Opening 16 Dragon Ball Z Mystery Figure Boxes - 1/96 Chance of a Super Rare

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  • LOL OK so the whole creepy dude in the yard thing is not real.
    I thought it would be more obvious when people went through and watched his video from the description but apparently not! It was just a sketch bro..
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    About The Loyal Subjects Dragon Ball Z Series 01 Line :
    Series 01 of the figures consists of “Heroes”, “Super Saiyans” and “Villains”. Each figure will have 12 points of articulation, accessories, interchangeable hands with different grips, a Dragon Ball and a piece for the “build-a-figure” Shenron. Additionally, some figures will be more rare than others, as Series 01 will consist of 8 commons and 3 rares.
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  • Pinkie YT
    Pinkie YT 17 小时 前

    An Army of Vegeta

  • Sage Dill
    Sage Dill 天 前

    Yeah I had to read the description just to make sure it was a joke ... it's sad that this really happens to often of people being doxxed you are never really sure.

  • Daniel Chaplin
    Daniel Chaplin 天 前

    His reaction to the vegetas is hilarious

  • 劉語謙
    劉語謙 3 天 前

    Where to buy this Trunks?

  • MrLoisopiteux
    MrLoisopiteux 3 天 前

    i bought one of those at crunchy roll's conf. recieved kulilin with two left arms ant two right legs...

  • 9405alex
    9405alex 3 天 前

    A bit of maths..
    2/16 is 12.5%
    8 figures have a chance of 12.5% each. That's a total of 100%.
    plus the chances of the rares and the super rare we have a total amount of around 107.29%.

  • Faith luvscats
    Faith luvscats 4 天 前

    Max must really hate Vegeta.
    *I guess that means he hatES M-*

  • miknast 46
    miknast 46 4 天 前

    is a fan outside your house normal?

  • The 5 Dollar Double Chalupa box

    Max: what do you mean the intro wasn't recording ?

  • SchoolIsForPeepz
    SchoolIsForPeepz 5 天 前

    I would have shit my pants

  • Audiodump
    Audiodump 6 天 前

    Why not 1/8?

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 8 天 前 +1

    I wish he got a vegeta

  • Neville Ferreira
    Neville Ferreira 8 天 前

    Feel free to send me one of those Vegeta's as we don't get any DBZ toys in here in South Africa

  • G1boi 1
    G1boi 1 10 天 前

    Where did find these

  • The Funko Fanatic
    The Funko Fanatic 10 天 前

    Hello *grabs axe*

  • jace beleren
    jace beleren 10 天 前

    for anyone who is worried about that guy in the yard, read the description

  • Your dad Posted this

    Whoops all vegetas

  • Jaxson5teno Moore
    Jaxson5teno Moore 12 天 前

    10:45 massive criminal heeeear

  • Brendon Gonzalez
    Brendon Gonzalez 12 天 前


  • Typical Nobu
    Typical Nobu 12 天 前

    “Casually opens the door with a saw :/ “

  • Foxx Williams
    Foxx Williams 13 天 前

    Like you said you dont like dbz as much

  • Foxx Williams
    Foxx Williams 13 天 前


  • Isaiah Carter
    Isaiah Carter 14 天 前

    It honestly bugs me how messy you are and how much of a mess you make

  • Fix?
    Fix? 14 天 前

    U Should Have Put Almost Killed In IRL FOR CLICKBAIT

  • Charlie Arthur
    Charlie Arthur 15 天 前

    Brush chill with the chainsaw eat some ice cream bruh


    Max my guy should of chased him with the axe

  • Staresper 14
    Staresper 14 16 天 前

    I just came for the intro


    Two Bald Gay Men

  • Ethan Burrows
    Ethan Burrows 17 天 前 +1

    The intro made me laugh for the rest of the video 😂😂

  • Giancarlo Rodriguez
    Giancarlo Rodriguez 18 天 前

    never underestimate A PRINCE OF ALL SAIYENS

  • Giancarlo Rodriguez
    Giancarlo Rodriguez 19 天 前

    vegeta did shadow clone jutsu

  • M3merk 1d27
    M3merk 1d27 20 天 前

    The chainsaw sounds like Tom from Tom and Jerry screaming from how thos video was made

  • Rin037
    Rin037 21 天 前

    Legends says door companies gains more money each video

  • The Proud Noob
    The Proud Noob 22 天 前

    4:40 the curse of vegeta

  • SAO Gaming
    SAO Gaming 23 天 前

    The clone wars starts at 3:20

  • fearlesscheez 06
    fearlesscheez 06 24 天 前


  • Diffuse Wings49
    Diffuse Wings49 24 天 前


  • Christopher Seymour
    Christopher Seymour 24 天 前

    This was the first video I watched of max and he is so funny!

  • Aidan Wilkerson
    Aidan Wilkerson 24 天 前 +2

    This was definitely the best intro

  • Luke Cullen
    Luke Cullen 26 天 前

    the person was ali the cabbage search going to maxmoefoe's house

  • Weegee Peeps
    Weegee Peeps 26 天 前

    One of ur best intros

  • MaximumLevel Infinity

    Says he’s done

    Opens more

  • Blue Slime
    Blue Slime 27 天 前

    9:52 on your window thats ali

  • patriot potato
    patriot potato 27 天 前

    That door makes Rhianna look like a simple spanking

  • Jorge Reset
    Jorge Reset 27 天 前

    It was keemstar

  • ReyRey Hey
    ReyRey Hey 27 天 前

    Collectors painfully watch this video

  • Sehaj Samra
    Sehaj Samra 28 天 前

    Do this again

  • Justice Boateng
    Justice Boateng 28 天 前

    I wish you were jeice

  • Adrian Heah
    Adrian Heah 28 天 前 +4

    Open some more and complete the dragon

  • Adrian Heah
    Adrian Heah 28 天 前

    Come on

  • Pauly Big D.
    Pauly Big D. 29 天 前

    The screaming is fuckin pricelesss mate!

  • Daniel Mergenio
    Daniel Mergenio 个月 前 +3

    I know it's late but I literally thought he'll say "Here's Johnny!"

  • Adam Rainbird
    Adam Rainbird 个月 前

    That guy might of been a fan who found your house cos he heard you screaming about vegeta

  • ExpertGamer55
    ExpertGamer55 个月 前

    *screeches a million times* someone is up really late at night?!?!

  • Hitler Gaydolf
    Hitler Gaydolf 个月 前

    *says he doesn't like dbz

  • Luke Yoder
    Luke Yoder 个月 前

    why sir that’s a fine intro

  • James Brewer
    James Brewer 个月 前 +8

    Sees intruder casually drops axe out side for intruder


    10:31 the door is so fucking opened

  • your phone isn't cracked

    When you wake up in your garage and are too lazy to use the door knob

  • Otaku Senpai
    Otaku Senpai 个月 前

    Wow! A 1 in 96 chance you get the box!

  • Ememby
    Ememby 个月 前

    No ultra instinct shaggy

  • Thorrnyy
    Thorrnyy 个月 前 +1

    Max is a true soldier. If I didn’t feel safe I would’ve turned off the camera

  • jackattack 187
    jackattack 187 个月 前

    Vegeta 1 3:23
    Vegeta 2 4:08
    Vegeta 3 4:36

  • Reef Engel
    Reef Engel 个月 前

    who is that guy!?!

  • eazyc404
    eazyc404 个月 前 +1

    damn house looks like it's still under construction

  • Professional idiots Gaming YT

    Why would someone trust him with a chainsaw

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper 个月 前

    Sees guy outside windows grabs camera

  • Mason B
    Mason B 个月 前 +64

    I can’t tell if the person in his yard was a joke that he planned or there was guy in his fricken back yard

  • Nathan
    Nathan 个月 前

    Pop a perc like my back hurt

  • BigBoiRavioli 42069
    BigBoiRavioli 42069 个月 前

    Well I guess thats one way to open a door god damn

  • Oh Sangwoo
    Oh Sangwoo 个月 前


  • SilentPalmolive
    SilentPalmolive 个月 前

    This is still my favourite video.

  • Dax Robinson
    Dax Robinson 个月 前 +15

    It is said that at 3:00 in morning if you listen hard enough you can hear a grown man freaking out about vigetas

  • luxray break 987655
    luxray break 987655 个月 前

    Watch your prophanity

  • Dalton Deisler
    Dalton Deisler 个月 前

    When he got three vegetas in a row I lost my fkin shit

  • josh the moose
    josh the moose 个月 前 +1

    Surely a glitch in The matrix 7:01

  • Pretty Noice
    Pretty Noice 个月 前 +6

    "The axe is for self defense i swear"

  • AbodePlayz
    AbodePlayz 个月 前

    Why is he scared from his neighbor he has a fucking chainsaw

  • Cart Gort
    Cart Gort 个月 前

    Vigeta giveaway

    EDIT: O fuck people are going to your house. I hope this doesn't happen again I hope you somehow get this garbage to stop. and remember kids LEAVE THE POOR FELLA ALONE.

  • Eyeless Josh
    Eyeless Josh 个月 前

    Vegeta is like a bad penny
    He always pops up

  • Viscalous TV
    Viscalous TV 个月 前 +9

    11:05 was that real or fake. I mean, if it's fake, you should be an actor

  • Super Nova64
    Super Nova64 个月 前

    That guy was ‘just a sketch’
    *ok max we believe you*

  • The Man of Memes
    The Man of Memes 个月 前

    He's insane

  • Mochi Bean
    Mochi Bean 个月 前


  • Arissa Semos
    Arissa Semos 个月 前

    6:34 omgggg I'm dead

  • Memess Turlte
    Memess Turlte 个月 前

    He went this is spartar on the door

  • Black Cat's
    Black Cat's 个月 前

    best effing door into

  • The gaming Rage
    The gaming Rage 个月 前

    I would of shot that person

  • Official Master Max!

    V E G E T A

  • Angrry Diino
    Angrry Diino 个月 前

    heres johnny

  • john rogers
    john rogers 个月 前

    I reckon that was set up cause if it happen really he would of called the cops

  • lord raven
    lord raven 个月 前

    I wish you got shenron

  • Blarfen Haven
    Blarfen Haven 个月 前 +1

    10:46 is that keemstar

  • Cheesy
    Cheesy 个月 前 +1


  • Zachary Walker
    Zachary Walker 个月 前

    Im jealous of your vegetas
    Battle suit vegeta best character

  • ONI
    ONI 个月 前

    He dropped the fucing axe nows he going to die

  • saiyan boi
    saiyan boi 个月 前 +1

    Krillin" Exists.
    This dude: KRILLIN!

  • hope patry
    hope patry 个月 前

    Holy shit you’re a great actor, I was seriously scared for you.

  • Blodershade Donald productions

    Why the fuck do you have your chanales who are dead in the description?

  • Moja Corps
    Moja Corps 个月 前

    I want you Teen Gohan you...please😅