How rich is Ninja?


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  • dansaller
    dansaller 天 前

    Ninja is so cool

  • Attila Vidacs
    Attila Vidacs 2 天 前

    I feel like a piece of debris floating in the vast cosmos.

  • Hubble
    Hubble 3 天 前

    4 ads in a 15 min video. Just wow...

  • Curtis Weiss
    Curtis Weiss 6 天 前

    This is pure speculation. I thought someone was about to use actual real numbers and realistic math. Anyone can pull numbers out their ass and speculate. Wish you would have actually tried to calculate this. As we can all already do this and have done this about ninja. Pointless video

  • laxfan727
    laxfan727 6 天 前

    Jeff Bezos is living proof that capitalism sucks

  • Kreios
    Kreios 7 天 前

    i don't understand why ninja is so famous. i clicked one time on his stream and he starts to dance like the worst dancer ever. Is it because he is wearing a headband?

  • Vince Paderes
    Vince Paderes 10 天 前

    Has ninja gave back??

  • Neil Graham
    Neil Graham 10 天 前

    If it makes you guys feel better he has closer to like 50-60k subs

  • Scarlet Fire
    Scarlet Fire 10 天 前

    This literally blows my mind! I'm really happy Ninja has found so much success, he brings a positive look to the gaming community for people who might not understand it.

  • Vortex William
    Vortex William 11 天 前

    He should of banned trump on twitter lol

  • Cube Matrix
    Cube Matrix 11 天 前

    This REALLY puts things into perspective... Some people (Bezos) just have TOO much. They could NEVER spend it in several lifetimes.

  • yes
    yes 11 天 前

    i've seen this video already wtf man

  • G G
    G G 11 天 前

    Build an empire rule the world

  • Keiton Sneak Seattle

    ... here im happy i bought a modem to save 10$ off my comcast monthly bill

  • Matthew Prink
    Matthew Prink 12 天 前

    Now get this, not even all of Jeff Bezos’s money can pay off the US debt 🤔

  • mindaugux
    mindaugux 12 天 前

    Meanwhile.. anyone is up to ramen noodle dinner? :)

  • CustomSkittle
    CustomSkittle 12 天 前

    Just came here to call out the BS clickbait. ✌🏼

  • mercsan117
    mercsan117 12 天 前

    I'm fucking crying. All this math to unban your blizz account. ULTIMATE KEK

  • Joshua Atwood
    Joshua Atwood 12 天 前

    Only idiots believe those billionaire owners of huge companies actually have the money to use that they are worth. They can't sell their stock to get that money because the company would tank. Sure they still have a lot of money but they do not have access to their net worth.

  • DVRK0
    DVRK0 13 天 前

    This dude is literally guessing almost every aspect... Fuck it, lets just say ninja gets 1 trillion a day in donos. Sounds legit.. about as legit as this guys scuffed vid. Joke.

  • Bauksrb4all
    Bauksrb4all 13 天 前 +1

    37 % of 20 milion is 7,400 000 milion not 12 milion ... 20 m * 37 / 100 = 7, 400 000

    • Cxll1n
      Cxll1n 天 前

      Yeah except he doesn’t keep the 37% and pay 63% in tax you nonce

    • zach Krupski
      zach Krupski 12 天 前 +1

      20 mil minus 7.4m is 12.6m, the amount he keeps, not the amount he pays

  • Byron Pienaar
    Byron Pienaar 13 天 前

    So you're saying I should call Jeff and ask him to buy me a car? Done!

  • Danny waldo
    Danny waldo 13 天 前

    How much will Jeff lose tomorrow? That’s a dumb theory

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott 13 天 前

    Why would u still give donation's to them still when they so dam rich .
    That's so dum to me all they to start is is a freaking room which is there bedroom a computer a chair and a chair. What heck!!

  • Luka Rehorić
    Luka Rehorić 14 天 前

    give each person in the world a million bucks and you will still have plenty

  • Oliver Knight
    Oliver Knight 15 天 前

    and im struggling to provide for my family, how is that fair kid? This world will end once people get sick of it and start mass purging

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 15 天 前

    Haha to funny like my comment!

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 15 天 前

    More then a hundred k subs lol

  • Cough It Up
    Cough It Up 15 天 前

    Ninja is lucky to make even a fraction of what he does, he's annoying and not that good. Jeff Bezos gets me anything i fucking want in 3 days...boom. fuck Ninja.

  • AKA__Maza
    AKA__Maza 15 天 前

    Ninja babes

  • Mr Whomp Ass
    Mr Whomp Ass 16 天 前

    I Was born too early. F U internet.

  • midgetwars1
    midgetwars1 16 天 前

    And to think he overestimaed the house prices by quite a lot

  • Aktiv Players 04
    Aktiv Players 04 16 天 前


  • bob saget
    bob saget 17 天 前

    lol reckful would probably be an accountant if he didn't stream

  • Gizmoriderful Ye
    Gizmoriderful Ye 17 天 前

    This is so fucking bad. Its like he just likes hearing himself talk and writing on his keyboard, only purpose of this video

  • OnijAV
    OnijAV 18 天 前

    Now think, it would take 100 Jeff Bezos to buy the US out of debt :D

  • Lesbian Sloth
    Lesbian Sloth 18 天 前

    do you really need a calculator for this?

  • akhs denlew
    akhs denlew 18 天 前

    How rich is ninja?
    Answer : VERY
    Case closed, but no it's a 15 minute video with 1.228.245 views just cus it has the nickname "ninja" in the tittle.
    Fuck this planet

  • shivastrue
    shivastrue 18 天 前

    lets just add 20 more mill... okay?
    Now its 20 million more then before ok?
    now lets add 5 more?.... just for fun
    And then estimate 10 mill more... okey?
    Now if we add that up, thats a big number...
    The fuck is this shit lol?

  • TheRealBigPlayas
    TheRealBigPlayas 19 天 前

    Not understand time vale. Yikes

  • SoundsRight
    SoundsRight 19 天 前

    boring. math class (?)

  • Pejtu Joker
    Pejtu Joker 19 天 前

    yea it is depressing as fuck because my father is a surgeon he saves people lives for 40 years now and he earns 5 000 $ per month , thats just sad
    And this guy is playing video games........its fkn unhuman......

  • AnduEOS
    AnduEOS 19 天 前

    i know and watch Ninja since his days in H1z1, but never been a sub just because of his "pon-pon" dance - i like him alot, but when i see him dancing, it make me want to smash my monitor

  • Ashwin Balasubramanian

    Quality content :p

  • Ákos Polgár
    Ákos Polgár 21 天 前

    why is somebody ever subscribed or donated to streamer? i dont get it.

  • Debiao Meng
    Debiao Meng 23 天 前

    It'd be lovely if you do a simple compound interest and discounting for inflation, it is still neat tho.

  • graybushlive
    graybushlive 24 天 前

    Watched Ninja once and never will again. Don’t understand the draw. Not entertaining one bit. I’d rather use my Prime on someone who puts something into content.

  • Mana Montana
    Mana Montana 25 天 前

    I make under 12k per year.

  • Kolsen Ford
    Kolsen Ford 26 天 前

    here is the scary is getting advice from mark cuban of what to do with his money and maybe career planning

  • BenG
    BenG 26 天 前

    this guy is so bald lol

  • DK0i
    DK0i 26 天 前

    As far as Jeff Bezos, I don't think you understand how the stock market, shares, a company and most importantly net worth, work.
    Your hole skit is based off of his net worth, being the actual liquid capital. You presented Ninjas possible liquid capital, against someones net worth, and that someone's net worth is based off of having ownership and shares in multiple companies, maybe some real estate, some patents, etc. All of which, must be sold to someone, to actually equate to money in his pocket. Although, when you reach in the billions, there is no way you would have all that in liquid capital... lol. But, I'm just calling out that what you were presenting was wrong so the millions of kids watching this don't take it as a fact. Fun video tho.

  • Drtydeeds
    Drtydeeds 27 天 前

    Networth doesn't equate to having X amount of dollars, but the point still stands.
    The fact is though... Bezos isn't sitting on all that money, most of it is in assets.

  • Christian Holm
    Christian Holm 27 天 前


  • Matthew Galles
    Matthew Galles 27 天 前

    That isnt how taxes work lol

  • mrkinho1
    mrkinho1 28 天 前

    r u still mentally ill hue hue

  • Jovan šućin
    Jovan šućin 个月 前

    you lost urself in calculating, ur wrong :D

  • Max Tcharb
    Max Tcharb 个月 前

    So who the fuck is ninja ?

  • Beno okänd
    Beno okänd 个月 前

    (Spoilers) he is very rich.

  • Jarosław Domżałowicz

    Dude it's a blessing you are not teaching mathematics and probability.

  • AdoIf HitIer
    AdoIf HitIer 个月 前

    thanks for the free depresso

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee 个月 前

    Ninja is for seven year old children to watch. Most of the 100k subs is allowance money I'm willing to bet. The fact that these companies are too dumb to see he has children following is on them I guess, seeing as advert probably makes nothing from his seven year old viewerbase.

  • Big Boi 2000
    Big Boi 2000 个月 前

    Learn the concept of liquidity losers

  • Minibeats
    Minibeats 个月 前

    Reminder that this is already dated because there's already another 6.9Bn USD added to Bezos's worth.

  • Justin W
    Justin W 个月 前

    Fuck, if I had that much money I'd be giving it away. What do you even need with that much money?

  • Misterblackneck
    Misterblackneck 个月 前

    This video makes me feel broke

  • xnocf
    xnocf 个月 前

    "Buy Apple" haha, what a joke as an investment.

  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle 个月 前 +1


  • Kermit The Froggo
    Kermit The Froggo 个月 前 +1

    biggest clickbait thumbnail

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 个月 前 +1

    Good argument for why we dont need billionaries tbh :

  • Johannes Berglund
    Johannes Berglund 个月 前

    Got bad news Jeff Bezos is now worth $161B

  • Think Later
    Think Later 个月 前

    10 kids having 10 kids each gives you 110

  • Reflex Senpai
    Reflex Senpai 个月 前

    thats a whole lotta ligma

  • mo 2cares
    mo 2cares 2 个月 前 +3

    This is actually quality content, this dude's smart as hell ...

  • JBeerdo
    JBeerdo 2 个月 前

    Lmao this is great! Best of luck getting your char back in wow. I feel your pain.

  • MoFo DaMuS
    MoFo DaMuS 2 个月 前

    what a joke. the sheeple that contribute and allow this to happen are retarded, that is all have a good day.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins 2 个月 前

    Stop pocket watching

  • Vlad Watkins
    Vlad Watkins 2 个月 前

    All of that starting from a random idea in a garage.

  • Awakened
    Awakened 2 个月 前

    such a jewish thing to do

  • Able Reason
    Able Reason 2 个月 前

    5:20 + 5:44 assuming amazon grows 1 % every day :D.
    Every heard of reality?
    Edit: Okay Amazon had an insanely good year, 73% growth so far.
    Thats is way more than ever before. but even that is 0.3% growth per day, which is still insane.

  • ZvenZen
    ZvenZen 2 个月 前

    wtf how was this entartaining

  • Niel Agi
    Niel Agi 2 个月 前

    conslusion: Ninja is poor

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown 2 个月 前

    Just because AMZ stock price went up DOES NOT mean that is just straight cash in Bezos pocket. That is next level autist thinking right

  • soeosono nayam
    soeosono nayam 2 个月 前

    This is the most stupid video i've watched in recent days
    jeff bezos doesn't make 1 billion per day lmao
    jeff bezos doesn't own thee whole amazon stock my friend
    and even if he does, amazon going up 1% doesn't mean he made that amount of money
    because next day he might loose 1 or 2 % or so...
    what you have to do is avg out the yearly price action in stocks and then get the avg daily revenue
    and .. btw
    jeff bezos doesn't own the whole amazon stock
    said it twice..

  • Zak B
    Zak B 2 个月 前

    Just throwing random nums out 😂😂

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg 2 个月 前

    What is you doing bruhh The whole point was how rich is ninja or how much he makes and you went some joss bezoz whateverr bullshit the video was starting to look fun but you messed it up asshole

  • karabita
    karabita 2 个月 前

    if each of the 10 kids had 10 kids it would be 110, or rather 111 people, if also included ninja :P

  • Joachim Broe
    Joachim Broe 2 个月 前

    kill self

  • John Sons
    John Sons 2 个月 前

    Who gives a f, his a complete tool who has a doll personality, just to stand out he dyed his hair and watched other CNclipd and copied there actions to gain more viewers.
    He most probably won’t be streaming for the next 10year, because all of his fan boys will be pre-adult and be more focused on other things, fortnite will be dead in the next few years, then some will follow him on other games but most wont,

  • Mouheb Nagara
    Mouheb Nagara 2 个月 前

    This guy is bad at quick maths ;-;

  • nfsdkfhlkad sfadkfhia
    nfsdkfhlkad sfadkfhia 2 个月 前

    Id rather be ninja than jeff bezos

  • amir ashoury
    amir ashoury 2 个月 前

    Havnt watched the video but : none of your fukin business.

    YOYO YOOO 2 个月 前

    The Question is, what is Jeff Bezos doing with all that money, helping the world be a better place? ah wait its a fucking trash NA human sits on his money do nothing.

  • Young Jojo305
    Young Jojo305 2 个月 前

    Meanwhile I barely get 12 an hour work my ass off n u telling me this mfucker getting 100k an hour wtf I’m doing with my life
    Ohhhhhhh wait he’s white that makes sense

  • Jeremy Metz
    Jeremy Metz 2 个月 前

    I would like to make the money that Ninja makes but not be a bitch like him.

  • Carter Hull
    Carter Hull 2 个月 前

    Wow, ninja has $150,000,000,000. Thumbnail isn’t even close

  • Vespra wins
    Vespra wins 2 个月 前

    Who remembers Byron doing this Video with Amhai?

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk 2 个月 前

    This is some government math

  • Brandon Lozano
    Brandon Lozano 2 个月 前

    it sucks because I work for Jeff Bezos, and he doesnt know that .

  • Mercs Klios
    Mercs Klios 2 个月 前

    He does not have 150 billion dollars 🤣

  • V
    V 2 个月 前

    Why is Jeff bezos being the main focus in this?