iKON - 'iKON 심쿵 청춘여행' 3화 예고

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  • 문정은
    문정은 年 前

    iKON is coming on August 2. I want all iKONICs to buy the new album for the rise of iKON. Let’s see iKON get certified Platinum for the album sales and win the awards!! They need many support and love from global iKONICs🙏

  • Rochelle Chee
    Rochelle Chee 年 前

    wot is this?

  • Lovely girls
    Lovely girls 年 前

    Jun oppa i love you

  • shay shay129
    shay shay129 年 前

    Im confused are they brining an IKON TV S2 if they arent them can someone tell me wat tis show is plz?

  • EXOL For Life
    EXOL For Life 年 前 +1


  • Fan Nuel
    Fan Nuel 年 前

    Chanwoo sarange

  • Angie Caballero
    Angie Caballero 年 前

    I LOFIU we are my life
    from Honduras ♥

  • jumi aulia
    jumi aulia 年 前

    Indonesia Sub Please 😭

  • hanbin nahyunjiwon

    기대된다기대돼 1화빨리했으면좋겠당❤❤❤💘💛💖💕💞💕💕

  • Glola Hutagalung


  • VintageYunho
    VintageYunho 年 前


  • Kim Jomarie Caballes

    Hello. Where can i find the whole episode of 1,2,34?

  • Konic_TV 7
    Konic_TV 7 年 前

    Please don't do this to us🙏
    Upload the whole episodes on CNclip please with English subtitles🙏

  • Adore you
    Adore you 年 前


  • Nikka Sumague
    Nikka Sumague 年 前

    Ep 3 pleaaaaase love you all 😍😍

  • ` pewdskitten
    ` pewdskitten 年 前

    Please come to baliiii

  • angelyn mapili
    angelyn mapili 年 前

    jebal release it

  • Indira Latchman
    Indira Latchman 年 前


  • Maë
    Maë 年 前 +2

    Ikon tv next chapiter : lost in a contry

  • Emil Gentleman
    Emil Gentleman 年 前

    I like iKON

  • abigail hanna
    abigail hanna 年 前


  • A M
    A M 年 前


  • mimmi 123
    mimmi 123 年 前

    I really really hope that have eng subtitles 🙏🙏

  • A.D. Timps
    A.D. Timps 年 前

    I wanna meet you in the future 😭😭😭 I love ikon!!!

  • Joyrine M
    Joyrine M 年 前

    Ikon 💕💕💕💕 I guess it is better if they also release it in ikon official CNclip channel.

  • Jam Jam
    Jam Jam 年 前


  • siti annisya balqis

    dont even understand every single word they said but i laughed when i see junbobyun's big laugh at the end of the video im- 😂

  • lala slimey
    lala slimey 年 前


  • iKON's Foreign friend

    “iKON’s Heart Racing in Hawaii” is a real variety show following iKON members’ trip to Hawaii. Comprising a total of 10 episodes, “iKON’s Heart Racing in Hawaii” will be aired every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 PM KST through Olleh TV Mobile.
    Our friend "h0ebaby" re-upload and make the engsub to i-ikonic on her youtube channel. Check it out.. cnclip.net/video/gvxCrqK1oRU/视频.html

  • Regina Erwani
    Regina Erwani 年 前

    Team Risotto is BACK TO TOWN everybody!!!!!

  • Joy
    Joy 年 前

    Where can I watch the full EP. And the other previous EP.?

    • Joy
      Joy 年 前

      iKON's Foreign Friend Thank You

    • iKON's Foreign friend
      iKON's Foreign friend 年 前

      Joy you can check out h0ebaby channel on youtube, she re-upload it with engsub. There are ep 1 and 2 already subbed

  • Agistia Fadriyah

    Lol.. That trio PIC resort trip is comeback 😂😂

  • saskia sky
    saskia sky 年 前

    Can't waitt

  • sand castle
    sand castle 年 前

    june's smile 😍😍😍

  • YurikoChan 34
    YurikoChan 34 年 前

    I wish the actual episodes were on CNclip... :(

    • iKON's Foreign friend
      iKON's Foreign friend 年 前

      AquaFox 339 you can check out h0ebaby channel on youtube, she re-upload it with engsub. There are ep 1 & 2 already

  • Bernadette Ann
    Bernadette Ann 年 前


  • Evan Caunca
    Evan Caunca 年 前

    I miss ikon tv

  • Sachida Soram
    Sachida Soram 年 前 +1

    I can't wait😁😁😁💗 IKON💗👍

  • Alex GIII
    Alex GIII 年 前

    I'm having ikon TV withdrawals lol

  • Angela Macapagal

    My babies 😍💕

  • Alice DG
    Alice DG 年 前

    Deja vu. This trio are together again 😂

  • Farokhatul Ulya
    Farokhatul Ulya 年 前

    Cant wait...

  • Tahrys Kewl Kid
    Tahrys Kewl Kid 年 前

    english suuuubs

  • khanh vi
    khanh vi 年 前

    I love u bobby❤

  • Fatima Belen Morales Rosas

    Ikon ❤ love

  • elysse1005
    elysse1005 年 前

    ye new vid tom💕💕💕

  • xarielherr
    xarielherr 年 前


  • Krung Coronacion

    Team Rissoto is fated😄😄😄

  • Maulidina Anggraeni

    Rissoto team😂😂😂😂

  • jaxzy415
    jaxzy415 年 前 +1

    I clicked so damn fast a bish almost got whiplash lol

    KPOP RSR 年 前 +2

    BOBBY 0:26 🤣He makes me laugh 😂🤣

  • Fati Eloual
    Fati Eloual 年 前

    good look

  • Fati Eloual
    Fati Eloual 年 前

    Hi iam marocain ilove you ikon

  • kyoongbaekie
    kyoongbaekie 年 前

    they're so cute ♥

  • BloodSugarBabyShesMagik

    huh what is this? i thought ikon tv was over ?? :O

    • iKON's Foreign friend
      iKON's Foreign friend 年 前

      BloodSugarBabyShesMagik this is "Heart racing in Hawai" their new variety featuring Olleh TV. you can check out h0ebaby channel on youtube, she re-upload it with engsub.

  • GhEMz Kieee
    GhEMz Kieee 年 前


  • Jimin's the reason I take breathing exercises

    Junhoe and Bobby tough haha

  • Nico Den Robin
    Nico Den Robin 年 前

    Yess 👄 ikon ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Athirah Parman
    Athirah Parman 年 前 +1

    Junbob are not akward but they are loving each other 😂💖