Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018

  • 添加 2018年09月13日
  • Watch exclusive Nintendo news-broadcast directly to you, the player!
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    0:14 - Luigi’s Mansion 3
    0:52 - Shinya Takahashi Intro
    1:26 - Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn
    2:31 - Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey
    3:32 - Luigi’s Mansion
    5:51 - Splatoon 2 Ver. 4
    7:46 - Mega Man 11
    8:43 - Mario Tennis Aces Ver. 2 Update
    10:46 - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    11:48 - Katamari Damacy REROLL
    12:52 - Nintendo Switch Online
    16:27 - NES Controllers
    17:32 - Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!
    18:51 - Diablo III: Eternal Collection
    19:33 - Ganondorf Transmog + amiibo compatibility
    19:57 - Super Mario Party
    21:06 - Town (Working Title)
    21:53 - Cities: Skylines Nintendo Switch Edition
    22:52 - DAEMON X MACHINA
    24:06 - Yoshi’s Crafted World
    25:14 - Asmodee Digital
    25:28 - Carcassonne
    25:41 - The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game
    25:53 - Pandemic
    26:14 - Catan Universe, Munchkin
    26:26 - Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
    27:31 - Starlink: Battle for Atlas
    28:39 - The World Ends With You: Final Remix
    29:00 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country
    29:37 - Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018: Warframe, Just Dance 2019, FIFA 19, Team Sonic Racing, NBA 2K19, NBA 2k Playgrounds 2, LEGO DC Super-Villiains
    30:43 - FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Edition
    31:26 - Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
    31:45 - World of Final Fantasy Maxima
    32:10 - Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!
    32:34 - Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
    33:03 - Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X | Final Fantasy X2 HD Remaster
    33:31 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle
    34:58 - Isabelle introduction cinematic
    36:53 - Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch
    #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo3DS
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  • 游戏游戏

评论 • 24 059

    SHAWN BLOCK 5 小时 前


  • Phillz
    Phillz 5 小时 前

    Its worth buy 3ds in 2k18 ?

  • Cahya channell
    Cahya channell 6 小时 前

    I like 🙋🙌

  • David Gallego Álvarez
    David Gallego Álvarez 6 小时 前

    Waiting for M&L partners in time remake for 3ds!

  • Llama Bro Gaming
    Llama Bro Gaming 6 小时 前

    Nintendo should create paper mario ultimate!!!

  • mitchell whaley
    mitchell whaley 7 小时 前

    or up a mario vs. donkey kong tipping stars hd?

  • Art C.
    Art C. 9 小时 前

    Cool, Isabelle is playable in smash.....

    to be honest I would've preferred Nook to be playable but ow

  • Art C.
    Art C. 9 小时 前

    Why does Wolf sound like Panther Caruso?

  • Art C.
    Art C. 9 小时 前


    • Art C.
      Art C. 9 小时 前

      He looks adorable when he does it, kinda like a shaggier Rocket Raccoon, but wtf is he eating!?

  • Art C.
    Art C. 9 小时 前

    21:32 Did he just hit that troll in the balls?

  • Wilddanger The new daily
    Wilddanger The new daily 10 小时 前

    No noo nooooooooooooo I hate Nintendo for making us pay for Nintendo online

  • PikaMikaaa
    PikaMikaaa 10 小时 前 +1

    Nintendo u just made the worst mistake with now that u have to play online u gonna take a down fall. Hah RIP

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell 11 小时 前 +1

    My favorite is luigi's mansion 3 and luigi's mansion remake for 3ds

  • Kirby Masta
    Kirby Masta 12 小时 前

    *Wallet has left the chat*

  • Wes da Best
    Wes da Best 12 小时 前

    Overall a good Direct. I just have a problem with one thing. A big problem.
    Fix Nintendo Switch Online. Twenty dollars a year is a good price, but there’s problems with literally every other aspect of it. Locking 60 dollar games that require internet behind a 20 dollar paywall is not a good thing.

  • Gamingpeashooter
    Gamingpeashooter 14 小时 前

    Why should the splatoon community have to pay for the online membership if splatoon isn’t supported by cloud saves

  • cangu 08
    cangu 08 14 小时 前 +1

    Deberían en smash brosh cambiar una cosas zero lo unieran puesto de personaje y no de ayudante y también a waluigi y a bomberman y a caballero de solh naig

  • igetboredproductions
    igetboredproductions 17 小时 前

    I personally don't see what the issue is that people have with the online service. Everybody else is charging for online, so why wouldn't Nintendo at this point? They may be about making games and having fun, but at the end of the day, it's still a company that is trying to make money. $4 a month or $20 a year isn't even that much.
    To me this feels like their solution to how overpriced the Virtual Console was in the past. Instead of paying $8 for an easily piratable game that came out 35 years ago, you can pay a small fee to get all of those games and the ability to play the multiplayer ones online. That bit about them being playable online in itself is pretty dope.
    And it's pretty obvious that we'll be getting later consoles in the future. Imagine being able to play Mario Kart 64 online. Or what if we eventually got Gamecube titles?

  • Gian Jesmer
    Gian Jesmer 17 小时 前 +1

    Like that!

  • Dean Knapp
    Dean Knapp 17 小时 前

    Please! Wario needs his bro! Waluigi is the best guy and Isabells is not as cool as him!

  • Luca Välimäki
    Luca Välimäki 18 小时 前

    Like heart gold i just love that game 😇

  • Luca Välimäki
    Luca Välimäki 18 小时 前

    I want more pokemon games for wii

  • The real tilted Terror
    The real tilted Terror 18 小时 前

    Stop trying to take more money with the stupid switch online feature.
    Also if people think that I’m arguing against Nintendo I have always been a Nintendo fanboy but this stuff is just made up
    But if anyone was wondering about how I feel about Xbox gold well... Microsoft has a good reason to make you pay for online play because they’ve always been doing it Nintendo is just trying to take every last bit of your money with this new online thing that they just made up.
    But if Nintendo had just been doing that from the start then I would feel differently about this feature.
    But if you don’t buy this then if you wanna play online then welcome to fortnite

    Also at 15:26 this is why we can call or FaceTime or grab a headset with a mic!
    16:45 “Nintendo this is why I bought a nes classic”

  • unixjpn
    unixjpn 19 小时 前

    .........ahhhh....ZzzZZZ....aahhHELP... Really? The games catered to NSW(Nitnedo Switch) is TOOOOOO KIDDY its too KIDDY. Playstation 4 is better includi9ng Steam PC for hardcore graphic loving gamers. IU loave the 3ds for what is but NSW is crap compared.. i will never buy my kids NSW stuff. Start making games with better graphics that requires a Nvidea GTX 1080ti before tryinfg to sell. Make your chose is it for kids or kids and and adults. Diablo3 on NSW is a joke cause i got it on PC with the best Grap[hics card in this world no why would i want to buy Diablo 3 for Nitendo ahahahahaha

  • Dom Mattthew Dizon
    Dom Mattthew Dizon 19 小时 前

    Wow isabelle

  • Dom Mattthew Dizon
    Dom Mattthew Dizon 19 小时 前

    Add online app like youtube or google and more

  • Maxwell Farman
    Maxwell Farman 20 小时 前

    Still no Waluigi.

  • Al Skylander
    Al Skylander 20 小时 前 +1

    Nintendo what are you thinking?

  • Riot Revelry
    Riot Revelry 21 小时 前

    Nintendo direct 9.13.2018: FINAL FANTASY 2 Pocket edition Ultimate DX HD Remix & Knuckles

  • Mr. Green Banana
    Mr. Green Banana 21 小时 前

    My reaction to New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe was priceless. Let me sum it up: excited screaming.
    Oh and Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. Those too.

  • Luigi Muttart
    Luigi Muttart 21 小时 前

    THESE GAMES LOOK AMAZING For everyone who thinks these games are bad then stop watching it and stop being a loser

  • Esther Alcala
    Esther Alcala 22 小时 前

    best shadow the hedgehog in super smash bros ultimate

  • Ivan Contreras
    Ivan Contreras 22 小时 前


  • 50 Cent Kurwa
    50 Cent Kurwa 22 小时 前

    Isabella in Smash?

  • StarDude Switch
    StarDude Switch 23 小时 前 +2

    Ok Nintendo ill try it, I hate it but I have been with you guys for years and I love your classics so I will have spend money I dont know how I will do it but ill try

  • El Gamer300
    El Gamer300 23 小时 前

    Was this reuploaded?

  • derbysqurtleba
    derbysqurtleba 23 小时 前

    Better watch out Nintendo, looks like Sukrai has competition for Smash Bros director, me, if you vote for me i will make all the charters i mentioned playable charters in Ultimate , as well as make the next Smash on PC,PS4, and Xbox One as well

  • Samugu Rush
    Samugu Rush 天 前

    You ruind Nintendo switch with Nintendo switch online

  • Daniel Playz
    Daniel Playz 天 前


  • Xipher 212
    Xipher 212 天 前

    Nobody might care about this but where's fantasy life 2, and dont mention the japan exclusive app

  • Jeremy Barrett
    Jeremy Barrett 天 前

    Can you please add tails to smash ultimate he will be a echo Fighter for Sonic but the only thing different is that he can fly

  • Ani-weegee ULTIMATE

    Cmon guys! For every dislike=1 Minecraft creeper hoodie. We must tell them how has they r for making us pay like the big bois😤😤😤😤😤👌

  • Savage ‘
    Savage ‘ 天 前 +1

    Where is Metroid prime 4

  • MLG Boi !!!!!!!!!!!

    👎🕯💸💸🔨💣😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤 get rid of piece acont

  • Captin veemoposta
    Captin veemoposta 天 前 +2

    Nintendo you made the badest job some countries dont have paypal and credit cards i buyed switch i was keeping my money for year and a half i made my self starve for it! And you make them pay to play every game wow its not nintendo its EA productions

  • Jelle D'hondt
    Jelle D'hondt 天 前

    Where is dark souls remastered

  • sam iexy
    sam iexy 天 前

    literally -54 people asked for isabelle to be put in smash.

  • Chaos Leviatho
    Chaos Leviatho 天 前 +2


  • Jamie
    Jamie 天 前

    I am so excited for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe! ~ 10:46

  • marco sirvent
    marco sirvent 天 前

    No es justo tenemos que pagar

  • Bblurre
    Bblurre 天 前

    Its cool to see all the characters animated. Nintendo doesn't do that too often

  • Tattier Verbose456
    Tattier Verbose456 天 前 +1


  • Leslie Guardado
    Leslie Guardado 天 前

    Everything was good until Nintendo Switch Online.

  • Nininho Rocha
    Nininho Rocha 天 前

    Super Mario is the worst game in the world

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 天 前

      Well you got to be more specific since there's a whole lot of super Mario games. And also, have you've ever played busby 3D?

  • happiestgirlev
    happiestgirlev 天 前

    13:20 - 16:26 worst part

  • JustReddaRD x3
    JustReddaRD x3 天 前

    Sooooo you want me to pay more money?

  • aba max
    aba max 天 前 +1

    Final Fantasy 7 will by same as PSX version? Or will by remastered with better graphics?? who knows???

  • JadeLei727
    JadeLei727 天 前

    *Sees Animal Crossing finally comes for the Switch*
    GAHHHHHH I MUST FINALLY GET THE SWITCH FOR CHRISTMAS!! Along with the new Fire Emblem game! :3
    I think I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten the Switch?? XD

  • Nix Lancon
    Nix Lancon 天 前

    Omg Nintendo i playing mario galaxy galaxy 2 odyssey and more your games

  • R Tutoriales y Gameplays

    Nintendo, Whats wrong with you?..........................

  • [K]Kop323[P] [SL]SuperLuigi[SL]


  • Hanashi
    Hanashi 天 前

    Time to buy a switch again...

  • Doggie :D
    Doggie :D 天 前

    I only disliked this video because of the Nintendo switch online service.

    Who else agrees?

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 天 前

    Hey Nintendo will there be a king k.rool simon and Richter amiibo and when are coming out

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 天 前

    Metroid will be the icing on the cake! Thanks Nintendo!

  • J͛u͛s͛t͛ J͛a͛y͛ [Cringelord/Team-Bridgett]

    Tbh i think they should’ve added megaman.exe from Megaman nt warrior/Battle network-
    (Yeah i might be obsessed with it at this point)

  • Duarte Marques
    Duarte Marques 天 前

    #Nintendo Sorry, I'm also a bad english. Thank you!

  • what ?*?
    what ?*? 天 前

    But my octoboy
    I don't wanna leave him

  • MrKrabs
    MrKrabs 天 前

    Imagine they add Fortnite to wii and Ds

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 天 前

      I want fortnut on leapfrog

  • Johny1220
    Johny1220 天 前

    Seeing Luigi’s mansion 3 was literally the best thing ever, I just hope it still has the same music as the original game and him humming to it :D

  • robloxian will
    robloxian will 天 前

    suckahole nintendo for your bad pokemon and mario games

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 天 前

      You are joking, right?

  • MrMuffin16
    MrMuffin16 天 前

    If they weren't pulling the plug on online play and just made it an optional thing to buy the extra features that we didnt have before than people would be a lot happier.

  • MrMuffin16
    MrMuffin16 天 前

    f*k nintendo switch online

  • Matt McMindscape


  • Red Lord
    Red Lord 天 前

    No wonder they had tsunamis and earthquakes. God was pissed too.

  • Arkxad
    Arkxad 天 前 +2

    We could already play online though. Why'd you take it away?

  • Splat Tim
    Splat Tim 天 前 +4

    M Y W A L L E T IS N O T ReAdY

  • Fidel Elizondo
    Fidel Elizondo 天 前

    Who’s with me

  • Fidel Elizondo
    Fidel Elizondo 天 前

    Let’s all boycott

  • Fidel Elizondo
    Fidel Elizondo 天 前

    Good bye

  • Fidel Elizondo
    Fidel Elizondo 天 前 +1

    I am throwing my Nintendo switch

  • Verminlord Soulberry88

    # free nintendo switch ONLINE

  • Banjo
    Banjo 天 前

    only $20 for a year?! SIGN ME UP!

  • ash white
    ash white 天 前

    So no walugi for smash...........darn

  • TheSwagGuy5000
    TheSwagGuy5000 天 前

    i personally dont like animal crossing, it seems boring to me

  • dylan ?
    dylan ? 天 前

    If nintendo made a new legendary starfy game/ remaster on the switch I would probably be one of the first people to buy it

  • Andrew Montgomery

    Luigi's mansion is my favorite mario series

  • Loren Hale
    Loren Hale 天 前

    I wish they'd add Goldeneye (64 esque version) to either the Switch or 3DS/2DS. I would pay for this. Also, adding in local play and/or online capability would be nice.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R 天 前

    Add splatoon for the 3ds

  • DamnDani3l
    DamnDani3l 天 前

    this is bullshti

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex Harvey 天 前 +1

    Animal Crossing, cool, no details but cool
    Luigi 3, also cool
    Nintendo Switch Online? I rather pay a hobo $20 to stomp on my sack than buy this

  • [Trevor Nelson]
    [Trevor Nelson] 天 前 +1

    Nintendo switch please do all of use a favor and please get rid of the online price 😭🤬

  • FangirlRaveX
    FangirlRaveX 天 前

    This direct was amazing but I can't even even afford a switch at the moment, and now I have to pay to play online with my friends? For some people 20 bucks isn't much but I'm not sure how I can pay in general after I've already paid $300 for a switch and $60 per game.

  • Magic Mac
    Magic Mac 天 前

    Animal crossing, FINALLY!!

  • David Inniss
    David Inniss 天 前

    Nintendo 👏 *E n t e r t i a i n m e n t* 👏System 👏 Controllers 👏

  • Thegameboy 298
    Thegameboy 298 天 前 +1

    I want master hand to be in smash

  • Jacob W.
    Jacob W. 天 前

    Oh I see, you put Isabelle in, who is an assist trophy, but not Waluigi? Really bro?

  • BeanyPads Im Purrfect

    28:16 *me after watching nintendo switch online*

    "Never thought I'd miss the Wii U"

  • Tsunami moon
    Tsunami moon 天 前 +1

    yay! I can now play online, I couldn't do so before! (I love how it makes it seem like its a new feature)