Kawhi is the best player in the world, ahead of LeBron! - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • 添加 2019年05月24日
  • Max Kellerman insists Kawhi Leonard is the best player in basketball, even ahead of LeBron James.
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评论 • 696

  • MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple)
    MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple) 19 小时 前

    Kawhi's been my Favorite Player since 2013!. Best Player?..Not Sure Yet..

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 19 小时 前

    Kawhi and KD are top 2 in the league.. It really is a toss-up.
    Giannis is third, then comes Lebron and then there's the rest (Harden, Curry, etc).

  • J. Smith
    J. Smith 20 小时 前

    Whenever someone has a good game they're the best player in the world to Max smh he just needs to stfu frfr

  • 1 Shot TV
    1 Shot TV 20 小时 前

    They doubled teamed KD in that clippers series. Max pushes narratives.

  • Practical Driver
    Practical Driver 20 小时 前

    Kawhi... Almost as good as Jordan this postseason. Kicking the crap out of my Bucks.

  • PuRe_ HaYeS
    PuRe_ HaYeS 20 小时 前

    So no team has ever been up 20 points on the warriors and now one game determines the best player in the world but lebron was 1-8 Over the last 2 years and kd averaged 35 in a finals this man said lebron was still MVP of the finals,Kawhi did a great job on lebron to win mvp Kawhi averaged 17 pts lebron averages 28..Kd needs to lead a team he took a team to finals they lost but he averaged 30 and he admitted u can never win a championship with westbrook and harden is known for choking.. he picked the bucks to win even if kd plays but if he wins another finals mvp it doesn't count this dude is a clown now Kawhi is great at setting up teammates because he had a career high 9 assists he just had 1 the game before smh...

    REX NETWORK 20 小时 前

    max actually have a point

  • Tc Grant
    Tc Grant 20 小时 前

    We all get bags under our eyes sas got luggage

  • Big Baller88
    Big Baller88 20 小时 前

    Not making the playoffs doesn’t change the fact that LeBron is the best player we still have in the game averaged more points then Kawhi/ KD on better shooting but he’s declining

  • Jeremiah August
    Jeremiah August 20 小时 前

    Bro max kellerman makes no sense. Can he stop? He nominates every person that breathes as the best in the world ever 48 hours.

  • Chris Drizzy
    Chris Drizzy 20 小时 前

    What happened to the Bucks u ask. Kawhi happened

  • I'm Not Light Skin
    I'm Not Light Skin 20 小时 前

    Every time Max says "universe" im instantly pissed

  • terryts2
    terryts2 20 小时 前

    Customs should know SAS by facial recognition by now as much as he’s had to go back and fourth. Poor guy

  • DwadeFL4SHMV3
    DwadeFL4SHMV3 20 小时 前

    I’m not liking this biased Stephen A at all. He won’t be on KDs dick like this post free agency

  • Raptors Digest
    Raptors Digest 20 小时 前 +6

    I think Kawhi has certainly been outplaying everyone else in these play-offs so far and would currently have my vote for best player in the world. BUT this series vs the Bucks is not over yet and if Milwaukee can turn it around and win in seven then the narrative would completely shift... I think it's too early to declare a best player in the world right now as all of the contenders are currently making their arguments

  • Thanos
    Thanos 20 小时 前

    Can someone give Stephen Smith a poutine and he will change he’s mind about kawhi and the raps.

  • Damienn KNOX
    Damienn KNOX 20 小时 前

    How in the hell is LeBron still being talked about LeBron been on the declined Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA hands down I hate these sports talk shows

  • Martin Delgado
    Martin Delgado 20 小时 前


  • Moe
    Moe 20 小时 前

    Taronto has a better bench.Milwaukee just can't have a complete game the series is over. I also don't believe in Kawhi injury.

  • KD35Beast
    KD35Beast 20 小时 前

    Yessss Stephen A! Thank you for finally bringing up the 2016 WCSF, all these guys like Max will use the history books to bring up the first half of the first game of a WCF series to say KD is nowhere near as good as Kawhi but then these same people never bring up the 2016 WCSF where both teams were fully healthy and KD beat Kawhi in 6 despite Kawhi having the better team and home court and were the favorites

  • Ian G
    Ian G 20 小时 前

    How quickly we forget 😂

  • Matthew Spurs
    Matthew Spurs 20 小时 前

    The last time Max praised Kawhi y’ll gave them both shit. Y’ll haters real quiet now 😂

  • Matthew Spurs
    Matthew Spurs 20 小时 前

    The last time Max praised Kawhi y’ll gave them both shit. Y’ll retarded niggas real quiet now 😂

  • #Trust
    #Trust 20 小时 前

    Got dammed bucks yah killin me this is crazy someone please beat the raptors please . That dammed traitor has 2 go. And u dammed right im bitter

  • king bgo
    king bgo 20 小时 前

    Thank u max

  • Nikosis
    Nikosis 20 小时 前

    Max needs to just suck Kawhi's dick already and get it over with!

  • Fullmetal
    Fullmetal 20 小时 前

    Holy shit there are many players better then lebron at this point enough of this ridiculous lie if a player cant make the playoffs thats all there is to it

  • loko flow
    loko flow 20 小时 前 +1

    So kawhi is better than MJ😰😰😰 yeah ii

  • Jason b
    Jason b 20 小时 前

    Max was RIGHT....Kawhi is on the Iron Throne🏀
    He was just clutch when it counted...Even Toronto Fans are shocked......
    SAS is an insomniac and it started with the Draft!

  • mikey shanghai
    mikey shanghai 20 小时 前

    Max has been saying all year that the Greek Freak is the best player in the world. He’s now arguing Kawhi is the best. The guy is flip flopping like a fish! At least SAS is consistent who has been saying that a KD is the best in the world.

  • Andre Henderson
    Andre Henderson 20 小时 前

    Colorism at it's finest. I bet you that if Curry was dark skinned and had a muscular build and put up the exact same numbers as he has been, then he would automatically be considered the best player. It's funny how our eyes play tricks on us.

  • Crying Jordan Face
    Crying Jordan Face 20 小时 前

    Sleepless A Smith

  • Big Enano
    Big Enano 20 小时 前

    been Kawhi is the best. better than Lebron and KD. Especially KD, Kawhi got his number plenty off/def highlights against him

  • KD35Beast
    KD35Beast 20 小时 前

    LeBron is not 2 either, KD is better this year so get the hell outta here. Putting Kawhi over KD fine you can do that, but LeBron isn't above him this year

  • Gogi Zoidze
    Gogi Zoidze 20 小时 前

    SAS's headstone epitaph will be like: "Max you're wrong and here is why"

  • indianjones21
    indianjones21 20 小时 前

    Wait the Spurs lost in the 2016 playoffs due to an aging squad and a better Westbrook . Plus KD is injured now

    • Whatisproblack?
      Whatisproblack? 20 小时 前

      Nope the Spurs were neck and neck with the Warriors that year they won 67 games. The reason they lost had nothing to do with an aging squad they lost because Kawhi failed to show up in games 2,4,5 and 6.

  • Demetric Byrd
    Demetric Byrd 20 小时 前

    It just sounds funny
    Max : Freak you want it ? Oh you’re not ready for it ‼️

  • Ryan
    Ryan 20 小时 前 +1

    The only person who predicted a Raptors win was Matt Barnes, yet he predicted it in 7, not 6

  • Bighomiee Tj
    Bighomiee Tj 20 小时 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂if bucks win game 6 giannas will be the best player in the world.

  • the great
    the great 20 小时 前 +3

    Max 1 week ago " giannis is the best player in the league ". Warriors will be in trouble.
    Max " kawhi is the best player in the league". And acts like his been knowing this. Stfu.

  • The Galactic Nugget
    The Galactic Nugget 20 小时 前

    Steph is putting up better numbers than kawhi but you dismiss him as the best player in the world. Why? He has shown they don’t need kd and frankly they play better without him. Steph has been averaging 36, 8, and 8. Stop overlooking steph as the best player in the world. It’s fine though because steph is going to destroy kawhi in the finals and will be called the best player in the world like he rightly deserves to.

  • atAwe GaminTv
    atAwe GaminTv 20 小时 前

    Every player that gets 35 points in the playoffs we always get these conversations...Are they the best in the world now? Damn calm da hell down

  • Joseph Tilahun
    Joseph Tilahun 20 小时 前

    Tell em straight Max!!!

  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods 20 小时 前

    SAS ain't been right since the lottery night! LMAO

  • Zeus 1
    Zeus 1 20 小时 前

    Wtf Kawai is 27?

  • Eric
    Eric 20 小时 前


  • Mario DaGoat Gaming
    Mario DaGoat Gaming 20 小时 前

    I bet when kd comes back max will change his mind again

  • Hazel Dela Cuesta
    Hazel Dela Cuesta 20 小时 前

    kawhi is the best player not kd. stephen been so scared of kds mom ever since she confronted him lol

  • prazertv
    prazertv 20 小时 前

    Toronto will be fine as long as Stephen A keeps disparaging them. Stephen A approval or vote of support = Kiss of Death! All Toronto fans can hope for is that SAS doesn't jump on the bandwagon. SAS is more of a curse than Drake.

  • Vishious V
    Vishious V 20 小时 前

    What do Paul Pierce and SASmith have in common?
    Paul : Boston gonna win the series after Game 1 against Milwaukee.
    SAS : Milwaukee gonna win the series after Game 1 against Toranto.

  • Derrick kennedy
    Derrick kennedy 20 小时 前

    If Kawhi wins the championship this year max is going to say he is the best player that ever lived

  • Delorean Jones
    Delorean Jones 20 小时 前

    Stephen A always hatin on Kawhi 🤦🏾‍♂️ no matter what he do

  • game time
    game time 20 小时 前

    Max won this they shud have just added kawhai laughs just to get at stephen a lmao 😭😭😭😭

  • Money Money
    Money Money 20 小时 前

    Max sniffin powder..lebron still the best player by far

    • Edwin Hernandez
      Edwin Hernandez 20 小时 前

      L3-6ron didn't even make the playoffs his first year in the West. He's not even close to the best he was just playing in the G League East for far too long.

  • KD35Beast
    KD35Beast 20 小时 前

    Nah KD is the best player in the world

  • _ Real1ne
    _ Real1ne 20 小时 前

    Kawhi is 97 lockdown elite 3😁

  • Hudson210
    Hudson210 20 小时 前

    Hey Kawhi your welcome the Spurs taught you how to shoot , injury fakin quitter

  • Homeless to Greatness
    Homeless to Greatness 20 小时 前

    Hold up

  • chosenjuan025
    chosenjuan025 20 小时 前

    2 days ago Max said Kawhi and Greek Freak were fighting for best player on 🌎 then 1 win Max says Kawhi is best and LeBum is 2nd smh these dude be flip flopping everyday

  • Snicky G
    Snicky G 20 小时 前

    If smith would stop making so damn many videos, he could get more sleep! Is that all smith does with his life is make videos? smith, you need to find something worthwhile to do with your life!

  • BigMac N Cheez
    BigMac N Cheez 20 小时 前

    Steph is the best player in the world. His impact on the court is untouched and will have a bigger legacy than lebron when it’s all said and done.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 20 小时 前 +1

    Since when in 2019 has LeBron been the best player lol he’s a superstar but the best? Not anymore, his reign at the top was over to Harden(he was in the 30 straight 30+ppg), then Giannis took over.Playoffs started. KD, then Lillard for a lil bit, and now Kawhi is the best

  • Rj Pogi
    Rj Pogi 20 小时 前

    Why would lebron be the best he cant even make the play off.

  • Derrick Gervin
    Derrick Gervin 20 小时 前

    If Kawhi has led them to 3-0 since he's been guarding Giannis is not the best player, who is? 92% from the line, very good handles, strong as an ox, very athletic, very cool under pressure, disruptive on defense, getting assist as a creator, key rebounds, key 3 pointers, key steals and blocks. Come on people recognize the best player on the planet.

  • SixFoot One
    SixFoot One 20 小时 前

    I urge any customs officer that see’s SAS, to search him, and waste as much of his time as possible

  • Tony Coy
    Tony Coy 20 小时 前

    I hope KD comes back into the finals. And I hope the Raptors make the finals. I want to see how KD is going to play against arguably the best defender in the NBA. If Kawhi can lock up KD and continue to put up his numbers, even if he loses, he still proves that he is the best player in the world. It’ll be like the 2018 nba finals all over again

  • Facts KC
    Facts KC 20 小时 前 +1

    I think Stephen a is using meth..

  • zac
    zac 20 小时 前 +1

    Skip Bayless vs Max Kellerman make it happen

  • d-rockis_free
    d-rockis_free 20 小时 前

    Keep telling ppl Kawhi is the second best player, when you can play elite defense and put up numbers like that, how can you not be up there with the elite

  • Sera J
    Sera J 20 小时 前

    KD punching air after listening to Max

  • Mike5
    Mike5 20 小时 前

    K.D is still the best player, but kawahi is a close 2nd.

  • 最終兵器彼氏
    最終兵器彼氏 20 小时 前

    Joke commentator

  • C
    C 20 小时 前

    People aren't willing to put Kawhi at the top with everyone being so used to Lebron and KD being the best...guess what time's change. People acting like Max is crazy and Kawhi's not even in the conversation are ridiculous

  • djsnoop25heat c/09
    djsnoop25heat c/09 20 小时 前

    Hey MAX! 👏 👏. 👏. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • mark luis
    mark luis 20 小时 前

    We the North !

  • BambaGFal
    BambaGFal 20 小时 前

    So we gon forget about Curry? Aight

  • leison saintil
    leison saintil 20 小时 前

    I watch this game live last night but the way max speaks about kawhi performance made feel like miss the “action” part 😂

  • Jude Albert
    Jude Albert 20 小时 前

    Max is finally speaking FAX!

  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 20 小时 前

    MAX: Kawhi is the best player in the world

  • Imset Sareem
    Imset Sareem 20 小时 前

    Last week and all season Max was saying Giannas was the best. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Paul Yummy
    Paul Yummy 20 小时 前

    I'm a fan of Max

  • Andre Henderson
    Andre Henderson 20 小时 前

    Lets break it down in real basketball terms:

    Shooting: Curry>KD>Kawhi
    Ball Handling: Curry>Kawhi>KD
    Passing: Curry>Kawhi>KD
    Scoring: Curry>Kawhi>KD
    Steals: Kawhi>Curry>KD
    Blocks: KD>Kawhi>Curry
    Overall Defense: Kawhi>KD>Curry
    Championships: Curry>KD>Kawhi
    MVP's: Curry>KD>Kawhi
    NBA Records Broken: Curry>KD>Kawhi

    I'm not even gonna mention all the nerdy analytical stuff like win share and stuff that favors Curry.

    I refuse to allow the media to shape my opinion when my eyeballs and the numbers tell me I'd rather have curry.

    Don't let the defense thing fool you. Fact.. Every basketball player sucks at defense in principal. That's why you've never seen in your life a 0-3 final score. Every team scores over 100 on average. Some players suck slightly less than others.

    But when you talk about overall impact on a team and actual wins, Steph Curry is the best player in the world. It's proven.

    "hE's nEver wOn a fiNals mVp". Well guess what, Kobe bryant didn't win a finals MVP untill after his 6th finals. Let Curry's career play out.

    "hE cHoked iN tHE FINals". Every NBA super star worth his weight in gold has had bad playoff games, bad finals games, including MJ!!! I can name about 10 NBA finals games that Jordan didn't play well at all. Don't get me started on Kobe Bryant. His game 7 of the 2010 finals was pretty bad although he knocked down some important free throws when it counted.

    Giannis is not even qualified to be in this discussion as he's accomplished nothing as of yet.

    Enjoy the games, stop hating, and carry on!

  • Fatima AL-Enizi
    Fatima AL-Enizi 20 小时 前

    Kawhi has been better than Bron since 2016 tbh. Plus, Bron is not even in the best player convo anymore. 1. Curry 2. KD 3. Kawhi 4. Giannis 5. Harden

  • Celo
    Celo 20 小时 前 +1

    Kawhi is better than Kevin Durant and he is now the best player in the league !!!

  • HonestBrotha
    HonestBrotha 20 小时 前

    Yeah you getting pumped out and slaved nigga

  • OfficalAdamknows
    OfficalAdamknows 20 小时 前 +1

    Healthy KD is the best in the world no cap

  • Dy Chhoeun
    Dy Chhoeun 20 小时 前

    First, the best player in the world was Greek Freak than Harden than KD and than Curry and now it's Kawhi. No people the best player in the World is King James.

  • Jr Granger
    Jr Granger 20 小时 前


  • Khalie Benjii
    Khalie Benjii 20 小时 前

    😂!! now kawhi the best in the world smh please stop 🛑 SaS tired bruh can someone treat this man to 14 hours + of rest and massages please and thank you

  • Blair Rice
    Blair Rice 20 小时 前

    SAS, ends off his point and the video by saying Kawhi lost to KD, even tho Max points out 2 mins before that Kawhi was injured in that series and didn't play.

  • dame Knight
    dame Knight 20 小时 前

    I get lost how is KD the best in the world when he lost a 3-1 lead and then joined the team that beat him. Automatic disqualification

  • Basketball God
    Basketball God 20 小时 前

    Man please did y'all see LeBron last year in the playoffs he was like freaking Thanos stop acting like we haven't seen this before

  • NeezytheTrill
    NeezytheTrill 20 小时 前

    If Kawhi can reach the finals this year he has surpassed Kevin Durant and on Lebrons level he wouldve reached the finals with 2 different teams in 2 different conferences Literally carrying the Raptors with the next best player being Kyle Lowry if he can beat the Warriors or even get it to 7 he would definitely be considered better than LeBron James

  • Jack Castro
    Jack Castro 20 小时 前 +1

    I bet if swaggie p has 2 good games in a row, max will say “he’s the greatest player of all time” I don’t value anything he says

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 20 小时 前

    No, Giannis is still the best because nobody can do all the things he does to impact a game. Leonard cannot rebound or dominate the paint. He's not even as good of a ball handler. And not a rim protector, he's strictly a perimeter defender.
    The Bucks are losing because their shooters and shooting bricks.

  • squad boy
    squad boy 20 小时 前

    Lol max was just saying gianis was the best player in the world 😂😭😂😭 max is trash

  • Micz Chiu
    Micz Chiu 20 小时 前

    I wouldn't say hes the best player but he threatens everyone in the court

  • rosgill6
    rosgill6 20 小时 前

    its good they only have these shows during the day, otherwise they would updating the best player after every quarter. "Mirotic is the greatest player of this generattion!!!!"

  • Jack Bond
    Jack Bond 20 小时 前

    Stephen A is a fucking hack. Basically explained why he is the best right now. Leanord shut down the Greek freak who previously never had any fucking problems getting to the paint. They steam rolled every team in the playoffs too and now are losing bc of leanord.

  • don't deny my righteousness truth

    Steven A is not tired. STAY OFF THE WEED...