BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

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  • This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • TerraDiASMR
    TerraDiASMR 8 个月 前 +38801

    It's interesting how she was soo tough when she was "copy striking" your video, but now she's acting like a poor lil lamb. I don't like seeing sad, hurt, abused people, it's not something that makes me happy, but when someone is trying to gain something by hurting others, well they should be prepared for that special lady... her name is Karma and she'll get you.
    The internet is most definitely overflowing with haters. They will pick on anyone and for anything, so I understand that a lot of those 62M PDP subs are giving her shit and she wasn't prepared for it, but maybe, just mayyybbbeeeee ... next time she won't try to make $ by "hurting" others.

    • Jeremy Lamarre
      Jeremy Lamarre 3 天 前


    • Draught Flame 371
      Draught Flame 371 4 天 前

      PewDiePie is gonna get copyright by earth or air next. Maybe house

    • Antarcticite
      Antarcticite 7 天 前

      Damn, so 7 months ago Pewds senpai have 62M subs??
      *Ahhhh that’s hot, that’s hot*

    • G31M1
      G31M1 9 天 前

      How dare you to say this, she’s clearly being bullied lmao

    • Whiski
      Whiski 9 天 前

      We've got a real woman here bois, Terra, you've got my like

  • equilibrium
    equilibrium 50 分钟 前


  • TuX Turtle
    TuX Turtle 小时 前

    Im 12

  • Dimi Plays
    Dimi Plays 4 小时 前


  • dirty muskrat
    dirty muskrat 8 小时 前

    Alinity, I thot you'd understand.

  • alex Crooks
    alex Crooks 8 小时 前

    Twitch thot

  • Winnie The Asian
    Winnie The Asian 11 小时 前 +1

    He protec
    He leader of 3rd Reich
    But most of all
    He no copyright strike

  • pingedarrow LDJ
    pingedarrow LDJ 天 前

    copy striking original content from pewds : CoLaB SeNdS mE 7O0 DoLlArS. GoOd MoNeY .

  • ABG 1YT
    ABG 1YT 天 前

    WoahVickys sister

  • ABG 1YT
    ABG 1YT 天 前


  • Carson Vanek
    Carson Vanek 天 前 +1

    I'd rather a bunch of nine year old viewers than grown men rubbing one out to a livestream.

  • oraj aklahan
    oraj aklahan 天 前

    Alinity actually didn’t copystrike pewds because the thot, but because of the „heresy“ written on his shirt.
    If you look at her chair you can see an omega which is proof she’s an ultramarine

  • Thomas McNeilly
    Thomas McNeilly 天 前

    There should be a ban on Mario kart 8 deluxe for all twitch “thots” like her because that game is leagues ahead of them

  • Ifirid
    Ifirid 天 前

    She was totally reading a text that was written by someone else. You notice that she just keeps moving her eyes to the side to read the next line.

  • Mushonic
    Mushonic 天 前 +1

    Shes trying to be a victim

  • TDGxSuperichpup 4
    TDGxSuperichpup 4 天 前 +1


  • The
    The 2 天 前

    i fucking love chad 10:51

  • Rj Fernando
    Rj Fernando 2 天 前

    So according to Alinity I'm a 9 year old despite, being born in the year 2000.

  • Randal the Cat
    Randal the Cat 2 天 前

    Abby is a thicc girl what an absolute unit she c h o n k

  • Game Busters
    Game Busters 2 天 前

    the worst part is that he didn't even direct the comment at her

  • Llamaswithgunz 1
    Llamaswithgunz 1 2 天 前

    Is this what brain failure is

  • Nimal R Nair
    Nimal R Nair 2 天 前


    I'm 19....
    I'm just here for the *T H O T*

  • Dan H
    Dan H 2 天 前 +1

    She is so gross. My skin crawls when she's smacking on the spaghetti with that smug tone.

  • time thief
    time thief 2 天 前

    I feel sorry for her future husband this is the kind of girl that will make fake assault allegation and have her husband locked up over a tantrum

  • Jugger Clan
    Jugger Clan 2 天 前

    Watch her get swatted and actually arrested.

  • derp paderp
    derp paderp 2 天 前

    that girl is the perfect example of a STUPID SLUT

  • namjoon suga kookies

    I guess I am a 9 new year old now

  • Hen Didso
    Hen Didso 3 天 前

    Its sad how big of an situaton she can make out of a single word

  • Asphalt Gaming
    Asphalt Gaming 3 天 前

    *this is why pewds will be a good lawyer*

  • Ben Canter
    Ben Canter 3 天 前

    I can't stop watching the blue triangles behind hi. Where can I cop

  • Marvelous Vid
    Marvelous Vid 3 天 前

    she dont want to be called a thot, but she is a thot. HOW.... ? 🤔🤔🤔

  • memes are my addiction


  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 3 天 前

    *Thots fired*

  • ikzgl
    ikzgl 3 天 前

    I'm 25. yall?

  • JeshDeBoi
    JeshDeBoi 3 天 前

    I’m 14 ._.

  • Ccactus Ccreeper
    Ccactus Ccreeper 3 天 前

    9:18 Talks about being responsible but she never owns up to jack shit

  • CIA
    CIA 3 天 前

    Try to get past the 9 year old army

  • Chris Bandin
    Chris Bandin 3 天 前

    I know this is old but this is the definition of a double standard, this video should be used for examples of double standards

  • S T E A M Y
    S T E A M Y 3 天 前 +1

    8:13 yes sir president pewdiepie who shall we attack next?

  • S T E A M Y
    S T E A M Y 3 天 前 +1

    Twitch T H O O T

    - one o

  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 4 天 前

    Dumb thot

  • Zamasu
    Zamasu 4 天 前

    Its like trying to take down a god

  • Rell Green
    Rell Green 4 天 前

    I got an ad for The Gandhi Murder before this vid. Does that mean I Indianed, hence I lost?!!!

  • Ivashkov
    Ivashkov 4 天 前

    Internet is not for kids. And all those thots are just confirming it. Kids are ruining our kingdom.

  • XXXTentacles
    XXXTentacles 4 天 前

    she needa realize that freedom of speech is a thing.

  • Levi Emmanuel
    Levi Emmanuel 4 天 前

    “Seriouslymmm... he just said that? I’m gonna copystrike this guy... just for that wordmmm... gonna copystrike mmm...”

  • Mariyah Ulfah Setiawan

    Awwwwwwww she messed up with the wrong person,😂😂😂

  • Muscular Color
    Muscular Color 4 天 前

    The thumbnail tho 😂

  • LaTrickster
    LaTrickster 4 天 前

    she forgets to add "teen" after "nine"

    G1MMEDATDOME 4 天 前

    Easily one of the top 5 Twitch hoes gets mad at being called a.... that's like me getting mad for someone telling me I have eyes and am human... Same thing. Hopefully this trash will be gone from Twitch soon.

  • SimpleGamingF2P
    SimpleGamingF2P 4 天 前

    how can twitch not ban him already,i remember a woman who show her butt and it was accidental and not intended since she never done this but she got ban forever

  • SimpleGamingF2P
    SimpleGamingF2P 4 天 前

    im 16 not 9

  • False Feathers
    False Feathers 4 天 前

    "Collab continues to do really bad things"
    *cashes checks*

  • Draught Flame 371
    Draught Flame 371 4 天 前 +1

    8:18 breaking a Canadian law isn’t illegal in every country except Canada

  • Alosson Jay
    Alosson Jay 5 天 前

    bigboy talk

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 5 天 前

    Listening to her eat is disgusting.

  • xx_katie11_xx plays

    i watching this in 2019 and i feel like i haft to hate but thats not right so i cant BUT she does things that are not oppropate (i cant spell XD) but she is driving me inside :/

  • Akaveka Othniel
    Akaveka Othniel 5 天 前

    Hey chad is that diaper dude on that cooking show

  • Fappinfap
    Fappinfap 5 天 前

    twiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttchhhhh thoooooooots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luci The Sick
    Luci The Sick 5 天 前

    An absolute "poor me, poor me, poor me" She is such a child. "I'm being BULLIED FOR BEING A THIEF!" Grow up little girl.

  • Karissa Pérez
    Karissa Pérez 5 天 前

    Almost one year since the nine year old force was awaken

  • Pokemon Tutorials
    Pokemon Tutorials 5 天 前

    The part at 8:10 got me

  • ebksis whhwidi
    ebksis whhwidi 5 天 前

    Birth of nine year old

  • [GD] IceOut
    [GD] IceOut 5 天 前

    We cant say “Twitch” or “Thots” anymore, because Alinity copyrighted those two words.

  • carljoseph tolentino

    Alinity (pewdiepie: snap) Alinity humiliated

  • King o Fire
    King o Fire 5 天 前


  • Angela Patricia Ferrer

    I'm Colombian and I think she's a disgrace. It is not the best country in the world, but it doesn't justify her actions. Disappointed.

  • Lord Dracoliche
    Lord Dracoliche 6 天 前

    I may be late on this comment but very mature pewds I like it really shows you're the big brother of CNclip

  • Diego Deleon
    Diego Deleon 6 天 前

    I'm not 9 I'm actually 6 , I'm triggered gonna copy right strike this video

  • this blue eyeshadow is disgusting

    *when Pewdiepie's channel is turning into a drama channel*

  • deathgod500
    deathgod500 6 天 前

    Those that run twitch need to be replaced with ppl who actually care about the t o s.

  • Ukjent oversetter
    Ukjent oversetter 6 天 前

    7:55 when we became 9 year olds

  • Underage Child
    Underage Child 6 天 前 +1

    Ah, I remember when we were 9 year olds, Now that were 14 the real fight is beginning... T-series The demon king...

  • Mao Mouse
    Mao Mouse 6 天 前

    Everytime you showed a clip of her in the video I cringed.

  • velonity
    velonity 6 天 前 +1

    This girl is a joke , i laugh most of the time everytime she spill a words

  • Beckham
    Beckham 6 天 前 +5

    Stop these twitch thots

  • AChubbySquirrel
    AChubbySquirrel 6 天 前 +3

    I love how hard pew is trying not to call her every name in the book, a fantastic display of self control Felix. Very proud!

  • VagueRen
    VagueRen 6 天 前 +2

    goddd her video was so cringey... like don't give us that sad face or fake tears haha

  • Paige
    Paige 6 天 前 +2

    I'm 21 and I gotta agree with 9 yr old bit because i find 99.999999% of things that a 9 yr old would find funny, amusing as well. 😂

  • DaddyReaps Gaming
    DaddyReaps Gaming 7 天 前


  • DaddyReaps Gaming
    DaddyReaps Gaming 7 天 前

    What’s her CNclip

  • ツ
     7 天 前 +1

    Is that underwear still wet?

  • ZBOSS - RT
    ZBOSS - RT 7 天 前

    Fuckin thot

  • R.C Thoughts
    R.C Thoughts 7 天 前

    Deport Alinity petition

  • TheWhiteDeath
    TheWhiteDeath 7 天 前

    Fake tears in that thots eyes

  • Luka Tomic
    Luka Tomic 7 天 前

    Hahaha ironic, im 19 not a 9 yr old

  • ooTwish
    ooTwish 7 天 前 +1

    Shes in Canada welp its time to move now

  • Orange Lemon
    Orange Lemon 7 天 前

    I love it how twitch thot is two words and she this word

  • Sai Lwant 404_J0K3R

    I hate when she said’Im gonna copy strike this guy’ and ‘good money’🤮

  • Swooty
    Swooty 7 天 前

    Holy shit i thought it was "Twitch Thought" ffs guess I'm just deaf lol

  • Lil Boi Bailey
    Lil Boi Bailey 7 天 前

    I love how 9 year olds can report her to the Canadian government 👍

  • Wizzle the Spaz
    Wizzle the Spaz 7 天 前

    "When you are a content creator, you are responsible for a community"
    Be gone, THOT

  • darkmistress1980
    darkmistress1980 7 天 前

    "its ok to say the n word cause im part black" what like 3 inches of black in you???

  • Antarcticite
    Antarcticite 7 天 前

    *This thot is the reason why we need Thanos*

    CLlCK BAIT 7 天 前

    I mean.. it was a joke.

  • Shivam Solanki
    Shivam Solanki 7 天 前

    I realized this whole drama brought the term "9 year old army" and "copystrike" to the whole PewDiePie channel.

  • Micah Shearer
    Micah Shearer 7 天 前

    Lol shes such a hypocrite. "You have to be responsible for what you say".... shes the one who says that shes committed marriage fraud.

  • B a n
    B a n 7 天 前


  • Xyne Contie
    Xyne Contie 8 天 前

    Women should focus more on education than showing off their bodies. If you don't want to learn, then at least practice having a good moral. Beauty fades through time, but personality can last a lifetime. If they want people to respect them, then they should present themselves with respect.