【香蜜沉沉烬如霜】Ashes of Love--26(杨紫、邓伦领衔主演的古装神话剧)


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  • Rukayya Sani
    Rukayya Sani 3 天 前

    plx fix this there r so many episodes that you can't save offline

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    to0mo0 7 天 前

    Thank you 🌹

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  • Sangi Chhetri
    Sangi Chhetri 12 天 前

    Drama suggest me

  • Nirza Cebaga
    Nirza Cebaga 12 天 前

    Why the other ep thers not eng sub?

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  • Bae Jijie
    Bae Jijie 13 天 前

    Why another ep i cnt open or play..😫


    Yan you is also one of the handsome guys

  • Rachel A.
    Rachel A. 16 天 前

    She had a lot of hit boys.. 😚😚

  • Rachel A.
    Rachel A. 16 天 前

    In Kdrama you can see a lot of cringey scenes.
    But in Chinese, Power struggle, Jealousy can kill Kin, Obssessed Girls, Silly female lead and Hot Male lead.
    Since I know it's a happy ending, come what may, let the love trials begins who cares they will end up together... 😜😜😜

  • shamrock100 J
    shamrock100 J 16 天 前

    此情,此景,此乐,此人, 润玉与锦觅共赏昙花这一幕, 太美了。

  • shamrock100 J
    shamrock100 J 16 天 前

    没人觉得医女给熠王按摩那里苏炸个天吗?熠王如此慵懒放松,将兵法娓娓道来,医女撒娇说听不懂,熠王得意洋洋答疑解惑, 简直就像小夫妻日常。有木有?真是没有最苏,只有更苏。每看一遍, 都有新的苏点蹦出来。

  • shamrock100 J
    shamrock100 J 16 天 前

    扑哧君好可爱, 穗禾凡人装扮好美, 这剧的选角绝了, 配角个个都让人过目不忘。更别提主角了。

  • Lufanlove
    Lufanlove 19 天 前

    Why does Mu Ci always act concerned or like he loves her when she is suffering or sad?! It's annoying!! if you really love her show her that all the time!

  • Aleee Texas girl
    Aleee Texas girl 19 天 前

    I can't stop watching them!🤗

  • Juliana Yusof
    Juliana Yusof 19 天 前

    Pliiss full drama...

  • Cherryphat Onifade
    Cherryphat Onifade 21 天 前

    Can't. Even see English comments haa, no body to chat wit just watching

  • Dativa Mbaga
    Dativa Mbaga 21 天 前

    English please

  • chenel_ adnarim
    chenel_ adnarim 21 天 前

    someone reply me ENGLISH or TAGALOG

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  • 大师兄de小笔记


  • Cher Lin
    Cher Lin 27 天 前

    23:49 听见背后的“再来一次”。

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  • Tiantian CHEN
    Tiantian CHEN 个月 前

    虽然不喜欢穗禾 但她也很让人心痛了 目前来看还不算坏 只是典型的被宠久捧坏的公主殿下 但对凤凰真的爱得一往情深

  • loron21
    loron21 个月 前 +1

    Even though we all know this triangle could not be avoided as it started in the very beginning when phoenix grabbed her wrist and the bond came into play ( so she was always meant to be with him ) .and then she handed night dragon the red cord which he tied to his wrist..( oh shyte doom and disaster came into play right then and there) and yet both played a big part in keeping her safe til the very end.... i must say of all the rights and wrongs both men endured..( what rights really? both were wronged big time .again and again and again )... the snake lord was the most entertaining even though he was in a doomed love with the bird brain.. oh and don't for get lord fox hahahaha too funny by far ... there was no winners really in this series all lost out to fate. only jin mi and phoenix got to have a happy ending and even for that both paid a high price ( that neither could really recover from ) plus it took 100's of years... so sad for the rest of them tho :(

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  • dreamliverock
    dreamliverock 个月 前 +1

    23:10 He looks so proud it's darn adorable!

  • alto_fm
    alto_fm 个月 前 +2

    10:52 🤣🤣 snake evil laugh
    Omg..i laugh so hard everytime Yanyou come out.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lyń's Fröntuna14
    Lyń's Fröntuna14 个月 前 +1

    . hula hula lang?? thats me. .
    . .gaaah. .english sub plz. .

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  • Jano Jonannsro
    Jano Jonannsro 个月 前

    Why is MuCi working for the evil empress?

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  • Rahma Rahmah
    Rahma Rahmah 个月 前

    The dragon God is a way too jealous and boring lol tho the drama is nice but not compared to Ten miles of peach blossoms 😍😍 my favourite drama sery ever so romantic ed here the night god reminds of Ye Hua being jealous of Mr. Mo

    • quintor achola
      quintor achola 个月 前

      Hehe he always made me smile whenever Yehua heard Mo yuan's name

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  • Lucas Jean Li
    Lucas Jean Li 个月 前

    English subtitles please... Please... Thanks! 😄

  • Munish munish
    Munish munish 个月 前

    Any chinese friend to explain what xu feng is telling jin mi

  • Munish munish
    Munish munish 个月 前

    English sub for this part please.why is.it not complete

  • Autandrila Chakraborty
    Autandrila Chakraborty 个月 前 +7

    Am i the only one who found Xu feng, Run yu and Pu chi too much hot at the same time??🔥🔥

  • roe villa
    roe villa 个月 前 +1

    it's cute how everytime Ji Min tries to come forward Xu Feng would drag her back and shield her.

  • 손미령
    손미령 个月 前

    什么时候可以可以看全剧呢? 虽然都追完了,还是想天天重温,在我的人生里香蜜会成为甄嬛传一般的神剧呢。

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  • Rechelle Matala Dearoz
    Rechelle Matala Dearoz 个月 前 +2

    Such a jealous man in mortal world.. Runyu.. (night immortal) and Yan You hahaha..( I defeated fire immortal. Great one, I have avenged you. Is it very soothing?),. Hahaha Jin Mi name you Pu Chi. Hmmn ... How dare you! You dragon (fish fairy) and snake diety bullied Phoenix.

    • Jano Jonannsro
      Jano Jonannsro 个月 前 +1

      Thanks, was wondering where I had heard the name before. Obviously in an early episode.

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    但是 杨子真漂亮 字写错了

  • 灵灵儿
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    妈的 竟然 禁止在马来西亚观看 妈的第2集都没有看过

    • irina gu
      irina gu 个月 前

      我也是马来西亚的,那可以去play store下载vpn,开启就可以看了

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    Irene Masandil 2 个月 前

    English dub please

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    Mi Mi 2 个月 前

    14:05 how cute lol

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    Alice Atieno 2 个月 前

    Another one which doesn’t have English subtitles

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    Shazia Shakeel 2 个月 前

    Massage of jinmi 😂😂😂

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    Thanks for the sub.... really loving this drama 😘😘😘😘

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    Yang zi is really cute

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    绿油油的润玉 哎 还是嫁给我吧(脸红

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    English SUB please

    MANMAN Y 2 个月 前 +4


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    Please add English subtitle....... I really love ❤ this drama and thanks for the upload 👍

    • Daniel Wang
      Daniel Wang 2 个月 前

      Adama Saidykhan, it does have English captions

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    Sailor Moon 3 个月 前

    Hey, this is episode 24 but you..........

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    Rose Odiver 3 个月 前

    English please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Nury Brillid Guzman Avila

    Not subtitles for this 26

  • sheilamay Galang
    sheilamay Galang 3 个月 前

    English sub for episode 26 please

    • Cristine Jaca
      Cristine Jaca 3 个月 前 +1

      +sheilamay Galang - What I mean is you can watch it with english sub. You just have to click that 3 dot on the side of your youtube screen then click the caption. It's really hard to explain Haha so I think you should watch it here▶▷▶ www.kissasian.sh it's a website that I'm currently using...😊

    • sheilamay Galang
      sheilamay Galang 3 个月 前

      +Cristine Jaca can you please send me the link of ashes of love episode 26? So that I can lol like you ha ha ha

    • Cristine Jaca
      Cristine Jaca 3 个月 前

      It was already subbed in English, though. Haha!

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    babyluz france 3 个月 前

    English subtitle please

  • random person
    random person 3 个月 前 +8

    For some reason the night god guy reminds me of Joshua from seventeen or emery from fresh off the boat

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    How come this episode doesn't have English subtitles :(

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  • Mary Diaz
    Mary Diaz 3 个月 前

    Can you make it availabe in our country?im from phillipines.thank you

    • Cristine Jaca
      Cristine Jaca 3 个月 前

      Hi! I'm also from the Philippines. I just want to say that it's available in our country. You can watch it with english subtitle here in youtube or in a website.

    TRACY KANG 3 个月 前

    Anyone speaking English. ...Chinese speakers please translate

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    湯慶順 3 个月 前

    請問在那邊看,我都找不到 ?

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    Thnx for eng sub

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    One of the best Chinese historical romance drama I've ever seen

  • Bangsheng Tang
    Bangsheng Tang 3 个月 前

    为啥 18:3019:30那一段的bgm有合金装备的既视感

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  • ใบเตย วงษาเกตุ


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