I will do better

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  • Hey guys, just wanted to discuss a situation I had with a fan of mine that was brought to my attention yesterday. I was truly so saddened watching a video she posted about an experience we had together and I wanted to talk this moment to apologize for my short comings. I am on a path of bettering myself every single day and I will continue to do my best for you, my family, and myself.
    I love you all so much and thank you for being the best followers anyone could ask for.
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  • Manny Mua
    Manny Mua  个月 前 +8341

    Hey guys guys, I woke up this morning to see a TON of hate being sent towards Dan and it is NOT right. I do not condone any hate speech of any kind. We are able to defend people and see their side without bashing someone else! I love you guys, please continue to spread love and positivity.

    • Selena Toledo
      Selena Toledo 7 天 前

      Come back we miss you!😭💔❤

      STΩRM CLΩUD ΔSMR 10 天 前


    • Ankita Patel
      Ankita Patel 29 天 前 +2

      Ur shitty

    • Delilah Fisher
      Delilah Fisher 29 天 前 +32

      You liar who here back for more after Gabriel's apology

  • Kenyra Grey
    Kenyra Grey 天 前

    Guys chill the hell out. You all expect people to be perfect because they're on a screen. Look in the mirror before you run around judging people and their lives. We are all humans, we're notorious for making mistakes. I'm just stating the truth. It's very easy to sit there behind your phone or laptop and voice your opinions. You have a right to that. But don't pretend to know someone or their truths. Whether you believe him or not he's a person with feelings. Put your self in his shoes for a minute. Imagine millions of people looking up to you and being judged 24/7. We're in 2018 guys, but I guess the reality is no one cares until it's them in the fire. It's funny how you guys claim he only cares cause we make him money, but guess what? You can say that about your favorite author, singer or brand.

  • Ayena :3
    Ayena :3 天 前

    Manny please come back. I miss you so much

  • Brittany Page
    Brittany Page 2 天 前

    I love you so much Manny. Fuck all these hate comments. You are so loved by many❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Millie Dodd
    Millie Dodd 2 天 前 +1

    *ArE YoU suRe ABoUt tHaT?*

  • J E N N A T .
    J E N N A T . 2 天 前

    We miss you so much💛.

  • Clearly Platonic
    Clearly Platonic 2 天 前

    Although it sucks that there was a miscommunication between both Dan and you; she shouldn't have gone on to CNclip posting a video tilting "How Manny mua really treats his fans" It makes both parties look terrible, but anyhow I'm glad the issue is resolved. I just wish that people wouldn't go on a public platform to post a video making someone look bad instead of just talking it out in private. It's like why even have an inbox or private messaging...

  • When you see Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.

    "I do not condone any hate speech of any kind."
    Hate speech doesn't exist.

  • Izzy Hernandez
    Izzy Hernandez 3 天 前

    Honestly manny I love you and your one of the nicest beauty gurus in the world and I really do look up to you, all this hate needs to stop because people literally just say the same thing and nobody has their own words to say your such an amazing person and even tho you might not see this but I just want to let everyone else know please come back boo !?

  • Alejandra
    Alejandra 3 天 前 +1

    I ♥️ you Manny! We are all human and we have alllll done something or the other that have hurt someone. If we all apologized for that then we would never be done. Keep on being the FABULOUS human being you are.

  • Mariana MUA
    Mariana MUA 4 天 前

    Mannyy come back already ! Fuck what these people gotta say ! They need to get over it shit happens who fkn cares ! Come back 😩

  • love
    love 4 天 前

    what the fuck is thisssssssss

  • the chubby penguin // Lola lol

    Manny you’re the bomb
    Obviously everyone doesn’t know what there talking about only you know what happend

  • Namamuki Yoda
    Namamuki Yoda 4 天 前

    Wait she got hurt about a facial expressions? I can't.

  • Yessica Reyes
    Yessica Reyes 4 天 前 +1

    Miss you ♥️

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 5 天 前 +1

    it's sad that i actually used to enjoy your videos, now all i see is a liar🗿💅🏽

  • Martha Aguilar
    Martha Aguilar 5 天 前

    UnbeFuckinlievable!!! Boy bye

  • Sarah Christley
    Sarah Christley 6 天 前

    lol its funny how lately it seems like people need to apologize just for breathing. I understand we need to try to not be offensive, but we also need to have thick skin and realize that sometimes we are going to be offended by something someone else did. We can't let every little thing get to us. We don't always know other peoples intentions. Also, I don't get why people are demanding all these other apologies?? News flash - you weren't there. You are not personal friends with these beauty influencers and you don't honestly know every detail that happened. You can have your opinions about what you think happened but at the end of the day it doesn't involve you.

  • SenpaiGamer YT
    SenpaiGamer YT 6 天 前

    All ur fault

  • Leslie durand
    Leslie durand 6 天 前

    Honestly.... don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re responsible for you and not everyone else. Don’t give up so much power manny! Everyone needs work daily on the inside to be a better human but fuck... life’s hard enough so just do you boooo

  • Amy Milligan
    Amy Milligan 6 天 前 +1

    Manny, i absolutely love you & you're still my favourite youtuber.

  • Akeno
    Akeno 6 天 前

    why are you on here?

  • Alyssa Kaye
    Alyssa Kaye 6 天 前

    Omg everyone just shut up. We don’t know the truth so why are we putting these people down so quickly. I can’t believe that’s our world now🙄🙄🙄

  • Kat
    Kat 7 天 前 +1

    Is it just me or is this video extremely quiet?

  • matcradle
    matcradle 7 天 前 +1

    He is a shame in the whole LGBT community. What a disgusting person you are! Shame on you!

  • Morgan Cherry
    Morgan Cherry 7 天 前

    We wouldn’t mean shit to you if you weren’t makin no money

  • Morgan Cherry
    Morgan Cherry 7 天 前 +1

    How to make an apology video
    -shitty background
    -dim room
    -“hey guys so this video is a little bit different”
    -“you guys mean the world to me”
    -stupid ass tone of voice

  • Morgan Cherry
    Morgan Cherry 7 天 前


  • Monica Ceja
    Monica Ceja 7 天 前

    Omg... 🤦🏻‍♀️ people are so sensitive, and there’s so many more important things going on out there than a “facial expression “ or a “Snapchat” video 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. No one is perfect!
    Love you manny! Don’t let anyone try to f with you or your image because of some childish bs.

  • Clarissa Harrison
    Clarissa Harrison 7 天 前

    You’re irrelevant.

  • mimi de la cruz
    mimi de la cruz 8 天 前

    I feel bad tho like hes trying to talk things out but u guys are just hating on him! :( ima get hate rn bye...😐

  • Sexual Taco
    Sexual Taco 9 天 前

    119K Dislikes
    Maybe you should take that as a hint. Mannipulator

  • Ana
    Ana 9 天 前

    So what happened between all of them?? I am so lost I have not been into social media in the last 2 months 😨

  • Kathryn Tamondong
    Kathryn Tamondong 9 天 前

    I love you! We all make mistakes and you have been very transparent--always! You're awesome.

  • Nicole T
    Nicole T 9 天 前

    Who is dan???? Im so confused ;( ughh

  • erin park
    erin park 10 天 前

    lmao boy bye👋🏼

  • Laura H
    Laura H 10 天 前

    I'm sorry but She needs to toughen up. Heaven forbid you made a face. Everyone makes faces. I'm sorry this is a person being a giant baby. The fact you feel bad for making a face is ridiculous....... just saying.......how is she going to react in college when a professor tells her she needs to make a better paper? Life isn't gumdrop and roses, life is going to be full of crappy situations where you are going to be hurt. Get tougher skin to deal with a tiny reaction.........holy wow........

  • Chronically Ronni
    Chronically Ronni 10 天 前

    Fail on your part. Trying to justify during an apology gives the impression of arrogance and disingenuousness.

  • rudegirl2219
    rudegirl2219 10 天 前

    Love you manny

  • Claire Ward
    Claire Ward 10 天 前

    I just wish you can all be friends again ☹️



  • Gabby Luna
    Gabby Luna 11 天 前

    I don’t understand the problem I would make a face to if I went to go hug someone & they just walked right pass me tf ?!? Ya mf are wayyyy tooo fucking sensitive like who raised ya ?!? Hello kitty ?!?

  • Let's Face It TV
    Let's Face It TV 11 天 前

    I made a video on my channel on the TRUTH of Laura Lee & Manny MUA. I know MULTIPLE people close to them and have heard countless stories on them. It makes me so mad to see bad people get ahead in the game when they don't deserve it. I'm glad everything in the beauty community is finally being exposed.

  • Lucas Sampaio
    Lucas Sampaio 11 天 前 +1


  • Sips
    Sips 11 天 前 +5

    *Watches 20 seconds of Manny’s apology*
    *Watches 50 minutes of Gabi’s apology*

  • Laura Cominotti
    Laura Cominotti 11 天 前

    Wow... they be hating on you now manny.

  • •Angel Dawn•
    •Angel Dawn• 11 天 前

    this is so off topic but oml your hotttttt

  • Brows And Beauty
    Brows And Beauty 11 天 前

    People are so quick to hop on manny for shit you don’t even know the real truth about , nobody knows his truth but him and the other person involved . That being said , I’ve never ever heard bad things about manny , everyone always talks about how genuine of a person he is on camera AND in person . Maybe people should take a look at their own lives instead of worrying about others so much.

  • Mary-Simone Collazo
    Mary-Simone Collazo 11 天 前 +1

    What did this Gabi guy say that apparently makes this video of Manny's irrelevant?

  • emilydidonato1
    emilydidonato1 12 天 前

    This video is gay (bad)

  • Love is the answer Gaga

    Just say sorry to her

  • Love is the answer Gaga

    She didn’t have to hug you

  • Love is the answer Gaga

    Great acting

  • Love is the answer Gaga

    Your sorrys

  • Love is the answer Gaga

    Stop faking

  • PlunderedBeauty
    PlunderedBeauty 12 天 前

    Where’s your broke ass gone? Manny Mua was a good girl, *coughs, chokes, spit* yeah right!

  • Renee Cheung
    Renee Cheung 12 天 前

    "i am a social climbing cunt who cant take the blame for anything, but its okay, i just spew useless cowshit and everything will be alright"

  • Jo Jos Beauty Channel


  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 13 天 前

    Fuck some of these comments are so harsh

  • Lynn. C
    Lynn. C 13 天 前

    And guys....I'm sorry for telling everyone in my 3rd grade class that Mark Smith tried to kiss me by the monkey bars.....I'm sorry for telling Ms. Beckwith my 4th grade English teacher that she need to conceal under her eyes because she is looking like a raccoon. I am sorry I ate all of the candy I was supposed to sell and said Laura Lee ate them....I'm sorry I pantsed Mark Smith in the 5th grade. Wait, I'm not sorry but i'm sorry for all the other stuff. Womp, womp, wommmmmp

  • Jordan Butler
    Jordan Butler 13 天 前

    No you won't

  • zachary eason
    zachary eason 13 天 前

    I say that whoever has never made a mistake throw the first stone..... which is literally not anyone that is watching this

  • Susie Mulligan
    Susie Mulligan 13 天 前

    Lies. Try being truthful.... to your “fans” as well as yourself.

  • MyYoutube
    MyYoutube 13 天 前

    I've never subscribed to you, but part of me wants to just so i can un-sub

  • Can we get 5,000 subs with no videos?

    Better than Laura Leech’s

  • Hayden Lopez
    Hayden Lopez 13 天 前

    Manny you need to Stop explaining yourself for every little thing you do because you are constantly worried you offended someone or someone doesn't like you. You still are seeking constant approval and validation, stop being a door mat! It's okay if not everyone likes you or understands you. You need to always be you, all the time, which is love...

  • Mirage Sinclair
    Mirage Sinclair 13 天 前

    😂😂😂 pathetic

  • hotxhotguy
    hotxhotguy 14 天 前

    118k thumbs down makes me happy.

  • Genesis 15
    Genesis 15 14 天 前

    Someone explain what happened?

  • Luciana Ruiz
    Luciana Ruiz 14 天 前

    *-S H U T T H E F U C K U P-*

  • black lightning
    black lightning 14 天 前

    I just noticed the video ending. The paused picture of him lools like he smerking. Thinking.. YEP I FOOLED THEM..

  • Irene Irene
    Irene Irene 14 天 前

    this too shall pass manny

  • Irene Irene
    Irene Irene 14 天 前

    you are a sweetheart

  • DnR Moore
    DnR Moore 14 天 前

    I will do better aka bronze eye and pink lip

  • Karen Mathers
    Karen Mathers 14 天 前

    I used to watch you since you legit had like 5 videos. You’ve become a money hungry monster.

  • Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    Slimey bastard!

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 14 天 前

    You fucking suck Manny

  • Felicia Cubison
    Felicia Cubison 14 天 前 +1

    Maybe its my generation, but these Millenials are too fucking sensitive and weak, it's embarrassing, you all are nothing but a bunch of pussies, you wouldn't last in the real world for one minute.

  • Alvin Peria
    Alvin Peria 14 天 前

    go with ur bf laura and make your fucking trash apology video and make a collab whahaa😂

  • The Scott Family
    The Scott Family 14 天 前

    Dan the fan

  • Kerry M
    Kerry M 14 天 前

    Like you guys have never thrown shade

  • Sarah Conley
    Sarah Conley 15 天 前

    I love you despite everything


    Oh my god manny you should never have to feel sad about some girl who gets mad over a facial expression your an amazing person no one should think less of you.

  • I hate my Life
    I hate my Life 15 天 前

    You guys really need to step in my shoes if this is your biggest problem

    • The World's Smallest Violin's Player
      The World's Smallest Violin's Player 天 前

      yeah, why wouldn't he?
      what does that have to do with the fact that it's an issue for him.
      "losing your career is your biggest problem? HA"
      that's basically what you said.

    • I hate my Life
      I hate my Life 5 天 前

      The World's Smallest Violin's Player he chose to talk about this “experience” lol

    • The World's Smallest Violin's Player
      The World's Smallest Violin's Player 7 天 前

      lol what
      It's a risk of his career ending so yeah i'd assume it's a big problem for him

  • I hate my Life
    I hate my Life 15 天 前

    Is this a joke? Who fucking cares about Dan. He made a face... shut up and grow up this isn’t a fucking problem 😂

  • demi bertens
    demi bertens 15 天 前

    I believe that everybody is trying their best, also you

  • Jessica Tellez
    Jessica Tellez 15 天 前

    Hmmm 🤔

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon 15 天 前

    Why are so many people hating on hm cause he accidentally made an awkward face??

  • Ebrar Karaoglu
    Ebrar Karaoglu 15 天 前

    for the people hating, fuck you. As a follower you should be supporting him through his hard times, not making it worse for him. Get your shit straight, do not judge people for sharing their hard times with you, because it will only make them feel worse and unvaluable.

  • Dany Tiger
    Dany Tiger 15 天 前 +1

    Hi Kids! This is a crash course in DEFLECTION 101.

  • Savannah Naquin
    Savannah Naquin 15 天 前

    Why is there so much hate?? Idk why this video is a big deal. At least he’s not Logan Paul laughing at someone committing suicide. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • laurengabrielle18
    laurengabrielle18 15 天 前

    “I’m mannymua for those that don’t know me”

  • Dylan Burberry
    Dylan Burberry 16 天 前

    You're a vile human.

  • Zoey Culley
    Zoey Culley 16 天 前

    I’m sorry but I genuinely don’t think that you did anything wrong. Anybody would’ve reacted the same way you did...

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 16 天 前

    This is far better than Laura's video. Who wants to watch someone cry the whole video. I'd rather watch and listen to this type of video, you go Glenn Coco.

  • Renee jenkins
    Renee jenkins 16 天 前

    It's crazy how fast yall can turn on him EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES would u guys want to be bashed for something. U did probably not so just stop with the hate love u Manny

  • Kat
    Kat 16 天 前

    This did not feel sincere at all wtf

  • Jacob Riley
    Jacob Riley 16 天 前

    I can wait to see Laura lee to go back to the trailer park in Alabama within the next few years. Also, who ever this person is. Never heard of him and what I have seen there is no talent and a complete arrogant asshole. I wish they would all disappear other than jeffry. This guy has no one because the way he treats people. Just watch... "one week later and fans pick out my makeup". You mean the few white girls left? lol. Again, I see you loosing wayyy more pr list and say goodbye to the money. No one will ever endorse you again. Your youtube channel will be your only source of income other than your daddies.

  • airborne inscotland
    airborne inscotland 16 天 前

    Manny your a slimey two faced git I never liked you or your arrogant attitude bye now don't let the door hit you on the ass leaving

  • Names Regine
    Names Regine 16 天 前

    But then again, who the f is dan? LOL