Saoirse Ronan Tries To Teach Stephen An Irish Accent

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  • The star of Brooklyn gives Stephen a primer in speaking with an Irish brogue.
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  • karsim dch
    karsim dch 天 前

    I like Ronan in The Way Back

  • rgirvine
    rgirvine 2 天 前

    tell him to shut up and let you get on with it

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 2 天 前

    Love her dress 👏 just loved her in Mary Queen of Scots

  • Brian Lange
    Brian Lange 2 天 前

    I.... love.... her....

  • just Karim
    just Karim 3 天 前 +1

    Don't tell someone who came from Heaven to go to Hell!!

  • Dr. Skillz
    Dr. Skillz 3 天 前

    Stephen is right: go to hell.

  • Salmon Wrangler
    Salmon Wrangler 4 天 前

    I think it’s so weird how people from Europe can always do American accents and we can do it back lol

  • Rain Like The Weather

    Substitute teachers has a field day with my name

  • Hailley W
    Hailley W 5 天 前

    She must get the name question so often.

  • Dinesh
    Dinesh 6 天 前

    1:38 "open" sounds like Indian English

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 6 天 前

    No offense but are they terrible at spelling?

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 8 天 前

    if i was a boy i would have been named "Eoghan" (pronounced "Owen"). thank God.

  • Margot McMahon
    Margot McMahon 9 天 前

    Great tutorial on how to speak Irish!

  • Burning Flag
    Burning Flag 9 天 前

    The thumbnail made it look like she was saying smell my finger.

  •  10 天 前


  • Berrlett&TheGameplay

    Just say tree tousand tree huundred an terty tree

  • TrapMango
    TrapMango 12 天 前

    Game of Thrones?

  • infg3570
    infg3570 12 天 前 +2

    Sinead (O'Connor)
    All cool names because as a kid, I struggled to pronounce them.

  • tom ryan
    tom ryan 12 天 前

    There once was a man named 'McGrew', who found a donkey's thingy in his stew, "Now I won't give a shout, or wave it about, or the others be wantin' one too!"

  • Arvid
    Arvid 13 天 前 +1

    Wow the names are harder to pronounce than Indisch names! 😂

  • Oisin Daly
    Oisin Daly 13 天 前

    Oisin auyyyy

  • Freddy bates
    Freddy bates 13 天 前

    She says shes got the skin tone to match a Latina sarcastically , doesnt realize some of us Mexicans are of Irish descent ... I'm whiter than her ... la gente pienza que todos somos de un color =/

  • George Job
    George Job 14 天 前

    Same with us Scots! We love our Irish cousins too, Seoras here ..

  • Pisty Spears
    Pisty Spears 15 天 前

    She's so freaking adorable

  • Cristiano Sousa
    Cristiano Sousa 16 天 前

    What is ridiculous is for an English speaking person say anything about other languages writing and pronunciation. Irish is much more consistent than English when it comes to pronunciation rules.

  • james murray
    james murray 16 天 前 +1

    I love Irish Girls there so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Bektor Z
    Bektor Z 16 天 前

    “Did it now?” lol

  • 盛宇轩
    盛宇轩 16 天 前 +1

    it's pronounced as strawberry in chinese lmfao.

    • ari3lz3pp3lin
      ari3lz3pp3lin 14 天 前

      That just makes it so much more cute imo! ^_^*

  • Findlaigh Shawe
    Findlaigh Shawe 16 天 前

    I wonder if people have trouble with my name...There's a silent 'g' . My last name is just silly : Stiubhart (with an accent on the U no less) There are only 19 people in Fife (Scotland) who can pronounce it. I guess it's a Clan affectation. Stiubhart is Gaelic for Stewart - pronounceable by everyone. All of my Scots relatives speak Gaelic. I spent years trying to learn it. I'm not sure it's a genuine language, I think it's just an ancient maxillofacial exercise to increase saliva production :-)

  • Wibbly Wobble
    Wibbly Wobble 16 天 前

    If you want to do a Gerry Adams impression just say "I'm for peas more than anybody" he likes his peas!

  • Jordan Rosales
    Jordan Rosales 17 天 前

    0:38 !!!!! I would’ve loved to see her play Luna Lovegood

  • D
    D 17 天 前

    “You, go to hell” ahahahahahaha seriously though wtf is this my brain is so confused.

  • Brain Limit
    Brain Limit 18 天 前

    I love her

  • Gary Mohan
    Gary Mohan 18 天 前

    Well oil beef hooked

  • Labib Alwasi
    Labib Alwasi 18 天 前

    I just realised how us irishmen sounds like on tv now..

  • Richard Gamrát
    Richard Gamrát 18 天 前

    Colbert is so annoying.

  • Mohamad Moustafa
    Mohamad Moustafa 18 天 前

    irish accents are just watered down scottish accents

  • lifechicken
    lifechicken 19 天 前

    I always feel bad when an American comes to Ireland and discovers the southern (cork and kerry) and the northern (donegal and Northern Ireland) accents. They must be so confused

    • George Job
      George Job 14 天 前

      Same here in Scotland, I,m in Lanarkshire, West Central Scotland accent , 30 miles east East Central Scotland accent, cross North to Fife another chance , try one from the Buchan ? Aberdeen and north .. then the Western Isles new accent ... Confused ? Not to us..

  • Navin j
    Navin j 20 天 前

    I am sorry to say this
    But she just look exactly like Blair williams😆

  • Pine Trees
    Pine Trees 20 天 前

    Peaky fookin bloindas

  • Jeff Ourun
    Jeff Ourun 20 天 前

    Ey yooo ckekck this out!?

  • Daniel Benington
    Daniel Benington 21 天 前

    Fun fact, many Irish emigrated to Mexico in the 1800's.

    • Daniel Benington
      Daniel Benington 9 天 前

      @Sad1sticBiscuit and fought for as well, in the civil war there were Irish regiments on both sides of the conflict.

  • كيفو Kivo
    كيفو Kivo 21 天 前

    I didn't love her until she speak adorable😍

  • Omar  Muhammed
    Omar Muhammed 21 天 前

    so sad that no-one said that she is Blair Williams twins

  • St, Luke's Guild
    St, Luke's Guild 21 天 前

    The last name in English is Kevin.

  • Pete Rock
    Pete Rock 22 天 前

    I hate this guy.

  • Lil Kay
    Lil Kay 22 天 前 +3

    Hello from Ireland... remember theres not just one accent... say Hair like HEEERRRRR AND you’re from Belfast .xx

    • George Job
      George Job 14 天 前 +1

      Glasgow Irish .. say herr for hair and cherr for chair .. huge population in the east end adds to our diversity .. I spread broad Scots , not easy to understand for foreigners.. And false Scots accents in movies turn my guts .. arrrgh !!!

  • Arkbuilder268
    Arkbuilder268 23 天 前

    Sursha? I thought it was Seersha

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 24 天 前 +2

    Haha ..where do all the V's come from? 😆

  • herbert moon
    herbert moon 25 天 前

    Stephen is actually an irish-american

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 25 天 前

    Names are not easy to pronounce
    English & Irish pronunciation is identical

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 25 天 前

    If you give me green beer after drink I talk like Irish ☘️

  • Habib Mughal
    Habib Mughal 26 天 前

    Stephen, when you bring on a guest and ask them to do something for you just shut up and listen to them.

  • Airton Soares
    Airton Soares 26 天 前

    How adorable she is..

  • Felipe Wilson
    Felipe Wilson 27 天 前

    Ireland is a bad place to start learn english.

    • Felipe Wilson
      Felipe Wilson 26 天 前

      @Lixna Really Sorry ! But this my opinion. Irish accent its really difficult.

    • Lixna
      Lixna 26 天 前

      Really? Tens of thousands of Spanish, French and Italian schoolchildren for example, come to stay in Ireland every year and have done so for decades because they and their parents know it's a good place to learn English. But you, some random dipshit on CNclip , says otherwise. All you've actually done is show to the world that you are ignorant, careless and someone whose word cannot be trusted. Well done.

  • moonlight
    moonlight 27 天 前

    If your name is Saoirse like me and Saoirse ronan plz like this nobody is going to like haha 😆

  • Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh 28 天 前 +3

    She's so damn beautiful...

  • Lena Schiffer
    Lena Schiffer 28 天 前

    Oisin Katie McGrath‘s dog lol 😍😂

  • Jason M8
    Jason M8 29 天 前

    I’m irsh

  • Milfuelle100
    Milfuelle100 29 天 前 +1

    I love her accent. I find my accent (Canadian) to be so dull.

    • Man Dude
      Man Dude 20 天 前

      I'm Irish and there's a Canadian in my school. Now I dunno if the Canadian accent varies depending on the part of Canada you're from, but its seems to be a great accent if you're being a smart arse.

  • Adolfo Zunguene
    Adolfo Zunguene 29 天 前 +2

    Dam man, those names OMG 😮. I’d have never gotten any of those right even if I were put in jail for 30years and 100 tries per day for me to only have just one☝🏽 right in order to get out. OMG

  • The Collector
    The Collector 个月 前

    irish ppl and their accent are so stupid. feel bad for them since they only have potatoes and lucky charms cereal 🤮

  • Christopher Jenkins
    Christopher Jenkins 个月 前

    Haha remind me of lee mack.. Spell shovon....ok S there's no sh it's sio.....and there's no's a bh... Everyone know bh makes a v sound.

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 个月 前

    Give these to kids on spellbees.. n see them lose on first word itself

  • S. B.
    S. B. 个月 前

    " *And i've got a skin tone to go with it" umm girl, there are plenty of Mexicans with a skin tone like you. Especially all of the other espanic ppl. Second, dark ppl are not exotic, that's like most of the world's population.

  • Ronaldo Kuwer
    Ronaldo Kuwer 个月 前

    Oh my God! Isn´t she lovely?

    • Ariel
      Ariel 个月 前 +1

      Yes, She is soo lovely.

  • Angello Shongwe
    Angello Shongwe 个月 前

    What in the freak! I have to get an Irish name! 😃 Mind. Blown.

  • 张梓径
    张梓径 个月 前

    I am glad. That gets attention off our names.

  • caliwlove
    caliwlove 个月 前

    Funny how america loves irish now but treated them like trash before

  • kosher shyster
    kosher shyster 个月 前

    If you wanted your name to be pronounce SUSHA why did you spell it SAOIRSE ?

  • Leona Rize
    Leona Rize 个月 前

    also i'm so glad i was taught how to pronounce siobhan now bc i've been saying 'see-o-bahn' my whole life

  • Leona Rize
    Leona Rize 个月 前

    i'm so glad saoirse kept her ethnic name and didn't change it to make it easier for others bc it's beautiful!!

  • Nelora
    Nelora 个月 前

    I am french and I used to work as an aid for deaf children in school. I had one deaf girl in kindergarden, we used sign language and also an alphabet where I could explain to her how a word was pronounced. Anyhow, one day there was a new kid, from Ireland. His name was Eimhin. So I spell out the name with all the letters and then I explain to her how it is pronounced (something like "Ayven"). She looked so confused. Where was that V sound coming from? XD

  • Irina Semikolennova
    Irina Semikolennova 个月 前

    Irish names spelling is even worse than French

  • Natália Felice
    Natália Felice 个月 前

    It's not ridiculous, it's just not American/English... it's Irish and she should be proud of this.

  • kung Few
    kung Few 个月 前 +10

    It's because of the Gaelic roots before the English forced their language on the Irish.

  • IM Me
    IM Me 个月 前 +9

    Theres over a thousand accents in Ireland...her one is a middle Dublin accent

    • IM Me
      IM Me 个月 前

      @Frostyblade 88 oh god😂😂

    • Frostyblade 88
      Frostyblade 88 个月 前 +1

      True I'd laugh if thete was kerry or Cork accent

  • Joanne White
    Joanne White 个月 前

    “Ridiculous” “go to hell” “no way” like Jesus sorry we have a language pal that’s where our names come from, the whole world isn’t American hate to break it to ye

  • mimikyeet
    mimikyeet 个月 前 +2

    I have an Irish accent so I live this every day

  • Rizwan Hameed
    Rizwan Hameed 个月 前

    man called Suarez Mexican

  • Tayfun Başaran
    Tayfun Başaran 个月 前

    The host 2013 the host 2020 saoirse ronan

  • Kara S
    Kara S 个月 前

    When i pronounce english properly i dont know why but sound british😂

  • Andy Swift
    Andy Swift 个月 前

    My favorite actress of all times !
    I love her !!!

  • Àine Sìle
    Àine Sìle 个月 前

    My daughters name is Caoimhe, I was named Áine after the Queen of the fairies. 😬

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 个月 前

    How about jerry brown

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 个月 前

    Dont drank

  • ѕαѕѕу Eઙŧɧεя

    I can't even read her name. Now, I don't wanna try imitating.

  • Od
    Od 个月 前

    İ can listen her 24 hours.

  • Double Dipped
    Double Dipped 个月 前

    The “hows it goin I’m Stephen!” Sounded more welsh ngl 😩😂

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres 个月 前 +10

    Her beauty is definitely there. Any one that’s blessed with good looks actually most of the time are horrible people. She’s really just a genuine kind person. That’s what makes her stunning!

  • LJ Daduya
    LJ Daduya 个月 前

    I pronounced Saoirse's name *Swaris* at first😂😂😂

  • Berlin Mark
    Berlin Mark 个月 前

    A beautiful Irish blonde used to tend bar here in Orlando and me and my friend used to go there and be in heaven over just listening to her talk. She said she had just tried Subway and liked their sandwiches. So we ask what did she get and she said, "Taaaarrrrrrkey". Roll the r's. Ah....

  • Berlin Mark
    Berlin Mark 个月 前

    I just picked up a bargain brand new 2013 DVD starring Ronan called Violet and Daisy and she is absolutely in my mind back then one of the most beautiful teenage girls I've ever seen. She and Alexis Bledel (was in Sin City) play teen hired assasins, so it's violent but actually very funny, and Ronan looks amazing in long reddish-blonde hair in this film. I highly recommend this movie if you like this girl.

  • Welly Whip
    Welly Whip 个月 前

    Is it just me, or everybody else disliked her !!!

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 个月 前 +1

    Suarez is not mexican. What a bunch of idiots and ignorant.

  • 230968
    230968 个月 前

    You are forgiven Mr. Colbert for not letting the lady speak throughout this video because of your very last "you go to hell" comment.

  • Le Hoang Phat
    Le Hoang Phat 个月 前 +1

    fackin kuel ... : s

  • Rambling Elsewhere
    Rambling Elsewhere 个月 前 +1

    This is a Dublin accent just so ye know!

  • Mn Safi
    Mn Safi 个月 前

    Youuu go to hell

  • vijaykumar gadu
    vijaykumar gadu 个月 前