BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

  • 添加 2018年05月23日
  • This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • savvycrafts
    savvycrafts 29 分钟 前


  • Mr.hamster505
    Mr.hamster505 小时 前

    She says that most of us are 9 years olds...He has 94 milion subs at this point. Of course a lot of that is gonna be little kids.

  • Nana _ Sachi
    Nana _ Sachi 3 小时 前

    And she has to be responsible for her actions. Marry someone and divorce right after and talk about it in a video for all her community is not being responsible.

  • John Nilsson
    John Nilsson 8 小时 前

    Bitches be crazy this is an Epic bruh moment

  • Epic Dude
    Epic Dude 9 小时 前

    *S E N D H E R T O T H E R A N C H ! ! !*

  • Sawyer FTW259
    Sawyer FTW259 10 小时 前

    There needs to be a petition to ban allinity

  • Sree ganesh s pillai
    Sree ganesh s pillai 14 小时 前

    Well she has said a lot of things while playing games in twitch, like sucking d***ks n stuff, I have to agree with pewdie ,he called her the right name i guess..

  • sbloobs
    sbloobs 14 小时 前 +1

    to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch. to the ranch.

  • YMD
    YMD 17 小时 前

    i'm sad she genuinely thinks pewds' both adolescent and adult fanbase are actual nine year olds bc he calls us that

  • jasmine doley
    jasmine doley 19 小时 前

    Like marriage fraud is such an inspiring and positive influence to her audience.

  • Vasilios Sotiropoulos
    Vasilios Sotiropoulos 19 小时 前

    She speaks like a thot...

  • H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞

    send that whore afew bux and ignore it.
    dont waste our times on these neowbies

  • Richard Trieu
    Richard Trieu 天 前 +1

    9:34 the 9 year old army were easy on alinity
    Look at T Series it’s a lot worse than her situation

  • Bepis Deletius
    Bepis Deletius 天 前

    "I mean, Colab is doing something *really* bad and I think that that's the biggest thing to take out of this."

    They offered me $700 from *copystrikes*, like, good money!
    Ok then.

  • Oskar Nyberg
    Oskar Nyberg 天 前

    the birth of the 9-year old army

  • jeffry
    jeffry 天 前 +1

    The beggining of the new chapter *the nine years old army* good bye bro army 😭

  • Zay MayDust
    Zay MayDust 天 前

    *Is this how the Legend of the 9-year-old army began?*

  • Dawn Lutomsky
    Dawn Lutomsky 天 前

    burn the thot at the stake

  • Train_Wreck_23 the gamer

    GET THE GIRL she is the one >:-(

  • Train_Wreck_23 the gamer

    Your videos are illegal

  • Train_Wreck_23 the gamer


  • Johan Penaloza
    Johan Penaloza 2 天 前

    I thought PewDiePie joke was funny

  • cocoa girl
    cocoa girl 2 天 前

    us nine year old's (i'm nine) well protect you! from evil gamer girl! >:)

    • Shalev Tiram
      Shalev Tiram 12 小时 前

      She's not a gamer girl. She's a T H O T!!!!!
      Btw, you should search 'Twitch Thot' in Urban Dictionary, every definition is talking specifically about Alinity, and there are even some gifs of her in there

  • Abi Spanner
    Abi Spanner 2 天 前 +1

    Warning: Rant and stream of consciousness, kinda got carried away 😅
    It frustrates me that feminism has now created girls who will just blame men for everything and will not be held accountable for their actions because they'll always play the victim card - can't believe Twitch favours women over men for the simple fact that, generally speaking, there are more male gamers than female but if women really want REAL equality, then everyone will be held accountable! I'm a woman and when I mess up, I apologise and I know there will be consequences to my actions! That's life! To think that women my age (younger + older) will play the victim card just because of the fact they are women just....ARGH!!! That's not what feminism was ever supposed to be but it's now what it has become and it has created spoiled girls like this!! 😡😡😡

  • Abi Spanner
    Abi Spanner 2 天 前

    Alinity: *marries and divorces to move to a different country *
    9 year olds: "Wait, that's illegal!"
    9 year olds: *reports Alinity *
    Alinity: "Excuse me, what the-"

  • David the friendly driver

    Believe it or not, I'm not into creating drama.
    Bitch Lasagna goes platinum.

  • zL_FrostxY T
    zL_FrostxY T 2 天 前

    Pewdiepie has the T word pass

    Alinity you Thot die now

  • Finaaa desu
    Finaaa desu 3 天 前

    i love how Chad react tho

  • Ella Miller
    Ella Miller 3 天 前 +2

    Thus the 9 year old army was born

  • Blynd Blond
    Blynd Blond 3 天 前 +2

    This is how we became the 9 years old

  • ZarMachine
    ZarMachine 3 天 前

    Alinity non'è thot, he is softporn lol

  • fok me
    fok me 3 天 前

    she just want the vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews

  • Alpha Ella
    Alpha Ella 3 天 前

    Nobody under estimate the king of youtube!!!

  • Lokex Gosling
    Lokex Gosling 3 天 前 +3

    She moans after nearly every sentence....... Twitch Thot? Coincedence?
    I think not,

  • Derren Zhou
    Derren Zhou 4 天 前

    Lol alinity gets drunk on twitch, no problem
    Mang0 gets drunk on twitch, *two week ban*

  • Simply Chard
    Simply Chard 4 天 前

    I hate when people do this just admit it and it's over maybe it will last a little longer but not as much as now I'm a young content creator and somehow I'm not as ignorant as this older women who is using their own body for views and even then he didn't even talk about her he's just trying to stop it but she tries to play the victim card and she keeps making it worse

    JTPNATION 2 4 天 前 +1

    Mess with pewdiepie, you get the 9 year old army

  • Asphyxiation Of Arruhu

    miss the day when we faced against a 9-years old ant...... now we facing against goliath.

  • трахни меня sideways

    I have a black cousin can i say the n word - no i can't because i'm white (duh)

  • Joker Cub
    Joker Cub 4 天 前 +1

    4.7k dislikes are from the few people that support Alinity.

  • Son Coi Nguyen
    Son Coi Nguyen 4 天 前 +1

    No body cares

    If you know what I mean

  • GhostDcuo
    GhostDcuo 4 天 前

    can we copy dtrike pewdiepie... its good money

  • Book of The week
    Book of The week 4 天 前

    this is why you should never mess with someone with 3+ times youre subs

  • LeveL 8
    LeveL 8 4 天 前

    This vido has shit mic

  • ΩΨ_Seaborne_ΨΩ
    ΩΨ_Seaborne_ΨΩ 5 天 前

    this is the stuff I hate.

  • Zedrik Allen
    Zedrik Allen 5 天 前

    So this is where the 9 year old army came from...

  • Jenn Wurst
    Jenn Wurst 5 天 前

    I doubt anyone is 9😂😂 we were all teenagers when he started we adults now actuallyyyy

  • Destiny Hyper
    Destiny Hyper 5 天 前


  • Summer Adams
    Summer Adams 5 天 前

    I'm a 12 year old in the 9 year old squad.

  • ZXT Venom
    ZXT Venom 5 天 前 +1

    Alinaty: omg did he just say that that was totally directed at just me now I’m going to make an internet war about this.

    PEWDS: umm ok den

  • 262 RANK-C
    262 RANK-C 5 天 前

    Twitch tot

  • AmiTo//アミト
    AmiTo//アミト 6 天 前

    'She then very publicly admits...' [ad] HI, I'M THEBURGERKRIEG

  • WaR_Man
    WaR_Man 6 天 前

    Man: girls are friks
    Girl: you can't say that to me
    Girl: every boy should kill himself and they should be nice to me
    Man: you can't say that
    Girl: yes I can

  • Honorful
    Honorful 6 天 前 +1

    Thot in range

  • Bradley Phaeton
    Bradley Phaeton 6 天 前

    I'm 16 but 9 year old gang yurrr

  • Stan Lucifer
    Stan Lucifer 6 天 前

    Dont worry pewds i talked to lucifer and he said shell serve eternity👌🏻

  • Sairus
    Sairus 6 天 前

    You cant call girls thots...


  • SlyFox_XD_why
    SlyFox_XD_why 7 天 前

    but i am 12 pewdiepie

  • Who tf is Poppy?
    Who tf is Poppy? 7 天 前 +1

    The way she talks makes me wanna gag

  • MovieEveryDay
    MovieEveryDay 7 天 前

    May 3rd 2018, history was made. The 9 Year Old Army is formed.

  • Malissa C
    Malissa C 7 天 前

    I don't call my friends bitch personally

  • phantom Orion
    phantom Orion 7 天 前 +1

    11:51 yeh guys she is part black like I'm part 9 yr old

  • MrLabo
    MrLabo 7 天 前 +1

    The birthplace of those iconic words "9 year old army".

  • Hey Eaglet
    Hey Eaglet 7 天 前

    Pewds, all she want is dat good money

    Good money

    LAC_MAAN 7 天 前 +1

    Send her to the raaaaaaanch !

  • Hugo Barrett
    Hugo Barrett 7 天 前

    Why don’t you go to court then?

  • #SKTWin EXO-L
    #SKTWin EXO-L 8 天 前

    Dang. Im starting to like pewds more and more. The way he elaborates every details in his pew news.👏Such a reliable source 👊

  • jacksonvile12345678
    jacksonvile12345678 8 天 前 +1

    Alinity needs to be banned for completely inappropriate content and zero moral fiber, very sad person.

  • Player
    Player 8 天 前 +2

    now u have to talk to youtube directly that delete t gay from youtube

  • The youtuber That exists

    Faulsely? Reporting faulsly are you kidding me ugh this is sad wow when you committed marriage fraud

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 8 天 前 +1

    She’s a Fake News thot

  • ras79r
    ras79r 8 天 前 +1

    I love rewatching this video if I’ve spoken, and I speak to a lot of people in my line of work, to someone who is disrespectful. To me it is a brilliant example of karma and someone biting off more than they can chew. As I serve clients who pay my fees, I generally have to hold my tongue. So glad Pewds came out in this instance and spoke about the real issues and how people can be better. In my mind he has the high ground, that’s where I want to be.

  • gamernatan vazques345

    I’m not 9 I’m 10... copy strike herrrrrrr!!!!!

  • Logan Robertson
    Logan Robertson 9 天 前


  • Memes_are_great 101

    Who is the guy that said “how come when I showed nudity they just banned me what the fu-“

  • Siam
    Siam 9 天 前 +2

    7:57 9 YEAR OLDS!!!

  • Gian Angelo Hernandez

    Such a hypocrite.... Is that the correct term?

  • Greased Lightnin’
    Greased Lightnin’ 9 天 前 +1

    She sounds drunk as fucckkkk

  • liviestar365
    liviestar365 9 天 前

    why do prostitutes get mad when called prostitutes, really tho, if you fit the job description own the damn label or change your content

  • Lumina Alternate
    Lumina Alternate 9 天 前

    Here's the difference between twitch thots and female streamer
    Twitch thots : just sit there and talk.
    Female steamer : they actually do something amusing or playing games like other people does.

  • Impact_86
    Impact_86 10 天 前

    *T H O T* *B I A S*

  • Jenack Slegers
    Jenack Slegers 10 天 前

    4:59 she wants “that sweet sweet ad revenue money”

  • Preston Bustos
    Preston Bustos 10 天 前

    I am Canadian and I’m in barest with this dumb lady

  • John Bryant
    John Bryant 10 天 前

    she a thot lol

  • 2know4sure
    2know4sure 10 天 前

    65 year old 9 year old here.. & a new recruit...

  • Winkinger
    Winkinger 10 天 前

    Can somebody update me on what happened to her? Im kinda curious if Twitch actually reacted in any way to this at all. because I still encounter people like her on that site a lot. Twitch is living from them like a leech.

  • arya Gudka
    arya Gudka 10 天 前

    gang shit boi

  • Madison Heath
    Madison Heath 10 天 前

    Make 9 year old army merch

  • Durpy Dude
    Durpy Dude 10 天 前


  • LazerTag 09
    LazerTag 09 10 天 前

    Why is Alinity acting like a b*tch towards pewds and acting so innocent towards the people

  • Siddl
    Siddl 10 天 前

    Alinity cant talk without doing a "mh" at the end of every sentence xDD

  • Ruch Kodi
    Ruch Kodi 10 天 前

    She's a Thot and that's it

  • Boberson Marlerson
    Boberson Marlerson 10 天 前

    I have that gaming chair, it’s made for people over 6 feet tall. Watch out bro

  • Toby Teh Kangar00 paw

    It’s funny that people say this fan base is 9 years old but like... look at hers. White knighting her for praise.

    LIBERATION 10 天 前

    Savage 99999999

  • Reina Lie
    Reina Lie 10 天 前

    Idk why but I reeeeaaallyyy feel the need to slap her face. Like, she can’t even SPEAK man. Wtf is wrong with that whiny voice like ARGH I’m so annoyed.

  • Mariana Gomez
    Mariana Gomez 11 天 前 +1

    Please do not think Colombian women are like this because of that girl. and as a native woman from this little country I feel kinda ashamed of this. And i'm really sorry for that.
    I also must say in Colombia, marriage fraud is severely punished. There are TONS of people that love you pewds, and the last thing we wanna get is a bad image because of an opportunist.

  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb 11 天 前

    4.6k dislike = twitch thots

  • Brokt
    Brokt 11 天 前

    Twitch should change their rules and anyone not wearing full clothing (like shoving your cleavage two inches from your camera) should be banned the same way nudity gets you banned