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  • KIIKA one jessicA
    KIIKA one jessicA 6 个月 前

    Ur bomb

  • Lilliz91
    Lilliz91 7 个月 前

    The hourglass just doesn’t work with me. I’m oily so it’s like really patchy after 1 hour and doesn’t look good anymore. First it looks great but then it goes to shit.

  • Grace
    Grace 9 个月 前

    So purrty 😊

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon 9 个月 前

    I’ve asked this on other channels before and no one ever answers me so
    please help if you can!! How do you keep the top waterline liner from transferring to the bottom waterline?? To me, this seems impossible unless there is some sort of something I don’t know about 🤔 Please help!

  • JAN3 FR3D
    JAN3 FR3D 10 个月 前

    Very nice makeup

  • Nicollette S
    Nicollette S 11 个月 前

    this is such an old video but I was wondering how do you like that flat top kabuki brush. Is it a good brush?

  • Roselyn B
    Roselyn B 年 前

    Anyone know a cheap stick foundation?? A girl is on a budget

  • StrawberryGirlBSL

    I loved ur selena transformation..have you done a lucy lu makeup look? If not can you?! ❤

  • Victoria P
    Victoria P 年 前


  • Julia Alexander
    Julia Alexander 年 前

    Hello Desi, I love that I found your videos, it is so questionable to the color foundation to buy when shopping for fountain (I think I am referring to your next video), I think your skin color is close to mine, so this helps me out tremendously from all the confusion of what to buy when shopping for foundations and highlighters, instead of buying them all!!! LOL, so Thank you so much for this!!! I was curious to the color of the stick you put on as a contour, I love the way it makes your cheeks POP! I did not hear you mention the color or the brand name. BTW, you are very beautiful and look great on video.
    Thanks, Julia

  • Melanin Kay
    Melanin Kay 年 前

    superb. love all the way from Jamaica 😍 new subbie

  • Alix Schroeder
    Alix Schroeder 年 前

    Was that lipstick more creamer please?!

  • Katia Manfredi
    Katia Manfredi 年 前

    You are colour 'golden' in this foundation.

  • Alexys L.
    Alexys L. 年 前

    You look exactly like JLo what
    If i saw this without your CNclip name i would think it was JLo

  • Jennifer’s Daughter

    Is this routine long lasting?

  • beauty queen
    beauty queen 年 前

    #desi perkins

  • Carolina Dominguez

    Did she use a filter over her face? Anyone else see that?

  • R Ree
    R Ree 2 年 前

    is the hourglass stick foundation good for oily skin?
    I normally have combination skin but now in these summer months, I get sweaty and my face looks oily. Oiliness shows through my skin and foundation. How does it look on oily/sweaty skin?

  • D.M
    D.M 2 年 前 +1

    Could you re create a look like this with the Bobbi brown stick foundation? Because I can't buy the hourglass brand where I live and I would really love your opinion on it. I mean I could buy it online but I hate buying foundations online it's awful i never end up with the right shade.

  • John S.
    John S. 2 年 前

    This is actually a guy right?

  • Klaudia Wosinska
    Klaudia Wosinska 2 年 前

    her skin is so nice :)

  • Marina
    Marina 2 年 前

    Desi matches her foundation to her chest right?

  • Angelina Lainez
    Angelina Lainez 2 年 前

    I love you and Katy!!!😊😊😊

  • Ely Ramirez
    Ely Ramirez 2 年 前

    I love you so much Desi

  • Jacquelyn Savell
    Jacquelyn Savell 2 年 前

    Someone please tell me where i can get the queen B lashes !!!!

  • Crystal Mota
    Crystal Mota 2 年 前

    You are so flawless!❤

  • Raquel Guzman
    Raquel Guzman 2 年 前

    I find it soooo satisfying to watch ppl apply foundation 😂

  • I M A QYN
    I M A QYN 2 年 前

    She is one of those that doesn't change at all wearing make up.

  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan 2 年 前

    Wow so good. Must have this skin

  • G Rovira
    G Rovira 2 年 前

    Love your videos with all your tips and tricks (and bloopers they're the best!). Thank you so much! Will try this look and see how long it will take me. Lol probably 2 hours. 😂

  • Stephanie Senpai
    Stephanie Senpai 2 年 前

    love this look

  • Stefanie Embree
    Stefanie Embree 2 年 前

    Great video! Love the glow look

  • briana savage
    briana savage 2 年 前 +1

    This is what I do for school everyday minus the eyelashes bc I cannot 😂

  • Danielle Ruiz
    Danielle Ruiz 2 年 前 +1

    your so pretty!!!!OMG!!!!you look just like jlo😍😍❤❤and i love that look your makeup is on point!!!

  • Robin Henski
    Robin Henski 2 年 前

    where's this sweatshirt from again?:)

  • Karaskorner
    Karaskorner 2 年 前

    I find you fascinating to watch!😁

  • Blair Threlkeld
    Blair Threlkeld 2 年 前

    SO SO SO impressed that you said "more lashes than I"

  • MrsZizirodi
    MrsZizirodi 2 年 前

    Beautiful, I love it !😍

  • Amy L
    Amy L 2 年 前

    Was looking forward to that international giveaway #canadian#friendlyneighbour

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez 2 年 前

    Loved it!

  • kathia matos
    kathia matos 2 年 前

    hola!!!!!!!!! quiero aprender a maquillarme,este video me motivo.

  • Pierina Benetello
    Pierina Benetello 2 年 前

    I love love love this. So simple and effortless, exactly what someone w no experience needs (i.e. me)

  • Jessi Peralta
    Jessi Peralta 2 年 前

    Desi you're perfection tho

  • Serena Richelle
    Serena Richelle 2 年 前

    can you do an updated skin care routine please? your skin is so flawless it makes me jel:(

  • Alex Avalos
    Alex Avalos 2 年 前


  • Brandi Renee
    Brandi Renee 2 年 前

    Desi didn't contour her nose?! Whaaaaat?! I wish I looked that good if I didn't contour my nose 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Yarianny Beltre
    Yarianny Beltre 2 年 前

    She really looks like jlo

  • eleni tefera
    eleni tefera 2 年 前

    love it, thanks

  • Amanda Amanda
    Amanda Amanda 2 年 前

    Give me your skin!

  • Daria Kravets
    Daria Kravets 2 年 前

    Hey! Where is this sweatshirt from?Merci

  • Pangchee Yang
    Pangchee Yang 2 年 前

    Looking at you bottom lashes looking like chicken claw got waiting for chicken to come out, like you ate it and it's fighting it's way out

  • Kiara Estevez
    Kiara Estevez 2 年 前

    I'm mad that there's actually 200 people that didn't like the video ... o.O ... uhm?.... anyway whatever... you effortlessly slayed again Desi.

  • Lina Henriquez
    Lina Henriquez 2 年 前

    Me gusto Mucho.. Thanks for this! Xoxo

  • Rhi Liquorish
    Rhi Liquorish 2 年 前

    Queen B lashes popping!!

  • butterfly49712
    butterfly49712 2 年 前

    This is so nice and pretty. This would be so thing that I would do on the weekends or if I'm not in the mood to put on a whole lot of makeup. Or if my hubby is rushing me to get goin' somewhere. Lol

  • Aqua Cinta
    Aqua Cinta 2 年 前

    Perfect as usual!

  • Lily Luper
    Lily Luper 2 年 前

    I'm living for these simple looks you've been uploading!!

  • Megan Longmeyer
    Megan Longmeyer 2 年 前

    Really love you "skin" videos - you have such beautiful skin, it's fun to see how you achieve it! I know that a lot of it is a very strict skincare routine but still... love love love

  • A A
    A A 2 年 前 +2

    "A quick one"
    12 minute video!

    • Jazmin
      Jazmin 2 年 前

      Amna Ali s. V h vvhv hbvcuhbu

    • Jazmin
      Jazmin 2 年 前

      Amna Ali about h just nnbbbibbhb h bbb

    • Jazmin
      Jazmin 2 年 前

      Amna Ali sa

  • asal hu
    asal hu 2 年 前

    lovee that loook

  • Krutika Kotian
    Krutika Kotian 2 年 前

    use caster oil or neem oil for your brows. they help

  • jairoo alvaarez
    jairoo alvaarez 2 年 前

    those lashes are ERRRything!!!!

  • charro028
    charro028 2 年 前

    Tutorial on these brows please

  • April Kennedy
    April Kennedy 2 年 前

    Sooo pretty desi !!! 😍👑

  • Lateefah Caines
    Lateefah Caines 2 年 前

    Best lash glue to use?

  • Meagan Henriquez
    Meagan Henriquez 2 年 前

    I'm so trying this tomorrow!!! 💕

  • meredith tolan
    meredith tolan 2 年 前

    That one bottom lash extension just hanging on for dear life lol
    Love this and you!! Looking like a gloat raidant goddess :)

  • Stephanie Spurr
    Stephanie Spurr 2 年 前

    I needed this!

  • Sarah Cazares
    Sarah Cazares 2 年 前

    J-Lo's prima

  • Amy Vo
    Amy Vo 2 年 前

    so pretty!! you are def glowing

  • amyrka
    amyrka 2 年 前

    Ive recently made the move to cream foundation for the first time and love the ease of it. Thank you for the eyeliner recommendation too. Maybelline has been killing it with the brow and eyeliner products lately. I just picked up their brow drama gel and pencil the other day. Lovin it!

  • Sophia Oliva
    Sophia Oliva 2 年 前

    Is that your favorite stick foundation?

  • Stephanie St Thomas

    Im so shook; this tut SAVED my life🤗🤗 tysm💕

  • Jackeline Venegas
    Jackeline Venegas 2 年 前

    Enjoy your videos so much!!!!

  • Shelby Mathews
    Shelby Mathews 2 年 前

    your background is so pretty I am shook

  • Shelby Elise
    Shelby Elise 2 年 前

    Are the Quay sunglasses coming back??

  • alana olivers
    alana olivers 2 年 前

    i looove this background....your videos are amazing. thank you so much for putting the effort in it:) have a wonderful day

  • S.S. K
    S.S. K 2 年 前

    Desi please do a "my husband does my voiceover" 😊

  • HannahChareeBeauty
    HannahChareeBeauty 2 年 前

    Your highkeys aren't on ASOS :((((

  • Nilab Amin
    Nilab Amin 2 年 前

    Do a whats in my everyday makeup bag video! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Kate Miller
    Kate Miller 2 年 前

    You and Katy inspired
    Me to start a channel I love the outlet

  • Beck
    Beck 2 年 前

    OK but where is this t shirt from??

  • Tara M
    Tara M 2 年 前

    Girl i honestly love you. But you seriously need to fix your camera position. The way you have it you cut off the top of your head and we just look up your nose the whole time.

  • Ivana Ivana
    Ivana Ivana 2 年 前

    Hi guys, you should check out this incredibly talented mua from Croatia, her IG page is kimwildberly... She is tooo shy, and I would't want her talent to be unseen... Kisses form Croatiaaa...

  • Sabrina Pham
    Sabrina Pham 2 年 前

    Can you make a video about how your recording studio looks like ?

  • Amanda Armendariz
    Amanda Armendariz 2 年 前

    Desi! Do you think you can maybe do a video on how to properly take off your makeup? Like after having a full face of makeup and coming home to take it off is always a drag. So maybe like a video on what products work best to remove it completely then possibly what face cleansing routine do you follow makeup removal with?. Also loved this video too by the way!

  • iamnickipaige
    iamnickipaige 2 年 前 +1

    SO HUMBLE!!!

  • Sasha Sabrina
    Sasha Sabrina 2 年 前

    Giiirrl u look all cute and young n shit in this video, it's probably the glam glow mask tightening your skin 😏 #snapfam

  • Aleah Rivera
    Aleah Rivera 2 年 前

    Can Desi or anyone who saw it, tell me the brand of the high waisted leggings she wear to work out in?? I totally forgot to screenshot:( #snapchatfam

  • Bekah Schneider
    Bekah Schneider 2 年 前

    Hey watching your snapchat I have an amazing tip- I use young living essential oils and putting 2 drops of lavender in your mascara makes a huge difference and my eyelashes have such growth . I also sell so you can totally buy from me lol Jaclyn hill and Kristen cavallari also use young living and it's the only essential oil company that truly is ove hundred percent pure oils and they have seed To Seal where they plant grow distill and package at their own farms . I also use lavender Cedarwood and rosemary essential oils on my scalp to promote hair growth from young living . Just suggestions for you and if you ever want to purchase a kit ... I'm here to help 😊

  • Samantha Roy
    Samantha Roy 2 年 前

    Hey, just wanted to let you know.... I'm STILL laughing @ Chartreuse #snapchatfam #bougie

  • Daisy D
    Daisy D 2 年 前 +1

    Why doesn't nobody talk about how good the hour glass stick foundation are? I'm obsessed with it!! Lol
    Anyways love u Desi!

  • Angelica Bianco
    Angelica Bianco 2 年 前

    Yesssss that glow

  • Amanda Almeida
    Amanda Almeida 2 年 前

    I was like that eyeshadow looks good! But you weren't using any lol . That's a good trick! You got me !

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L 2 年 前

    Idk if there is a better way to ask you something and this comment not just get lost in the mix. White eyeliner - How is it worn? Is there a way to wear it so it looks more natural? What's a good brand? Makeup Forever? thanks ♡

    • amyrka
      amyrka 2 年 前 +1

      The stark white pencils never looked natural on me so I got a nude shade. I've got sensitive eyes so I ended up unable to wear anything on my water lines anyway. Find a solid, waterproof one and you'll be golden!

  • Aida Khachatrian
    Aida Khachatrian 2 年 前

    Hi Desi. I love you so much. You are the best

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 2 年 前

    Girl people have been trying to take away my Christmas spirit too 🎄 ITS NOT WORKING! Merry Christmas to you and your family 💚

  • MsGisellea
    MsGisellea 2 年 前

    What brush is she using to blend her foundation ??

  • Chrisspy
    Chrisspy 2 年 前 +7


  • Marilyn Janisch
    Marilyn Janisch 2 年 前

    I love this look and it's a dry skinned girl's dream but girl do you have a lower lash extension hanging on for dear life on your right eye 👀👀 lol love ya