Best Sports Bloopers 2017

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  • A collection of the best sports bloopers of 2017.
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  • Cael Walker
    Cael Walker 个月 前

    3:04 when the goat makes a mistake

  • boezerdieser
    boezerdieser 个月 前

    of course the clip of the guy skating right into the goal is from our shit league

  • Dragomir Ronilac
    Dragomir Ronilac 个月 前

    In NFL they are to obese for proper coordination...

  • claybanana s
    claybanana s 2 个月 前

    Why isn't the freeze in the nfl

  • Jefte Villasenor
    Jefte Villasenor 2 个月 前

    2:38 shout out to ref for keeping whistle in his mouth lmao

  • The1stFishBone
    The1stFishBone 3 个月 前

    11:05 Why was anyone filming these clowns?

  • David Estes
    David Estes 4 个月 前

    Mama Mia lol😂

  • TXRager
    TXRager 4 个月 前

    John Franklin III from last chance u... hilarious

  • Nicolas Broszky
    Nicolas Broszky 5 个月 前

    I'm sorry but kevlar steroid rugby isn't a sport, it's an American idiocy.
    It's so fucking silly that it's not even funny.

  • That guy
    That guy 5 个月 前

    I dont get the one on 7:49, the bicycle one

  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    7:48 apparently the cycling blooper is that it wasn't the last lap of the race (hence the bell ringing to signal last lap). He let everyone catch up on the last lap and lost.

  • FichDichInDemArsch
    FichDichInDemArsch 5 个月 前

    Stupid 'Murricans.

  • JAchannel
    JAchannel 5 个月 前

    This is stolen from Savage Brick Sports video:视频.html
    -Reported.- (I would, but I don't own the original)

  • Ohio Against The World
    Ohio Against The World 6 个月 前

    boy I sure do love an advertisement literally ever 2 minutes for the entirety of a 15-minute video.

  • Ohio Against The World
    Ohio Against The World 6 个月 前

    you might as well Chaulk 5:08 up as a loss. that was pretty dumb.

  • Ohio Against The World
    Ohio Against The World 6 个月 前

    all jokes aside, those Miami of Ohio helmets at 1:15 are totally and completely badass.

  • Chn0rpel
    Chn0rpel 8 个月 前

    seriosly american footabll sucks ass and everybody who likes it to.

  • Chn0rpel
    Chn0rpel 8 个月 前 +1

    i meant sports not american football there must be something wrong with youtube... you know because fuck american football up the ass.

  • Biggie cheese Is my dad

    You must have gotten Somme he money because I saw like 7 ads

  • PoRtAnOVa 47
    PoRtAnOVa 47 9 个月 前

    The green suit dude wtffdffdfddd

  • Exhales Lightly
    Exhales Lightly 10 个月 前

    5:01 "Hey Jim I have to go drop a deuce can you hang this banner for me?" "Sure Bob you can count on me." 20 minutes later..."God damnit Jim you had one job"

  • slipping from reality
    slipping from reality 10 个月 前

    6 ads

  • AgtRJones
    AgtRJones 10 个月 前

    10:36 he's doing "it" during a game

  • 〖Vi丅ΔŁ〗ᔕђάяҜƳ

    Why is it 2017 bloopers if Collins chaulk retired for the fort Wayne komets way before 2017

  • Nathan La
    Nathan La 10 个月 前

    "These are the types of situations that will make the blooper highlight reel" Lol.

  • valentin colin
    valentin colin 10 个月 前

    baseball journey way actual matter excuse heel

  • MrMus TangMan
    MrMus TangMan 10 个月 前

    Too many ads.!!!!!!!!!

  • Speck Carteret
    Speck Carteret 10 个月 前

    The last one-the whole teams last name is Lin🤔

  • K. M.
    K. M. 10 个月 前

    2:39 the cameraman haha

  • pavel popescu
    pavel popescu 10 个月 前

  • Watchers Emporium
    Watchers Emporium 10 个月 前

    Can I have your jacket

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 10 个月 前

    3:46 hockey is not a sport

  • Dj_4lpha 711
    Dj_4lpha 711 10 个月 前

    Why tf is the chinese people playing while raining

  • Anna McBride
    Anna McBride 10 个月 前

    Sooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy lit

  • Taylor Townsend
    Taylor Townsend 10 个月 前

    3:53 mama Mia

  • Cedar Zobel-Williams
    Cedar Zobel-Williams 10 个月 前

    2:53 the announcer says "he jumped about 9 1/2 feet." lol

  • Abached
    Abached 10 个月 前


  • Steve Simp
    Steve Simp 10 个月 前

    Fail to the announcer who said Noah is a Florida State player lmfao ....

  • Fred Frederickson
    Fred Frederickson 10 个月 前 +1

    9:45 his reaction says it all 😂😂😂

  • Lance Link
    Lance Link 10 个月 前

    yeah Franklin you do want that stupid Football sharing in on your touchdown celebration

  • Indigo Person
    Indigo Person 10 个月 前

    lul go sens

  • rick Kennedy
    rick Kennedy 10 个月 前

    11:29 looks like the recent World Series, but with better talent.

  • Ed0n
    Ed0n 11 个月 前 +3

    4:00 gotta take the nets out of the game! So dangerous!

    • Rachael
      Rachael 6 个月 前

      I dont get how that happens. International games have a larger area behind the net. The net is not hidden either. Like how dafuq u do that

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C 8 个月 前

      To add insult to injury, he had to eat the wall as well.

  • SoundsOffTheHook
    SoundsOffTheHook 11 个月 前

    Pully Football vs FC Renens ?! My heart just dropped XD

  • Gordon Struth
    Gordon Struth 11 个月 前

    Newsflash: sports are occasionally played in places that aren't called the USA. Bloopers happen in those places too. If you mean Best US Sports Bloopers 2017, just say so.

    • Michael Meissner
      Michael Meissner 11 个月 前 +1

      But... this wasn't just American bloopers. There were several clips from other countries

  • Cal Crappie
    Cal Crappie 11 个月 前 +4

    I liked the entire Cincy Reds team watching that pop up drop. That was a beauty.

    • bcdm999
      bcdm999 5 个月 前 +1

      How many Reds does it take to catch a pop fly?

      More than 5, apparently

    • A Baller
      A Baller 11 个月 前

      Cal Crappie
      I got it! You take it! LOL!!!

  • Brandel Barrett
    Brandel Barrett 11 个月 前

    yur mom gay

  • Fred Frederickson
    Fred Frederickson 11 个月 前 +2

    13:40 why you’re are a right fielder C.H. Lin

  • Bryanna Basilio
    Bryanna Basilio 11 个月 前

    FIU 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • BeforeVRP
    BeforeVRP 11 个月 前

    i was dead when wall lazered the ball

  • Mati Gorges
    Mati Gorges 11 个月 前 +6

    9:52 got me cracking up

    • Patrick Sundlof
      Patrick Sundlof 8 个月 前

      In airport crying at that

    • Greysen Gagne
      Greysen Gagne 10 个月 前

      I remember watching that shit live actually.. Haha, it's so much better when you aren't expecting anything funny to happen! Was laughing about it for like 20 minutes, hah

    • tawanaa craig
      tawanaa craig 11 个月 前

      Mati Gorges to

    • Fred Frederickson
      Fred Frederickson 11 个月 前 +4

      I couldn’t stop laughing like 15 seconds before that when the organ played right after hahaha

  • festiveflyer
    festiveflyer 11 个月 前

    6:49 I was at that game lol,i think there were more leafs fans than oilers fans

  • Jake Rudd
    Jake Rudd 11 个月 前

    8:35 I go to that college Ashland University in Ashland Ohio

  • VDO FX
    VDO FX 11 个月 前 +9

    13:40 when you make a mistake but you last name its chillin so you

  • Diamond Yoshi101
    Diamond Yoshi101 11 个月 前

    It's ironic the Blue Jays are wearing Red!

    • Greysen Gagne
      Greysen Gagne 10 个月 前

      Fred Frederickson They're wearing the red for Canada day, like the 4th of July for Canadians. Do it every year, only for one weekend. And I guess their main colors are just blue if you wanna look at it like that.

    • Fred Frederickson
      Fred Frederickson 10 个月 前

      Greysen Gagné then why are they wearing red??? Every team wears white and has it as their main color for home uniforms so that’s why I say that their main colors have always been red and blue but you can include white also if you want to count the main color that every single team has by default

    • Greysen Gagne
      Greysen Gagne 10 个月 前 +1

      Fred Frederickson Hah what? Their main colors have always just been blue and white man.

    • Fred Frederickson
      Fred Frederickson 11 个月 前

      Nah they’re the only Canadian team and their main colors have always been red and blue

  • joshua kozma
    joshua kozma 11 个月 前

    lebron should of made that

  • joshua kozma
    joshua kozma 11 个月 前


  • Robert W
    Robert W 年 前

    9:38 is great! Lmao

  • josh was
    josh was 年 前

    punt the dang ball!!!

  • Name
    Name 年 前 +13

    5:08 You had one job

    • bcdm999
      bcdm999 5 个月 前 +3

      "Now presenting number 16"

    • ZweGamer Can
      ZweGamer Can 10 个月 前

      In controversy to your name....

  • Matt Dickie
    Matt Dickie 年 前

    1:19. It's not a scrum.

  • Der männliche Mann

    Not a single football clip

    • Logan Paul
      Logan Paul 10 个月 前

      Fuck you man

    • Der männliche Mann
      Der männliche Mann 年 前

      Daniel Seabaugh you are right 😂 I watched about 5 min and quit because it was just american football and other american sports

    • Daniel Seabaugh
      Daniel Seabaugh 年 前

      Like the ones at 7:59 and 8:18?

    • Der männliche Mann
      Der männliche Mann 年 前

      Daniel Seabaugh About the game with the ball and the foot. Not some school american football 😂

    • Daniel Seabaugh
      Daniel Seabaugh 年 前

      It had multiple types of football in it wtf are you talking about

  • 1985Viggen ツ
    1985Viggen ツ 年 前

    3:44 lol xD

  • Buttercookie Cinnamini

    Baseball has best bloopers for lame ass game.

    • KdJ2's Twin
      KdJ2's Twin 10 个月 前

      Dylan Clark not best lmao

    • KdJ2's Twin
      KdJ2's Twin 10 个月 前

      rockerseven dude. Have you played it before? Youd be suprised. Even i admit it is absolutely boring to watch. But once you play. It's different. It's likr soccerm ever watch it before? BORING ASF. Play it? fun as hell

    • KdJ2's Twin
      KdJ2's Twin 10 个月 前

      wtdiswhatido how?

    • KdJ2's Twin
      KdJ2's Twin 10 个月 前

      Buttercookie Cinnamini how it lame?

    • Original Name
      Original Name 10 个月 前

      wtdiswhatido honestly never thought of it like that

  • eksentrysyti
    eksentrysyti 年 前 +6

    4:25 So I don't know the context of this clip, but when it is a good idea to play empty net in the FIRST PERIOD?

    • Ohio Against The World
      Ohio Against The World 5 个月 前

      I know. they barely won, 77-31.

    • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
      Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 5 个月 前

      Ohio is losing, and it isn't even close.

    • Ohio Against The World
      Ohio Against The World 6 个月 前

      nope, sorry, hoser, not everyone watches hockey.

    • Rachael
      Rachael 6 个月 前

      Dont watch any hockey eh

    • Matt Jelski
      Matt Jelski 年 前 +17

      when ottawa (red team) gets a penalty, the next time they touch the puck the whistle blows. so dallas (white team) tries to make sure that doesnt happen happen and they can pull their goalie because its basically impossible for ottawa to score since the whistle blows when they touch the puck, unless something rare like what happened, happened. haha

  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie Lee 年 前

    10:46 Classic

  • tampajohn
    tampajohn 年 前 +3

    Wow. New bloopers that I haven’t already seen a hundred times before. Kudos.

  • jessie
    jessie 年 前

    nobody see the guy at 2:07 travel?

    • SuperKiller _NZ
      SuperKiller _NZ 11 个月 前

      Yea exactly. Glad I'm not the only one that saw that

  • scrumtrelescent007

    That WKU/FIU game was fixed as fuck lo

  • Chad Frink
    Chad Frink 年 前 +9

    Great work grouping the clips by sport. Love it!

    • Rachael
      Rachael 6 个月 前

      Yeah that way I can skip garbage basketball

    • Sara Washington
      Sara Washington 10 个月 前

      i agree with you

  • clamstain
    clamstain 年 前 +11

    Ah, the great Kluahc. Good old Number 16!

  • Daniel Nanez
    Daniel Nanez 年 前 +1

    It is funny

  • Justin Ertley
    Justin Ertley 年 前 +6

    JRam's bobble home run vs detroit was the first of TWO home runs hit in the same manner that game

  • Joeylawn36111
    Joeylawn36111 年 前 +31

    1:19 The big question is why a game between a 4-7 and 2-9 teams be shown on TV in the first place....

    • CJ S
      CJ S 10 个月 前

      joeylawn36111 iu

    • Colin Flare
      Colin Flare 10 个月 前


    • Isaac Tom
      Isaac Tom 11 个月 前


    • Drew McKay
      Drew McKay 11 个月 前

      where my redhawks at

    • Joeylawn36111
      Joeylawn36111 11 个月 前

      Carson Bouchey, yes, you're correct, plus it should be "The big question is why a game between a 4-7 team and a 2-9 team is shown on TV in the first place...."

  • steveN111333
    steveN111333 年 前 +19

    7:48 ? what happened?

    • Aman Sheth
      Aman Sheth 8 个月 前

      Had 1 more lap to go. He ended up finishing 104th or something. Must have been wrecked mentally after that goofup.

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 10 个月 前 +1

      steveN111333 he probably thought he won already but didn’t

    • steveN111333
      steveN111333 年 前 +2

      Michael Nervig thank you

    • Michael Nervig
      Michael Nervig 年 前 +55

      Was not the last lap of the race

  • Jayden Reid
    Jayden Reid 年 前 +31

    You mean best AMERICAN sports bloopers, to bad I'm an Aussie

    • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
      Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 5 个月 前

      "U don't even spell word right"

    • Rachael
      Rachael 6 个月 前

      Man youre a fucking retard watch the video before saying stupid shit you look retarded

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C 8 个月 前

      @FireBall Gaming "U" isn't a word, and it makes YOU sound even less intelligent. I'll leave it at that, and won't comment on the sentence "U don't even spell word right.".

    • TwistedOrange Gaming
      TwistedOrange Gaming 10 个月 前

      wtdiswhatido nah mate don't even get me started on Americans. And u say Aussies don't know English. U don't even spell word right. As in 'Realized' when it should be spelled 'realised'.

    • spaceLord alien
      spaceLord alien 11 个月 前

      Grim Reaper Yeah, it really is too bad.

  • Allie Day
    Allie Day 年 前 +2

    The first one gets me eveytime 😂😂

    • Jerman Castro
      Jerman Castro 11 个月 前

      Allie Day .bo .nc bajo hip lo lolK lp

  • Jim Porter
    Jim Porter 年 前

    Those major leaguer infielders let the ball drop because they violated every fundamental instruction given by coaches who coach at every level from Little League to college ball, concerning pop ups. These major leaguers are a bunch of fools.

  • Sludge
    Sludge 年 前

    Very nice.

  • epun860
    epun860 年 前 +2


    • Fred Frederickson
      Fred Frederickson 11 个月 前

      bdawk20 exactly I’m dying!

    • bdawk20
      bdawk20 年 前 +2

      The organ playing "TAH DAH!" is what gets me

  • Tanya Sherman
    Tanya Sherman 年 前

    second coment

  • Kava Brother
    Kava Brother 年 前 +1

    First like😂😂😂

    • Evan Miller
      Evan Miller 年 前