Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer


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  • E.J Humphrey
    E.J Humphrey 18 小时 前

    Comments given during casting of previous doctors.....
    David Tennant- "He looks far too young to play the doctor"
    Matt Smith- "He looks WAY too young to play the doctor"
    Peter Capaldi- "He looks far too old to play the doctor"
    Jodie Whittaker-"The BBC has a political-correctness agenda"
    "Oh, the human race, you're never happy are you?"- Peter Capaldi Doctor, Episode 4 season 8 'Listen'.

  • Kim Richard Robinson

    I just watched the 3rd episode of season 11. What a disappointment. These writers couldn't think of a story so they decide to copy NBC 's episode from Quantum Leap from the 90's. Come on writers!! Are you the new kids on the block after Peter Capaldi left?

  • TARDIS MAN 111111111
    TARDIS MAN 111111111 2 天 前 +1

    So far series 11 is great.

  • Keith Clarke
    Keith Clarke 8 天 前

    so sick of this garbage... their are movies and t.v. shows with black lead actors... there are movies and t.v. shows with female leads... but im fckn sick of watching all of my favorite classic shows characters being turned into women and black... well... thats it for dr who... ill never watch another episode...

  • Battle Spear
    Battle Spear 8 天 前

    I'm conflicted

  • Mad Ligler
    Mad Ligler 8 天 前

    What is this about can someone explain I am new to this 'Dr who'

    • Mad Ligler
      Mad Ligler 2 天 前

      MaccamatBux1674 oh

    • MaccamatBux1674
      MaccamatBux1674 2 天 前

      +Mad Ligler I used to. But when I watched episode 1 of Season 7 I lost motivation to continue.
      I want to catch up on it someday.

    • Mad Ligler
      Mad Ligler 2 天 前

      MaccamatBux1674 do u watch walking dead

    • MaccamatBux1674
      MaccamatBux1674 2 天 前

      +Mad Ligler It is ultimately your choice. You could start at this series and then go back to Series 1 and catch up when you feel so. Or just start at series 1.
      If this trailer is what has made you consider watching the show though I suggest starting from this series.

    • Mad Ligler
      Mad Ligler 2 天 前

      MaccamatBux1674 should I start watching from the first season or from this

  • Kimberly Held
    Kimberly Held 9 天 前


  • Alexandre Men
    Alexandre Men 10 天 前

    This first episode is the best i have ever seen in doctor who. This new actress is amazing. Very nice start.

  • john smith
    john smith 11 天 前

    Sucked. Ill try to watch another episode or two but if it don't dramatically improve I might be done with Doctor Who

  • Raisa Flörsberg
    Raisa Flörsberg 13 天 前

    Simply ridiculous.

  • Petri Kokko
    Petri Kokko 13 天 前

    This is not Dr. Who!

  • Benji1987
    Benji1987 14 天 前 +2

    This season is looking so good at the moment, the effects are amazing, and all the actors seem brilliant. Can’t wait for more episodes 🙌🏽🙌🏽👍🏽

  • poppy smith
    poppy smith 14 天 前

    Utter crap period....................................

  • Flowing Silva
    Flowing Silva 14 天 前

    How?!? Don't get it! how this crap have last so long ! Now in 2018 it even have a season 11 holy crap is people taste really that bad . What is so great about this show ?! Is that bad plot , bad acting or bad affects? Some people even think that is a fun and interesting show are you guys out of your mind?!


    You know what I didn't see in this trailer? The Tardis! Where is it?!

  • Jocelyn AR
    Jocelyn AR 15 天 前 +13

    OMG GUYS I JUST WATCHED THE NEW DOCTOR WHO EPISODE AND ITS SOOOOOOO GOOOD!! :D Guys, The new doctor is smart, funny, awesome and so cool. I was worried that it wouldn't be the same with a girl doctor, as women tend to be more emphatic and stuff, but BOI WAS I WRONG, The trailer makes it seem very different, but the trailor is VERY misleading. It's just like the doctor who I know and love. I have only seen one episode, but I can say she is one of my favorite doctors yet. I can't wait for the next episode.

  • 3carbon6
    3carbon6 15 天 前

    Hey, if it can work for Ghostbusters!..
    Oh yea.. nvm.

  • Gabriel Žnidaršič

    Doctor’s companions were always girls (except Rory) but now that she’s a woman... will there be girls or boys? Or will she go solo?

  • Sally Clarke
    Sally Clarke 15 天 前 +1

    Loved it. A great start.

  • hernan alberto
    hernan alberto 15 天 前


  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis 15 天 前

    just seen it.....a bloke with teeth sticking out? sure?....

  • Ant Smith
    Ant Smith 15 天 前

    Well just watched ep1 and it as a childrens tv feeling perhaps that is where it should be.....

  • Mathew Dewsbury
    Mathew Dewsbury 15 天 前 +1

    0:33 'Right. This is going to be fun!' Damn right about that!

  • Aimee Lewis
    Aimee Lewis 15 天 前

    Soooooo excited 😬😬

  • peter snadden
    peter snadden 15 天 前


  • Jake Bateman
    Jake Bateman 15 天 前

    Come on I’m not bothered what gender they are I just hope it’s a good doctor, without it including feminist under tones.

  • PlayingAroundWithMyEdtingSoftware


  • TheRoadKam
    TheRoadKam 16 天 前 +1

    I'm excited for this new doctor.

  • StormEyes1991
    StormEyes1991 16 天 前

    I am so nervous about this coming season. I know Whittacker is a good actress but I'm still not sure it's going to work. (I'd be saying the same if the Doctor had always been a woman up until now and was now going to played by a man.) The writing needs to be stellar. I wish RTD was still in charge; I'd be confident then that this could work. I don't know if Chibnall can pull this off. And the next Doctor, male or female, has to be ginger. This is four regenerations not ginger. Come on guys give us a ginger 14th Doctor in four/five years. (If Chibnall doesn't sink the show as I'm sooo worried he will.)

  • Eric Byers
    Eric Byers 16 天 前

    The bbc seem to be against white straight men this will be the first series i will not be watching

    • thejamsterx
      thejamsterx 16 天 前 +2

      1/4 of the main cast is a straight white male. So is the showrunner, producer and many of the writers and directors. Stop making stuff up that simply isn't true.

  • Lucas & Thoryn
    Lucas & Thoryn 17 天 前

    "a female doctor who cant fit the character"
    i would argue otherwise

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie 17 天 前


  • ForgeAvid
    ForgeAvid 17 天 前

    Doctor who being female from the lore itself is possible ofc it has been for a wile. but the timing that they did this... could not be worst. and for that reason alone.... i think this will fail

  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 17 天 前

    First we get a two dimensional side kick in the form of Bill.
    Then we get a two dimensional master that is only fleshed out slightly at the end for obvious plot convenience.
    Now we get a two dimensional doctor...

  • Dave Scheff
    Dave Scheff 17 天 前

    This is going to be brilliant.

  • Ben
    Ben 17 天 前

    I loved that and THANK GOD we didnt have the doctor litturally begging for subs at the end?!?!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 18 天 前

    But still not Ginger

  • MemoryFoam
    MemoryFoam 18 天 前

    Amber colored sonic, amber shards floating in space at the tail end of this trailer. It seems to have an all around fire/amber color theme going in. Could this mean anything? Ginger snatch maybe?

  • A Duck
    A Duck 18 天 前

    Now that there's an opportunity for a proper main male companion, one not there solely to make the female lead look smarter and more capable by comparison, I really hope they nail it. Personally I want Jemaine Clement to take the role, I think he'd kick ass.

  • A Duck
    A Duck 18 天 前

    I don't really care that they got a woman in to play the Doctor, it's an interesting plot development and worth exploring for creative reasons, my only concern with this decision is that it might indicate they're going to start banging the SJW politics drum much harder in future. It's unfortunate, but often these kinds of creative decisions do indicate this and do turn out to be the case. I hope the writers manage to keep their heads on straight during production, they're going to have to really get this one right or it'll just be off-putting.

  • Brandon Greenleaf
    Brandon Greenleaf 18 天 前

    Only thing I will watch this new season is if she has three REGULAR COMPANIONS like the old days that are in each episode. I'm sure that's not the case.

  • Acryl
    Acryl 18 天 前

    I want to be your new best friend, doctor!

  • SizzledBeats
    SizzledBeats 19 天 前 +6

    I need another quirky Doctor like Matt Smith

  • Joan-Maria Brooks
    Joan-Maria Brooks 19 天 前

    Oh man, this IS gonna be fun! I'll miss Peter but I'm looking forward to seeing what Jodie as the new Doctor will do!

  • seth le Baptiste
    seth le Baptiste 20 天 前


  • ben fits
    ben fits 20 天 前

    Clearly this is fantasy. Women can't be Doctors.

  • Cmajor
    Cmajor 20 天 前

    She has literally no personality

  • whovian whovian
    whovian whovian 20 天 前 +1


  • Gregory de Graaf
    Gregory de Graaf 20 天 前

    no SJW please.

  • Gregory de Graaf
    Gregory de Graaf 20 天 前

    ok, no more gitares please

  • Michael Hurley
    Michael Hurley 21 天 前

    Um, TARDIS?

  • BenoProductions
    BenoProductions 21 天 前

    She would look great in a pith helmet.

  • Josh23761
    Josh23761 21 天 前

    The change this season that's got me annoyed is the show being moved to a Sunday, Saturday was always Dr Who day for me.

  • Matthew Powell
    Matthew Powell 21 天 前 +1

    I sense a disturbance in the force as what happens to Disney is now happening to BBC

  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose 22 天 前

    i saw the 2nd trailer first and got pissed at the cancer music but now watching this trailer its alright, i would've preferred to just of had this trailer without the second one with cancer music

  • E North
    E North 22 天 前

    Who cares about the gender of the Doctor! The showrunner is Chibnall. That's the problem!!! Why is everyone worrying about the wrong thing??? Whittaker is a brilliant actress! She can pull it off! But can her acting carry Chibnall's witless plots?! That's the real question.

  • Slender Bow tie
    Slender Bow tie 22 天 前

    she sounds so northern and I love it!

  • KentRigeI
    KentRigeI 22 天 前

    I'm not going to argue with the people who are pitching a fit over a woman being cast as the Doctor. I certainly hope that they at least watch it and consider it but you can't actually make someone like something they don't like by arguing about it with them. That way lies a lot of time wasted.
    What I do take issue with is that the view they have that this is a sudden idea that came about with no warning or that it was just shoe-horned in by some conspiracy of 'progressive/liberal/feminist/SJW/whatever' forces the moment it came time to cast a new Doctor.
    As far back as season 6, with 'The Doctor's Wife', it was outright introduced that another Time Lord acquaintance of the Doctor's 'The Corsair' had at times regenerated into a woman. Clearly the concept that Regeneration could result in gender-switching has been baked in for a while now. During season 9's 'Hell Bent' a Gallifreyan general regenerates into a woman. And it goes without saying about The Master and Missy. I think Michelle Gomez was incredibly compelling in the role, having no problem replacing what had previously been cast only as a man.
    If any of these grumpy folk are uptight about the change... well all I can say is that there was plenty of foreshadowing.

  • Robert Dodds
    Robert Dodds 22 天 前

    I wonder how many fans never watched the last episode with Capaldi to preserve what little dignity the show had left at that point. I think Moffat was probably happy to handover a failing Dr. Who so he won't be remembered as the head when the show was cancelled.

  • Robert Dodds
    Robert Dodds 22 天 前

    If people like a SJW-feminist Dr. Who, that's fine. It's also fine that many longtime fans resented seeing the series' lore being retailored to fit a female Who. Many of us would have loved to have seen a new spin-off with a female as the lead. There were so many possibilities with the reboot. I don't care if season 11 crashes or reignites fans, I, like many others, won't be watching it. Ever

  • Adeline Dering
    Adeline Dering 23 天 前

    I am fine with the doctor being a girl, and Jodie is an amazing actress, but the new season looks like it’s going to be that generic/CW TV show bull crap. I just hope that they kill off all of that “we’re woke” stuff and go straight for the sci-fi and beautiful story arc that we know and love. The last season was okay, but they lacked character development and such. I never really got attached to Bill at all, and I feel like they only had her so that they could say they’re progressive. I don’t care if the doctor is a non-binary, Black, female ginger! I just want there to be an amazing storyline filled with twists, turns, scares, and beautiful imagery. Please tell me it’s not just me?

  • Moderate Dave
    Moderate Dave 23 天 前

    Took a few viewings before I finally put my finger on her new look. MORK FROM ORK! I kept wondering what the clothing reminded me of and then it hit me. Robin Williams character liked bright colors and rainbow suspenders. And that's what I think of whenever I see the new doctor.
    "I'm the Doctor. Nanu-nanu!" HA!

  • Icebane
    Icebane 23 天 前 +1

    Let’s be honest, it’s going to be awful.

  • Jerry Mathurin
    Jerry Mathurin 23 天 前

    Yeah I’m pretty excited for her to take over. I got to go over Scotland back in 2013 during deployment and festival was on and man it was live been a Dr. Who fan since and now with the Marvelous Jodie Whittaker on man thank you 🙏🏾

  • sean lee
    sean lee 23 天 前

    Where the fudge is the tardis

  • Mighty Potato Chip
    Mighty Potato Chip 23 天 前 +1

    Im not sexist but since when is doctor who a girl?They did the same thing to Star Wars and TMNT

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Wait, you’re telling me that Luke Skywalker was actually a Time Lord and regenerated into a woman?

  • juju ju
    juju ju 23 天 前 +2

    Throwing special effects at series doesn't hide the fact they are kowtowing to all the screaming feminist banshees!!.
    Dr Who is a man get over it! Find something else to spoil! ... btw The Daleks all sound male !!

  • unimatrix 001
    unimatrix 001 23 天 前

    Awful not happy.

  • Lem Lee
    Lem Lee 23 天 前 +4

    can you imagine if the new buffy the vampire slayer was a man? wow that's terrifying.

    • JadeWarrior
      JadeWarrior 4 天 前

      Lem Lee I'd watch that.

    • Robert Dodds
      Robert Dodds 22 天 前

      Exactly. They destroyed the longtime lore to cater to SJWs.

  • Raucous Lovemuffin
    Raucous Lovemuffin 24 天 前

    Way better than trailer 2, Just a bit wary of the lack of creatures...
    I wanna see some cool designs!

  • The Green Knight
    The Green Knight 24 天 前 +1

    I don't like her, I wanted Idris Elba to play the new female Doctor.

  • Sherry Armstrong
    Sherry Armstrong 24 天 前 +1

    well i watched the very first doctor who that ever come out , And well ill just watch the re runs know ... Ima female that loved to see the Sexy British man .. i would steam up my screen ... well i guess this show is for Men now who want to dive in to Breasts

  • ironknightcommisar
    ironknightcommisar 24 天 前 +1

    More feminazi propaganda

  • Elder Elf
    Elder Elf 24 天 前

    well... I'm Excited!

  • Gerard Gray
    Gerard Gray 24 天 前

    I have a very good feeling about the new series.Bring on the Jodie years.

  • Joe X Med'O
    Joe X Med'O 24 天 前

    what if the 13th was a black asian woman? :v

  • Infi
    Infi 25 天 前

    So pumped for lady Doctor, gonna be super interesting to see.

  • CosmiKazie
    CosmiKazie 25 天 前

    I wish this incarnation would give up being ginger altogether, then end up being ginger in the next one.

  • oldbloke135
    oldbloke135 25 天 前 +2

    Unfortunately, Dr Who long since ceased to be about science fiction and instead became a crude tool for the BBC's political correctness agenda. In a recent series we were supposed to believe that the population of Victorian London was about 25% black! Strange that photos taken before the 1960's rarely ever show a black face. Was there some sort of racial cleansing that our history books have had expunged? We know the Doctor has (will have) a wife, River Song, it would be typical of the BBC to make this a lesbian relationship!

  • skedtm
    skedtm 25 天 前

    Doctor LEFT

  • SunnyZ
    SunnyZ 26 天 前

    Nurse Who?

    • SunnyZ
      SunnyZ 25 天 前


  • mkg 21
    mkg 21 27 天 前

    She's still wearing 12th's clothes when she wakes up lol

  • Carl Maher
    Carl Maher 27 天 前

    Doctor who is Classist, why must she be hatefully middle class and a speaker of English? This is so colonialist.

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S 27 天 前

    What was wrong with this music then?

  • Josh Donnelly
    Josh Donnelly 27 天 前 +1

    Doctor feminism , RIP doctor who

  • Eddie Smithers
    Eddie Smithers 27 天 前 +4

    Sadly the 'cult classic' has become a shadow of it's former self, eclipsed by the BBC's turbo pc agenda lol.

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前 +1

      Both on and off camera, the show has always showcased progressive viewpoints, from the very first episode. This isn’t new, you just weren’t paying attention.

  • Chicken McNugget
    Chicken McNugget 27 天 前 +1

    Its a shame the production and writing team don't regenerate as well.

    • Chicken McNugget
      Chicken McNugget 21 天 前

      Well thanks for making me look like a right cock.

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Series Eleven is being done by a new production team and the entire writing staff, apart from Chibnall, are all new to the series.

  • Daniel Leitch
    Daniel Leitch 27 天 前

    Please don't make her personality like Clara's still not sure willing to give this a try a gender swap might good if handled correctly

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Not really, and I’m not sure I follow, but it doesn’t really matter.

    • Daniel Leitch
      Daniel Leitch 22 天 前

      I want her to be a strong character with out the obnoxious personality of clara eg as strong female personality i can get behind ye Happy now

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Daniel Leitch: I was simply asking why that opinion would be something that would even cross your mind.
      It would be like hoping, when Capaldi was casted, that he wouldn’t act like Solomon (from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) simply because they’re both older men. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Daniel Leitch
      Daniel Leitch 22 天 前

      My opinion if you have a different one thats great for you

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Why in the world would you even worry about her personality being like Clara’s? What would possibly give you that fear?

  • Jamie Sharknado
    Jamie Sharknado 27 天 前

    Watching her running is funny

  • the man for all seasons

    This looks really really good, I think casting a women us a great idea and will breath new life into the franchise, I'm reckon it will be a big success

  • Dale of Kenaz Komics
    Dale of Kenaz Komics 28 天 前 +1

    Now everyone at the BBC is going to be all confused why the viewing figures for Dr. Who will suddenly plummet through the floor. Their response will be to double down on the SJW politics and loose even more viewers until the show is cancelled. Get woke, go broke. Well done BBC.

    • Dale of Kenaz Komics
      Dale of Kenaz Komics 19 天 前

      Until recently the focus for the show was NOT identity politics. Since the show has become focused on brainwashing it's audience into these weird cultural marxist identity political ideas it has lost massive amounts of viewers as every franchise that chooses to go down that regressive path does. It's quite a simple fact to understand. Thus the popular expression "get woke, go broke" to which Doctor Who currently suffers from.

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 19 天 前

      Dale the writer & artist for Kenaz Komics: I can’t think of what else someone could wrongly consider “SJW politics” with Series Eleven, considering that the show has always had a progressive slant from the very beginning.

    • Dale of Kenaz Komics
      Dale of Kenaz Komics 20 天 前

      Who mentioned anything about a woman playing the Doctor?

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Ratings for the series already flatlined around halfway through Series Ten. I sincerely doubt viewing figures are gonna be lower than that point just because a woman is playing the Doctor.

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 28 天 前

  • Csaba Zsinko
    Csaba Zsinko 28 天 前 +1

    This is just embarrassing, this is not DOCTOR WHO, and since when has the type cast Bradley Walsh from The Chase become a time traveller, ridiculous, BBC, just as did with TOPGEAR you have now ruined DOCTOR WHO, you will lose all the dedicated viewer base. Thanks for again ruining another BBC show.

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman 22 天 前

      Hopefully this means that you won’t be watching, and we won’t have to hear you bitch about it for the next ten weeks.

  • tung xuan
    tung xuan 28 天 前

    Wait, wait and wait -_-

  • Vooia
    Vooia 29 天 前

    I just don't understand why people aren't more excited. I am so buzzing for this

  • Anna X
    Anna X 29 天 前

    Ghostbusters again

  • Ariadne
    Ariadne 29 天 前

    I lover her already, I feel she is going to be an amazing Doctor.

  • Zarani Go
    Zarani Go 29 天 前


  • peter grahame
    peter grahame 29 天 前

    Next up Dr Who as a black transexual Muslim