBS BEAUTY - Youthful Look Foundation
    SHADE: Y370
    GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY - Luminous Silk Foundation
    SHADE: 7.5
    Jouer - Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation
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    Steady Cam (DJI MOBILE):
    Drone Shots (DJI MAVIC):
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  • Sandra Castillo
    Sandra Castillo 21 天 前

    Does the fit me foundation oxidize?

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 27 天 前

    what foundation were you wearing in the video?

  • Janainay Jitterbug
    Janainay Jitterbug 个月 前

    Desi and Billie Eillish have really similar personalities but you’ll think I’m crazy bc their voices and the way they speak is quite different. Keep listening you might tell❣️

  • Yessica N Thomas
    Yessica N Thomas 个月 前

    What’s on your eyes is so beautiful and so subtle! My favorite foundation right now is th Covergirl Healthy elixir amd the Matte and poreless by Maybelline

  • Nora Mosunmade
    Nora Mosunmade 2 个月 前

    This video was so helpful. Thanks for talking about the pros and cons to these foundations!

  • Margaret
    Margaret 2 个月 前

    Why am I just now finding this channel.... I’m a new stan.

  • kaylahface
    kaylahface 2 个月 前

    Omg there's a color from narz called Syracuse! That's my city!!!😂

  • Evy Lavato
    Evy Lavato 2 个月 前

    Is the NARS one long wearing??

  • Dinda Rahmah Ayu
    Dinda Rahmah Ayu 3 个月 前

    The background hurt my eyes😭

  • Brittany Acevedo
    Brittany Acevedo 3 个月 前

    What’s your skin type !?

  • Andrea Giraldo Horri
    Andrea Giraldo Horri 3 个月 前

    I love your voice! I know it’s weird but it’s relaxing

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez 3 个月 前

    do you recommend the Lancôme foundation for dry skin ?

  • Aline Fadell
    Aline Fadell 3 个月 前

    Your skin looks perfect!!

  • Emily A
    Emily A 4 个月 前

    What’s your shade in Mac?

  • Leonore Gatti
    Leonore Gatti 4 个月 前

    I also like Maybelline fit me. i'm thinking of getting the lancome stick. I really like the coverage

  • The McLain Team With Carlton-Royce International

    Does nars radiant work if you have combination oily skin??

  • Irena Castro
    Irena Castro 5 个月 前

    Please don't lynch me but who's Katie please?

  • TheElysian N
    TheElysian N 5 个月 前

    aweee you look like J LO !!!! beautiful

  • Thomad Kenny
    Thomad Kenny 5 个月 前

    Thank you JLo 😉😂

  • Khatiba Laziz
    Khatiba Laziz 5 个月 前

    Hahaha the way you describe the armani foundation (^.^)

  • Andreana Heldt
    Andreana Heldt 5 个月 前

    Wich Lipstick your wear in this Video?

  • Sara Sherry
    Sara Sherry 6 个月 前

    Please include the price. Keep us in the know. I'm out~

  • Sarah Battula
    Sarah Battula 6 个月 前

    you reminded me of JLO

  • Mercan Yildirim
    Mercan Yildirim 6 个月 前

    Nars and Fit me? They both fucked up my skin so bad..

  • Michaela Defoy
    Michaela Defoy 6 个月 前


  • Silvia Mendez
    Silvia Mendez 7 个月 前

    Hey Desi, love your channel like crazy!! I was wondering what foundation would help me, the thing is, I have super dry skin because of acne treatment, I'm currently done with my treatment but cannot get my skin hydrated enough to wear foundation, it looks like a mess. PLEASE ANYONE HELP :(

  • Courtney Flynn
    Courtney Flynn 7 个月 前

    I wanted to love jouer foundation BUT I agree I could 1. Not find the color and 2. It lifts and falls apart on me by about hour 4 at work. It is super full coverage but I just don’t feel like there is longevity 😔 my go to is Estes Lauder double wear for sure!

  • Andrea T11
    Andrea T11 7 个月 前

    I have most of those foundations and it’s funny that we are the same shades in all!

  • mylonelyweekend
    mylonelyweekend 7 个月 前

    That backdrop is gorgeous

  • sapphire korman
    sapphire korman 7 个月 前

    love you so much

  • Whitney Huskins
    Whitney Huskins 7 个月 前

    Don't be embarrassed by showing busted looking foundations just because I personally would rather see a busted looking foundation because that shows me you really loved it. Just my opinion. I hate it when people show brand new bottles you cant even tell they've used

  • Janine Nguyen
    Janine Nguyen 8 个月 前

    What about clinique? I purchased after your recommendation but curious of your thoughts of it now. Guessing it not a sidechick but a one night stand?

  • Victoria Tacuba
    Victoria Tacuba 8 个月 前

    What on your eyes?!??

  • Daniela Vazquez
    Daniela Vazquez 8 个月 前

    So helpful
    Thank you

  • RoseBud
    RoseBud 8 个月 前

    Best foundation review video I have come across so far. Your face is so flawless.

  • Amanda Molix
    Amanda Molix 8 个月 前

    maybelline fit me is so patchy and cakey on me I hate it idk why it doesnt work for me

  • Desi F
    Desi F 8 个月 前

    IIII am wondering if the NARS would go good with the strobe cream .. omg I hope you see this also Ilysm❤️!! 🤗🤗

  • kmtran
    kmtran 8 个月 前

    Can you do a tutorial on the eyeshadow look please???!!!!!!!?!??!?

  • S Khan
    S Khan 8 个月 前

    Im glad you broke up with armani silk 😘

  • Basic bixh
    Basic bixh 8 个月 前

    Help im so confused, which one is the best one for every day?

  • somik
    somik 9 个月 前

    Ahahah, I feel bad for Armani 😂

  • Clare 1999
    Clare 1999 9 个月 前

    The Jouer is my ride or die😍😍

  • Leslee Nicole
    Leslee Nicole 9 个月 前

    What is your skin type?

  • Zara Dempsey
    Zara Dempsey 9 个月 前

    Can you also do this with bronzers and palettes cuz I love these and your skin is so beautiful I wanna know what your other favourite makeup products are cuz these are so helpful these videos 💗xxx

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 9 个月 前

    She has the nicest contour of anyone I've seen on YT. Normally beauty YTers go ham with contour and warm bronzers, muddying up their face.

  • Charisma Agnes Catague
    Charisma Agnes Catague 9 个月 前

    Thanks for this video, girl! I appreciate the info and will be trying NARS radiant..

  • Heather Wisley
    Heather Wisley 9 个月 前

    Wow your hair here is FIRE. I need a tutorial!!!! How in the heck do you get is looking so smooth so glam so bomb I mean hello sleekness.

  • Yasiris Ruiz
    Yasiris Ruiz 9 个月 前

    Wanted to love the Nars one that you swear by but it kept breaking/cracking on my skin like crazy! Even 20 minutes after applying it! Now I’m in love with the Marc Jacobs one you mentioned ♥️ Love ya!

  • Brandee Stotz
    Brandee Stotz 9 个月 前

    Desi, Have u tried the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation???? I think ud like it!

  • Ally Marie
    Ally Marie 9 个月 前

    Loreal infallible is my go to!!!! N also Maybelline matte & poreless. Soo happy you mentioned my go to drugstore foundation. I trust your opinion so much!

  • Sarah Grace Spencer
    Sarah Grace Spencer 9 个月 前

    What shade are you in the Fenty Beauty foundation?? I wear the Nars radiant long wear in Barcelona and luminous silk in 7.5. Our colouring is so similar so I would love to know what shade you wear in more foundations!!

  • Sarah Olvera
    Sarah Olvera 9 个月 前

    When she said “ my oily ass nose wants to play me all the time “ I felt that 😂💯

  • Jen Pereira
    Jen Pereira 9 个月 前

    Please film this look!!! 😍

  • Kyle Mahoney
    Kyle Mahoney 9 个月 前

    the lancome foundation stick is my FAVORITE foundation! a must have! i use it every day. sometimes i just put it places where i want fuller coverage and use a different foundation with it. i am on my third stick! literally need to use it every time i do my makeup

  • Lana Pipkins
    Lana Pipkins 9 个月 前

    Maybelline Fit Me in 330 and 332 are currently my jams. Anxious to try the Nars, Lancome, and Marc Jacobs foundations, as soon as I find my shades.

  • Ayea Sb
    Ayea Sb 10 个月 前

    I love Fit me fondation but i have an oily skin and i always get pimples whenever i use it 😓

  • Neilma Francia
    Neilma Francia 10 个月 前

    Please review Huda Beauty faux filter foundation!! :)

  • Judith Morales
    Judith Morales 10 个月 前

    Desi, you are so stunning🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Gianella Gutierrez
    Gianella Gutierrez 10 个月 前

    Does anyone know a dupe for the Jouer foundation that i can find in Sephora or Ulta? I have an event coming up and the description of that foundation sounded perfect 😩

  • Casey H
    Casey H 10 个月 前

    You should totally try the Lancôme Renergie Lift Foundation. It’s not super full coverage, but it is beautiful on the skin. Does not settle into fine lines whatsoever, has a dewy finish & feels weightless on. It’s my #1 Holy Grail foundation. I have used nothing else since I purchased it! It’s bomb on Mature & dry skin. I hope you’ll give it a try!

  • Kristina Kokhanevich
    Kristina Kokhanevich 10 个月 前

    Tut on this look pleeeeeeaaaaase.

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 10 个月 前


  • Yeya Aguilar
    Yeya Aguilar 10 个月 前

    we need a tutorial for this looooookkkk

  • Lauren Reise
    Lauren Reise 10 个月 前

    Can’t believe it’s been a year already

  • Beauty and Health Korner
    Beauty and Health Korner 10 个月 前

    Thank you for this helpful video on best foundations 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

  • McKenna Calderon
    McKenna Calderon 10 个月 前

    What is a great foundation for dry and dehydrated skin??? I tried many that just cake up on me no matter how hydrated my base is

  • Adriana Almodova
    Adriana Almodova 10 个月 前

    I just picked up the Nars Natural Radiant foundation and I love itttt. BUT...I may have stumbled on a dupe for it? Might just be my oily skin...buuuut I’m really loving the Maybelle FitMe DEWY foundation. I’ve never been a fan of matte foundations so i thought I’d give this one a try one day, and I’m hooked! Have you tried the dewy version? If you have, did you like it??

  • Jasmine Mayorga
    Jasmine Mayorga 10 个月 前

    The loreal pro matte used to be MY RIDE OR DIE!!! it's not super matte on me tho so it's cool to hear how different it cam perform on other skin types! My go to now is the new maybelline foundation 😁

  • Alice Beautyyy
    Alice Beautyyy 10 个月 前

    TUTORIAL THIS LOOK!!!!!! It’s like a perfect flirty pink date look I LOVE!!!

  • Ebonee Alcala
    Ebonee Alcala 10 个月 前

    Which do you recommend if you had to choose one?

  • Jlenia Crigna
    Jlenia Crigna 10 个月 前

    personally lancome teint idole is the best for me, it's my baby ❤ but i really want to try the nars one 😍👍

  • Barbarella B
    Barbarella B 10 个月 前

    Your skin looks like a baby’s ass! Love the teinte idole.

  • Maha Shah
    Maha Shah 10 个月 前

    lancome teint idole has been my go to for so many years! It been slept on so glad you brought it to light! These are a good mix of high end and drugstore foundations =)

  • Karillas
    Karillas 10 个月 前

    Love that you included your shade. You are the ruler of all queens

  • vjosamua
    vjosamua 10 个月 前

    every single foundation you mentioned I have and love too

  • Maria Castellanos
    Maria Castellanos 10 个月 前

    Justo lo que estaba buscando. Let's try the Nars one.

  • J Peresin
    J Peresin 10 个月 前

    Updated skincare routine?? Love you so much Desi :)

  • Slide barbq
    Slide barbq 10 个月 前

    My go-to is NARS and maybeline. But also I love huda beauty

  • Slide barbq
    Slide barbq 10 个月 前

    What sweater are you wearing? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Deziree Chavez
    Deziree Chavez 10 个月 前


  • Jenny M
    Jenny M 10 个月 前

    Does anyone know if the highlighter Fuego will be coming back in stock? It’s not on their website.

  • Jacen Starheart
    Jacen Starheart 10 个月 前

    Very Pretty Make Up, Enjoyed! 👍👍💯❤⭐

  • Cindy Fernandez
    Cindy Fernandez 10 个月 前

    Omg Desi I have the exact same foundations in the same shades.. exact numbers

  • Katie Osinski
    Katie Osinski 10 个月 前

    Does anyone else watch her and just think “damn, she’s just so cool” ? Love Desi!

  • Katie Osinski
    Katie Osinski 10 个月 前

    Can someone suggest a good foundation for vacation?! I’m looking for something luminous but still coverage. I’m using the new NARS right now and like it, just looking for maybe something I wouldn’t have to set with a powder

  • AH 1019
    AH 1019 10 个月 前

    Are you wearing Put it in Neutral on your nails or a new color???

  • Lauren Sandy
    Lauren Sandy 10 个月 前

    “I’ll call you after midnight - see what you’re doing” 😂😂 cryinggggg #sidepiecefoundation

  • Priscilla Le
    Priscilla Le 10 个月 前

    Imma need a tutorial on that eye look pls and ty

  • Alba Lagos
    Alba Lagos 10 个月 前

    Me encantaría que chicas youtubers que sigo y que hablan inglés en sus vídeos pusieran aunque fuera traducción, porque por ejemplo amo como te maquillas pero no entiendo mucho inglés hehehehe, seria genial esto que pido. ❤

  • 截ち切る
    截ち切る 10 个月 前 +1

    I dunno Desi. Love you so much but a majority of these foundations got bad or mixed reviews... I liked your old list from a few years ago... but this list, not so much. Fragrance in the list of ingredients in half of the foundations...

  • Sandra Castro
    Sandra Castro 10 个月 前

    Where is your top from?

  • Rebecca Shafer
    Rebecca Shafer 10 个月 前


  • Hannah Burke
    Hannah Burke 10 个月 前

    please do a tutorial on this look!!!

  • frederique piket
    frederique piket 10 个月 前

    Hey Desi, What is a good foundation for dry skin?

  • danikcong
    danikcong 10 个月 前

    Maybelline’s fit me foundation. Is. Amazing.

  • Christy P
    Christy P 10 个月 前


  • Alannah Fehring
    Alannah Fehring 10 个月 前

    the shade range in the infallable foundation is so crap in aus. I'm not even that pale and the fit me just doesn't do it for me at all. My all time fave foundations are double wear and teint idol. The scent puts me off lancome though :(

  • audreynalinerush
    audreynalinerush 10 个月 前

    what about hourglass foundation stick 😢

  • Erika Ledesma
    Erika Ledesma 10 个月 前

    Look up @radianceesthetics on Instagram! Amazingggggg Esthetician in California ❤️

  • Meztlii
    Meztlii 10 个月 前

    What is your skin type????