Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | May 15, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

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    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | May 15 2018, 5/15 NBA Playoffs
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  • Rapid Highlights
    Rapid Highlights  å¹´ 前 +138

    Enjoy & welcome

    • Mark Lintner
      Mark Lintner å¹´ 前

      During the first round Indiana series Game 5, I said in a reply to a thread on that comment board that Cleveland wins in 7. Guessed totally right. I predicted a tough series with Toronto, but still win that series. I was half wrong because Cleveland swept them 4-0. I then predicted Boston would beat Cleveland regardless of how good LeBron plays and go to the Finals, where Boston will lose 4-1 to Golden State. I predicted LJ opts out and leaves Clevland "again". Boston is 2 games away from Finals. I'm getting a lot better at this series predicting stuff,

    • Rob S.
      Rob S. å¹´ 前

      junior rodrigues rodrigues ?

    • Infinite Awareness
      Infinite Awareness å¹´ 前 +2

      fuck you mean "welcome"? Stop showing that bullshit ad at the beginning of the video. You should be thanking viewers for watching your videos, not "welcome" as if you are doing these videos out of the kindness of your heart.

    • Michelle Fox
      Michelle Fox å¹´ 前 +1

      Welcome & enjoy

  • - theDONamo
    - theDONamo 6 天 前

    To this day I have no idea how this Cavs team made the finals lmao just looking at the players except LeBron just made me cringe

  • ray aye
    ray aye 7 个月 前

    2:50 Now that was nothing short of disgusting

  • Bmaster 15
    Bmaster 15 9 个月 前

    Where is kyrie

  • Nathan Poulos
    Nathan Poulos 10 个月 前

    pause it at 5:55 ... a clear example of what lebron had to play with. sums it up in a nutshell. Not only did he have to do everything... well yeah he had to do everything.


    Celtics winning game 7 is a 98% lock that somehow Stevens forgot how to beat Cavs,score the ball at home and run they take 37 threes hitting 5 scoring 79 points allowing the bums to get a 8 point win?Bag Job or FIRE BRAD STEVENS HE TANKED GAME 7.THE NBA PUT LEBRON IN THE FINALS ITS WHAT THEY DO AND YOU GUYS EAT IT UP,WAKE UP MAN CELTICS GAME 7 THEY PLAY LIKE THEY DIDNT DOMINATE THEM IN GAMES 1 2 AND 5 AND GIVE US WORSE GAME 7 IN CELTICS HISTORY?NIGGA PLEASE

  • Threesom666
    Threesom666 11 个月 前

    Aron Baynes Had a monster Game. They wouldve dominated if they had kylie during the series.
    Just wanted to add that Rapid has good taste in commericals.

  • hk brightshadow
    hk brightshadow 11 个月 前

    Who gave confidence for CeLtics fans to think they stand a chance against LeGoat😂

  • Pavle Grebenarević
    Pavle Grebenarević å¹´ 前


  • Egor Skavysh
    Egor Skavysh å¹´ 前

    Nice video. However you should take instructions from woodprix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  • GINNO !
    GINNO ! å¹´ 前

    Just got done watching game 4... and now looking back at yall comments like DAMN😂. Yall better hope the Cavs dont win in 6

  • Zoli Bakos
    Zoli Bakos å¹´ 前 +1

    LeBron is the best

  • Dave ris
    Dave ris å¹´ 前

    If they win it's Lebron smh if they lose it's the teammates smh

  • Marty Bernad
    Marty Bernad å¹´ 前

    Cavs in 6

  • Christian Johnico
    Christian Johnico å¹´ 前

    hurry up with game 3 i missed the game

  • Edwin Minecraftuser albios

    lebron kings player but hes the only one to make scoring impossible to win boston...

  • watchlive-sports
    watchlive-sports å¹´ 前

  • watchlive-sports
    watchlive-sports å¹´ 前

  • watchlive-sports
    watchlive-sports å¹´ 前

  • Unknown94
    Unknown94 å¹´ 前

    I wonder why there wasn't a game yesterday or Thursday. NBA is so riged for giving Cleveland and GS two days off.

  • Active Building
    Active Building å¹´ 前

    There goes your GOAT!

  • ProTipGaming
    ProTipGaming å¹´ 前

    8:10-8:20 had me the hypest id been in a while as a celtics fan! Smart is the heart and soul of this team!

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  • 王大明
    王大明 å¹´ 前

    the only way cav can win is lebron has to be very angry. lebron just seemed lazy and some any other positive bullshit attitude in game1 press conference, that won't make any sense.
    but celtics seems lacking a person like draymon green to flirt james anger, though.

  • known un
    known un å¹´ 前

    lebron ❤ +1

  • AFG Incite
    AFG Incite å¹´ 前

    Lebron should have dropped 60 here like a real goat would and they would have won

  • Information Channel 2015
    Information Channel 2015 å¹´ 前

    The Top NBA Players Of All Time视频.html

  • DreeNba
    DreeNba å¹´ 前


  • Signal View Radios
    Signal View Radios å¹´ 前

    Media hyped all this for nothing

  • Nexaa
    Nexaa å¹´ 前

    Better say LeBron vs Boston

  • Mildred Lay
    Mildred Lay å¹´ 前

    NBAaaaaaaaaa!dankoonam boys

  • Butter Johnson
    Butter Johnson å¹´ 前

    Al Horford is the man. Shame he was on a trash team so long.

  • Yoga
    Yoga å¹´ 前

    Where is the defense? Recent NBA is nothing compare to 90's

    SPARTANDUDE330 å¹´ 前 +1

    We have to win our 2 home games if we lose 1 it’s 100% guaranteed over

  • Raidenorius
    Raidenorius å¹´ 前

    Look at Lebron's D. How he can be name GOAT. Look ant 8:10, look at... every action.

  • Idread
    Idread å¹´ 前

    When Lue went away Cavs won 8/9 then he came back, they lost again. He can't coach.

  • Idread
    Idread å¹´ 前

    LeBron should go to New Orleans Anthony Davis and Boogie and LeBron instant title

  • Kristian Indrawan
    Kristian Indrawan å¹´ 前

    Go go Celtics!!!

  • Jacqueline Mckay
    Jacqueline Mckay å¹´ 前

    Lebron Defence:
    1:19 should have followed his man. There was still ample space to get over Horford.
    1:43 and 2:45 Never helped defense when driving from his side.
    3:06 lost attention to his man. JR had to cover that. As a result....
    5:11 and 5:32 poor 1 on 1 defense.
    5:54 lost attention again.
    7:11 JR followed his man very well. But Lebron really wanted to take it over.
    7:43 Lebron lost Horford first and Love had to help out. Then....
    8:15 No boxout at all.
    How would this make him GOAT?

  • Evan Nagao
    Evan Nagao å¹´ 前

    lmao the fiesta at 5:22

  • yang yang
    yang yang å¹´ 前

    letravel cannot save u ,cleveland.

  • Ricky Coles
    Ricky Coles å¹´ 前

    Show some of the better going to commercial break slowmo's

    • Ricky Coles
      Ricky Coles å¹´ 前

      Gotta get the Rozier dunk, Green dunk and Lebron pocket pass in slowmo

  • Jayson Pennier
    Jayson Pennier å¹´ 前

    Stop letting Lebron run to his left all the time, lol.

  • Mammoth Tusks
    Mammoth Tusks å¹´ 前

    Don't Worry guys, I'll let you in on a secret: Isaiah Thomas will be playing in game 3!

  • Yiğit
    Yiğit å¹´ 前

    James :42 rest of the cavs : 52

  • Gaming with Lalo
    Gaming with Lalo å¹´ 前

    LeBron James vs Boston Celtics lol.

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James å¹´ 前


  • ghifari shanary
    ghifari shanary å¹´ 前

    Only lebron and love that play well every match, the other still too young for this playoffs

  • Mata the One-X
    Mata the One-X å¹´ 前

    There should be no excuse for this. The teammates seemed to have stepped up, but still cannot win.

  • Jake Walsh
    Jake Walsh å¹´ 前

    Teams have won with far less than lebron has right now. Before this series everyone was saying how the Cavs figured it out against the raptors and they would smash the Celtics. Quit changing your story. Kevin Love is a stud, Thompson is a very solid player, jr smith and korver are great shooters despite how bad jr has been, and George Hill has been a solid PG for years. Y’all need to quit bailing out queen lebron, he’s playing shit defense and taking more than half his teams shots. Jaylen Brown would have dropped 40 if he took that many shots. Just face it, he’s a shitty leader and cannot be excused if he loses to this young, injured Celtics squad. Face the facts fan boys

    • Jake Walsh
      Jake Walsh å¹´ 前

      For Christ sake, Dwight Howard and the magic beat the pierce Celtics to go the finals. What help did that goon have?

  • dD Lithuania
    dD Lithuania å¹´ 前

    james is a fucking beast and its his teamates that are not doing anything to help him

  • Jester Penaloza
    Jester Penaloza å¹´ 前

    Wheres kyriee?

  • Shabazz H
    Shabazz H å¹´ 前

    They don't need kyrie lmao when he plays the ball sticks too much dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble drlafdlsjfaopasdfj pass the ball!!!

  • Ynneb Benny
    Ynneb Benny å¹´ 前

    I see Cavs 4-2 Celtics...or Cavs 4-3 Celtics

  • Истина Превыше Всего

    I am from Russia,i support Cliveland in this season,and many years!!!and it's a big disappointment to me that LeBron and Irving aren't together in Cliveland !!

  • Denzel Alvarez
    Denzel Alvarez å¹´ 前

    Whoever said that GSW wont get past to Houston just look at Cavs getting owned

  • Denzel Alvarez
    Denzel Alvarez å¹´ 前

    Game starts in 0:41 thank me later

  • Black Hearts Poets And Arts

    Jr needs to shoot his self after this game

  • Black Hearts Poets And Arts

    Lebron had his points his team was no help thats why he should leave the cavs

  • Marvin Salud
    Marvin Salud å¹´ 前

    What Kyrie Irving

  • CJ Jameson
    CJ Jameson å¹´ 前

    Confirmed Lebron can play out of his mind but against a really good defensive and offensively flexible team like the Celtics, that’s not enough

  • Goat Productions
    Goat Productions å¹´ 前 +1

    Cleveland getting killed off of isolation. Due to not having a ranked blocker they flood the paint and leave the wings open

  • decrepify warlock
    decrepify warlock å¹´ 前

    why LeBron wants to hold the ball everytime ?

  • Scorpions Abaigar
    Scorpions Abaigar å¹´ 前

    Celtics Vs Rockets :)

  • Akash Boparai
    Akash Boparai å¹´ 前

    Is it just me or the video feels fast forwarded?

  • nikesback
    nikesback å¹´ 前


  • 曾泓奕
    曾泓奕 å¹´ 前

    you such bitch

  • 曾泓奕
    曾泓奕 å¹´ 前

    f**k yourself Boston

  • 曾泓奕
    曾泓奕 å¹´ 前

    I think Boston will lose this series.

  • 曾泓奕
    曾泓奕 å¹´ 前

    go go Cavs

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson å¹´ 前

    Cavs lack of defense is atrocious and lack of offensive sets is problematic. LBJ could of scored 50+ points and cleveland still loses game. Boston's great coaching and youth will propel them to Finals.

  • Brobus Rus
    Brobus Rus å¹´ 前


  • Aidan S
    Aidan S å¹´ 前 +1

    The celtics don't have Hayward or Irving. And they are still crushing LeCrybaby! 😂

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews å¹´ 前

    What more can Lebron do? It's not just that he doesn't have a supporting cast. It's that he a supporting cast that just doesn't want to win as much as he does. Look at those Celtics flying around for loose balls and rebounds. Other than LBJ the effort just isn't there. None of those Celtics players are superstars. Not yet at least.

  • HandSome Slayer95
    HandSome Slayer95 å¹´ 前

    R.I.P Lebron And CLE my team

  • Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
    Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon å¹´ 前 +1

    CAVS Team no energy after half time. Refs tight call fault Celtics 2nd quarter too many fault of Cavs no call. J-LeBaron K-Love and Kover no energy There play same style with Raptors team. LeBron distribution ball pass ball to K-Love. Korver and green not new methods . If Good Refs I think Celtics win

  • elija klaus
    elija klaus å¹´ 前

    Theres no way adam silver gonna let lebron lose.

  • elija klaus
    elija klaus å¹´ 前

    Just here to read excuses 😆😂

  • Johnathan Clark
    Johnathan Clark å¹´ 前 +1

    🔴💯Pg J'ru Holiday
    Sg Paul George 5pts n elimination gm. (Take less 💰)
    SF LeBron James (Will b 34 years old this year, still playin' at high level. (Take less 💰)
    PF Anthony Davis (Prime)
    C Demarus Cousins (Prime, coming off of achillies injury/take less 💰)
    Will this team Beat the WARRIORS?

  • 7jacob2453
    7jacob2453 å¹´ 前

    I talk y'all Cavs ain't going to no final and that after this season LeBron leaving you Cleveland

  • John Petersen
    John Petersen å¹´ 前

    Tip-off :43. 43 second ad. GTFOH.

  • Daniel Sohn
    Daniel Sohn å¹´ 前

    A few notable moments:
    3:05 The first instance of JR and Bron not being on the same page defensively.
    5:28 After the scrum for the ball, for some reason Love starts leaking down court a bit. It didn't really affect the play but that led to Bron going for the long pass to him, which Smart deflected for the steal. Watch Smart in that same sequence. He apparently rolled his ankle coming down with the ball, hobbled back and proceeded to get that steal immediately after. Baller.
    5:53 Hill out of position defensively to switch the back pick.
    6:50 Poor JR not getting much help on the screen. This is a trend for a lot of the game.
    7:09 The second instance of Bron and JR getting mixed up.
    7:40 Terrible defensive spacing, leading to the wide open 3
    8:11 Marcus Smart being Marcus Smart
    One big concern for the Cavs has to be that JR Smith can't guard Jaylen Brown, with or without help.

  • Warren Purcell
    Warren Purcell å¹´ 前

    At least the brown have Baker Mayfield

  • Sammy Mbaka
    Sammy Mbaka å¹´ 前

    Danny Ainge... Eastern Conference SUPREME General Manager OF THE LAST 2 - 3 Years!!! These young guys got some game and a lot of heart... WOW!!! 3rd quarter was EVERYTHING!

  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis å¹´ 前

    Now it's gonna get tough for the Celtics... keep working..go Celtics!

  • Sammy Mbaka
    Sammy Mbaka å¹´ 前

    Maaaaaaann, Kevin Durant will have A FIELD DAY with either one of these teams.. smh.. it won't even be fair AT ALL.. BOY WILL HE GO OFF on em'!!!!! I'm not a fan, but for real... the guy has an unstoppable body of work. NO CONTEST unless someone surely doubles him..

    • CEA Flacca
      CEA Flacca å¹´ 前

      Facts my G you couldn't have said it any better.KD all day.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell å¹´ 前

    What the heck is a jump shot trainer from the ad.. Do you know what Michael Jordan had in his day? It was only 2 rubber bands and a slinky to build that arm poise.

  • Rey Retro
    Rey Retro å¹´ 前

    At 5:20 in the 3rd quarter that’s where things went downhill for the cavs

  • Jeremiah Hytche
    Jeremiah Hytche å¹´ 前

    Im tired of lebron james doing everything

  • A guy
    A guy å¹´ 前

    people saying lebron is impossible to beat, sorry but celtics got the win

  • Merlin Calo
    Merlin Calo å¹´ 前

    C’s were able to weather the storm of LeBrons 42pt triple double. This team is looking for real. Smarts 👌 at 7:15 took the lead, started there run & they didn’t look back. Great d & tip by Brown at 7:19 to Rozier for the breakaway dunk, with LeBron on his hip. That play was electric ⚡️ & crowd at TD Garden erupted. 🙌🏽 Way to protect home court C’s! #CUsRise #CelticPride

  • A guy
    A guy å¹´ 前


  • Xiang Li
    Xiang Li å¹´ 前

    jr 0/11

    • Xiang Li
      Xiang Li å¹´ 前

      27 minutes 0 point

  • Fatih Mehmet
    Fatih Mehmet å¹´ 前

    Why JR Smith still play starter? Fuck that shit man, just give minutes Cedi Osman.

  • Kingmatthew 2K_x
    Kingmatthew 2K_x å¹´ 前

    Lebron I'm Cavs fan but u need to hop out to a different team

  • Madd Rich
    Madd Rich å¹´ 前

    Told you the East is garbage. Every Year the East has been Garbage. No team ever step up to LeCry baby. He wouldn't have gone far if he was playing in the West. Better competition on the West, since the Jordan era the East has been garbage. Lecry baby has been overrated his whole career!!

  • bitch behave
    bitch behave å¹´ 前

    Lebron will no longer be the king of the East... Celtics taking that shit back man these young boys are some DAWGS!!!

  • King-Trey Assassin
    King-Trey Assassin å¹´ 前

    coach lue can do better

  • King-Trey Assassin
    King-Trey Assassin å¹´ 前

    Lebron and love need to step it up this game 3 i don't care if lebron score 80 points

  • Khrisna Justin
    Khrisna Justin å¹´ 前

    Thanks for the wonderful videos