5 ways to beat The Purge

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    The Lewis Brothers - THE DAY AFTER PURGE
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  • Veronica33 S
    Veronica33 S 小时 前 +1

    girl i wouldnt even go alone into the forest for a night in my country and in my country there are no murders basically no one owns a gun and there arent any wild animals in the forest. far from a forest in the us during the purge. also when it gets lighter at dawn people can easily kill you even in the morning cause no one hears it and they dont know exactly when you died. it could be days till theyy found you and so many bodies.

  • Bigboss Gamerkid2019

    thank you for mentioning Egypt I'm from there

  • RandomGamingChannel
    RandomGamingChannel 小时 前

    Normal person: Attaches bayonet to a gun*

    Me an intellectual: Attaches gun to a knife*

  • Alex Apex
    Alex Apex 2 小时 前

    Was that a matrix reference I saw 😂

  • DragonML Fan
    DragonML Fan 3 小时 前

    My uncle watches Ice Road Truckers, I agree it's stupid and has nothing to do with history

  • Dayvit78
    Dayvit78 4 小时 前

    What's the point of restricting weapon types? Is that ever explained? Because if someone used a non-legal weapon, then well, the police would have to investigate... and how hard would it be to investigate a crime that happened when literally a million other crimes have taken place?

  • Jerico Arco
    Jerico Arco 5 小时 前

    Now I know where to find my victims😈👌 Happy Purge!

  • Jerome Allshouse
    Jerome Allshouse 8 小时 前

    If you go with a boat, I recommend have the boat go near old Oil platforms. Hardly anyone goes there. Also if you have no money, try hiding in an abandoned tunnels or under the interpass of a highway.

  • MarkTheMemeGod
    MarkTheMemeGod 12 小时 前


  • MarkTheMemeGod
    MarkTheMemeGod 12 小时 前

    Do I am legend

  • MarkTheMemeGod
    MarkTheMemeGod 12 小时 前


  • MarkTheMemeGod
    MarkTheMemeGod 12 小时 前


  • Leonel Montoya
    Leonel Montoya 13 小时 前

    Just drive to Canada or Mexico one day before.

  • Jaylemagnifique
    Jaylemagnifique 13 小时 前

    If the Purge was real, most people would be super polite and gentle the entire year so they don't make enemies

  • Marcel de Vries
    Marcel de Vries 14 小时 前 +2

    just dig 3 down then put a block over u until its over ez

  • daniel zajac
    daniel zajac 15 小时 前

    After these messages
    *Ads Actually Play*

  • Extocine Niviro
    Extocine Niviro 16 小时 前

    Is no one gonna talk about that fursuiter in the beginning

    SUPERCIRCEL 739 16 小时 前

    How to beat the Purge :sleep in ur attic

  • lily monroy
    lily monroy 16 小时 前

    Really I am surprised more people didn't just loot than kill, like steal stuff or leave the country.
    Least during most riots or anarchy people loot or steal maybe fight not straight up murder.

  • Juan De Dios Montero Meza

    So taxes save our ass at last, uh
    *N E A T*

  • AetherBlue
    AetherBlue 18 小时 前 +1

    Reason why you moves to Canada
    1 no purge
    2 bacon
    3 syrup
    4 I saids no purge didn't I?

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 18 小时 前

    Just go on vacation a month before the purge and stay there for 7 weeks like if u agree

    XΔDΞS 19 小时 前

    Purge: *exists*

  • Laetitia Orlandi

    I love loopholes

  • theTongueTwister Guy

    the last one was smart

  • Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    6:30 - Yeah, no. How much does the American government spend on “defense”? It’s not poor people who are the biggest burden. The military is.

  • Zymond YT
    Zymond YT 天 前


  • POPbottt
    POPbottt 天 前

    I’ll say it, I know you won’t but I’ll do it.

    The purge would 100% work better as a teen comedy.

  • Tobias Ziebarth
    Tobias Ziebarth 天 前

    Step 1: Stay outside of the US
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Profit

  • LadyxLisa
    LadyxLisa 天 前

    The government would probably just notice the tax thing happening and then include it in next year's purge for the things that you aren't allowed to do.

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell 天 前

    I think the best way to survive the purge would be to be armed to the teeth in the darkness of the woods or ocean/lake in silence.

  • Reign Adams
    Reign Adams 天 前 +1

    Why do people kill instead of everything else like robbing and hopping the border(s), these things would be made legal and should be more common. Heck rape would happen more than murder! The purge would be canceled irl since murder would be slight.

  • D D
    D D 天 前 +1

    How to beat the purge. Wear a shirt that says if hurt me youre gay

  • sadie
    sadie 天 前

    why. why is purge on my birthday.

  • KOWIN 447
    KOWIN 447 天 前

    Or you can not live in the states at all

  • The Klefki Authority

    My question is why murder like there's a lot of better laws to break like going into a McDonalds with a pet, no shoes or shirt

  • Mandy Huang
    Mandy Huang 天 前

    You can just pretend to be dead and cover yourself with blood or whatever.

  • Jennifer Gorman
    Jennifer Gorman 天 前

    A bunker yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet with a cobra pet and gun

    • Jennifer Gorman
      Jennifer Gorman 天 前


  • Julia M Paquin
    Julia M Paquin 天 前 +1

    Omg how are y’all so frickin funny in the comments

  • toyangle and freinds

    How to beat the purge:
    Step1:research how to build
    Step2:build a hidden secret underground BASE
    Stapp3:take food,water and survive

  • OhRlly xD
    OhRlly xD 天 前

    ill move a week before the purge and live in another country for ever

  • Marlaina Eastman

    that tax thing really hit. you are so smart. (clapping)!!!

  • Code Fury
    Code Fury 天 前

    I'm with you on that FireFLy Bit!!!!!

  • Nancy Henry
    Nancy Henry 天 前

    So what happens when you hurt the government of ranking 10 nothing because you can do crime and they can’t arrest you because crime is legal

  • fplash
    fplash 天 前

    Why not get free exp just get your rouge skill and get a silincer and start hunting those are low level or that bully you in game :)

  • Samwich
    Samwich 天 前

    id suggest unionize them folks and go after politicians and the 1%. a bernie on stereoids could help with that. theyd come out with "well, we now lost our president, the house and... well... literally... the house." another point i find unrealistic about the purge is the pyromania and the cost theyd avoid while burning down the whole country.

  • xReaperZ_Raptor
    xReaperZ_Raptor 天 前

    10:56 im german tho and thats funny as hell 😂

  • Demonitize
    Demonitize 天 前

    Better idea.. don’t be alive

    NBK LITE1 天 前

    I live in South Dakota but all I’ll hide in is a corn field lol

  • Sunchaser.World
    Sunchaser.World 2 天 前

    Hahahahah taxes. Collapse the government. #rick

  •  2 天 前

    Or you could just go into your attic and cover door to it and hid thheennn while in your attic file your fake taxes and theennnn be rich and fly out the county to Canada or if you live in the upper side of New York you could drive to Canada 3 or 2 weeks before the purge and come back one week after just to be safe oooooor you could move out of the country forever and live happily

  • SennaCookie
    SennaCookie 2 天 前

    Just fly out of the states a week beforehand

  • Timothyprice
    Timothyprice 2 天 前

    Can’t the government just say “all crime is legal except lying on your tax returns”

  • Coraxkate X
    Coraxkate X 2 天 前

    Play dead with fake blood is the way to go

  • Redemptionx
    Redemptionx 2 天 前

    Holy fuck, you guys need a better structure to your videos. "5 ways to beat the Purge", then nitpick for SEVEN MINUTES on class specifications and political ranking - which served NO purpose. STFU and get to the point of the video. 5 ways to survive the Purge =! Commentary on the Purge.

  • dawormly
    dawormly 2 天 前

    I want a knife disguised as a gun

  • Shahida Akhter
    Shahida Akhter 2 天 前

    I'm not American so I don't care

  • Laser lars
    Laser lars 2 天 前

    If you have a big trunk you could hide in there

  • LawBot
    LawBot 2 天 前

    step 1. nuke america
    im still working out the details

  • 【 Ghosty_Cat 】
    【 Ghosty_Cat 】 2 天 前

    cant wait to bring water into the airport, *oh yeah*