Love Scenario- iKON @ Head in the Clouds 2

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  • Yash Gilay
    Yash Gilay 2 天 前

    I miss B.I.

  • Renielle S. Sunga
    Renielle S. Sunga 4 天 前 +1

    Ikon is not enough without hanbin

  • Daniel Gamer
    Daniel Gamer 5 天 前

    Gracias B.I. Por ser uno de los miembros de IKON FUISTE EL MEJOR NO TE OLVIDAREMOS

  • SCooPTY WHooP
    SCooPTY WHooP 6 天 前

    Can someone just print out a contract and tell Hanbin to sign it. He deserves to be with them on stage.😥😥😭

  • Stevan Chen
    Stevan Chen 7 天 前 +1

    Yes ikon is back

  • Leighton Cheezo
    Leighton Cheezo 10 天 前

    Where's bi

  • PaNa Vang
    PaNa Vang 11 天 前

    It’s not the same without Hanbin. 😢 the vibe is not there anymore.

  • BiG SUV Not
    BiG SUV Not 12 天 前 +1


  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 13 天 前

    29k people singing Love Scenario together.

  • lisa lalisa
    lisa lalisa 16 天 前

    I love oppa Bl 😰😭😭🙏😓

  • MyWoou
    MyWoou 16 天 前

    Hi Nick.

  • Cornelius Limbat
    Cornelius Limbat 17 天 前

    And oh my gosh people stop saying Hanbin he left

    AK GAMING 18 天 前 +1

    B.i wasn't there 😭😭

  • Fitri Chaerani
    Fitri Chaerani 19 天 前

    In the some part, this music is for 7 members. I miss hanbin. But them had a great job🎤👏👏👏

  • videos diaros de crash royale y clash of clans

    alvvvvvvvvv que lindo :3 su puuta madre

  • Cornelius Limbat
    Cornelius Limbat 19 天 前

    1 like= 1% of Kim Hanbin/B.I coming back 😓

  • yabhes elyazar
    yabhes elyazar 20 天 前

    88rising should sign iKON and take b.i back.. agree w me?

  • Nilam Farahdilla
    Nilam Farahdilla 20 天 前

    I miss hanbin part:"

  • Tae Lenu
    Tae Lenu 20 天 前

    No Hanbim it breaks my heart. I am a Army my reason to like Ikon was Bi 😥 its so devastating

  • fernando silalahi
    fernando silalahi 20 天 前

    Dibanding BTS gua lebih suka iKON

  • Alfina Febi
    Alfina Febi 21 天 前


  • Eu
    Eu 21 天 前

    Dong singing with hanbin’s signature DAAAAH pronunciation makes me feel slightly better

  • dalmates4sakai
    dalmates4sakai 21 天 前

    This is heart 💔 breaking to watch !! We miss hanbin

  • Ara Arimado
    Ara Arimado 21 天 前

    I am not enjoying this at all. This is so heartbreaking.

  • Cleopatra Stratan
    Cleopatra Stratan 23 天 前

    I'm here for hanbin ...

  • Fabulous Boy
    Fabulous Boy 23 天 前

    Hanbin did something wrong and there’re consequences to everything :(

  • Jenilyn Craige
    Jenilyn Craige 23 天 前

    Love Scenario is Good and all but it'll be better if Kim Hanbin was there, singing and dancing with his brothers

  • Elicia Otamias
    Elicia Otamias 23 天 前

    Hanbin : ,(

  • Trang Trần
    Trang Trần 23 天 前


  • Mherich Brave
    Mherich Brave 24 天 前

    Hanbinahhhhhhhhh, as long as you are happy and proud seeing them we will also. This is one of your dreams Hanbinahhhhhhhhh bringing iKON in US 😭😭 look at them.. You raise them well..we miss you Hanbinahhhhhhhhh

  • RoblyPlayz
    RoblyPlayz 24 天 前 +1

    Hanbin deserve to be out of the IKON because he do DRUGS how could he do this to us

  • how can iKON have perfect songs

    So painful to watch this. It hurts so bad

  • Athena Queen
    Athena Queen 24 天 前

    Love scenario is abt hanbin. He created this song n wins Song of The Writer. The catchy song is the start n his raps. Now it's gone. I'm seriously upset abt hoW YG kicked hanbin

  • Athena Queen
    Athena Queen 24 天 前

    Hanbin huhu

  • Maria B
    Maria B 24 天 前

    I try to enjoy with a broken heart and tears dictate the eye😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Danang Prasetio
    Danang Prasetio 24 天 前

    Can you Ikonic just get over it? B.I is no longer part of ikon. Move your goddamn ass you stupid bitch.

  • 괴짜도둑
    괴짜도둑 24 天 前

    팬들이나 아이콘이나 뭔가 멋지면서도 짠하다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ아 진짜 비아이가 대단한사람이긴 했어

  • RamiChanBase
    RamiChanBase 24 天 前

    Affected pa rin ako sa pag-kawala ni hanbin, sheyt.

  • Sam Yang
    Sam Yang 25 天 前

    Saranghae lKON ...
    Hanbin i miss you ...

  • 芭nana
    芭nana 25 天 前

    I'm always feel happy when I see the iKON concert video,but now when I watch this I feel lonely and sad.
    Hainbin please comeback,iKON need you and iKONIC need you too😭

  • Mutiara Putri
    Mutiara Putri 25 天 前

    This is actually not a sad song, but i'm crying.😿

  • pinky Alimagno
    pinky Alimagno 25 天 前

    Where is hanbin, I miss him

    REIANZA 25 天 前

    Can ikon just move to 88rising?

  • Pro Highlights
    Pro Highlights 25 天 前 +1

    I literally only liked habin and he’s not there anymore this didn’t feel right🥺

  • Rabianti Ica
    Rabianti Ica 25 天 前


  • Aiza Fa
    Aiza Fa 25 天 前

    hanbinee 😭

  • Eric Manirath
    Eric Manirath 25 天 前


  • alien sauce
    alien sauce 25 天 前 +4

    Hanbin was my favorite member and still is he can be replaced but never forgotten

  • lily Dim
    lily Dim 25 天 前

    What happened to hanbin y'all? I must be out of this planet

  • BE By
    BE By 25 天 前

    한빈아... ㅠㅠ

  • Sitti K
    Sitti K 25 天 前


  • Virtualy frf
    Virtualy frf 25 天 前

    When they say nigga. I bet there is one black guy that goes "wtf did they just said"

  • Thianlun Guite
    Thianlun Guite 26 天 前 +1

    The way I cry when someone screams “hanbin” I was like gurll louder so the whole world hears you

  • lalala nothing
    lalala nothing 26 天 前

    I miss ot7 😥😥

  • the hurt
    the hurt 26 天 前 +1


  • Thianlun Guite
    Thianlun Guite 26 天 前

    This is so sad .. Love scenario is like hanbin’s baby and they removing his voice completely from the back track when he is the owner of the song 😭😭 Everything is so unfair for him. The fact that no one is brave enough to fight for him against that shitty company makes me cry ... I really hope the other boys get the courage to atleast stand for him and fight for him .

  • Emitloading
    Emitloading 26 天 前

    Hanbin ahhhhh😭😭 ,

  • justin miravalles
    justin miravalles 26 天 前


  • L X
    L X 26 天 前 +1

    I still can't accept that hanbin left ikon! Without hanbin, I'm so scared to listen them singing ikon's songs! I miss hanbin, i need ikon with 7 members!

  • Ruquaya Farzana
    Ruquaya Farzana 26 天 前

    dunno why all favourite bands from YG suffer like that.... nam taehyun..... 2ne1.... seungri.... Hanbin....
    if it was one or two, then it would be about artists.... but now I think YG should think seriously over this matters. this is also very tough for the artists as a human 😖😖😖😖😖