How rich is Ninja?


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  • Kermit The Froggo
    Kermit The Froggo 11 小时 前 +1

    biggest clickbait thumbnail

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 14 小时 前 +1

    Good argument for why we dont need billionaries tbh :

  • Johannes Berglund

    Got bad news Jeff Bezos is now worth $161B

  • Think Later
    Think Later 5 天 前

    10 kids having 10 kids each gives you 110

  • Reflex Senpai
    Reflex Senpai 5 天 前

    thats a whole lotta ligma

  • the illest
    the illest 6 天 前

    This is actually quality content, this dude's smart as hell ...

  • JBeerdo
    JBeerdo 6 天 前

    Lmao this is great! Best of luck getting your char back in wow. I feel your pain.

  • MoFo DaMuS
    MoFo DaMuS 10 天 前

    what a joke. the sheeple that contribute and allow this to happen are retarded, that is all have a good day.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins 10 天 前

    Stop pocket watching

  • Omega Alex
    Omega Alex 11 天 前

    I became PhD of Economics after watching this

  • Vlad Watkins
    Vlad Watkins 13 天 前

    All of that starting from a random idea in a garage.

  • Awakened
    Awakened 16 天 前

    such a jewish thing to do

  • Able Reason
    Able Reason 16 天 前

    5:20 + 5:44 assuming amazon grows 1 % every day :D.
    Every heard of reality?
    Edit: Okay Amazon had an insanely good year, 73% growth so far.
    Thats is way more than ever before. but even that is 0.3% growth per day, which is still insane.

  • ZvenZen
    ZvenZen 16 天 前

    wtf how was this entartaining

  • Niel Agi
    Niel Agi 16 天 前

    conslusion: Ninja is poor

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown 17 天 前

    Just because AMZ stock price went up DOES NOT mean that is just straight cash in Bezos pocket. That is next level autist thinking right

  • soeosono nayam
    soeosono nayam 18 天 前

    This is the most stupid video i've watched in recent days
    jeff bezos doesn't make 1 billion per day lmao
    jeff bezos doesn't own thee whole amazon stock my friend
    and even if he does, amazon going up 1% doesn't mean he made that amount of money
    because next day he might loose 1 or 2 % or so...
    what you have to do is avg out the yearly price action in stocks and then get the avg daily revenue
    and .. btw
    jeff bezos doesn't own the whole amazon stock
    said it twice..

  • Zak B
    Zak B 18 天 前

    Just throwing random nums out 😂😂

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg 18 天 前

    What is you doing bruhh The whole point was how rich is ninja or how much he makes and you went some joss bezoz whateverr bullshit the video was starting to look fun but you messed it up asshole

  • karabita
    karabita 18 天 前

    if each of the 10 kids had 10 kids it would be 110, or rather 111 people, if also included ninja :P

  • Joachim Broe
    Joachim Broe 18 天 前

    kill self

  • John Sons
    John Sons 19 天 前

    Who gives a f, his a complete tool who has a doll personality, just to stand out he dyed his hair and watched other CNclipd and copied there actions to gain more viewers.
    He most probably won’t be streaming for the next 10year, because all of his fan boys will be pre-adult and be more focused on other things, fortnite will be dead in the next few years, then some will follow him on other games but most wont,

  • Mouheb Nagara
    Mouheb Nagara 19 天 前

    This guy is bad at quick maths ;-;

  • nfsdkfhlkad sfadkfhia

    Id rather be ninja than jeff bezos

  • amir ashoury
    amir ashoury 19 天 前

    Havnt watched the video but : none of your fukin business.

    YOYO YOOO 20 天 前

    The Question is, what is Jeff Bezos doing with all that money, helping the world be a better place? ah wait its a fucking trash NA human sits on his money do nothing.

  • Young Jojo305
    Young Jojo305 20 天 前

    Meanwhile I barely get 12 an hour work my ass off n u telling me this mfucker getting 100k an hour wtf I’m doing with my life
    Ohhhhhhh wait he’s white that makes sense

  • Jeremy Metz
    Jeremy Metz 20 天 前

    I would like to make the money that Ninja makes but not be a bitch like him.

  • Carter Hull
    Carter Hull 21 天 前

    Wow, ninja has $150,000,000,000. Thumbnail isn’t even close

  • Vespra wins
    Vespra wins 21 天 前

    Who remembers Byron doing this Video with Amhai?

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk 21 天 前

    This is some government math

  • Brandon Lozano
    Brandon Lozano 21 天 前

    it sucks because I work for Jeff Bezos, and he doesnt know that .

  • Mercs Klios
    Mercs Klios 21 天 前

    He does not have 150 billion dollars 🤣

  • V
    V 21 天 前

    Why is Jeff bezos being the main focus in this?

  • Syllabols
    Syllabols 21 天 前

    You can get richer being a Type Racer streamer, lol.

  • MindOpen123
    MindOpen123 22 天 前

    Click bait 🖕🏿

  • BolZac
    BolZac 22 天 前

    try bying the best rocket so u can go to mars faster than anyone

  • Charge2
    Charge2 23 天 前

    He's also fucking trash at halo.

  • CrazySerb011
    CrazySerb011 23 天 前

    Invest in Ninja

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 23 天 前

    was another youtuber that made some thing like this and while doing som research ninjas income in totall was 169million dollars before taxes.

  • Reece McBurney
    Reece McBurney 23 天 前

    Have you ever

  • Kany
    Kany 23 天 前

    Do a video on how rich I am


    bro why people donate to a guy who is already rich like take that money that you wanna donate to ninja and go give that money for a homeless they dont have a house or food to eat when they are hundry

  • LovelyAineChan
    LovelyAineChan 23 天 前

    U know, I never liked you reckful. For ages I thought you weere a douche. You're probably a douche, but you're entertaining and I'll admit that. Subbed.

  • Yungpoptarts
    Yungpoptarts 23 天 前 +1

    He’s a little kid scammer

  • Zant
    Zant 23 天 前

    Idk why but I find these videos fascinating when he breaks down the money in a visual manner, feels like I'm splurging actual cash lol

  • iulian calin
    iulian calin 24 天 前

    2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's

    Did you really looked for the answer dumbass.

  • Oskar
    Oskar 24 天 前

    And chat tought that this video would never hit 1mil views LUL

  • Sparta Lee
    Sparta Lee 24 天 前


  • DeezModz
    DeezModz 24 天 前

    hi ninja

  • Diego Grigorescu
    Diego Grigorescu 24 天 前

    an average private jet costs 12 million dollars now a boeing 757 cost 100 million

  • Charlotte Montoya
    Charlotte Montoya 24 天 前

    Um doesn't ninja have like 10 mil twitch subs times 3.5 or so per sub is 35 mil per Year just on twitch

  • Kokeine
    Kokeine 24 天 前

    From 2+2=4 went berserk real quick

  • So Guys We Did It
    So Guys We Did It 25 天 前

    Whats with these reddit detectives, who the fuck gives a shit how much he makes, leave the guy alone, he is already tired of getting slaves and killing kids...
    Just look at his snaps, he keeps having mental breakdowns.

  • WeLiveWeDie
    WeLiveWeDie 25 天 前

    im over here colecting cans and peenies off the growned

  • John Jeter
    John Jeter 25 天 前

    YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK I HATE YOU A LOT YOU SUCK AT FORTNITE your suck YOU SUKC I HATE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faliboi
    Faliboi 25 天 前

    @patrick.levang instagram giveaway 10 dollar gift card to the 400 follower

  • Faliboi
    Faliboi 25 天 前

    @patrick.levang instagram giveaway 10 dollar gift card when i hit 400 followers

  • Martin Lang
    Martin Lang 25 天 前

    lmaaaooo 37% taxes....50% in my country, lets move to murica

  • Tlohn 82
    Tlohn 82 25 天 前

    Nice anti-aliasing. What ENB do you use?

  • Sebastian Tjerrild
    Sebastian Tjerrild 25 天 前

    make some more of these videos xD I had a great time

  • Marc Dennis Mueller
    Marc Dennis Mueller 25 天 前

    dude did you even hit school, u throwing numbers like a 6 years old..this is absolutely ridiculous. U don't have any detailed information about the amount he REALY gets payed for certain things...btw..5 mils for merch? this is the amount middle-class football clubs will earn..idiot. and btw..there are taxes too u genius

  • armagidon eddison
    armagidon eddison 25 天 前

    Reck is Rock !!

  • Simon
    Simon 25 天 前

    Bezos only owns 16% of amazon

  • Simon
    Simon 25 天 前

    Bezos doesn’t completely own amazon.

  • Lil Dic
    Lil Dic 25 天 前

    How rich was ninja*
    Didn't you hear? He died of ligma.

  • Al Capon3
    Al Capon3 25 天 前

    Bro he’s making 30 mill alone on CNclip he also is sponsored by Samsung and other big companies he’s also huge on social media probably making 100 mill this year

  • Somarajupalli shanmukhadev

    you forgot internet. i need fastest internet in the world.

  • Butters35
    Butters35 26 天 前

    thanks for car SMILE

  • The Virginity Expert

    Reckful: Exploits ads, 50k per video.

  • AdnanYeh
    AdnanYeh 26 天 前

    LUL too many youtube plebs

  • Adamkillaz
    Adamkillaz 26 天 前

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  • Francesco Cariello
    Francesco Cariello 26 天 前

    how any why would this guy know?

  • George 84745
    George 84745 26 天 前

    Not enough to buy apple

  • Brandon Auchterlonie

    His current net worth is about 10 million give or take

  • Nawaf
    Nawaf 27 天 前

    تحريات قحبه

  • danuvilla
    danuvilla 27 天 前

    Now imagine that compared with what we earn! DAMN!

  • Ectos
    Ectos 27 天 前


  • PiggyBeast1
    PiggyBeast1 27 天 前

    You could’ve given 15-20dollars to everyone in the world with all that money

  • Ash Lord
    Ash Lord 27 天 前

    And tomorrow, Jeff Bezos may lose half a trump. LOL.

  • MobyDIck313
    MobyDIck313 27 天 前

    Wow 150 billions dollars??? Seems legit..

  • Libyyan_3amerg
    Libyyan_3amerg 27 天 前

    Rename video to "How rich is Jeff"

  • CG_WinningIsKey
    CG_WinningIsKey 27 天 前

    He should become a financial teacher!!!

  • Artifex
    Artifex 27 天 前

    Leeching off of Ninja Much

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva 27 天 前

    150 billion seems nice

  • Kim jabeur
    Kim jabeur 27 天 前

    who the fuck is ninja ?

  • LitGaming
    LitGaming 27 天 前

    That tumbnail is so...who is that rich and has such a specific amount of money

  • oliverMaximilian 17
    oliverMaximilian 17 27 天 前

    thats just crazyyy

  • xMatthii
    xMatthii 27 天 前

    Stupid video yawn

  • Duracelpupu
    Duracelpupu 27 天 前

    STUPIDEST FKING ASSUMPTIONS AND THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Ninja has manager, plus parents, that sure will make him invest on good businesses, that will make more income. This guy just click whores and make this kind of video and you stupid lambs believe it. Haha, idiots. See through youtube videos.

  • G2 Fanta
    G2 Fanta 27 天 前

    You thought about this way to hard

  • PointingGaming
    PointingGaming 27 天 前

    Just saying but in the thumb nail it said 150billion... Ninjas now richer than bill gates?

  • Leacor
    Leacor 27 天 前

    don't waste 15min watching this video
    *how rich ninja is?*

  • Arnaud
    Arnaud 27 天 前

    As an economics student that hurts you're just assuming things and applies the situation of one particular day or year for other years I mean economy fluctuates look at Facebook with your logic you would have taken a day where they did fine and extrapolate that to be the situation for multiple years it's so wrong man

  • Salem Aljunaibi
    Salem Aljunaibi 27 天 前

    i love this Video so much LUL

  • sal arias
    sal arias 27 天 前

    That's not really accurate

  • AndrewRiley1994
    AndrewRiley1994 27 天 前

    You forgot to buy food.

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 28 天 前

    He has 10 million

  • No name brand bleach For sale

    Vladimir Putin has a higher net worth

  • Kian Dasmal
    Kian Dasmal 28 天 前

    dude its sad that ur that nosey to go out of ur way and do that.